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October 09, 2006



The interesting thing in Mr. Sharansky's post is that he does credit you for running retractions. Something he has never done himself to the best of my knowledge. I'll gladly post a few examples this evening when I have more time.

But face it O' Blathering one, the main reason that the minnow is upset with you is that you have a sense of humor, and he clearly does not.

Janet S

So, you have no proof of financial dealings between Stefan and anyone in the GOP, but you stand by your fiction, and none of your print reporters will tell you errors that Stefan gave them. Pretty convenient for you. Good thing you aren't a real reporter, none of this would be printed.

For the record, a Senator making substantial loans to a lobbyist with whom she has had sexual relations both in and out of his marriage is a legitimate story. It calls into question her ethics and judgement. Also makes one wonder who owns her vote. Dotzauer owns Maria Cantwell, and demands money from her. This isn't a story to you?


LOL This is truly funny..... Stefan actually links to documents that actually prove his points.

I have never heard of Blather before today, and I find it hilarious.

Kinda like bubbles (rhymes with lather) you pop em and they disappear.

How about Maria Cantspeakwell. We cant find her, do you know where she is? I would like to know if I would lean to voting for the "Silent Senator" that sleeps around a bit. Or loans money to "Friends " that she seems to have an affection for, that also represent clients that recieve a ton of money for said connection (sleeping with best friend one week prior to friend wedding to another)....Lets talk about ethics, she is one tool short of the full tool chest thats for sure.


Bla'M..look what you gone and done now....


...lots of new friends to play with!


Janet S:

I'm sure if the minnow is telling the truth (hey, it could happen), he will be more than happy enough to turn the financial records of U(sp) over to a neutral observer to this fight, like Goldy, who could verify that. Heck, he could just publish them himself. Why not? What does he have to hide?


Speaking of the minnow and his failures with the truth, Here is a good example of where the minnow was factually wrong and refused to run a correction:


In short: Mr. Sharansky claimed that the Supreme Court had re-written the constitution by deferring to the legislature’s determination of public use. In reality, the issue on what defines public use was not before the court. See my post at 36.

And, really, how can the minnow complain when he has run threads like this:


Where he accused Darcy Burner of Reckless driving because she got a ticket for speed to fast for conditions. Based on a tip from Richard Pope, which is interesting because they now have problems with this sort of thing:


In fact, I would like to see one post where Mr. Sharansky posted a correction. Just one. Come on you U(sp) readers, surely you can come up with one?

blathering michael

No one, including Stefan peeking into Ron Dotzauer's underwear drawer for hours, has found anything untoward or illegal about Maria's loan to him. Maybe Stefan is holding back information, or maybe he'll keep trying to get traction by making Maria's alleged sexual behavior a titillating underground issue. There's good reason why divorce papers are sealed- they contain lots of allegations made in the heat of adivorce, that have never met any standards of proof- no one's sworn in- it's just the rawest emotional striking out of two people fighting over stuff or kids. To expose that to the public or to use it in a political campaign is immoral- legal, but immoral.

blathering michael

Janet S: CAN YOU READ? I said there have always been rumors that Stefan gets paid, I never said that he is getting paid.

People say you can stretch it over a stump, but I have no reason to believe it, you twit.

Jesus, conservatives read what they wanna and read hear what they wanna hear.

This is all the nattering of Republicans who must be so desolate they must strike out anyway they can, in this dark partisan winter.

David Williams

Why doesn't Mr. Sharkansky complain about Fox News' policy of saying that "some people say" this or that when they want to introduce their conservative talking points?


The Daily Show did a good bit on Fox use of "some people say." Sadly, I can't find it on youtube, but here is their take on Fox's use of punctuation:



You know what they mean when they say "dripping venom?" I think i know now . . . and probably well deserved. :)

And Janet, I doubt Dotzauer could own Maria considering the now public nature of their relationship. But if one wants a tutorial on owning a congress, one need only dial up the Republican Party.


Just a couple of corrections.... Stefan did appear with me a number of times on the John Carlson Show during the gubernatorial election contest trial. But my understanding is that prior to that, Stefan had declined to go on air with me.

And... I'm "balding". Not "bald."

Get our facts straight, Michael.


Bald (or balding) men can sexy...just look at Captain Picard.

Of course we would have to eliminate Dr. Phil from that list...


David Goldstein is NOT bald, unless he's wearing a Sam Donaldson knock-off....


Thanks for the correction, David...better to think you had a balding senior moment than that you are a liar...


Hey, are they the same sources that Jason Leopold used in saying Rove was about to get indicted,


Shark/Orbi hypocrisy UNHINGED:
"Suppression of dissent in Maria Kantwell's Amerikkka"

Hold up, let me get this straight. These are conservatives complaining about "Suppression of Dissent"?


waiting for the punchline....

Wait, they're serious then?


Where the hell were they when:

A.) The Federal Commie Creeps (FCC) decided to violate FOS and played Ayatollah morality police with radio/TV?

B.) The Bush/Cheney '00/'04 campaigns supressed dissent by tossing out DNC folks or making them sign a "loyalty oath" EN MASSE from rally after rally (and they're still doing this)

C.) Cindy Sheehan invited to the 06 SOTU address, but ILLEGALLY ejected/arrested (ie Dissent Suppressed) for wearing a T-shirt.

Where the hell were they? Oh thats right - They were at home conveniently forgeting about FOS, and defending the sovereign right of the Chief Executive to do whatever the hell he wants to.

Funny how people remember FOS only when it effects them.

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