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October 13, 2006



*waiting for all the AA-haters to scurry out from under their rocks.....


A pundit network not making money right away? I've never heard of such a thing.

Oh wait, I forgot about FOX..


I don't understand why more liberal money doesn't underwrite that network. It is so good! Just heard about AA on KIRO news.

Dave Ross is interviewing Robert Kuttner and it is a must hear for everyone. He's saying the same thing I've been saying . . . the left has left its base. They need to come back to their base. And he thinks Medicare should be the universal health care of the immediate future. Geez, I love really smart people!

Also, Pelosi was on before Kuttner. She's here for Burner.


Soros was on Charlie Rose last night. I wish Soros would get invoved in AA . . .

Also, been meaning to post this: Charlie Rose interviewed Supreme Court Justices Bryer and O'Connor a while back and they wanted to talk about the notion of "activist judges." They think the whole conversation is undermining judges and justice in America. They say judges are no longer even safe and they regard jurisprudence in America as in crisis.

What was interesting was when Charlie posed the question to O'Connor of the Court's "selection" of Bush in 2000. That seemed "activist." O'Connor didn't have much to say except that she thought it was the right thing to do and Bryer just sat there with his head in his hands obviously letting O'Connor defend herself.

I bet O'Connor would never repeat that particular decision today. That's one that will dog her forever.

O'Connor's comment about falling into a dictatorship"

Bryan Styble II

Why would George Soros--a business man, or ANY businessperson--put any of their money into an operation that has had revolving door for its executives and has lost nearly $30 million dollars in 3 years---and they can't be heard (barely) in any major markets? It's a bad business decision.


Because they are underwriting democracy and that is a charitable cause (even though it may not be tax deductible). :)

People on the left do things for reasons other than just money, honey.


AA started with a failed business model.

They put people on the air because they were celebrities, not because they were good radio hosts.

It makes for fine, "tune in for five minutes" type of listners, but it doesn't make for loyal listeners.

Didn't work for David Lee Roth, and it didn't work for AA.


Roth was gone before his contract was up, like 3 months. Don't see the comparision here, nor is AA off the air, just looking for financing.

Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, Sam Seeder were basically unknown in the talk world before AAR, hardly celebs.


I don't care for AA and could care less for their politics. As a business person I hate to see any company in trouble, but the truth of America is if you have something people want to buy or in this case hear, you can create success. It appears to me not enough people wanted to hear what AA has to offer. Interesting state of affairs if you look at it that way....





Talk about crashing and burning . . . is that, hopefully, the course faux news is on? If so . . . GOOD RIDDANCE!


One thing that is interesting is that Ed Schultz must be getting tired of having to put out press releases like this every time Air America has problems:


baba booey

Let the Conservative Scum live it up over the announcement that Air America is bankrupt, because we liberals will be laughing our asses off after the Republicans get stomped in the november elections.


I don't want to tout the competition or anything, but you have to give AA credit for jumpstarting the progressive talk market. AA affiliates are doing quite well in a number of major markets, and have created an outlet for shows like Ed Schultz that have proven to be a financial success. As is often the case, the bleeding edge market leaders often aren't the ones to profit from the markets they help create.

AA's bankruptcy proves nothing about progressive talk other than AA itself was either poorly managed or didn't have the proper business model. Clear Channel is just sitting in the wings waiting for AA to go off the air so that it can launch its progressive talk network... if that's not a clear indication that there's a market for progressive talk, I don't know what it is.

All that said, 1090 will never survive as a liberal talk station, regardless of what happens to AA, unless it goes local.


Al Franken was the only "celebrity" that was hired for Air America.

As someone who lives (way) outside of the metropolitan area, I disagree that KPTK has to be local. Beating the same drum here, I know, but if you dont live in Seattle, or visit often, then what happens there is of little interest. I listen to KPTK for totally different reasons --a national and/or world view of the news---than I listen to other stations. Granted, Thom Hartmann does a bit of local in Portland, but often that show is about national events anyway.
Being local has not helped KIRO...


You know, Sparky, I disagree a little bit . . . I listen to Dave over Thom most of the time because I want some local. And Seattle is a major market compared to the rest of the state so I do think some local is not only help ful but necessary to get the really good numbers. They have to lure listeners from KOMO, KVI, etc.

If KPTK had Ross or Reagan in place of Bubba, I'd never change the dial.


"Being local has not helped KIRO..."

KIRO's problem isn't that it is local but that it has mucked around with programming so much, it doesn't know who it is anymore. They have no talent for finding talent. And it seems like they want to be everything to everybody. So they are succeeding at pleasing hardly anyone.


