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October 12, 2006



I'm going to miss Bryan; he kind of grew on me. I didn't like him at first but after a while I "got" his style and found him amusing. I've had a lot of sleepless nights lately due to some medical problems and Bryan was always there to keep me company.

This is truly a sign that KIRO's throwing in the towel, to replace live and local talk with a syndicated TRUCKING show. Syndication isn't the end of the world if they have someone good a la Larry King or Art Bell but TRUCKERS?

Oh my god in heaven.

I'll miss Bryan.


Gary Gross? I thought it was Gil Gross.


The most amazing thing is that a talk show host as putrid as Styble could last as long as he did on the radio. Seattle radio must be devoid of local talent.


GilGross did a syndicated talk show for CBS around 1992-93. I've forgotten which Seattle station ran his CBS show.

He currently does fill-ins at KGO in San Francisco. He's also the early-evening voice of the hourly news on ABC radio and a frequent substitute for Paul Harvey.

Just bad radio

Well The Monkeys Dead !! the Shows over ! And done ! The Styblehead Boast to Boast, HAy Styblehead , What happen to Paul Newmen The Interview your were going to have? and also big BoBBY! you know the dude with the funny hair and, belly button with the big feet ! Ps Liz Dont for get to put your cowboy boots on the right feet your a Savage !


Thanks for the mention, Just Bad, I didn't fully comprehend your post until I ran it through Bablefish.

Hopefully, trucker radio will be shortlived. KIRO is one of the stations that comes through clearly at night although at times I can get KGO and Denver station.

I'll miss Bryan, and I wish him luck. Hopefully, KIRO will follow through on their promise of air time.


I for one will miss Bryan. Everything else on Seattle radio at that time of the morning is flat out boring. Trucker Radio?? I don't see any trucks driving down Hwy 5 at 4am on a Sunday morning. Just my 2 cents. Go ahead Flam away. Dorks.


If you are at home after 1am you should be sleeping or having sex with someone...not listening to KIRO.

If you are at work on the graveyard shift you should be focused on your job with soft music playing in the background...not listening to KIRO.

StybleHead will not be missed.


I wasn't having sex last night at 1 AM as I wished I were, and I wasn't sleeping, so I turned on KIRO and found Styble doing apparently his last show. Man, what a mash of incomprehensible babble he pours out! Do they pay him by the word?

Anyway, he was going on and on and on and on about how he "wasn't going anywhere" and would continue to work at KIRO in the daytime. Ok. Then he went on and on and on and on trashing the internet and blogs and their denizens (probably thinking of this one right here.)

I found it amusing how he was saying "all the lines are full." As an experiment, I called the number and it rang right through. I guess that explains why he can go for over an hour and never take a call, despite the "lines being full." (Or maybe it's just because it can take him an hour to finish a sentence.)

Oh, and he said he lost his last job in Chicago wrere they replaced him with THE SAME TRUCKER SHOW!


Now THAT is funny


One other interesting revalation during the Last Show: at his previous gig as a talk host in Albuquerque, the station was not paying him.

Sure, that's one way to collect some demo tapes for a real job, but working for free is like working on college radio -- it's not a professional gig.


Styble was so horrific KIRO should have demanded payment from him.


I woke up at 2 am and I turned on the trucker show on KIRO, expecting a hoakie, twangy, slap 'em on the ass kind of show..Instead I heard two men discussing, in calm genial, decidedly un-twangy voices, some of the great restaurants they had visited around the country. It was very informative and interesting and they have good "overnight voices"..a little on the quiet side, but not too goopy. I actually liked it. Then I fell asleep and was quick to turn it back to KGO when i woke up...
i dont know what the other 5 hours was like, but I could listen to this show if it is like the part that I heard...


