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September 24, 2006



i will be listening because i want to know the rationale for building a tunnel right across a huge earthquake fault..bad enough that the viaduct is elevated and people could end up flattened like a San Francisco pancake...


The viaduct decision is now in the hands of Gregoire, as the City Council voted against putting the issue on the ballot....very interesting....


Is it "worser" to be flattened than compacted?

Just asking . . . (I heard someone on CSpan say "worser" yesterday! Can't remember who . . . darn!)


I thought there wouldn't be any Goldy on KIRO today because of Seahawk stuff? He hasn't put a program schedule up on his site.

blathering michael

he'll be there, he e-mailed me the show notes. We might have to make do w/out Frank...


didn't Boston do this? you know, the "Big Dig"? look how well that turned out! bugger the waterfront yuppies- build another viaduct. We do not need to subsidize their view.


Wow. I didn't realize that we had already fully funded our schools and other essential services were fully staffed and could afford to spend billions on this tunnel as a replacement. Why spend $4 billion for this Seattle Bid Dig when for $1 billion we can do
I would even prefer the other option of tearing down the Viaduct to see what the real traffic impact would be. Other cities have done so and realized that the impact isn't so bad.
But we do know if it is truly as much of a threat as Ron Sims said, that we should tear it down immediately. Here is a nice opinion piece


I heard Doug McDonald talking about the choices and they all have problems . . . but, I've been saying all along to shut down the viaduct. Unsafe is unsafe.

Good post, PutS.


Hey look! We can stop whistling the jeopardy theme (to drown out the crickets). PS is back!

Welcome back Pube: Care to comment on the incredible BIAW/Fundio-fascist judicial victories?


"I heard Doug McDonald talking about the choices and they all have problems . . . but, I've been saying all along to shut down the viaduct. Unsafe is unsafe."

Sheesh, the last time Joanie and I agreed on something I think it was on what day of the week it was-and that was only after we both had checked our calendars very carefully. :)

I am with you on this issue. I resent people trying to scare us on the Viaduct. If it is that unsafe we should close it down now. Like tonight. Not three years from now or as part of a rebuild.
Doug McDonald appears to be a square shooter and I respect the way he will come on a show albeit a Dave Ross or John Carlson and take on the callers with straightforward answers which means when he doesn't have the answer he says he doesn't have the answer.

Hey, no dis' intended Mercifurious, but I didn't catch your posts earlier but do appreciate the link. I was out of town that week and I don't use my work computer for other than work. Unlike Sparkie's place of employment, they frown on that.
Anyway, since you asked I am okay with Alexander.


Goldy, if you don't stop stretching out all those vowels in your intro, I'm going to stop listening!

Otherwise, good show.


This viaduct issue is a 'strange bedfellows' issue, evidenced here, as folks on both sides of the spectrum can (and do) agree on the stupidity of the tunnel. My problem with a tunnel is funding, pure and simple. I honestly would like to know where Team Nickels thinks the money for this project is going to come from.

The state is not going to foot this bill, especially with the 520 rebuild coming and I can't see any public vote, whether it be city, county, or state going his way to pay for a tunnel.


Seems to me part of the issue of surface roads has to do with the needs of the Port and freight traffic. Deal with that by going south to the Spokane Street corridor and over to I-5 . . .

Some sort of solution like that. Has anyone heard of any plans to deal with freight? Some sort of dedicated freight throughway/overpass? How about going back to railroads . . .

I hope I'm not showing my ignorance here . . . :)


If the Sounder went between Tacoma and Seattle more than a couple of times each day, perhaps some of that viaduct traffic would be reduced. Compared to the east coast and the UK, we are train retarded...


Am watching Gary Hart on Foolproof Presents on TVW - he was here at town hall 9-13-06. If you're as nostalgic as I am for an honest and reflective Democrat, check in here.

You should be able to get this on your new Imac, Fremont.


As someone who lived in Boston for years during the Big Dig, I think everyone is in for a bit of a rude awakening with respect to the traffic issues that will arise during and the cost overruns to deal with after.