I agree, but I think that is what I mean when I say that there is nothing wrong with filling a niche, instead of trying to please everyone. KPTK provides a progressive view of the national and world news that people OUTSIDE a metropolitan area would otherwise not hear. There are numerous stations that cover the discussion on the monorail, the Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sonics, traffic. etc. NPR does not cover sports, but they dont worry about losing a portion of their audience during the Super Bowl or the World Series. They have their niche and they have an audience. Sometimes I feel I am the only person here who listens to more than just one station!

i will go back and dig up the quote I found the last time this bankruptcy thing came up, about how they messed up at the very beginning.


Here it is..I forget where I got it but I think it speaks pretty well to how they started out badly..I hope they can get back on track...

Air America, as a business, was set-up with one anchor after another around its neck from the get-go. Infighting. A bad station affiliation scheme. Bigwigs coming and going. Rumors of impending doom from day one (often started by rightwingers and gleefully sent around the media) relatively unrebutted by AAR. Poor PR about success, poor damage control about bad news. The execs almost all sucked from the getgo.
But, saying that because Air America has had a bad time of it means America doesn't want an alternative to wingnuttery on the radio is like saying that if Chef Boyardee went bankrupt that Americans don't like pasta. It's absurd.

Liberal talk is a business, the executives have to be competent and the money has got to be there. I keep hearing that Paul Soros runs the liberal universe with his almighty checkbook, AAR proves that Bill O'Reilly is a huge liar about Mr. Soros because if the myth were true, AAR would have been a wall of well-paid wingnut smashers.
You can't be NPR's 'All Things Considered' and Rush Limbaugh and have Jeaneane Garofalo around because you have had a wicked crush on her ever since 1991. You don't give Springer a show just because the kids think he's cool and he's suddenly available. If Sam and Jeaneane don't get along.... you have to fire or reassign somebody quickly, not let it turn into a soap opera that is more interesting than their show. You have to know that, if you need to fire "Sam or Jeaneane", you don't fire "Sam". The celebrity sidekick is not the show, or if that person is the show, you have problems. If you don't know who the better progressive voice is, you don’t belong as a progressive radio producer.


I remember reading that and agreeing with it. Nothing untrue as far as I'm concerned.

Adding a local host, however, can make the mix better. Even if one thinks Air America can make it without that piece, I think adding a local host (providing it is a strong host) would further strengthen KPTK which must attract listeners within its range. Adding a local host in primetime would add significant numbers of loyal listeners in this large metropolitan area.

By metro area I'm including Snohomish Co. and Pierce Co. Transportation, growth management, pollution issues are not just relevant to KC. So we are talking about local appeal in a huge market.

You may not be interested in Seattle stuff, but most of us are probably interested in statewide politics and many of us in inter/intra county politics. So that's what KPTK needs to address. IMHO . . . :)

One more thing . . . by syndicating AA to strong stations (like KPTK) that can attract and keep loyal listeners, AA gains strength in the marketplace as well. Seems like AA can only be as profitable as the stations that carry it are profitable. So KPTK may have some work to do as well.


*waiting for all the AA-haters to scurry out from under their rocks.....

Poor Snarky, I feel so bad for you I'll crawl out to give you room to hide.
Maybe now you'll own up that the Radio Equalizer was CORRECT and Blam's trust in him is justified. You made a big point of calling it the radiofertilizer. I guess we now can see who was full of fertilizer.
Just a tip. All points of view contribute to the best understanding of what is going on. Getting your information from only one side and immediately discounting the other is a recipe for disaster.

Oh well Snarky, you do have the upcoming Nov Elections. If the Dems screw that up it will be amazing. Of course, you could blame it on the Diebold Machines.
I agree with Goldy that good local radio works.
Feature a lineup of Reagan/Ross/ and maybe some articulate/talented newcomers like Dan Savage and you have a recipe for success. This is Seattle! Left of Center talk can be a success.
But run overpaid/bloated shows that go in for jokes about Presidential Assasination and your gonna lose all but your most nutroot core.


"KIRO's problem isn't that it is local but that it has mucked around with programming so much, it doesn't know who it is anymore. They have no talent for finding talent. And it seems like they want to be everything to everybody. So they are succeeding at pleasing hardly anyone."

Bingo Joanie. So now let's go for truck drivers! Maybe they'll listen!


No jokes about assasinations, just cocksuckers in congress


And as for Celebs I listen to Franken every single day and he and Rachel Maddow are the only thing keeping me from going crazy.



Rachel has a PhD in politics from Oxford, she is one of us...


"No jokes about assasinations, just cocksuckers in congress"

hell yeah! it's a very fertile field as long as your not gay bashing.