I just checked the KIRO website. I see they are now promo'ing
The Frank Shiers Show
Monday - Friday: 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM


And I just checked the programming schedule and Frank is on from 9:00 to midnight weeknights, not 1 AM. I heard a little of the trucker show this morning and hated it, so e-mailed the management, for what good that might do.


you must have heard a different part of the show than I did...the part I heard was pretty good...not what I expected at all


Styblehead Boast-to-Boast breaking:

Seattle Times picks-up the Styblehead buh-bye scoop (a few days too late):

"KIRO's program director, Tom Clendening, said the change was made to boost ratings and to allow the station to put more effort on news gathering and coverage. Bryan Styble will remain a part-time KIRO employee."

See? I called it Here.
No money for locals - Must install cheap syndi'bot. Barrier: Lou Pate has best ever overnight ratings.

Replace Pate with Styble ---->
Watch ratings plummet ----->
Replace Styble with Truckers -->
(@ near zero cost)

Styble at Part-time? This of course is Clendening-speak for: "You're FIRED" (see: Erin Hart)


Breaking - KIRO dubs new Styble show: "DJ not found"

Under Weekend Hosts Click on Styblehead's Smirk...


Nice. Looks like "Winston" Clendening has been hard at work in KIRO's HTML Ministry of Truth. heheheh


Styble actually thinks he is still a part time KIRO employee. What an idiot.


I'm really disappointed here.
I don't recall Bryan saying anything negative about this area. You folks don't represent the Kiro audience. Trucker radio. I say NO. It might be fine for some folks, but they already have SIRUS or XM or whatever. Bring back local radio! People what to hear a local perspective. Also they don’t want to be put to sleep by some monotone syndicate crap.


I don't care for KIRO's current 'overnight' programming, thus I've switched my allegiance over to the left a bit (KVI) and I'm enjoying the replayed 'Sageman' show. (i.e. just after Coast-to-Coast). He is quite enjoyable and quick-minded.
I would prefer, however a live show with local host. Bring back Styble or Pate KIRO!

Bellingham Bob

Blathering Michael will not allow me to post from home. I've been banned. I'M POSTING FROM A HOTEL.

Shame on you Michael!

Styble brought a hell of a show to Puget Sound. He challenged any and all. He listened to alternative views. You DO NOT get that with Monson, Shiers, etc.

Now we have a garbage syndicated show with no bearing on our lives in this region. Meaningless midnight talk...

Shame on you intellectual lightweights...Umo, Brian in Lacey and Mercifurious! You got what you wished for...

blathering michael

Hey B'ham Bob: who are you with in that hotel??? Guess I gotta agree- Styble brought a hell of a show to Puget Sound.


... and now Art Bell seems to be using a screener.

Guess my radio goes off by 10PM now. I wonder how much I'll save on electricity.


Bellingham Bob (Styblehead's #1 fan) opines:
Shame on you intellectual lightweights...Umo, Brian in Lacey and Mercifurious! You got what you wished for..

Wake up call:

A.) Send your regards to Clendening about the Trucker Syndi-bot. As far as I know, the Bla'm fam has nothing to do with KIRO management decisions

B.) Styblehead always was a simpleton thinly disguised as an "intellectual heavyweight".

C.) Running with his simpleton schtick football, Styblehead would regularly interrupt callers & then blather on endlessly. Loving to hear your whiney voice does not make good radio.

D.) Answering your cell-phone during an interview does not make good radio either.

E.) Hanging up on a caller with a speech impediment might create controversy (and improved ratings), but it's also a clear windexed window into the Styblehead. Only a dirtbag would do that.

Honestly Bob, this incident is what originally spawned my anti-Styblehead campaign. Can you blame me?

F.) All this culminated in Styblehad's giant 0.8 Rating juggernaut. What this means is that YOU & perhaps 4 others actively enjoyed radioactive Styblehead (pun intended).

E.) Styblehead owes the Bla'm fam for every drop of this rating. All the castigating, complaints, & prank calls (esp) only drew attention to his endless radioactive masterbation.

Taken together, when you have a 0.8 rating & a syndi-bot can do the same (or better) for less - the hole has been dug, and your epitaph has been written.

Blame Styblehead (or Clendending). Don't shoot the messengers

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