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July 22, 2006



I've seen some of your post times and I've wondered about that. You are a night creature! I'm surprised you didn't just stay up and catch catnaps the next day. . .

Not surprised about Eyman. Predicted that. As for Hutcherson, ew! Preachers preach. They can't do anything else. He's like a preachin' robot . . . geez, I don't like him. All machismo and no soul.

Clendening isn't very intuitive. Pam Roach would have been better. I think we knew the kind of week it would be.

Thanks for putting yourself through that torture, MIchael. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! I'm still laughing . . .

and waiting with anticipation for Ron to get back to the last thread. :)


your a nasty meanspirited libral, Mike. You'll bur in hell for sure.


Michael, you bring the steaks, I will bring the beer...


Thanks for the summary, Michael...you really lived up to your motto here!

One editorial question: shouldn't believe you me be ?


Oops...hypertext error...Take two:

One editorial question: shouldn't believe you me be believe you us?


Did you know Sharkansky is married with a child ? That likely tarnishes your theory about him not getting laid.

This blog is entertaining, but the commentary about those dull boring conservatives should be taken with a grain of salt. The claim about Eric Earling has me curious though.


Hmm... Sharkansky and Earling sound like two different people to me - as shown below. Note their residences and Sharkansky is not a native to this area. Do you have any credible proof to the contrary ?

Stefan Sharkansky is a family man and small business owner in Green Lake (Seattle). Contact Stefan at: theshark at usefulwork dot com

Eric Earling is an outside-the-box conservative thinker, who lives near Lynnwood with his wife and two young children. He is a Seattle-area native who escaped to double major in history and political science at Mary Washington College in Virginia. His career has been spent working with and in all levels of government, in both policy and politics. Contact Eric at: ericearling at gmail dot com

In this age of so much misinformation on the Internet, I'd hope that there is more of a conscious effort made to purvey the truth. Yeah, its a white lie and perhaps it makes the post more entertaining, but it also sounds like there is an ulterior attempt to give Goldstein some more fodder (which is likely off the mark) - as anyone familiar with local blogs know that Shark from the right and Goldy from the left are main blogging rivals here. BTW - I think that Postman's blog has been a big success so far and read it more so than any other.



"In this age of so much misinformation on the Internet, I'd hope that there is more of a conscious effort made to purvey the truth. Yeah, its a white lie...."

Do yourself (and the rest of the world) a favor and look up the word "satire" in a reputable dictionary.

Geez...some people just can't take a freaking joke!


Darryl - the remainder of the quote you neglected to cite said; " Yeah, its a white lie and perhaps it makes the post more entertaining," This is primarily what satire does.

However, there are other dufusses that are intellectually lazy and take that kind of stuff at face value - that was why I pointed it out. You don't have to neglect the truth to write a good satire - even though its more of a challenge - you can do it by more creative.

blathering michael

KS: I believe it was David Postman who first ID-ed Earling as Stefan or vice versa. http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/davidpostman/archives/2006/07/06/
I don't know who they are, they're both stuffy, and meanspirited. And are you so naive, my darling, that the concept of being married and not getting laid is anathematic?



WTF? Forget your coffee this morning, pal?

"the remainder of the quote you neglected to cite said; " Yeah, its a white lie and perhaps it makes the post more entertaining," This is primarily what satire does."

I didn't forget to "cite" that part; it simply wasn't relevant.

The point is, unless there was intent to lead people to believe that Sharkansky and Earling are the same person, it is not a lie. It's just simple satire.

You seem to fundamentally misunderstand this aspect of satire.

[...stuff snipped that I don't care to comment on...]

"You don't have to neglect the truth to write a good satire - even though its more of a challenge - you can do it by more creative."

Good satire will make use of lots of distortions: intentional misstatement of facts and exaggeration. These exaggerations /misstatements do not constitute "neglect" of truth, per se, even if truth is almost always skewed.

Michael's statement is no more a "lie" than Mark Twain's when he stated that "An Englishman is a person who does things because they have been done before. An American is a person who does things because they haven't been done before."

This statement is false (almost all the time). But it is not a "lie."

I mean, you may not have thought Michael's or Mark's statements were funny, but that doesn't make either dishonest.


