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October 05, 2006


The Ump

". . . like snakes on a monorail."

I repeat -- this guy need his own radio show. Who will jump on this bandwagon?

Dem Not Votng for Cantwell

Cantwell supported the war and is a disgrace.

Do NOT vote for Cantwell.

None of the above (leave blank) as a protest.


Frank Shiers had some bumpkin town reporter from upstate on hte other night and they spent an hour discussing this "scandalous" story on Maria Cantwell's relationship with Ron Dotzauer, and the attempt to get at Dotzauer's divorce proceedings records. After the damage had already been down by Shiers publicizing this and placing the innuendos out there in voter land, he then put on his "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" act, and hid behind the bogus sideshow that he was truly bedevilled by the question of "is this fair game?", and he wanted the audience to weigh in.


This Dotzauer guy is obviously in trouble . . . but Maria was a woman in love. Why can't we leave it at that. The redux Repubs getting all hot and bothered over adult consensual sex.

Dem - you're a Republican.

Left Behind by the New Democratic Party


All I can say is that I seem to remember everyone here singing a different tune last year when these sort of tactics were used in the K.C. Executice race. And there was not even any paperwork shown in that one. I find the hypocracy on both sides to be just plain pathetic. Like the french cop in 'Casablanca,' showing SUCH outrage at illegal activities going on in the bar whilst doing it himself.

It seems that people have forgotten that the politicians are for the people, NOT the Party. It is why I was ecstatic when Tim Sheldon refused to step aside for a boot-licking lackey for the Democratic Party. It is why I am ecstatic that Joe Lieberman refused to be railroaded. (I would give some Republican examples, but for now they seem to be a bit more inclusive than the Democrats.)

And people wonder why I have sworn off both political parties.


You forgot to mention James Jeffords of VT who switched parties

Anonymous Coward


While I can confirm that Blathering Michael has the face for radio, methinks his voice is lacking (although it's not as bad as Mr. McGavick, who really should try to lower his voice when he's whining on the air).

blathering michael

Not as whiny as Mike McGavick? That hurts, Willis. Your faint praise has totally quashed my aspirations to a radio career, even after all that work to make my face radio ready.


1. Why does anyone listen to Frank Shiers? Why? Why? Why?

2. Republicans just cant seem to help themselves when it comes to pulling lies out of their collective butt.

3. Left Behind, you are a Republican if you support DINOs Tim Sheldon and Lieberman.

Left Behind by the New Democratic Party


Ah yes, now it starts. Instead of actually considering my points, I instead get insults. Again, you prove my point: Party Uber Alles. Those that dare to not go with the party are considered the enemy and fit to be mocked and scorned. Way to be the party of all-inclusiveness there.

And for the record, I used to be a staunch Democrat. Hell, I even admit to voting for Paul Schell for mayor. But when I saw that The Party started caring more about The Party than the people who supported it, I had to leave. I cannot bring myself to be a Republican no matter how much more civl thay act. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice...


I didnt realize it was an insult to call someone a Republican....

Should it be?


poor baby!


So if you're not with us, you're against us? You've either got to be a Democrat or a Republican? Screw that! --An independent voting grudgingly for Cantwell this fall

Dem Not Voting for Cantwell

Why doesn't anyone answer my question? Why did Cantwell support the Iraq war? If she knew now what she knew then, would she still support the Iraq war?

I have left countless emails to her with no response.

Sen. Murray didn't support the war. She is my senator not Cantwell.

Do NOT vote for Cantwell. She is a disgrace. Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE and send a message.


Hey, if you're going to vote None of the Above, you might as well vote for Bruce Guthrie (http://www.bruceguthrie.com/)

Dem Not Voting for Cantwell

I agree Lukobe....I will vote for Bruce Guthrie.

Please do NOT vote for Cantwell.


You can call Joe Lieberman a DINO, or you can refer to the Democratic Party as a Big Tent which welcomes a diversity of ideas and opinions. However, you cannot do both of those things without dramatically contradicting yourself in the process.

Why is the Iraq war - of all the hundreds of issues America faces - the supreme litmus test which firmly separates true Democrats from fake ones? One can be a prolife Democrat or a pro-death-penalty Democrat or a gun-owning Democrat or a Democrat who favors ending "welfare as we know it". Yet you can't be a legitimate Democrat and still support the war. What gives?

In fact, non sequiturs abound here. According to the "logic" espoused by some bloggers, all those lefties who opposed Hillary Clinton's reelection because of her stance on the war were in fact Republicans. And according to the "logic" of others, it is Hillary who is not the true Democrat, simply because of her position on the war.

It's bad enough that the GOPers employ a similar litmus test to deny the very legitimacy as an American citizen (let alone as a Republican) of anyone who opposes the war. Must the Democrats use the mirror image of that foolish mindset? Party-centric zealotry on both sides is far too pervasive these days.

