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November 21, 2006



Anyone for balloons in the hall outside the courtroom? Might lend that festive touch.

Remember some of those party kazoos and confetti. Perfect. As soon as he turns the corner:

(and then dive for cover)


"Deconstructing the Myths of “The First Thanksgiving”
by Judy Dow (Abenaki) and Beverly Slapin
Revised 06/12/06"

Please don't think I'm posting this to create controversy because I'm not. This has been sent throughout my school district in an attempt to acknowledge that not all Americans see Thanksgiving the same way. You might find it interesting.

I certainly view Thanksgiving as a family time during which we do give thanks for what we have.

Our good fortune did not come about without some Americans having paid the ultimate price. I think celebrating honestly is important. Truth should have a place at the table of good fortune. Perhaps the highest place. . .


when I worked in a different school district, the librarians were on a mission to change the myths of Thanksgiving and Columbus Day...parents of kindergarteners were not happy and nothing was said of it again....


....And those of us who are over forty are asking ourselves "Where was I on this day in 1963? A Message From John Fitzgerald Kennedy On November 22, 2006


Fabulous that you remembered the anniversary, Geov...a whole year! Webb is a prime example of time wounding all heels...HOW IS HE PAYING HIS ATTORNEY?? (That's your cue T-8...maybe, he did get 70K from a grateful friend...)


Sparky, if you look at the books they deride, some of them are kind of surprising . . . least they were to me.

Also, I guess people have to hang on to their myths. Too bad. We are doomed to repeat that which we ignore or deny . . .

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all.


For what it is worth, Mike Webb's Webbcast was back on the evening of 21-Nov and he claimed to have been nursing an injury and to still have a non-functional left arm. He made many not-so-veiled jabs at statements made in this blog.


My goodness, so GEOV PARRISH is a contributing author to Blatherwatch! Oh, so GEOV PARRISH could be the "We," constantly alluded to, in posts written on Blatherwatch! (That is, unless Mr. Hood has Aspergers Syndrome, in this case, he might inadvertently, and persistently, constantly refer to himself as "We" *see footnote). Geov, what a collossal waste of time for you to post messages critical of talk hosts, when you, Geov, are running a progressive political organization (Working For Change). Geov, I would at first, THINK that "Working For Change" would be working for POSITIVE changes in our small world, and CERTAINLY NOT tearing people apart, in your very own "Seattle Weekly," and, on your own radio blogs with ZERO credibility in the industry. Geov, again, to eat your own in this business (YOU host a show on KEXP-FM), is ridiculous. It is more than obvious, to those of us on the inside, that you're really jealous of Mike Webb's KIRO-AM double digit ratings, and, Webb's very successful talk radio career of nearly 40 years.

*footnote: Aspergers syndrome is associated with hypergraphia (lengthy writing) and loquaciousness (talkativeness), and is overrepresented in us radio types, so I would not be surprised if various posters to these blogs have Aspergers, which in reality is a special gift, if you are in ANY area of communications.-KING1090

Geov Parrish

Hey KING: As you would know if you were a regular reader -- as opposed to, say, being Mike himself, which this post sounds a lot like -- Michael Hood is on vacation out of the country, and asked a few of us to fill in during his absence. He particularly asked me to pay attention to the Webb trial, since I did a cover story on it for Seattle Weekly last spring and am intimately familiar with the case and with Webb's history. So if I'm a contributing editor here, at the moment it's only a very temporary one.

As such, I have a responsibity to carry on the tone Michael has established here regarding the Webb fiasco, which has over the past year descended from fiasco to farce. I'm not "tearing apart" Webb: he's done that to himself, in a stunningly effective (and very sad) way, both with the original fraud (for which the evidence is overwheming, and for which there would have been an imminent conviction had he not engineered a mistrial in September) and absolutely all of his actions since. I meant my words at the end of the post; I hope he gets help. He clearly needs it. Some long-festering problems of his, under the pressure of this case, have blown up in a public and humiliating way. But for him to acknowledge and work through that would require humility, which so far has been in scarce evidence for Mike.

Meantime: I'm RUNNING Working for Change, "a progressive political organization"? That's quite a promotion. WorkingforChange.com is a web site, not an "organization,' and one for which I am a contributing editor. It's not "mine," any more than Seattle Weekly was. It's run by Working Assets, which is a large and successful corporation. It'd be nice if it were something I ran, but it's not.

Nor, for that matter, am I a host on KEXP. I'm a regular weekly guest. I *do* host a show at KBCS-91.3, but why worry about facts when you can post an anonymous, error-filled tirade? Since you claim to be in the media, you should know something even Mike Webb was aware of on the air: have attitude, sure, but it helps quite a bit to have your facts right.

mike webb

while the handful of board ops and unemployed "journalists" who view this site, choose to believe the lies, I was bringing Howard Zinn and media analyst Jeff Cohen on to my show. Instead of begging for money to pay expensive surgery bills, i used mt good arm to produce a thoughtful tribute to JFK (compare his words to Bush if you're prepared to puke.)It's all running on the www.mikewebb.org stream.
You know, I realize I'm a controversial figure and some don't like my rhetorical style, but it bewilders -- and yes -- hurts me to have my risk-filled devotion to liberal thought so trivialized by people i have shown only respect for. Geov? what's the deal? you ran a hateful, front page hit piece on me -- filled with inaccuracies and "anonymous" co-workers (brian maloney?).I never - and still have not dis-respected you. was the attention worth losing a loyal friend? those co-workers must have really hated me a lot since they appeared with me during our election coverage.
i think i understand "fair weather" liberals a lot better now. you don't REALLY care --- you just a bunch of uninformed attention-whores. you can write anything you want: I KNOW what happened. I know the truth and nobody can ever take that from me.


Geov wrote that he missed your passion and fire and wished more radio had that. Also, you really dissed me when I called you once. But, I still defended you frequently because I agree that you really put out a firebrand type of liberal radio and I loved your shows with Zinn, Wilson, Ritter, etc. You did do it all. You were just so disrespecting of us while you did it. And I didn't really think much of the Parrish piece on you either.

And, damn you, I still wish you were on the air. So put that in your barracks bag, Mike.

Also, deep-sixing your union wasn't very liberal, whether you like unions or not.

BTW, I still think "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry is the best summer song ever!


The Webb case will eventually be dropped after several more mistrials. It will cost taxpayers ten thousand times more to prosecute this monkey than he allegedly defrauded the insurance company. Let Geico pursue Webb in a civil lawsuit...we need to conserve our tax dollars to prosecute violent criminals.


Hmmm... "while the handful of board ops..."

Why talk down to the board ops Mike? It seems to me they were part of the argument towards ousting AFTRA, and you once liked your board ops.

/not a board op - but was one once.

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