For an understanding of the way KS perceives, applies and conveys information, check out past Blatherblogs regarding global warming. 'nuff said?


blah, blah blah - blathering mike; this has turned into a nit pick fest - whatever.., Postman was being satirical by your account/ overall I like his objectivity. However, I don't see Sharkansky as any more mean spirited than Goldstein - in fact he spreads less lie and inneundo, which is mean spriritedness right there and granted both are partisans from the word go. Sharkansky is too petty about some things & I can go with the stuffy. darryl - chill my friend. I'm over it..

Joanie lives in her own world of blather. So, just because I believe that State of Fear by Michael Crichton lends creedance to the debate on the degree of Global Climate change (i.e. warming) debases my argument. However, I doubt if you can cite me one credible source that refutes his premise - remember I said credible. If you want to stick with the flippant remark, then I'd say regarding ignorance, once again you are the queen !


KS: What is Michael Crichton's premise?



"However, I don't see Sharkansky as any more mean spirited than Goldstein - in fact he spreads less lie and inneundo, which is mean spriritedness right there and granted both are partisans from the word go."

Oh, pooolleeezze! Show me ONE instance where Goldy has lied, just ONE. Yes...he has gotten things wrong on occasion and he corrects himself when it was brought to his attention, but lie? I don't think so.


Joanie..did you know that Michael Crichton's "research" on global warming was paid for by the big oil companies???


That Michael Crichton! Such a whore for money! And he's your hero, KS? LIke I'm surporised . . . :(


opps I forgot my sources


"and Here"

"and here."

Stefan Sharkansky

Michael, I wanted to congratulate you for finally getting a fact about me right the first time without having to issue a correction. It's true -- I've still never been to Pike Place Market. They sell cheese? Who knew. I'll try to go sometime.

Re: your other comment about me (and Eric Earling) "I don't know who they are". Uh, I'm the guy who you met for coffee at Herkimer on Greenwood on April 26 at your invitation.

Let's do it again sometime.


I wonder if we'll ever hear from KS again on Crichton . . . actually, we probably will. I wonder if KS will even read the links.

Oh KS, you've just got to quit watching Faux News.


the first link is the best....Real Climate Science by Real Climate Scientists!!

blathering michael

Stefan: indeed. let's do it again...I'll bring the cheese, you bring Eric.


So that's it, Michael? The great progressive ideas that were to change the world flushed into these ganwingly unfunny sneering quips, genital analogies and all around ad hominem booger flicking? Sneering? That's it?

You can tell a lot about men by who their enemies are; Seattle liberals are content to battle it out with elected reps, rado hosts and preachers (those O so dangerous social conservatives). Conservatives take on the world's most bloodthirsty nihilistic jihad killers.

Ah, but excuse me while I kiss the sky...I forgot...according to Seattle liberals...you're safe, cocooned in overwhelmingly progressive Seattle; Islamic death dealers, jihadi throat specialists...the war on terror is all just a cloud...a fiction in the mind of Bushahaliburon...yawn...snore...back to the comfort zone of genital sneering of those dastardly social conservatives...

blathering michael

Das: I have one word for you: Iraq.
War on terror???? your little ol'boyz have already ignominiously lost that war you tout so self-righteously. Are you going to blame the Seattle liberals for that, the Greatest National Fuck-up of this century?


So, Das, have you joined up? Ready to go fight in support of your war of "islamic death dealers"?


Didnt think so..

matt in seattle

Hey Das- Do you feel safer than you did 2 years ago? Maybe if we'd listened to that Seattle liberal, Jim McDermott, the world might not be on fire, and George Bush might not be dragging conservative causes and politicians into the historical dust bin.


Yes, the war on terror is a cloud and one made of all the acidic moisture accumulated through years of occupation, overthrow, multinational greed and military engagement where we didn't belong.

We have a price to pay for all that . . . unfortunately, Bin Laden finally sent us the bill. He brutally exacted payment. And yet you choose to continue selling the same morally bankrupt deeds that first earned us the horrific bill.

You are the jihadists. And your religion is arrogance, bigotry and greed. And this cloud of terrorism will not disperse until you change.

What slow learners you are.


Oo my little hatchlings! I've touched the paper thin shell and now you are all pecking and beaking your way out of your little world...let's beging!

1) blathermike: there is a war on in Iraq but that it has taken a turn in which the Sunni Baathists want to keep killing their Shiia cousins (something they did under Saddam) - not sure I want to take the blame for that; nor will I take the blame for the Iranian feeds of men and materiel that feed the flames. If there were no terrorists in Iraq there would be no American troops.

