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October 30, 2006



At the risk of being deported to Bothell, I have to say I agree that Congressman Jim would be a great "Communicator" somewhere, but doesn't seem to be a great "Legislator." Mr. Hood, you are a brave man.


I got my absentee ballot at the PO and filled it out right there. I skipped right down to U.S. House of Representatives, Seventh District, and filled in Jim McDermott's name before I did anything else. I filled out the rest of my ballot and mailed it without even leaving the PO. So that's my answer to you, Michael.


I can't tell how much of this is a "personality" thing and how much is meaningful. McDermott votes often with a minority of legislators with whom I agree . . . bleeding heart lib that I am.

Maybe you should inform us, Michael, of just how much money it is possible to bring home in the Republican administration . . . I hear from Inslee a lot and like him, but what bacon has he brought home?

Admitting some ignorance here. More facts please.


This is why I love blogs- Michael, you said out loud what so many of us Democrats say in private. He's mostly ceremonial, like the Prince of Wales.
When Jim retires, the stampede for his seat will make the Alaska gold rush look like an Easter egg hunt.
Jim is lazy or just tired. Hats off to Miss Noreen for her moxie.

Stephen Schwartz

Two thumbs way up!

McDemott serves no purpose, He is self-serving and with essentially zero impact even in his own party. Isn't it odd that this guy with a lot of seniority is not slated for anything if the party takes power?

His role, apparently, is to vote in a feel good way. Anyone from this district will vote the same way. But, "Sunny Jim" never shows leadership on issues that do not already have fixed Capital Hill Liberal policies. When did he ever introduce a new idea, never mins new legislation?

Finally, our District does have issues where McDermott could, by forming alliances, do a lot of good. Examples:

University tuition
Research funding
Port security
Immigration limits for high tech.
State sales tax deduction
Government surveillance of Universities
Mass transit
No child left behind


Jim is more invisible than Sunny. If I need a character to represent me, I would prefer Streisand.


Time for someone under 50 to represent Seattle in the House. While we worship him, and send him back every other year, there's been no accountability to the old guy until Noreen came along. He just traipses around the District eating the rubber chicken and taking bows. You're right about tht Republican, Michael, he's a most unappealing candidate.


McDermott was right about Iraq, Michael, and you were wrong.


I was right, too, but I'd don't think I'd make a great Congressperson. I love Jim, but he needs a new job.


Let's ALL be honest. She's H-O-T.
As a conny-sewer of young Democratic female flesh, she's tip top. Also, her pie hole spews interesting info bits.
If I were a Seattleite, I'd draw an arrow to her.


I happened to join in an informal Q&A of Ms. Noreen at a Drinking Liberally session. She was talking about a non-partisan option for choosing people to serve the public. It's interesting, but even more idealistic than the Democratic tent. Even within that big shelter, there is always frustrating wrangling and time-wasting. If all were "non-partisan," how would we ever agree on anything? There's ALWAYS partisanship somewhere, in everything. It would be total gridlock.
I have a strange gut feeling about her being some kind of conservative libertarian stealth operative, frankly. There's just something a bit...out of kilter.


Gee, Scrilla. Be sure and tell her you like her pie hole. That will earn you big points.


Well, lots of feel-good rhetoric from people who seem to worship youth . . . Cantwell couldn't get us the sales tax deduction, Schwartz, but you think a 7th District Rep from the State of WA should do it?

I'm underwhelmed with the facts you all provide about his lack of effectiveness . . .

He speaks for me. I won't hold his age against him.

BTW, won't he be the ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee if the Dems take over?

Finally, one search shows bills sponsered by McDermott and Inslee . . . I like Inslee but let's be fair here.



Me thinks, Michael, you'd vote for jiggy.


MH your dead right on this one.

Unfortunately, everyone in the WA-7 continues to drink the mine numbing koolaide that Big Jim "night of the living dead congressman" McDermott has been serving for way way to long.

But please, don't start talking about lackluster Seattle city council members like "I hate sports and let's return Seattle to a backwater shithole because I don't have enough guts to vote for what I believe in on the record so I'll pass the buck and put the whole thing on the ballot to be able to claim it's not my fault if things go wrong" Licata types and others like him. Most of these assholes can't even get a consensus or the guts needed amoungst themselves to build a modern highway through the city.

God knows every gutless deadbeat liberal in town is counting the days till McDermott dies in office (because he probably have to before the seat comes open) to jump into this congressman for life, no matter how inaffective I am, 7th district seat he'll vacate.

The 7th district need someone who wants Seattle to be a place that doesn't act like a nanny and just say no to everything when it comes to being a player in the idea of becoming a "world" city.

