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September 22, 2006



Biz, I believe you work at kiro, but you have to be some out of touch board op. Everyone there knows G and J can't stand eachother, but the station isn't going to get rid of either one of them because the ratings are already too shaky. Gregg is a backstabber, fact, but he also adds a hellofalot more to the station than J ever has or will.

So don't get all stomping mad at Hood for pointing what is obvious to those at Eastlake...except apparently the board ops.


"PutS, as usual you are a frequency short and an eon behind . . . I already linked the transcript.

What a PutS!"

and as usual you missed the point...
i gave direct links to the transcripts since the ones you provided were hard to find.
i responded so at your invitation.
and you never did address the sandy hamburgler issue.
but that's okay jumpin joanie.


I don't know about that issue, PutS. Why don't you 'splain it to little ol' me, please.


BTW, PutS writes: " gave direct links to the transcripts since the ones you provided were hard to find.

I just reopened the link I gave at 10:42 Sat night and it went right to the transcript . . . how many links does a person need to get to a transcript . . .

Then I linked the video at two different addresses Sunday at 1:45 pm.

Why would I possibly need two links to the same thing?

And since I already read the original transcript, why would I be weeping?

Poor PutSie!


PutS: "Since you asked, Joannie . . . "

Asked what? Are you getting senile or something . . . ?


What is bad on News talk KIRO is the Over baked brian on the over night ! Styblehead radio its just really bad!!!


Hey, everyone, Michael posted an email that I sent claiming I knew who he was and his being "anonymous"---that I use "sources" that he can't ID ("because they're made up.") Then it got pretty rough and He called me A BIG BABY and I said I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I????

So I sent another email saying that he can't post his emails (he's such a pooty-poot poot- I HATE HIM!!!) and that if I called him a BIG FAT LIAR, he'd have to give UP his lying and go back to writing book reports at Junior College. LIKE HE USED TO DO in the '90's!!!

So here's my post that was deleted (sans my email text):

First of all, Mr. Hood, you have NO fucking idea who you are. You should see a counsellor or talk to your mom. I never atttempted to contact you off-line or otherwise. I *DO* work at KIRO, darn it and they pay me too. I am not Frank Shiers or Brian Stible, but I wouldn't mind. I have beeen there since 2004, but nobody can see me because I am anonymous. You know I've got you by the short hairs, but why don't YOU JUST SHUT-UP!!! ." I call BULLSHIT on your "sources" being "high" at KIRO." That's absolute, total flapdoodle. You make it up as you go, Michael, that's pretty obvious.

Here are the facts:

1. I work at KIRO and I HATE YOU!!!
2. They may not know me, but I know both G & J and everyone else there
3. I love your blog, but sometimes I HATE YOU!!!
5. I am learning Esperanto, and I HATE YOU!!!


Jeez, back, we all know who you are, that's easy. Gregg's backstabbing has a long list of victims. Your talentless friend Shiers does it too. Think you aren't next?


Sometimes it's the janitors who have the greatest insight into what is happening at a business.


Biz, you sound like you're the one who needs some counseling. Sorry, because I don't know you. But, that post didn't even make sense to me.

Again, you are in the wrong business if you take yourself this seriously.


You're wrong. NOBODY KNOWS WHO I AM!!!


Don't believe all the lies in this blog!!! KIRO employees know that G. will get Mr.Clendenning's job, if it comes up. HOOD HATES GREG, but he HATES MR. C even worse!!!! He probly wants DAVID GOLDSTEIN!--HE IS DAVID GOLDSTEIN'S AGENT!!!

Deep Insider

Watching "biz" snap on this message board is why I fear he will snap in the newsroom. Let's just pray he has no weapons.
Nice way to kiss Gregg's ass, Jim. At least we know who's on his side.


Yeah sure,"Deep Insider" you're probably one of Hood's PHONY "sources." you probably haven't been in the biz anymore than he has. I'M NOT JIM VALLEY!!!


All the posts since 9/23 have been changed/deleted by Hood. The last several were written by people out to get me and G. Very sad indeed.


wow. someone needs their prescription refilled.


Biz: You are Jim Valley, and that is very sad indeed.


Well, I wish this would end. Biz, you made some thoughtful points but it is show biz. Isn't that funny? KIRO considered "show biz?"

Nothing that is said on this blog will affect (effect?) KIRO whatsoever. Go back to your job and love what you do. Jane and Gregg will survive just fine.


Joanie, for an egg-sucking liberal, you are sweeet, but this is my livelihood and the livelihood of many other human beings.

Greg has been slandered, this man is a nice guy who has helped so many people in this business. He seems to think of others way before he thinks of himslef.
He has taken young reporters in the newsroom under his wing and protected them while they get strong enough to help themselves in the newsroom. It is a tough tough business. He would never even talk badly behind his back about Jane- he is too professional for that so why does HOOD LIE LIKE A DOG??? Did he get turned down at KIRO when he applied for a job??? Is that why he wants KIRO to go down and everybody to lose their jobs, except maybe Dave Ross and Goldstein and his precious Ronny Reagan?
We know he WORKS FOR GOLDSTEIN, he's his agent. He desn't want anybody to know that that's why he deletes me.


You ARE Jim Valley. What a kiss-ass!


"It is a tough tough business."

