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August 28, 2006



Gee, I've sort of bonded with Tom Clendening and will hate to see him go . . . I think that as a parting shot, he should bring back Erin! She was better than what they've got.

Hmmmm, come to think of it, when he leaves maybe he'll take Frank with him. Now there's a silver lining . . .


Blatherwatch should be fired. You always report how terrible KIRO is( i don't agree)Why not KVI or fischer? Their programming is terrible and at times unlistenable.


Bad journalism: reporting rumors and innuendo. This is the most irresponsible site i have ever seen.

Headline: Good people lose their job because of blatherwath's irresponsible blogging!


Jose, many of us were loyal KIRO fans and they deserted us. Except for a couple of people on AA, I'd return to KIRO in a nanosecond if they returned to the station that used to be . . . and kept it around for awhile.


Hey Mike Webb-"The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but threy grind exceedingly fine." Even the imaginary Progessive Networks can't save you from your shameful moment of truth coming up next week.


Can I just add this to the "what's wrong with KIRO" list? Dori Monson as Seahawks pre-game show host. UNLISTENABLY BAD. Change-the-station bad. How -- HOW -- can you screw up a slam-dunk draw like Seahawks pre-game? Yet they've found a way. The mind boggles. His smarmy, faux-populist style might work on his political show, but to bring that baggage to a sports role is the worst idea since Rush Limbaugh on ESPN. I can only conclude that Monson had pictures of the Entercom CEO screwing a goat or something.

Next, look for Ron and Don to replace Moon and Raible for game-time duties. Which is why bringing back the Mariners wouldn't work -- they'd find a way to screw that up too.

Plus, I like this gem from their Seahawks coverage page (http://www.710kiro.com/Article.asp?id=168773&spid=7565). "The Seattle Seahawks are the defending NBC champions." Perhaps a Freudian slip from a job-seeking Webmaster. : ) Ever notice how the little things shadow the big ones? It must be a mess over there.

Sorry for the rant, but I like my Seahawks time, and adding Monson to the game-day experience is like adding a dollop of dogshit to a bowl of my favorite ice cream. Congrats, KIRO, it took some doing, but you're even managing to drive me away from your Seahawks broadcasts.


I wasn't going to mention "Moose" Monson's pre-game duties, out of respect for the girls and Star, but now I can't resist. I listened to Dori on Saturday, joshing and joking with the men on the broadcast. That's the problem, it's Dori and- the men. I'm sorry, but Dori doing pre-game always sounnds like they let a high school journalism student who won a contest be a "junior sportscaster of the week" and come into the booth with the grownup, adult men.

Brian In Lacey wa.

Well Tommy ! its time to walk out the back door, and put your feet in the small pool, and please take its not funny its just really bad radio The one the only over baked brain The Styblehead It just really bad radio . KIRO New talk Lowest rated talk show from coast to coast Hooty hoo !


"Sorry for the rant, but I like my Seahawks time, and adding Monson to the game-day experience is like adding a dollop of dogshit to a bowl of my favorite ice cream. " WELL SAID!

Unfortunately, you ALL are right.


Erin was not better than what is on now, not worse but not better either. Letting her go was the first of a massive house cleaning that was, for some reason, interrupted just as it should have picked up the pace. While dithering, these new people have been hired and KIRO is a mess...no reason to ever go back in this household at least!


KIRO has gone downhill, and Dori Monson sucks. Gee, I've never read that on Blatherwatch before.


"Clendenning orange"....I love it!


"Headline: Good people lose their job because of blatherwatch's irresponsible blogging!"

That's just bullshit. Nobody responsible bases any important decisions on this amusing fluff-----DO THEY???? I need an example-----who got fired because of thsi blog?


hey how about that Florida Senate primary candidate Catherine Harris, finally revealing herself as the born-again freak she is, with her comment that anyone who votes for non- Evangelical Christian candidates is just "voting in sin". bwahahahahaaha. That will really go over big with all the Jewish voters at the early -bird buffet in Palm Beach. Brilliant move, Catherine , you dumbass.


forgot to say, but do I really HAVE to add that Harris is a Republican? Bwahahahaahaha


It's like this blog pokes the same sick dog over and over here with no new observations, but I have to say that with Dave Ross back in the mornings, Ron Reagan at noon and -- how I hare to say it, but -- Ron & Don slowly growing on me (although I don't think they're in the right slot), KIRO is in its best shape of the last 12 months.

