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August 15, 2006



Michael, you've managed to paint a picture that explains what I feel when I hear our Congressperson Reichert. He's like air-popped popcorn, flavourless, harmless and everyone says he is good for us. As my husband says, he's like guilt without sex.

Daniel K

Much fodder for many posts. I plan to write about this interview for weeks to come.

Unlike you I think he made a lot of mistakes and his handlers will not be eager for a repeat performance or so public an appearance.

Daniel K

Much fodder for many posts. I plan to write about this interview for weeks to come.

Unlike you I think he made a lot of mistakes and his handlers will not be eager for a repeat performance or so public an appearance.


I don't quite get the "Sheriff Hairspray" thing. You think you're being funny by making fun of his hair, right? The only problem is it seems to me that every other politician, or guy in a suit, for that matter, has pretty much the same hair style (helmet hair) as Mr. Reichert. Anyway, I am a fan of your blog,but I don't quite get your humor. Belittling comments usually reflect more poorly on the person saying them, then on the person they're talking about, in my opinion.


Sam!! HEY now!
Do NOT question BlahMike's use of ad hominem or coiffure-based argument! Read the masthead...it's HIS blog. Inconsistencies between what he says and does are entirely tolerated.

blathering michael

It's true- inconsistencies between what I do and what I say, WOULD be tolerated around here- it is my blog and the glorious freedom from editorial constraints makes me wet my pants with joy sometimes. However, I never said I wouldn't make fun of politicians, talk hosts, radio suits, right-wingers, politically correct progressives, or anyone else whose words or actions are funny, disengenous, or with whom I strenuously disagree. BTW, "Sheriff Hairspray" is what Green River colleagues called Reichert back in the days when he was mounting a political portfolio by grandstanding with Gary Ridgway. He's just another pretty face.


"All in all, Sheriff Hairspray did alright today. He didn't say anything totally ridiculous (his secret: don't say anything) His handlers must have breathed a sigh of relief. "

Au contraire. The Sheriff did trot out the old horse of blaming the intelligence community for failing to warn us all about 9/11 or for properly call the WMD plays for Bush.

He conveniently forgot to mention the infamous Aug. 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Brief, or the very existence of Rumsfeld's "Office of Special Plans"


Still a shill for the Bushies despite his lame attempts at stiff-arming them in his ever-bluing district.

Janet S

Too bad Darcy has such a problem with the truth, or else she might even present an alternative. Seen her add? If you aren't listening to the voice over, you learn that she is an "Air Force Veteran". Oops - she is referring to her father. But you wouldn't know it if you weren't listening. Not really a lie, but not really the truth.

Also, I guess the whole Microsoft exec vs Microsoft Exec thing is tiresome, but nice to see you carrying water for her to support yet another lie.

Daniel K

Janet, this was a video, not a silent movie. Don't blame your inability to pay attention or listen on the ad.

You know if you conveniently take words a person says out of context and reorder them for your talking points you can make them saying anything you desire. Not really a lie, but not really the truth.


C'mon Janet . . . Darcy might even present an alternative? After the tiresome ranting you've been doing against her? Now who is being deceptive?


Janet S

"Too bad Darcy has such a problem with the truth, or else she might even present an alternative."

Actually, Janet S, you seem to be the one having difficulties with the truth....

'Seen her add? If you aren't listening to the voice over, you learn that she is an "Air Force Veteran". Oops - she is referring to her father. But you wouldn't know it if you weren't listening.'

No you don't make that mistake unless you are a complete idiot (which does explain your comment!).

The ad show two men in uniform (one is her Father) with "Air Force Veteran" superimposed as text. The audio says "The daughter of an Airforce Veteran and a public school teacher..." The video then cuts to Darcy as a ~3-4 year old girl, the "Air Force Veteran" begins to fade and the video changes to a picture of her family (while Darcy was still a toddler).

Now, I suppose someone with an IQ of about 46 might take this to mean that a Darcy was claiming to be in the Air Force when she was three or four years old. But, everyone else would recognize the "Air Force Veteran" tag as going with the first image--two men in uniform--not Darcy as a toddler.

"Also, I guess the whole Microsoft exec vs Microsoft Exec thing is tiresome, but nice to see you carrying water for her to support yet another lie."

Yes...but it is not like Darcy was claiming executive experience while she was really fixing trucks for a mom and pop shop....


I just downloaded her latest TV commercial. I listened to it 3 times just to make sure I heard everything. She did not claim to be a veteran. The ad very clearly states she is the DAUGHTER of a military veteran. She does not ever state she was an Executive, either in the ad or on her website.


ok darryl, you beat me to it :-)


I heard the interview. If the good people of the 8th District re-elect this empty suit for another term, then they are simply pathetic. At least Jennifer Dunn could make a coherent arguement now and then. Reichert's a total jackass.

(But don't call Steve Scher names).

Daniel K

Doug - that's what I thought before we, as a nation, re-elected Bush in 2004.

Janet S

You guys are either really gullible or just spewing the party line. Do you really think darcy's campaign put the words "Air Force Veteran" on the screen without lots of thought?


Is this copyrighted? It's such a comprehensive, well-written piece that I could change the author and sell it to....any big-bux mag! You wouldn't mind wouldja, Bla'M?

Daniel K

Janet - The person repeated spewing part line is you.

We've seen this ad and have all individually come to another conclusion than you and your cohorts.

No one in the Democratic Party has issued a talking points memo addressing this matter because there is no matter to address.


I don't think it hurts to have a law enforecment officer in the Congress, He should wear his uniform. He might scare some of his criminal seat mates, as well as giving any ragheads that might want to blow up DC pause to think first.


Is anything put on that very expensive medium without plenty of thought?

Max Cleland . . . John McCain . . . John Kerry (swifties) . . . "Harry and Louise" (healthcare) . . . and on and on . . .

We are such a propagandized country! (LOL)

Dan - I didn't think libs used talking points? If we do, where do we find them?

BTW, I agree, Janet, her resume (your constant talking point!) isn't great. But, neither was shrub's when he became the gov of Texas. . . at least Darcy hasn't failed at anything.


Great comment, Dan! You'd think Sheriff Dave could root out some of that republican corruption, wouldn't ya?


Joanie what is wrong with her resume'?


Janet has been crying "weak resume" over at HA. I don't entirely disagree with her but I think she overstates it as a detriment to Darcy's candidacy. Janet thinks she should start at the blockwatch level, move on to school board or some other commensurate position and eventually opt for the big time.

I figure if a C-average bushcutter and failed entrepreneur can start at gov and end at president, Darcy should go for it and Janet should get a flunking grade due to inconsistent analysis.

Daniel K

Nicely put joanie.


ah..I read what goldy has to write but I avoid his comment section...


Understandable, Sparky. You should check out David Postman's blog. Postman

He's censoring all the profanity and obscenity and he's getting a lot of response. It started out slow . . . ten to twenty responses but has really taken off recently. Interesting. Might give both The Stranger's political forum and HA something to think about . . . There was even a discussion over there about the term "douchebag" which Will from Pike Place posted. I'm laughing as I write this because I think "douchebag" is funny!

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