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September 22, 2006



So often it is the "eyes and ears" of management that are the problem but somehow they always seem to hang on and on and on.

Have never liked Hersholt . . . still miss Val in drive time.


I have also noticed that in the last few months, the news by G & J has become "newsdrama" - they seem to be "acting" the news out, rather than reporting it. Perhaps thats a cover for all the other BS thats going on between them. Its pretty awful reporting - where are the days when the news is front and center, not the personalities of the reporters taking the attention? I, for one, miss that.

And if Gregg is so hot, why does he take so much time off? Is he another Johnny Carson - only being on the air perhaps 4 months out of the year? Just a thought....


KIRO's morning news is dull, but I'm not sure Greg is the only one to blame for that. Jane is unmemorable in every way, everyday.


Hersh is a brilliant guy. Funny, urbane and probably an underachiever. He punches far above his weight and needs a better co-anchor. One gets the feeling that he's frustrated at not being grabbed by WCBS.

BTW- does a puff piece like "The Son Also Rises" buy you a free cerveza at Eastlake Azteca?


Lipstick on a pig=still a pig.

baba booey

Yes vg.....don't listen to KIRO Radio for news.....listen to Sirius for entertainment! You sit in your car for 20 to 30 minutes on your way to work and listen to testicle radio, and hear 15 minutes of commercials! Don't do it! Get Sirius!


...and a bababooey to y'all


testicle radio??????


Why would anyone in their right mind listen to more than 5 minutes of KIRO with that commercial load?

Esp with all the choices now available...


If only corporate paid any attention.

howard stern

"testicle" is a play on terresterial radio. Who listens to it now? Get Sirius.


Howard, still the king!


Howard, I can think of a lot more fun answers to my question....


Have a ball, Sparkler....


Who listens to Howard? I thought he lost a lot of his audience in that move? I always thought a little of Howard went a long way . . . I hope he stays in orbit.

Fred Norris

Who listens? Sirius now has 4 million subscribers so a lot more listen to him than you think.

Too good for Howard, huh? Thanks for your elitist post.


Ah, I read some time ago that only a fraction of his listeners had gone over to Sirius . . .

BTW, I don't know which phrase said I was "too good" for him. . . perhaps you're confused? I just don't like him much.


In all seriousness: Even if Howard had not done a single productive thing in his life before or after 9/11 (which is an opinion I am happy to reject), I'd still place him high on my list of legendary broadcasters for his superb work on that horrible day. He and his crew stayed on the air through the whole ordeal, took calls from traumatized New Yorkers who really needed a forum in which to get their feelings out, and in my (not-even-close-to-humble) opinion did the city - and maybe even the country - a noble service. It was very compelling radio - and how ironic that a guy who sees a therapist three times a week provided some badly-needed therapy to a city in agony on the darkest of days. The guy has alot of heart, and it was on full display on 9/11.

Justin Atheropinion

Yeah, Howard's a GREAT guy.

That's why the tirade on the air about "all" the listeners who haven't crossed over.

Always grateful for what he has, is Howard...

Did Frank Shiers dish the dirt on Hersholt?


Didn't know about that, Oly, so have to give credit where credit's due.

Scrilla, one never knows who is deserving and who isn't. Maybe he's a good guy . . . just seems like the grandfatherly sort who puts me off a bit with his manner . . .

But then, this week, everyone is putting me off . . . it's been a long, long week . . .


Also, sort of depressed that the repugs will allow torture to continue . . . unbelievable.


Michael, this is the lowest of the low. You have written a column that is basically muckraking at the highest level. It's not libel because you're not accusing G&J of doing anything wrong, but you are casting absolutely false impressions about them and about KIRO in general. You don't work there; you don't know the people that you write about: nothing, NADA, zero; all these "sources" that you've attributed these "statements" are completely made up. This is childish, look-at-me-over-here, look-what-I-wrote, tee-hee muckraking of the worst kind. Even if it WERE 10% true (which it's not), how dare you even put such garbage on a web site?

These people are human beings, dammit. The radio business is not easy in this day and age. Unless you're on the air or in higher management, you CANNOT make a living. I know this for a fact because I continue to work in it. And I work at KIRO. Yes, I *WORK* there---and I call bullshit on all the bandwidth that you're wasting on this blog.

It's one thing to post "coverage" on a trial of a former KIRO host because some of the "facts" you write about are corroborated by a REAL reporter. But now you are just making shit up.

What if I were to start up a web blog called "HoodWatch" where I post about your daily activities? Nothing illegal, mind you---but I could report on your going-abouts through my network of "insiders" (i.e. neighbors, former friends, ex-wives, etc). Oh, you wouldn't like that? Sorry..I'm just a blogger; who said anything about getting FACTS right? This is all fun and games, it's just a blog, it's my OPINION, I'm protected by The Constitution....Well, when you start slinging untrue dirt on people--real people with real lives--you're stepping over that line in a big way.


If anybody's out there . . . this is a must read! Clinton takes on Fox News


I do have a hard time believing this one, Blathering M, as these two have been working together for a long time now and if they hated each other as much as you say, one of them would have left a long long time ago.

Besides, when is Shannon even there? Seems like she's out every third day.

The ratings are down not because of the hosts, it's those damn Beacon Plumbing ads! Geez, can we get another ad? ANY other ad?


Boy, am I with you on that Beacon ad . . . absolutely hate it! I turn the radio off when it comes on.

joanie to Scrilla

Scrilla (Sept. 11): "joanie, Just wondering, what's the source for your "kill him anytime" story? Who received this guidance?"

Scrilla, read the link above and you'll get your answer.


Hey backinthebiz: nobody inside the building would defend Greggggggggggg's behaaaaaaavior.