I loved Jim's stand on the war, but he not been effective with economic issues and other important matters that could be key to the region's quality of life. I don't want to pay his legal bills either.


I voted for Noreen. Maybe when McDermott decides to retire, she can actually win.

To the poster who thinks she's a conservative libertarian stealth operative, why is that?

Oh--and "snog" is probably not what Blethen wants to do to her....


Earth to Joanie:

McDermott "hasn't been effective with economic issues?" HELLO! The Dems are in the MINORITY! Show me a Democratic member in the whole House who has been allowed to be effective! And you're not paying his legal bills under any circumstances. You think that comes out of your taxes or something? Jeez, talk about Civics 101!

Linnea Noreen will represent the Seventh District in Congress when monkeys fly out of my butt. Who the hell is she and what has she ever done that people would vote for her? You think every voter is as vapid as the posters on this thread? Two years from now she will be in porno flicks or on the Home Shopping Network or something.


Oops, sorry, Joanie, I meant the poster who calls himself artistdogboy.


Ivan, calm down. Go back and read what I posted. . . and stop confusing me with artistdogface. Okay?




Sorry, Ivan, It took me a couple minutes to hit the send button . . .

We are soulmates when it comes to Rep. McDermott! And nobody above has provided any substance for why we need someone new. Not one!


What does that mean, Sparky?


We're not talking wine here, Sparky. This is important stuff!

One who knows

McDermott has been slacking for years. He goes on more expensive junkets, has less to show for himself than anyone else in the delegation.
He got mired in that eavesdropping case with Boehner and Gingrich, and refused time and time again to settle it. Meanwhile, we paid for it.
Name a major piece of legislation in 9 terms he's passed--his legislative achievements are full of legislation he's endorsed, not passed.
Politics is about working for your district even when you're in the minority. Everyone else works it as best they can. Murray carries the heaviest burden for the state. In a shorter time in office than McDermott, she's developed a clout that many times overcomes the minority status of her party- she's even seeing to the viaduct.
Jim gets reelected without opposition. Seattleites don't expect as much from him as they would someone else. Nobody even asks him the hard questions. He's part of the decor, a decoration, but in no danger whatsoever. He's coronated over and over--but he'd be a different politician if he had some real opposition sometime.
His cohorts think he's lazy.


Joanie..I was just making the observation that Ivan called us "vapid"...all the while he was yelling at the wrong person.
Kinda reminds me of Emily Latella...."nevermind"...


I asked my brothers years ago why they kept voting for Mcdermott. The only answer I could get was that he was harmless.
It was then and still is a piss poor reason to vote for anybody.
Even as an R now living in Pierce County, I would much rather see a strong, effective Dem or Independant in that seat. Seattle is just too important to continue wasting that seat by a man that is not taken seriously by either side of the isle.
And you are very right about Ms Noreen. She raised my blood pressure 20 points just listoning to her. Way cute and has a fully funtional brain. Perfect woman.



McD has been ineffective for some time now. I totally cheered for him over his opposition to the war, yet I cant think of any other reason to vote for him.



Gotta disagree with you on this one Michael, as I've never been one for casting symbolic votes. Besides, I like Jim. So for all you doubters, I say give him the chance to prove himself in the majority.


James . . . James McDermott. In the 7th.

Craggy faced and strong . . . a man a woman can depend upon.

Eyes that look inside my soul; a presence that stirs my deepest desires.

In other words . . . He's way cute and has a fully functioning brain.


Goldy, if you're still reading . . . you dissed him on some vote recently - do you remember what it was?

I've been racking my brain trying to remember it. The vote looked bad on the surface but when you looked at the others who voted against it, you had to question the rest of the Dems on it.

blathering michael

Goldy: voting for Jim McDermott is symbolic- like voting for the Space Needle. Hell, I like him too... but I like my grandma too, but she wouldn't make much of a congresswoman.


can't figure out what to do with Jim McDermott- reelect him or hang him for treason. hmmm.

Stephen Schwartz


Here are Jimmy's assignements:

Committee on Ways and Means - Democrats - Republicans:
• Subcommittee on Human Resources Ranking Member
• Subcommittee on Trade
• Congressional Task Force on International HIV/AIDS, Co-Chair
• Congressional Africa Trade and Investment Caucus, Co-Chair
• Congressional Kidney Caucus, Co-Chair
• Japan-United States Friendship Commission

And to whoever, asked nope .. Charley Wrangle is slated to chair Ways and Means. But if it makes y'all feel good Jimmy is in charge of kidneys and is friendly with Japan.