And it's quite disingenuous for someone who despises Republicans to say "I didn't realize it was an insult to call someone a Republican".


Not when it was not meant as an insult, it isnt.

Are you reading my mind, now, too, Oly?


Oly, we are of like minds here . . .

Dem, ExDem, Dem-who-is-no-longer or Dem-who-isn't-voting-for-Cantwell . . . you are a single-issue voter. What sense does that make?

I emailed Cantwell and told her she had gotten my last vote. Well, eating a little humble pie here, of course I'm not voting for a liberterian or a republican (which, by not voting, is doing one of the two.) But, having said that, did you vote for Hong Tran in the primary? I'm all for showing Dems that they are not indespensible. And you're right, I don't see much courage to move the Dems on this blog either.

In Tran's case. the "party" was all for itself and dissed her big time. I have no love or respect for the the WA State Dems and Dwight Pelz and love to say it at every opportunity. The game was rigged and I hate rigged games no matter who is doing it.

But, when it comes to voting, it is still the best way to try to change things . . . at least for now. What do you accomplish by not voting? And if you do vote for Guthrie, just make sure you know what he is all about . . . if you like his politics, then you should vote for him. You should have to begin with. You're not forced to vote for anyone.

Finally, I think Çlinton moved the Democratic Party to the right . . . I didn't vote for him in 1996. So, quit thinking in party terms - black and white/simple - cause it ain't so.

I'm all for a third party . . . I don't like the Democratic party anymore. I see one party that has moved center/right (under Clinton) and another that has moved further right (under the master of Christian Corruption).

Lieberman left the Dems . . . don't get confused here. You have the choice to leave, too . . . just be sure you know where you're going.

Sorry for the rambling . . . another long day.


I dont believe there is such a thing as a pure candidate. Most people choose a party to join-- although in recent years that has been changing--because that party represents the beliefs of that voter the majority of the time.
I am more of an independent than a Democrat, but I would never consider myself a Republican because I dont agree with their view on things.

What I would like to understand is when someone, anyone, a candidate, a voter, anyone, ends up supporting most of the issues of the other party, and almost none of the issues of the party they belong to, why do they even want to continue to be a member of that party? Why not just switch? Lieberman is not reviled by Democrats over individual issues as much as for his incessant public slamming of his fellow Democrats for their beliefs. Fine--disagree all you want, Joe, but why not just become a Republican or a Green or a Libertarian or whatever party best represents your beliefs?
That is where the DINO tag comes from--for people who claim to be one thing but dont support hardly anything that group stands for.
It is not about purity...I have been a cross-over voter my whole life and most of my family are Republicans, although not the kind that are in fashion at the moment. When I lived in Oregon I was registered as an Independent. I would like to do that here but it isnt an option.

I know of Republicans who are pro-choice and Dems who are very pro gun. That isnt my point--single hot issues are not the point.
When someone posts that they support Dems who dont like what Dems stand for and support most Republican viewpoints, what makes them a Dem?
What makes Nelson from Nebraska a Dem?


Agree with you about the Independent - wish we had it too.


Joanie, go to crooksandliars.com and watch the clip on Keith Olbermann.


God help it if you are a conservative white male in politics...


I love this man! For his passion as much as for his words . . .

Sparky, I wish he'd shorten his commentary just a bit because he has too many nuggets of truth and wordsmithing . . . he should leave us quoting the memorable phrases and wanting more. Not a criticism - honest! I kept hearing phrases that I wanted to let ring in my head but had to keep listening and lost them.

Maybe it is this old brain . . .


I thought God was helping them . . . aren't they all Christian do-gooders?


Joanie, the transcripts are available for printing! you can read his words over and over and over and over :-)


O'Reilly had Marvin Kalb on to talk about irresponsible and false statements put out by tv personalities and what their bosses should do about them(it seems Bill is incensed about what Rosie O'Donnell said about the Pope on The View}. Kalb ended up by saying that the news guys on the big major networks were still basically good guys. O'Reilly agreed , but then he singled out NBC as an exception, with a vague criticism of them. Kalb, being confused, kept trying to get O'Reilly to clarify himself. Finally Bill admitted he was talking about MSNBC, but in a veiled, roundabout way still, and then adfter a few more veiled comments it was obvious he was talking about Keith Olbermann's show, although he never did name it by name. "They're doing things there that people who've been around in the TV news business say are unheard of!" Can you say obsession with a rival TV show host? bwahahaahhaahahahahh


Why didn't Kalb mention the labeling of Foley as a Dem on O'Reilley's own show, I wonder? Interesting discussion in light of such obvious and recent misrepresentation on his own show . . .

Guess nobody with any real credentials watches it . . . just the uninformed and easily herded right.


Kalb is washed up like Bernard Goldberg...