But why should I have written anything at all since you have a medieval view of human action? In your view America is the Prime Mover (Aquinas via Augustin via Aristotle) - only America has agency, only America's moves count; Iranian terrror, Baathist terror, these are all reactions and not accountable as their own agents - they do not have responsibility for their actions - only America is responsible - and guilty, of course. Big ol' meany guilty America, Seattle leftoid's worst enemy.

2) Sparky, yes! I'm doing what I can, babe. Fighting off anti-enlightenment, milk and water Marxism and Chomskyite nose-water (a Japanese euphemism I like); calling out Seattle leftoid's embrace of Islamic death dealers when I see it. By the way, love that sneering undertone; love the quotes around "Islamic death dealers". After last Friday, especially. It's all a big laugh - they don't exist, of course; it's all right wing nuts fantasy and paranoid mania...

3) Matt. Hard to understand what you're talking about. Fire? Two years ago? The fire that most sticks in my mind happened on 9/11 but I can't imagine that stands out in your mind all that much. Jim McDermott isn't he the guy who went to announce his solidarity and shake hands with mass murderer Saddam Hussien shortly before the American Army chased him into a dirt hole in the ground?

Sure history's garbage can is lidless. Nihilistic murderers who want to wipe Jews from the face of the earth wag their long tail over the earth yet again; and from what I can see Seattle's left sympathize with them greatly.


Das: " If there were no terrorists in Iraq there would be no American troops."

Oh, I so agree. If only we could all go back and expect a non-compliant Congress (which seems to be an impossibility these days) to actually do its work of oversight and catch these frauds before committing a guardsman. Iraqis would still be stuck with Saddam but considering the current status, they might actually prefer that.

Also, an interesting remaking of the facts:  "If there were no terrorists . . . no American troops." Saddam paid for terrorism against Israel as I recall; but, he was adamantly opposed to terrorists in his Iraq. He wanted no competition. He wanted nothing to do with Bin Laden. Iraq was the most stable and secular country in the Middle East. That has been established. So, maybe you could be a little clearer on your understanding of the facts ? Or are you one of the increasing numbers of people who once again think that Saddam was part of 9-11?

Regarding Saddam shaking McDermott's hand, as I recall that same Iraqi hand earlier shook Rumsfelt's hand which had just passed over the arms to be used against Iran. You have such a selective memory, Das. At that time, Iraq was a buffer and help to us against Iran.

You are the one who thinks America should be policeman to the world. I'm one liberal who thinks the role of policeman is the wrong role. We should be an agent for good; you are the purveyor of hate, bigotry and divisiveness. And look what you are achieving. I guess WW3 is okay with you.

As for anti-enlightenment, look in the mirror! You harken back to the age of barbarism where all disagreements were resolved by the sword. Back to the Crusades with you!


joanie love the way you "amen" bin Laden's accounts payable services.

My question to you is: do you plan to sit in the pews for the rest of your life shouting "amen" AFTER each bin Laden massacre (America deserves it!) or are you going to get more pro-active? You seem so confident about what America deserves so why don't you get involved in the planning of 9/11-like attacks before they occur?

If you are convinced that America deserves horrific slaughter of innocents as administered by BL don't just sit on the sidelines. Get involved; use your great knowledge to help America get slaughtered - we need the lessons, as you say. Only with you it is always after the fact of mass murder that you chime in. Be bold, be brave, and administer some lessons of your own.


Again, you cite selectively. That is a problem. I didn't endorse what he did; but I'm not denying what he did or why. It is you who wants to view half the truth - that half which feeds your uninformed hate and allows you to enjoy the comfort of revenge. And so it goes . . . over and over and over.

Isn't it time to try something new?

blathering michael

God, and they call me arrogant! I'm amazed, Das, you've deigned to write so prolifically to us mere hatchlings. I guess the flurry of fancy scornful, yet overstuffed verbiage is being thrown up (as it were) because you're despairing over world events. I would be too if I were a neocon watching my philosophical reson d'etre going down like a cheap hooker. I agree with your apprisal of the tribal hostilities- the problem, of course, is that our pathetic leaders prosecuted a war with little forethought of these ancient grudges. It's not, however, because they didn't get a chance to ignore and suppress the experts who predicted it. I don't hate Bush the sinner, I save my hatred for the sins- of ignorance and arrogance.