I now believe the big problems are threefold:

A) No news push in PM drive
B) Sportstalk at 7p makes no sense against baseball on KOMO
C) Dori has become a net negative for the franchise

Like almost everyone else, I pay no attention to KIRO after 800p. So, focusing on the daylight hours, I would love to see:

5a-9a: AM drive as is
9a-12p: Ross
12p-3p: Reagan
3p-5p: Carlson
5p-7p: PM drive
7p-10p: Ron & Don
10p-5a: Coast to Coast

Trade Dori away to KVI for Carlson plus Coast to Coast. Relegate NY Vinnie to sportscasts and Seahawks coverage. Dump the fringe/occasional hosts who wreck the overnights.

That's all they need to do.


Ah Sparky! You're so hard on Erin! I know Michael didn't like her either . . . but more interesting than Frankie or Turi IMHO. But, different strokes for different folks as they say.

I used to listen to the pregame and the whole game a lot more than I do now. I don't like Dori's show, it's true. But I also get tired of his voice. When I heard him on the first pregame, I turned it off just for that reason. Between his program, his constant commercials, and the pregame, it is just too much Monson! Turned it off and left it off.

gusto and poor

Erin Hart's last rating numbers at KIRO were 0.0.

Listening to her rant about home malfunctioning home appliances, or hearing middle-aged conservative nuts who had a crush on her talk with her on the phone was Bad Radio.


blather wrote:
"There's no indication that Salem will put any local programming on KKOL. (We sure wish they would, though we hear it's not their style). "

that just reinforces my contention that you're all masochists.


I guess anyone who wondered if Reagan is ready for three hours got their answer today.
He actually uses those key phrases more than Suits.

Tree Frog Farmer

Gotta agree. Dori Monson is Just bad Sports Radio! Even Atkins and Moyer loathe having him. It shows in the little digs.


This blog trashes KIRO because of the disappointment the current programming has been to Blathering Mike, et. al. - from when - I'd like to know when were the golden days of KIRO ? Blatherwatch also treats KVI and KTTH like they are not to be taken seriously and a general annoyance that comes with living in this country, because they are the dreaded C-word (no not Christian - even tho that is another dreaded C word).

However, those stations offer a differing point of view, so they bear mentioning, especially when they pull off something that is to ridiculed - usually negatively. At the same time, the talent on those and other stations is acknowledged as well and this blog serves a purpose, just like Postman's blog serves its purpose. It would be more stimulating if it offered a mission statement or a mission - for instance like get Styblehead off of KIRO.


Please not more Coast to Coast, it's like the Walmart of the airwaves, everywhere I turn, offering second rate content. Certainly, it seems a step up now that Noory has take the reins, and I think I could tolerate such programming one night a week, but how many tales of alien implants and Area 51 can I take in a week?

There is absolutely no overnight talk radio where I live (save Coast to Coast) so I am regularly searching for live, relevant radio, and I seem to find it when I am lucky enough to capture a U.S. signal.... like San Francisco, Denver, or even Seattle.

Like I said, George Noory does a fine job, but since Y2K, I've heard just one too many sky is falling stories. At some point in time, everyone is going to get their meds stabilized and just where is George going to find his callers?


Please, no R & D in the evenings! After baseball season ends this is prime time for KIRO. I want something I can listen to. When the day comes that those two morons "grow on me" I hope someone slaps me hard and wakes me up!


re obsession with KIRO:

In the mid-ninties I could put on KIRO on a weekday morning at 9 and leave the dial there till 11, with a break for dinner, and have Mariners baseball in the spring. Consistantly interesting programming. Even Dori Monson was entertaining before he abandoned self doubt and committed to fascism.

I miss those days. Was Dave Ross always so wishy-washy?

Anyway, I hardly listen to KIRO at all now, maybe once a week for a little while, but I still sort of mourn my loyalty from that time. So I avidly read the discussions of KIRO here and shake my head and taste a little nostalgia.

south sound

Those are good points about Kiro, especially Ross who could afford to be a fence sitter before 9/11 and Dorki being the Merv Griffin of Seattle talk. Dave lost a lot of people to AA when Bush's war on the world was left unchallenged locally and Dori found his meal ticket in bashing anything contrary to Rove's marching orders. Can't seem to hear Dave singing any made up songs these days like he used to sing on the air--they were embarrassing even then to hear.


Ah, c'mon southsound, Dave's "Ichiro" was a gem!