Boston had a few other factors (like 5x as many people and an extremely old city to begin with) but the traffic issues were just hideous. Be prepared, that viaduct will throw tons of commercial vehicles on I-5, it'll be nasty.

I don't have a problem with rebuilding the viaduct because quite honestly I do not trust local government to make a tunnel work any more than I trusted them in Boston.


Ah jeez, how sweet to see Gary Hart wihtou a bimbo on his lap....thanks, Joans!


I know I should be listening to "sensible shoes" type programs like Dave Ross, Ron Reagan and NPR but i just have to get my daily fix of insults from verbal ballbat-wielding Fatman Levin, who calls out the "libs" to take their beatings from him about the head and shoulders and talks about "B.J." Clinton and Hillary "Rotten" Clinton, "Her Thighness" in his sneering high-pitched voice. Bring on the circus show and "get off the phone, you big dope!"

The Anti Kiro

Goldy's program is poor. It's time for him to go.

We need an intellectual to analyze the arguments and not simply repeat the party line over and over.


AntiK- as long as he gets good guests and doesn't try to do all the talking himself - as occasionally you do, Goldy - I think he's got a good show. I loved the segment about the viaduct because it moved quickly and contained several different viewpoints and guests. But, I like informative stuff. Not listening to be amused . . .


Fremont, who cares about bimbos - nobody is perfect. Heck, I might be a bimbo for all you know or at least a bimbo wannabe!

He's wise, reasonable, and compassionate guy and probably some of his humility arose from those bimbo escapades. You never know what's gonna make somebody into a more reflective person.


PutS emits:
Hey, no dis' intended Mercifurious, but I didn't catch your posts earlier but do appreciate the link. I was out of town that week and I don't use my work computer for other than work. Unlike Sparkie's place of employment, they frown on that.
Anyway, since you asked I am okay with Alexander.

Nice dodge PutS - the Old "Hey! lookie there a zagugliar blimp!" trick...

One more time: The Incredible BIAW/Fundio-fascist sponsored judicial victories


I know I know, gotta wait for Orbi's official spin-a-roonie marching orders

The Anti Kiro

Why are Ron and Don still on the air? This truly baffles me.

And what the hell is Shiers doing on the air? The guy is never accountable for all his misleading and frankly inaccurate statements. Tonight he was crying about, ..."how did Dori respond...?" when someone filled him in on the 17 year old tossing the baby over a fence.

Ron and Don = Fake "I'm your buddy so please listen" ex shock jocks trying to be serious

Shiers = No Show Prep Failed DJ trying his luck as a talk radio host


Scroll down on Think Progress to the "Newsweek covers" four or five headlines down

pretty enlightening

The Anti KIRO


You really need to call Shiers and challenge him point by point.

Shiers must be put in his place.


Tonight Frank Shiers took the better part of two hours playing clips of and analyzing or "anal-izing" Bill Clinton's interview, in his plodding, constipated manner, explaining everything laboriously to us like we're 7 year old children. Whatever you think of O'Reilly, he covered the same subject in his first hour on radio tonight and did the whole clips/analysis thing before the end of his firat segment. Unlike the rightwing boob Shiers, O'Reilly had some balance and empathy toward Clinton. By the way, Frank, and I know you're still reading us, despite your denials, why do you repeat topics from your weekend shows into your weekday shows? Are you a lazyass?


Just heard on Styblehead Boast-to-Boast... responding to rumors that he's "gay" (whah? hahahah)

"I'm having tons of fun dispelling this rumor"


blathering michael

I would not want to be a fly on the wall while Styblehead is dispelling rumors that he is gay.


Right! Who wants to witness actual Styblehead (boast or no boast)

Wait. Does "sexual harrassment of co-workers" count has dispelling gay roomers?


Or maybe this falls into the "methinks he protesteth too much" category. Where's our favorite non-Geico customer's famous Gaydar Machine when you need it? Hook Styble up to the thing and watch 'er smoke.


There you go again....ruining my breakfast!!!

Attention Mr. Sty.....nobody cares.

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