It doesn't matter who you vote for as long as you vote the way Ron Sims does. He'll make sure that person wins


Ron Sims is not the auditor nor is he the sec. of State, as Blackwell and Harris were in the 04 and 00 elections, respectively. Come up with a better example or you will get the Ray Taliaferro toliet flush...


No, Ron Sims is as pure as the driven snow. His farts are as fragrant as roses, and his urine cures cancer.

But it is true that there is no hard evidence that can be placed at his door regarding the '04 governor's race results, and anything beyond idle speculation is pointless.


No, you're right--Ron Sims isn't the auditor--'cause King County doesn't have one :) What ever happened to that proposal to switch back to an elected auditor from an appointed director of elections?


Is the message here that you all believe Sims was corrupted and ran a corrupt election? Doesn't that taste a bit like sour grapes? Any proof?


That ain't MY message. My message is that Sims is a slimy huckster of long standing who is nonetheless probably not guilty of anything in the legal sense. The election was every bit as dubious as Florida 2000, but I suspect that Sims himself is relatively blameless.


Well, I think your message reeks of emotionalism and contempt based on something you haven't uttered yet. You have a right to think anything of Sims you wish . . . but that doesn't make it true.

As for the "dubious" election, I didn't see any political hacks being flown in from around the State to intimidate counters which clearly happened in 2000 in Florida. Nor did any court select the our governor in the middle of the night . . . in WA State, the final nail in the coffin was handed down by a conservative judge in a conservative county who said there wasn't any "there" there. And as I recall, we had all the lawful recounts which followed the law. Nobody stopped any recounts from happening . . . everybody was privy to everything and even a Republican Sec'y of State found no fault with the proceedings.

As I said, you can think anything you like of Sims but that don't make it so.

I guess even smart people can have emotional biases that get in the way of both common sense and truth.


J, why do you always couch your disputes with me in terms of my being "smart"? What's up with that? You are forever insinuating that I think I'm smarter than everybody else. The fact is that I am a guy of average intelligence, and I have never claimed otherwise. If I sometimes use a ten-dollar word where you believe a fifty-cent word would do, it's only because I happen to respect the language of my birth to an unusual degree. (Plus I write for a living and so must possess a little lexical dexterity. So sue me.)

My message reeks of nothing but a hearty dislike for Ron Sims. Thanks for acknowledging that I have a right to my opinions, just as you have a right to your no-doubt similar - and similarly emotion-based - opinions about, say, Dino Rossi.

Your defense of the breathtakingly Third-Worldish 2004 gubernatorial election - or, to be more precise, of the happy results at the end of that election's tortuous path - tells me that you will justify any smelly vote count that turns out your way. At least I can admit, as a politically unattached observer not chained to a monolithic ideology like you are, that both Florida 2000 and Gregoire-Rossi 2004 - and yes, probably Ohio 2004 too - stunk to high heaven.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am the guy who says "A POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES". If that offends your tender sensibilities fifty percent of the time, too bloody bad.

(No personal offense meant, of course. I actually rather like you.)


"My message reeks of nothing but a hearty dislike for Ron Sims.

Exactly as I said. Is "dislike" not an emotional reaction? But, in your post, you stated your comments as factual. Simply took you to task for that.

And where did I express an "emotional" opinion? About Rossi or anybody else? You ass-u-me more than is on the table. I simply pointed out the differences between the two elections.

Your defense of the breathtakingly Third-Worldish 2004 gubernatorial election - or, to be more precise, of the happy results at the end of that election's tortuous path - tells me that you will justify any smelly vote count that turns out your way. At least I can admit, as a politically unattached observer not chained to a monolithic ideology like you are, that both Florida 2000 and Gregoire-Rossi 2004 - and yes, probably Ohio 2004 too - stunk to high heaven.

My, so many facts! No emotional hyperbole here!

BTW, this isn't PutS on a business trip, is it?


PutS? Hardly.

And my opinions are clearly stated as opinions, not as irrefutable facts. If only you could admit as much about your own.

For the record, I dislike most politicians. Sims is standing in a very long line. Apparently it isn't good enough for you that George Bush and his crew are in the same line.

And it's not unreasonable to infer from your self-description as a far-left sort that you don't like Dino Rossi.


And my opinions are clearly stated as opinions, not as irrefutable facts. If only you could admit as much about your own.

My own what? Which opinions did I express?

And it's not unreasonable to infer from your self-description as a far-left sort that you don't like Dino Rossi.

You inferred before I self-labeled . . . so, it was unreasonable. Again, everything I said was factual . . . you keep ignoring that little part.

So be it.

Mike Barer

I saw the attempted smear on Cantwell and found it repugnant. Darcy is in the same position as the Mike! campaign and she is sticking to the issues.


The thing is McGavick tries to look clean while spreading dirt . . . he comes off looking simply slimey.

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