Otherwise, almost totally agree - When Charles Jenko was hosting, there was lots of anti-Iraq war talk.

I miss the KIRO that used to be.
Now it's 710 DORI seems to me.


Oh yes, Joanie, I too remember charles Jenko or jako. He ws so interesting, but a little above the heads of the Dori dittoheads. Ron and Don are helping to lower our expectations, along with Stible and Frank Shiers. Every morning I turn to KIRO out of habit, hoping Dave will capture my interest. About half the time I go over to AA and listen to Tom Hartmann. Could someone show KIRO suits the acceptance that AA has received in the brief time they have been on the air? I cant listen to KVI or KTTH more than 20 minutes at a time. We need some more balance - is that too much to ask? Charles jako, where are you?


Sounds like it time for Herb Jepco and the nighty Nitecaps.


Would you schmucks lay off Bryan Styble? If you don't like his style, don't listen! It's not like KIRO is doing A-1 shows all the time and Styble is ruining them. KIRO needs consistency, and Styble is about the only constant there with 6 nights of broadcasting. Besides, with all of you talking about him, Styble should, and probably does, realize, that there's no such thing as bad publicity.


Thanks, JoAnne. I Googled him and its Jaco! You were much closer. I usually stay with Dave and then Ron but have to admit that sometimes Dave's topics can be less than riveting. I particularly don't care for Fridays much. But, i like his handling of local issues.

And I just like him. :)


Anyone else here miss Fred Ebert in the early evening? Maybe I'm the only one.


Fred took some getting used to for me but I did come around. Sometimes he got a little infatuated with himself and I'd turn him off but mostly I miss him, too. I don't listen to anyone (hardly) on KIRO at night.

Having said that, I did hear Frank Shiers about an hour ago play the audio of the CNN anchor - don't watch the show so don't know who she is really - who left her microphone on while taking a bathroom break during Bush's speech. Anybody else hear that?

It wasn't as funny as he thought it was but he was honest enough to admit that it hadn't gotten much airplay and that if it had happened during a Democratic president's speech, it would have been all over the airwaves by now.


It is on Crooks and Liars, joanie. The woman reporter was done with her bit before Dubya started her speech, but she or the tech forgot to turn off her microphone. She was talking to someone about her brother being a good man but his wife ( her sister in law) was a control freak. Then the friend told her her mic was still on, and Daryn Kagen tried to divert attention by breaking in and saying what a great speech Dubya was giving and then returned the audio to the speech.
Not real real funny, but kinda amusing to think about what that family's Labor Day picnic will be like....it was more along the lines of the open mic on the program director of the Dems convention when the balloons wouldnt fall...heh


Actually, she was pretty lucky in that she didn't say more. . . don't you think? Imagine what bathroom gossip it could have been!

BTW, I didn't hear the Dems convention one . . . sorry I missed it!


JR vomits (again):
Would you schmucks lay off Bryan Styble? If you don't like his style, don't listen! It's not like KIRO is doing A-1 shows all the time and Styble is ruining them. KIRO needs consistency, and Styble is about the only constant there with 6 nights of broadcasting. Besides, with all of you talking about him, Styble should, and probably does, realize, that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Actually, JR is half right. Styblehead is consistantly CRAPPY.
And thankyou JR for showing us (again) where Styblehead Boast-to-Boast's gigantic 0.8 rating comes from.

JR is also right about negative publicity. So-called "jokers" anger poor Styblehead, but I believe my theory is correct: Styblefury is a ratings easter egg. As demonstrated by my call Tuesday morning, Styblehead loves hearing about his head, his crap, & the combination thereof: His show. And we love hearing Styblehead fume.

By the way, I'm still anxiously waiting to read "The" (definite article) obituary for Hedy Lemarr - scripted by her best friend & lover, Stybledouche.


hahaah ha I heard that call- the ass doesn't know how to take an adversarial call without blowing his top. He said you were part of a group that was "trying to fiddle with KIRO programming" and that we shouldn't be doing that.bwahahahahahaaaah

"First Hill Nate"

Commence "Operation Styblehead Fiddling". I'm sure I won't get any thanks for the boost in ratings.

Interesting that Stybledork blamed me for upsetting the show a full hour later, when he cut-off a caller for a commercial.
Imagine the possibilities if ONE tiny call throws a clog into the Styblegears.

Remember Pee-Wee StybleHerman's scream-words: "Styblehead" & "Crap".