Nope, I'm not the gay republican checking into to alcohol rehab for an obvious underage problem


PutS, you gotta crush on Sparky? Seems like every time you reemerge, you've got her in your gunsights. Just wondering . . . kinda reminds me of the boys chasing the girls on the playground. When you nab 'em to find out what's going on, they've always got a sparkle in their eyes and a grin on their faces. :)

No offense meant, honest. Just an interesting observation . . .


"PutS, you gotta crush on Sparky? Seems like every time you reemerge, you've got her in your gunsights. Just wondering . . . kinda reminds me of the boys chasing the girls on the playground. When you nab 'em to find out what's going on, they've always got a sparkle in their eyes and a grin on their faces. :)

No offense meant, honest. Just an interesting observation . . ."

Your right Joanie. I probably shouldn't go for the low hanging fruit like Snarky. It is just so much fun using Snarky's own words against her.
But, taking Snarky out of my post is the crux of it off base? It's important to me as a listener to get good local radio from both sides.


Then I think you have more in common with Sparky than you think. She likes diversity in radio as well and she said so above . . . She changes the dial a lot.

If you want good local radio from both sides. you've got a lot of choices. Just push the preset button depending on the time of day and go for it.

I really think most radio that does well today is market targeted . . . whether it be music (country, jazz, classical) or talk (right, left, Christian).

I like liberal talk and I leave my radio alone when I can. Besides that, what you think is "both sides" I consider right and center . . . since none of us will probably agree on where these people are on the spectrum right to left, I think a station needs to define itself and hope it gets good enough that it attracts a significant number of peopleto its content.

Your crassness in referring to some of AA content tells me you are not looking for both sides because you've never dissed the right for doing the same thing you diss the left for.

Can you explain that?

Also, Sparky is one wise and assertive and obviously strong woman with an opinion, as am I. We know from experience those qualities can be not only attractive but also intimidating to some men. Don't define yourself by such mean-spirited attacks because you open yourself up to speculation.

My own currently is that you are kind of attracted to it . . . possible?


"our crassness in referring to some of AA content tells me you are not looking for both sides because you've never dissed the right for doing the same thing you diss the left for."

In the past I have mentioned how little I think of Michael Savage for one off the top of my head. I would prefer taking a punch to the face -almost- then to have to endure an hour of his show.
I am fortunate to have spent 20 plus years with a very strong/wise/assertive lady who gave me two sons that will grow up to respect women. Very fortunate. So it is a nice try with the 'intimidating woman' but that doesn't wash with me in regards to Snarky. Especially over the internet when you can say your a woman and actually be a dude or vice versa.

Opinions are great but really strong people are willing to admit their mistakes. For example, Snarky stated that Randi Rhodes had only once made the assasination remark torwards the President and alluded to it being a mistake done by her crew or some such crap. I linked a response that was to an MP3 of Randi and her crew making another joke about it. I would have thought a strong/assertive person would have been willing to say, 'hey-I didn't know that.' Instead, she refused to admit that she was wrong.
What say you?

Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher are just a couple of strong women that I respect. The best company commander I ever served under in the Army was a female.
In regards to mean spirited, I would say that wishing someone to get cancer is about as mean spirited as you can get. I didn't see you complaining about Snarky then. Not trying to make too fine a point but just being even handed.


Oh, jeez....oh jeez....six planets in Scorpio (heads up, Sparks) and now this...! Maybe AA should join AA...rehab is apparently the place to go to cleanse one's bankrupt soul. Pass the Paxil, please!


You do what so many republicans do . . . twist words. Regarding the assassination thing . . . that was Randi Rhodes whom I've listened to often and who tries very hard to stay focused and honest. If she wasn't - and I didn't hear it - then so be it. But, why keep revisiting it? If it is the only instance you can think of to target anybody about, then it isn't much at all.

Also, Sparky never wished cancer on anyone. Never.

We can all test the boundaries of good taste here . . . but to visit them at every opportunity reflects a pretty bare arsenal.

Congratulations on a lovely wife and two children. Again, there is a fine line between love and hate and the passion with which you attack can be misleading. Just a caution here.

I might have to start greeting you with some Mae West lines so better start behaving . . . (lol)


BTW, Fremont, are birthday greetings in order!


"lol that comment was a jab at YOU, Puts...but I knew you wouldn't figure it out...so, go ahead and tell me what I was really thinking!Tell us all what we meant to say..it saves us time!

