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October 10, 2006



So if during one of his gasping for air events New Hawk Vinnie keels over will there be anyone there to call 911?

Now, if I were KIRO, and since it is obvious they are going for the cheap, I would can all the hosts. Then I would hire somewhat coherant hosts, (not a necessary requirement)and let them ramble on about nothing or whatever. Keep a news team. They can read the AP or get updated local stories by stealing them from other stations. One station years ago, this area I think, started giving out false traffic reports just to see if other stations were stealing from them. They were.

I would get rid of the traffic choppers. WIth web-cams everywhere who needs them. Besides we all know traffic is screwed up anyway. Right?

For the 9 pm - 5 am shift let it be a first come first served hosting for anyone walking off the street with ability to enunciate words. Hey, it might be exciting.

Hey KIRO, look at it this way, you'd save alot of money.

P.S. Why is there a white van from Harborview with three men carrying straight jackets parked in my driveway?


I suppose my relationship with you might raise suspicions amongst my KIRO colleagues... that is, if I actually knew anything about what goes on there. (Though the dirt I could dish on Sean...)

I myself was surprised to learn that the 9PM to 1AM shift didn't have a producer. If I ever get a shot at fill-in in that time slot it's gonna be a helluva job lining up guests for my kind of show. I really empathize with Frank.


Can't KIRO find some Bush-bashers in Bangalore to do this producer gig for mere pennies a day?

Think global!

blathering michael

Please. No empathy for Frank Shiers- he called me Satan on the radio!


I wasn't aware Kiro had any 'bush-bashers'...


It's probably important to make the distinction between a "producer" who is concerned with content, and the engineers and call screeners who are concerned with the technical operation and filtering incoming callers.

All three are important -- one reason that Styble is so bad is that he doesn't let the screener do his/her job -- but working without a producer can make the difference between a host who sounds well-informed and coherent and one who shoots from the hip.


I have reprogrammed the faltering KIRO 710.

New KIRO Lineup:

6-9am...Jim Althoff
9-12am..Dave Ross
12-3pm..Mike Siegel
3-6pm...Dori Munson
6-9pm...Rick Miller
9-12pm..Frank Shiers

blathering michael

Then I'd reprogram the faltering BlatherWatch off the Aurora Bridge- Dave Ross is the turd in the swimming pool on that line-up.


gheez, umo, we want to keep KIRO on life support, not strangle it.


"Satan on the radio?" Better there than on Cheney's mattress...


I bet AntiKiro'd produce the show . . . why not give him a chance. You could find interns who would do it for the experience. . . gotta think out of the box and give a chance. What do you have to lose?

Also, don't like that "syndication" talk. This city needs more diversity in talk radio, not less. Read "diversity" as liberal.


Fremont, Cheney is Satan. Didn't you know? Bush is just a servant to Satan.

Or is that what you meant . . . ?


I thought she meant "stain" on Cheney's mattress...


I thought she meant Cheney's satin mattress


black, of course . . .


umu, before beddie-bye, I have to comment . . . I've never seen a line-up I hated more. :(


Last night Frank Shiers opened his show with an odd, longwinded story about the ancient "octopus" furnace in one of his and his sister's rental houses they inherited from Judge Shiers. He puffed out his chest as he boasted of making the teenage rookie furnace inspector get a more senior employee's take on his opinion that the furnace had a leak, as well as a CO reading. Frank, dude- what was the point? It seemed like just an opportunity for Frank to wag it in our faces that he's an aristcrat of sorts, with multiple rental houses. Or maybe he thinks we're just terribly interested in the day to day banality of his life. In that case, I should regale you with what the mechanic will come up with on what's ailing my 1987 Jeep.

blathering michael

really? furnaces as a topic? gettin' into the furnace inspector's face- sticking it to the man! That's some unique and compelling radio, Frank. What's tomorrow? Siding controversies? Basement stories? Driveways to hell?

You're hurting America, Frank.


Furnaces as the topic? Gawd, sounds like Erin Hart left behind her list of talking points. Next, expect to hear about his dryer cord, and, if he buys a dog--run for your lives!!!


It gets worse.

Entercom has pink-slipped Clay Freinwald, on of their corporate engineers. Clay has built, serviced or otherwise had an influence on the technical installations of a lot of Seattle/Tacoma area stations. He was Chief Engineer of the old KNBQ/KTAC combo, and took care of (K)KMO before it went Spanish.

Clay was instrumental in developing the Emergency Alert System, today's incarnation of the emergency broadcast system that ALL broadcast and TV stations use.

More recently, Clay has been responsible for all of Entercom's stations north of Portland, and has overseen the conversion to HD of many of Entercom's FM stations.

This is definitely a guy they don't need (?).

Clay will be available for employment elsewhere as of the end of the year, his first experience "looking for a job" in many years.


Also a ham K7CR, along with his wife


I completely understand his fondness for the furnace rant. Furnaces also blow hot air.

I posted a while ago about Shier's affinity for boring the audience with details about his personal life. All of this "stuff" would be better contained in a "blog."


Does entercom have a reputation for eliminating older employees . . . retirement benefits and all that? Just curious. Don't know much about the business.


Every business in america has had that as a model since Reagan came into office


KIRO is doing what all good corp.'s do: cut the guys who make it happen and hope no one knows the difference. Apparently someone HAS noticed the difference. KIRO's last book was in the toilet...again. The hey-day for 710 is gone. It's appalling what has happened since Bill Yeend left. KIRO will never make a comeback, it has lost the TRUST of its listeners. Even if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl the other failings (including dumb and dumber in PM drive) have pulled it down. It will take years to rebuild its image. Thank you Entercom, thank you Clear Channel, thank you CBS..you have ruined local radio.


Further deterioration of spirit at the Eastlake Avenue "Crucifiers for uncommon sense" is the embarassment Gregg is causing among his peers. His personal attacks on staffers in front of management shows his insecurity. His disdain of Jane Shannon if continued may allow Jane to sue the station as another woman did to Entercom while working at the "buzz". Both are cases of management not acting to stifle the abuse of a woman anchor. "The good ol' boys management club" at Entercom must be deaf and dumb, or out to lunch.
A little bird tells me that she has said she is going through hell at KIRO. I hope she has a competent lawyer and gives Entercom what they deserve: a swift kick in the "cash cow".
There is no excuse for this to exist in a professional station, but then...KIRO has become a poor example of professional behavior. They may have won some big news awards, the next big awards for 710 and Entercom might be made in court.


"Thank you Entercom, thank you Clear Channel, thank you CBS..you have ruined local radio."

Thank you FCC for letting local radio get taken over by out-of-town conglomerates.

Locally owned and managed stations are usually better operated and managed in my opinion. Morale and work ethic are important because profitability relies on it. Local owners are there to insure it. As ownership moves away from the site, camaraderie and teamwork start to break down.

My take on it anyway.


"Thank you FCC for letting local radio get taken over by out-of-town conglomerates." Joanie you are so right! The FCC is a toothless tiger, run by commissioners who are beholding to the conglomerates who pay for their trips, gifts, safaris, etc.

The fact that not enough Americans care about this is indictative of what Pogo says: "We have met the enemy and he is us."

We are getting what we deserve.


when a government finally understands it is better for more people to pay less in taxes than for a very few people to pay a lot more...

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