Ah Brave Warrior Das, "fighting" in Seattle is not the same as really putting your life on the line where you have a high likelyhood of being killed...of course your President, Vice President and most other chickenhawks in the administration are like you--all words, no actions. Send others to play out your war fantasies.

Your names change from thread to thread, but your message is just the same...


BTW, Das, one of the reasons the neocons picked Iraq was because it was secular, relatively modern and educated. Both men and women. They figured it would be the easiest Middle Eastern country to turn democratic. It would lead the way for the rest. That was their thinking.

Had it been even halfway planned by people who understood the region, culture and tribalism, and not been such a hurried shoot-'em-up response to 9-11, it might have worked.


It's just so safe to sit around in the fat of freedom the way you all do and louse up Bush. So utterly risk free. You get to construe elegant string like theory about his conspiratorial reach into every aspect of world affairs and, for good measure, your personal lives - hey let's go have a cold pitcher! Clink! There is no cost to your supposed radicalism; it's a total free ride. Hell, it's downright conservative when you come down to it...

I would rather take on a real enemy - one who has proven its demonic reach and heartlessness; one who has claimed the right to murder all innocents who refuse to take up its beliefs their own.

By the way, pull sparky aside to remind him that armies don't win wars, countries do. The chickenhawk cliche just shows that he is not much of a reader.


Das, you haven't responded to one of our charges against him.

Tell us what you like about George Bush. You're angry and claim that we don't do anything but attack. Well, what else have you done to us?

What do you think Bush has done right? I won't argue even if I don't agree. But do what you guys never seem to do . . . tell us what he's done as president we should admire.

BTW, I think armies do win wars and I think they respond to leadership that gives them both moral authority and motivation. Countries are just invisible lines designating political boundaries. It is the people that give them sustenance.


Nah, joanie, he is projecting again....
this is another troll who likes to twist words around so it sounds like he thought of it first.

Im done with these guys, they are all the same and dont contribute anything to the discussion as they hijack the threads to be all about them..

How did the Schweitzer interview go?


joanie, I'm not sure where you get the angry bit (and the hatred and the divisiveness) - just because someone doesn't share your view of the world - does that come across to you as anger or hatred? Just curious...

About why I feel Bush is wonderful, well, I don't really. He is a rich kid, after all with so many of the quirks and blinders that come with that. But since I see civilization under threat I like that Bush would confront the barbarians. I fear that when it comes to Bush you are monolingual; you speak the language of your tribe -anti-Bush all the way; my pro-Bush sentences would fall around you uncomprehended like Serbo-Croation or the lost language of the Patagonians...so without getting into details: I like him because he is committed to wiping out terrorists...
It's late, goonight...

blathering michael

Das is just a flamer with a vocab. A fart in a windstorm...


I gotta tell you that your response was, again, more characterizing of us than revealing of your reasons for admiring Bush . . . but, so be it.

Das, I don't think you know why you admire Bush. I think your response is purely emotional. Sorry. If you had any specifics at all, I'd at least give you a fair hearing. But you guys never do.


Sparky, I know you are right about these posters. I'm keep looking and trying to figure them out.

Don't know anything about a Schweitzer interview? Thinking of someone else? But, am headed over to Chelan for a few days on Tuesday.

I'm thinking of getting a laptop. Any recommendations? I'm new at it! J


Hey Joanie,

How characteristic of Socrates! Joanie replied, with a bitter laugh; --that's your ironical style! Did I not foresee --have I not already told you, that whatever he was asked he would refuse to answer, and try irony or any other shuffle, in order that he might avoid answering?

Joanie roared out to the whole company: What folly. Socrates, has taken possession of you all? ..... I must have clearness and accuracy.


Damn, there I go again. Making fun of Joanie.

Sorry Joanie, I'll give you a clue. It's from Book 1.


I dunno, Joanie, laptops are so personal..lol. I have a Dell Inspiron that I just adored until a glass of water tipped over on it :-( Will see if I can get it fixed...at school I have an iBookG4 which I have taken home for the summer since the Dell died. The Sweetie has a really nice Hewlett Packard laptop.
I think it depends on what you want..I use mine to store tons of photos, and I blog and surf the net.
Wireless is a must so you can take it with you and hook up when you travel.
Costco has many models you can look at...


Everybody, one of Michael's readers emailed him that my "Palestinian Pundit" link which was captioned "A German Street" was really a street in Finland. I stand wisely corrected and appreciate it. Thanks

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