Posted by: sparky | September 16, 2006 at 08:24 AM"

That 'comment' was the cancer jab. So much for never-ever, eh?
But I only used that to illustrate a point so I will move on.
And Joanie, I vote Dem as much as I vote Repub. Some of my friends would be shocked to hear I was a Repub.
I'll use a joke to illustrate that I am a pragmatist more than a party loyalist.
From Ed Koch, former Dem Mayor of NY.
When asked by a constituent why he should vote for Koch, the Mayor replied 'Take the top 10 issues of the day.
If you agree with me on 4 of 10 you probably shouldn't vote for me.
If you agree with me on 6 of 10, you should strongly consider it.
If you agree with me on 8 of 10 you definately should vote for me.
And if, per chance, you agree with me on 10 out of 10 well, then all I can is your pretty darn crazy.'
I am oughta here...


Gettin' late and time for bed for me, too. But, that "jab" is saying that no matter what she says, you'll put your own meaning on it. And you did, didn't you? You've given me some real shit on this board, but I keep coming back for more. And I don't keep throwing your past posts back in your face.

So, let it go. Move on. We've all taken a lot of hits on this board and we get over it. If we didn't, our self esteem would be in the sewer . . . I think you two should make kiss and make up.

That's what this playground supervisor thinks. So there!


BTW, maybe I should have said "caca?" Don't want people to think I'm not a lady . . . (she said laughing out loud.)


One more BTW, you never did comment on the radio stuff I posted . . .


Now what station will I have to go to for a good laugh if AA goes away. I love going there to listen to the hosts make asses of themselves.
How about Ron Reagan, he is only on for an hour and never seems to know enough about a subject to make an opinion.
Ron and Don, they are on my short list now. I thought they were ok until about a month ago. Now, I don't know about any of you,but it seems they are becoming way to anti-military and that is making me sick (although I thought Ron did a good job with that author he had on today. What a remarkable story, too bad they wouldn't do something heroic instead of bashing the institution that keeps them free).

Any business that thinks bashing the president every two minutes with a stupid joke is a failed business and Investors and advertisers alike are seeing this and pulling out.
Listening to Randi, Rachel, Thom, Malloy, The Young Jerks, Springer, Steph, and of course Al himself make me believe AA and crew just can't wait for another 9/11 type attack on American soil so it can see Americans die and criticize Bush.


OMG! Just like a republican sheep . . . you'll follow your "Decider" over any cliff he chooses. Well, Steve, enjoy the fall. The rest of us will mourn your loss . . . even though you'll be dissing us for being smart enough to survive you.

Of course, there is always the possibility that you will drag the rest of us with you. . .


Follow the playground supervisor, St.E...she'll lead you out of the abyss. Friday the 13th, moral and AA bankruptcy, six Scorpionic planets....happy birthday, Sparkler!


Not for a couple of weeks yet, Fremont...but thanks :-)


Hey Joanie,
Is that something that Randi said or was it Steph who said it.

Maybe you should think of all the "followers" you would call "Republican sheep" who have died for this country from the Revoultionary War to the Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you believe they all died just to "diss" you in the afterlife because you were smarter than them. If you think this makes you a better American Joanie, than go on believing what you believe and just mourn their loss in your own little way that you do best.


See, exactly my point. You think you exmilitary republicans are the only ones who die or go to war for this country.

This isn't about being military; this is about knowing truth and being able to discern when your leaders are truthful and when they are not. Blind loyalty is not patriotism. And not every war that a Decider wants is necessarily right.


Maybe I should just come and read post here from folks like Joanie to get my laughs if AA goes away.

Lets see

"Decider" has to be Bush.
"Republican Sheep" has to be the US military.
"Cliff" has to be Iraq.
"Drag us into" has to be either iran or N. Korea.

Yeah, that was funny


As for your jab about who said my words first? I did. I think for myself, Steve. Can you say the same?


So you think the Civil war was not necessarily right?
maybe the War of 1812
or WW1
or WW2
the Korean Conflict
the Vietnam War
or maybe you mean... no... not the... Revolutionary War


BTW, "sheep" is not the military which I have respect for . . . especially all the generals taking issue right now with your Decider. I do think - like Eisenhower - that the military has become much too big and important. I think his words were "military industrial complex."

No, the "sheep" are you and all others like you who refuse to hear truth and want only to be told what to believe, who to believe, and what to beleive in. When you prefer to believe a bunch of sour-grapes guys who weren't there over a shipmate of John Kerry, I know who you are listening to. It is sad, but it is reality. You hear what you want to hear. And our country and democracy is the poorer for it.


or Grenada, or Iraq 1? Why do you leave out wars? If you are going to make a point, you have to be truthful . . . can't pick and choose your facts. But, you do, don't you?


Truth, if the truth your talikng about is the stuff you heard on AA than your in denial yourself. I've heard everyone of your arguments on AA. Maybe you should go outside once in awhile and get a breath of fresh air.

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