I'm not going to start a long dialogue here . . . because it would be futile. But, it is a tough business. MEDIA is tough - low pay for beginners; glamour, celebrity and riches for the few who make it. That's what you don't get.

Michael's blog is just a part of a very diverse, oftimes ethically suspect, conglomeration of celebrity. KIRO often includes rumor in its news - all media does. Media isn't for the naive, gullible or sensitive.

Why do you take it so seriously? Hersholt and Jane can take it. Don't give Michael so much power - he's not going to be responsible for anyone's downfall.

I think he started this blog because he was an avid KIRO guy and was disturbed by its mismanagement. I found this blog because I was an avid KIRO listener until I finally lost one too many hosts that I loved and surfed the I'net to find out why. You don't love it anymore than we did.

Well, now we have a gossip column that allows us to have some power in the radio world. We can talk, diss, share knowledge, and have fun with all the strange comings and goings in your business.

So, again, don't take it so seriously. NoBS found a way to make his points without such hysteria. I thought your first point was well put. The rest of them, I'll take your word that they've been messed with. But, make your points and move on.

KIRO and all the other sites on the dial whether they be radio, TV, internet, etc. are accessible to the people and we are going to excercise our power to discuss and judge.

Now, let it go. Hopefully, you will one day be one of those powerful celebs who will have the opportunity and gift of a big paycheck along with a lot of respect and disrespect from the people you serve.

BTW, what does it mean to "work" for Goldstein? That's just a silly statement. He is, I believe, a mentor to Goldstein and that's his right. If I were to say that you worked for Hersholt or Jane, would you consider that an attack? You should know better.

Finally, by you own characterization of Reagan as "precious,"you are being disrespectful to your own. What does that say about you?

Also, I'm not sweet. Just ask PutS!


I didn't say anything like that, Hood made everything up. He says he's a liberal but he's more of a Nazi.


I can't tell potpie from petpal anymore. I give up! :)


Jim, come out of the closet, I would recognize that whine anywhere.


I'm Jim Valley. I got an email from a friend alerting me that my name has been bantered about here.

I guess it's good to get your name out, but in this case I would disagree. I've been out with a large group of friends (including some media types) all day (Sunday). So it's definitely not me.

I am only posting here in hopes of killing any speculation. I've never posted here before and have no plans to do so again. I've never communicated with Mr. Hood in any way, shape or form and I can't imagine the circumstances where I would. So let the new speculation begin, 'cause it ain't me. And anyone who would pretend to be me, should try impersonating someone with clout, power and influence. They'd be a lot more successful. :)

For the record, I started at KIRO in 2002.


And its not even a full moon out tonight.....


Yup, you got the wrong Jim.


Are Jim Valley and Steve Canyon related?


Might it have been Tim, not Jim?

Are we trying to stir up trouble here? Oh, dear.


Gregggggggggggg: "Yup, you got the wrong Jim."

Aa HA! Jim FRENCH is out to wreak his revenge on KIRO!

I hear it now...

"Get rid of my morning show, eh?"
"Get rid of the KIRO Mystery Playhouse, eh?"

Ya nailed it, Gregggggggggggg!


Man, coming across this thread after a few days away, it's hard to say who's most in need of a meds adjustment: Gregg and Jane, Michael Hood or the authors of the 80+ posts above.

** Jane is obviously mailing it in -- she isn't paying attention to air, doesn't catch cues with relevant ad-libs, and answers everything with that low, ironic laugh. Gregg I have a lot of respect for as a pro. But I have pretty much migrated to Morning Edition because of the way the KIRO morning news "feels" nowadays, and I don't think the spot load is the key issue.

** Michael's original post, at the riverhead of all this, was in my view cowardly and irresponsible. It doesn't report any specific behavior or incident; it doesn't cite any real source. It's the journalistic equivalent of passing You Smell notes in junior high school. How do the targets answer charges like these?

** With all the subsequent name-calling and off-target identity-guessing, this whole conversation is unworthy of its participants.


"The questions posed by Wallace are not unfair per se. Wallace could have really gotten mean and started talking about Sandy Burglar over their at the National Archives, etc."

It seems as if you take issue with the 'ambush interview' rather than any of the content. Is that correct? If that is the case, I would suggest that politicians on the right suck it up and wear a helmet. Clinton was obviously prepared to be interviewed by a clearly partisan network. And all you come up with is whining about how it happens to Republicans? Sorry for the following crude comment but grow a pair!

You make no reference (nor does your link) of the facts that Clinton sets Wallace straight on. Indeed, there has been no rebuttal of the legitimate response that the guy gave, all I hear from the wingnuts now is how rude or pissy Clinton was. Care to debate the issues or are you going to hide behind the facade?

Where was the Bush administration in the leadup to 9/11? Why doesn't Wallace ever go ask Republicans who were against retaliation against bin Laden and wanted to Cut And Run from Somalia any hard questions? Why doesn't Wallace call into question or amBUSH administration officials?

The Bank of Morality on the right has closed, it is completely bankrupt.


KIRO newsroom: Don't you miss Big Ed? Why'd he go back to Wyoming?


Clinton was great. Direct, complete and knew his stuff . . .

The whiners on the right are simply that and you can't be reasonable with a whiner. So, they'll continue to whine . . .

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