"The radio business is not easy in this day and age. Unless you're on the air or in higher management, you CANNOT make a living. I know this for a fact because I continue to work in it. And I work at KIRO."

Backstabbers like Gregggggggggggg only make it even worse.


Ohhh man. The woman in the Beacon ad....when she shrieks that line:

"There's water EVERYWHERE...call the plumber!"

- oh dear GAWD it makes my teeth hurt.


Did I say G was a saint? No. Did I saw he walks on water? No. The point I'm trying to make is that if you're going call someone a "backstabber" on a public web page--as well as come right out and say that he's working to get J out by December--you better be ready to produce PROOF instead of the made-up crap that Hood is putting up as so-called "proof."

Oh, by the way, if G is such a "backstabber," why didn't he just tell management that I shouldn't work at KIRO because I was a *gasp* perceived-to-be conservative?

I am SURE that G (and J for that matter) *know* how fortunate they are do a job that they both love and that pays them enough to support themselves and their families---and they paid their dues to get there. There will come a day when each of them will say good-bye to radio but it will be on their terms, management's, or a combination of both--and not some fantasy about one conspiring to get rid of the other. Puh-leez, get a grip.


Since when does KIRO have a problem with "perceived-to-be"conservatives?


Besides 'Biz, Michael's our own Page Six so give him some respect.


Golly, this is a very interesting thread! I'm trying to figure out who 'backinthebiz' might be if he/she is "perceived to be a conservative.".....

Joanie, 'elitist' is the new Republican word of the week. It is used freely to describe anyone they disagree with--same with 'moonbat".


If people are going to confirm that Greg is a backstabber, then they also need to acknowledge that Jane doesn't do anything to add to the show. She spends most of the morning smoking. She reads what's in front of her that someone else wrote. She is likely the source of this information to blatherwatch because she's paranoid. Greg probably does want to get rid of her, and who would even notice if she was gone?


When I was in high school, liberals were trashed as "eggheads". Apparently, the pendulum has done its semi-decade swing with "elitists".

BTW, thanks tons for the link, Joans. I avoid Fox, but I've heard King and my fave, Olbermann, interview Clinton. Russert will do it on Press the Meat tomorrow. I'm ordering Clark's book right now. Sorry to say, I had to google your "page six" reference...of course, it's the NYT TrueTrash!


Be sure and look at the one with Chris Wallace on Fox, Fremont...its worth it


p.s. why would one WANT to listen to hundreds of commercials, and boring people being pissy to each other on Kiro in the morning when one could be listening to Stephanie Miller! or npR for that matter?


Am curious, NobS, isn't that what radio people are? Voices? I guess I'm wondering what else she's supposed to do. I don't really listen to either; they are not my cup of tea in the morning. But, what does Hersholt do that she doesn't? Doesn't the station pay writers to provide the words? Even for Hersholt?

BTW, she did a very nice job of hosting the Battle of talk show hosts last time around.


Also, can't wait to check out the editing . . . can just imagine what they are going to do to Clinton!

He sort of apologized several times and I can just hear a series of misconstrued apologies by that honorable "fair and balanced" work of deception, Faux News. And its listeners - that herd of sheep called conservatives - will never know the difference.


Joanie, from what I've been told from one of those alleged "insiders" Hersholt controls the production elements of the show, making sure the show is on time, playing all those commercials, making more decisions than she does about which reports will run where. He's really the driving force behind the show and takes the lead. This insider says she's outside smoking during all the breaks when he's in there keeping things going, and she arrives to work much later than he does. Often a few minutes before the show begins. So from that stand point he does more.

I did see her at the last Battle, and frankly thought she seemed tentative and nervous. I introduced myself at the end and she seemed fake to me.

But any discussion of G vs. J is really a waste of time, just as listening to KIRO through all its commercials is a waste of my time. I'm tuned into NPR in the a.m.


Oh, and as to why if G and J hate eachother so much they stay together. $$$ and where else are they going to go?


Thanks, NoBS . . . I did see her at the last Battle, and frankly thought she seemed tentative and nervous.

I didn't see it - only heard it.

Will admit to not having enough information to judge. I'm a task-oriented person myself and I know some of us tackle our work with gusto while others sail through . . . I just don't care for the tattling aspect of it.

Can agree to respect Hersholt for his commitment and leadership.


Video at the Fox site of weeny Wallace talking about the overreaction of Clinton and that the whole interview - 22 unedited minutes - will be run. (Sun, 8am - god forbid! - kcpq 13)

Wallace setting people up to denigrate Clinton's overreaction . . . of course, he asked the question very early in the program. Wonder why? What a disingenuous jerk!

Also Crooks and Liars

Can't wait to hear the after-game show from PutS, Klueless and Mr. Ed.


Its about time President CLinton defended himself.


Agree with you Joanie, I don't like hearing the dirty laundry of the place either. If people can't solve their own problems with a co-worker, and instead run to blather, I don't think much of them.


But, you realize, NoBS, that I'm not a respecter of running to management with stories either . . ?

These are public people and thus must withstand the heat of their public kitchen.


Since you asked, Joannie
Here is the transcript of what we are supposed to see tomorrow. Read it and WEEP


If you don't want to go to a 'right wing site' then
click on this to read it and WEEP

The questions posed by Wallace are not unfair per se. Wallace could have really gotten mean and started talking about Sandy Burglar over their at the National Archives, etc.


And this is for you Joanie, this best sums up my problems with the 9-11 ABC miniseries, while putting things in perspective and why it was hard to take things from Sandy HamBurglar who risked a stint in Leavenworth to get those notes he wrote on those classified documents out of the Archives.
So have a read of this


PutS, as usual you are a frequency short and an eon behind . . . I already linked the transcript.

What a PutS!


Hey biz . . . you, like PutS here, seem to be looking for attention. No big deal . . . why take it so personally?

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