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October 09, 2006



I've forgotten...remind me what the qualifications are to be a politician ?
I think we need this baseline befire I buy your thesis that he's done nothing to hang his hat on.




Qualifications? If you read the news the past few days, the slimier and creepier the better, apparently.


Have you ever hezrd this guy speak without a speech propared? he sounds like my grandma on a sugar high.


Thanks for making my point.


If you say so...


As a Republican living in western Washington, I accept that I may never have representation in state or federal government. I do not completly understand the thinking of my neighbors but do believe in the concept of majority rule.
I do not however understand or see what Darcy Burner brings to the table. She has no credible political experiance or stable work history. She has taken on major educational chalenges only to quit. The only thing she has is being a Democrat. Not enough.
At least Reichert has a long career with success. Seems valuable to me in this era when half the world wants to kill us.
Granted much of his career may have been kissing butt to get ahead. That is the same as it takes to get anything done in congress.


Why does half the world, as you put it, want to kill us? Isn't it more the policies than the people they hate?

Is Reichert going to run down 5th ave chasing Kim Jong Il?

Reichert didn't do anything extraordinary, other than posing with Big Gay Mark Foley in a 'family values' moment.


I do not know.
Was it the policies of Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton or Bush 2 that created Irans hate for us?
Was it the policies of Clinton or Bush that caused North Korea to build a bomb?
Why is ethnic "cleansing" going on in Africa?
Why are France, Denmark, Spain Etc fighting Islamic radicals at home.
Why did that man in Seattle have to pull a gun to defend himself in downtown Seattle?
I really do not care why. Nearist I can tell the world is full of assholes that want to hurt people who do not believe as they do.
It is not Bush's or Clintons fault.
It is not congressman hairsprays fault.
It is not Americas fault.
Does not mater anyway. I just want
the President, the Congress, The Senate, The Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, the CIA, FBI, the Border Patrol, Dept of Homeland Security, the auto club to handle it.
Too much concern about some pervert in Florida, or the "economy."
My wife, children and grandkids security is what is important.


Well, Chucks, it sounds like you have a severe case of "hear what you want to" going on. If you think that somehow this guy is going to keep you safe, you have another thing coming. Based upon that logic you should be against the guy, after all due to his 'leadership' (if we are to believe the artilce) he allowed a serial killer to go on killing for years. How does that make you more safe?

As to your other questions, it seems to me that yourself and a lot of Republicans are trying to deflect from the incompetance, scandal and outright failure their leadership has provided over the past 6 years. Take ownership of your party and lose the inept leaders.

Your comments on "some pervert in Florida" are so droll that I doubt you mean it, or if you do you lack an understanding of what you just said. First off, the Republicans look down on all others as immoral and such...then they go out of their way to cover up a pervert who is praying on kids in order to make sure they hold on to that seat. What if it was YOUR kid or grandkid? What would you be saying then?

Last question: If that scandal was a Democratic one, would you feel the same way? I think, if you are intellectually honest, you would have to answer no.


If when the evidence comes in and shows Hastert is culpable, than screw him. He goes along with anybody else that proves to have protected Foley. As a teen growing up in Lomita, CA in the sixtys, I was molested by gay men on two seperate occasions. And I will admit that it took years to figure out that not all homosexual men are "faggots". That not all straight men molest girls. Those who hurt children come in all stripes and must be condemed.
The war in Iraq is not going as well as any of us had hoped. So what is the sollution. A long term solution. Not just something to benifit the Republicans over the Democrats or Democrats over Republicans.
I do not know, but I am open to ideas. Please no bs, just honest ideas.
I have never been accused of being intellectually anything.The reason I read this sight as well as HA is because I can not get all sides from Big Pants or Hannity or Olberman. Try hard to pick through and make up my own mind (Besides I weirdly love talk radio babel and this sight is king of Seattle talk).


The Iraq war is not going well as you had hoped? Do you really think we were told the truth in the run up? Again, if you're being intellectually honest and actually have done something other than eat what Bush has spoon-fed you, then you might have some serious questions, like all right thinking Americans should. Do you know what the OSP is? Do you know who Curveball is? Do you know what the Future of Iraq Project was? Do you know that all the things they told us about Iraq, from the aluminium tubes, to the mobile bio labs, to the terrorist training camps at Salman Pak, to the support for Zarqawi, to the supposed meeting of Atta with the Iraqi agent in Prague, to the yellow cake uranium in Niger were LIES?

Have you bothered to fact check any of that information (which has been proven to be false and uncoroborated BS) or have you stuck your head in the sand and went "oh well things don't go so good sometimes?"

If you don't know what most of what I asked you means and have never heard of it, I rest my case: you simply don't have the information to develop a full understanding of what went on. I really hope you dig into some of that information and educate yourself, because as confident as you sound about what you know about the world, you seem to have a truly narrow view.


"...November 30, 2000 when the sensational collar was announced." I remember it was really in 2001, because it was overshadowed by world events such as Winona Ryder's arrest.

blathering michael

you're right, y2k1


Chuck wherefore art thou? Did you cut and run?


Good Afternoon cowpotpi3
Sorry, this stupid thing called a job distracted me from life. It is very dificult to pull my head out of the sand. Damn cat keeps kicking more on.
Do not know much about the OSP except one of them pricks wrote me a ticket in 1973 for going 57 in a 55 on I5 near Grants Pass at two AM. Never will forget that one. Just something about George Tenant and the CIA and filtered and nonfiltered info to the Whitehouse, the press, congress etc.
That curveball fellow really had me swinging at air. I still do not know if he was a genious or an idiot.
The future of Iraq Project is a mystery as well. I will be very old by the time I get through reading that project. I fall to sleep about every 10 pages.
But you are correct about one very important point. I do have a narrow view of the world. The mortgage, the transmission, paying back the lawyer for her help in getting custody of my Grand daughter, the doc, dentist and that damn grocer, the rta tax, where the hell is my Social Security I've been paying for the last forty years, that damn Darcy chick and her friend Maria wants to cancel my meager tax break etc.... In the mean time, I have no clue what the D's are going to do to make the Muslim terror groups go away. They still want you, me and the old Jewish lady down the street dead and will do anything to make it happen.


Jesus had something to say about the OSP
"And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks."
- Acts (ch. IX, v. 5


Verily I say unto coiler...Amen


Chucks, you oughta try writing fiction. I think you gotta knack . . . might increase your income as well.

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