I aslo was not simply asking that he be more effective in getting pork for the 7th .. I was askihng for some real leadership on issues that are more challenging than being against the war (when you rpersent this District that is like afvoring the flag if you are from Crawford, TX). McDermott shows absolutely no leadership.

Here is one, simle example, has anybody seen Jimmy's smiling face in this 2006 campaign? Is he out there campaigning for or raising money for Goldmark or Burner? Or is he the Democratic equivalent of GW Bush .. they don't want him?

What are his opinions on non-lib/conservative issues such the Viaduct or campaign reform???

Look, the guy got himself elected, not canonized. If he can not do more for the District, then the time has come for someone else.

BTW Linaea is a neighbor of mine. She lives in a nice, corner house across from a Catholic Girl's School and across an alley from a nunnery. The house across the street from hers had a murder last year or was it two years ago. It is a really, really nice street ... we got some really fine docs (ER and gen Int Med), an attorney, an economist, a once SU famous basket ball star, a Freudian, an economist, some dogs, some cats, the heirs of a cereal company fortune, a real estate lady, a baker, a couple of msofties, some Jews, some Catholics, cherry trees that blossom ... what more reason can you want to vote for her?


Goldy wouldn't be so lenient to an R who was so useless. Mcdermott is the Strom Thurmond of the left.


Murtha is overrated.


To Stephen Schwartz:

McDermott is *everywhere* on the campaign trail! He is at every Burner event I have been to. His campaign staff is actively recruiting campaign volunteers and raising money for Darcy, and Darcy is damn glad to have him there.

McDermott is a strong advocate of campaign reform. What the hell do you want him to do, give you a pony or something?


Good grief Sid, I think your hood has all the major contemporary voting blocks. Linaea would be a shoo-in. Even the murder would garner a few votes from the NRA wing.

Mickey D is has got to go. He is so over with. I agree with those who point out that he has absolutely no influence, so why is he there?

The Rick Larsen's, Jay Inslee's, Norm Dick's can seemingly get this accomplished as minority members, yet Jimbo can't.....

For God's sake, Bono and Bill Gates have done more for HIV\AIDS than Jimmy, and they aren't even on the payroll.

I can't think of anything he's done for the 7th district myself.

Linaea has my vote, but primarily because she lives in a corner house. Anyone who lives in a corner house just has to be better than who we currently have representing our interests.

Other Steve

Go baghdad Jim Go


Could it be that she is the only congressional candidate that is so..fuckable?


Another thoughtful substance-filled post, Steve?


fuckability trumps viability any day in my book.


What is with the "Linnea is so hot" stuff? She's attractive enough, but there are definitely better-looking people out there...perhaps it's the fact that none of them are running for office...

I just find it amusing.


Linnea is a nice, smart young lady, if totally naive about party politics. In two years (or maybe four), Jim McDermott will either draw a top Democratic officeholder as a primary challenger, or he'll graciously step aside to give everybody a chance. Linnea won't be a factor then or now.


how effective do you really expect a congressman to be who has taken the brave stands McD has in a neo-con nut job GOP controlled congress? in this congress i'd rather have a rep who places his morals and ideals above his popularity and ability to work together with the delays and foleys of the group. mis noreen may be a good gal, but MdD has earned his spot and deserves to keep it.


Yeah, Michael. You want to give away a solid liberal vote. Shame on you!


Noreen would vote for Democratic leadership and vote your way on many matters...


So apparently I need to try porno as my next gig... thanks for the tip, boys! ;-)

As for Jim, love him too. I agree with most everything he says. If this is a Jim love-fest, I'm right there with you. But this is an election, for Congress, which has the power to DO things. I present an alternative: someone who will offer new ideas to move our progressive agenda forward. (Details at www.votelinnea.com, issues).

For the record, a healthy dose of idealism is exactly what this country needs--it ended slavery and got women the right to vote.

Stephen Schwartz

Linnea is a nice young person, but she is very ... well naif. Tonite at liberally drinking she talked about "big ideas .. big ideas." Asked to name one? "Housing stamps."

Maybe with time. Darcy Burner may be a bit et behind the ears, but a vote for Linnea is justified for one and only one reason ... to wake Jim Micky up.

Can anyone tell me why he wants the job anyway? If he likes life in DC, he probably can find a paying job there. Is it the bully pulpit? Is his ego too big to just step aside for someone with more ambition. Ron Sims?

Neal Traven

The only question of importance in the 7th CD race is whether Linnea will draw more votes than Beren. I'd love to see that, but even here in Seattle there are a few too many Republicans.

OK, OK, a lot too many Republicans.



What is the correct number of Republicans for Seattle to have?





How did you arrive at that specific number and how would you propose to bring about that number in practice?

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