"Anyone else here miss Fred Ebert in the early evening?"

yes - Fred was great. And they replaced him with Tony Ventralla - perhaps the worst talk host I've ever heard.

When Fred was on - he softened me up enough to handle Mike Webb. Once they started swapping Tony and then Vinnie in - I couldn't take him any more. All part of Kiro's down-fall.

Funny thing about Styble - when he reads something - he actually does it quite well. He does have a good radio voice. Maybe they should just have him surf the web and read stuff.

I caught a bit of Goldy the other evening. Talk about a throat made for blogging. (voice lessons - please!)

I know - they could team Goldy up with Styble. Goldy types and Styble reads.


Just curious, I was listening to Shiers last night and he mentioned "The Frank Shiers Show", so this time slot is permanent, or is it wishful thinking?

The topic on last night's show was lampooning the Kyra Phillips unfortunate error of leaving her mic on during Bush's news speech. He went down the same road that Monson did with his scathing criticism of the NBC anchors who had lost their technical support.

It does seem somehow ironic that these boys, would be lampooning people who are actually successful in major markets.

From YouTube



"The topic on last night's show was lampooning the Kyra Phillips unfortunate error of leaving her mic on during Bush's news speech. He went down the same road that Monson did with his scathing criticism of the NBC anchors who had lost their technical support."

I actually felt sorry for Kyra Phillips. And you can imagine how her sister in law feels. The next family reunion may be a bit awkward.
Maybe a person from inside could answer this question: How was it that someone from the control room couldn't turn off the mike from 'The Control Room' as soon as it became apparent what was happening.
Or maybe she ticked someone off who didn't mind letting her air it out like she did.

Kind of reminds you of the Jessica Savitch type deal in which the production staff allowed a person in a drunken state go on air. In 2005 the same thing happened with a baseball announcer -can't recall the name- and they yanked him around mid game or so. Gas-Man on KJR has referenced this a few times. The producer or someone really needs to step in and stop someone from making a fool out of themselves. You listen to the tape and it is funny.


KIRO fans who are old farts and love old time radio...www.otr.net


<< How was it that someone from the control room couldn't turn off the mike from 'The Control Room' as soon as it became apparent what was happening. >>

As someone who has hung around a lot of TV news control rooms, I can tell you three things:

One, most people in there aren't paying much attention to what is going out over the air right this minute -- they are lining up the next two or three things. This is especially true when they're carrying long-form live remote content like a Bush speech.

Two, it's noisy in there. There's six to ten producers, directors and ADs and everyone is talking.

Three, there is a lot of audio in the control room that is not going out over the air, but is playing in "preview." This includes reporters getting ready for live shots, tapes being cued up, etc. It takes a trained ear to pick out "preview" audio from airproduct. The anchor's mike maybe should have been potted down in the control room and set to a preview channel, but during a Bush speech, etc., that is frequently not done as the anchor may have to break in and talk on a second's notice.

In short, it's totally easy to see how this could happen. The only way it could have been worse is if the anchor had been coping with some post-chimichanga digestive trauma. Even as it is you can hear zippers being zipped, etc.


sorry if I irk any of you for changing the subject, but let's take (or leave) Mikey Medved, for instance. Can anyone out there explain how an apparent intellectual with an obviously stratospheric I.Q. became such an unabasched SHILL and chronic apologist for the totally bankrupt (in nearly every way) Bush Administration? Can anyone explain that one to me??


no Frank Shiers isn't permanent thank God. He just likes to say that.


Umo -

Just wanted to say thanks for the URL for OTR. I wouldn't describe myself as an "old fart" but thanks to you I'm listening to George Burns and Gracie Allen right now.


Thank you for the insight vis a vi Krya Phillips.


To Olyguy (no relation):

Nothing mysterious about Medved's seamless advocacy of all things Dubya. A high IQ doesn't necessarily inoculate one from the urge to defend and suck up to one's ideological flagbearers. It just allows Cultural Crusaders to create more clever justifications for doing so when they look at themselves in the bathroom mirror each morning. There are plenty of highly intelligent prostitutes in this world.


Anyone know where I can listen to a rebroadcast of Styble's show?

I'm unable to stay up that late to listen to the broadcast.

If he infuriates you Seattle liberals as much as he does, there must be something that he's saying each night that I'd find interesting.




There are a few of us who do miss Fred. I miss him more than ever as KIRO thrashes around more frantically in its death throes.

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