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July 14, 2006


Geov Parrish

Hey, BlaM, you left out Memphis, Eugene, Galveston, Lake Charles LA, and Washington DC (and even a few guest slots on, among other places, the old KCMU in the late 70s, where a friend was PD). No talk radio, though. 1975-90, ancient history. Should be fun this morning; thanks for the plug.


Michael Medved is a disgrace. A "devoutly religious" man, my ass. Faith without works.


"The unapologetic hypocrisy of that reminded us how shallow the depth of conviction is with most talk broadcasters. What's deep and true is their need to provoke listeners and sell Gutter Helmets and Select Comfort beds. No matter what Dori passionately expounds on the radio, chances are- any "values" expressed are purely situational. It's such an intimate medium, it's easy to think that talk radio is real sometimes."

This is what has driven me from KIRO and from talk radio. When I first started listening to talk radio (almost exclusively KIRO), I enjoyed the medium and the feeling of intimacy and community. Perhaps I was naive. Perhaps I've become jaded. I used to enjoy listening to Dori "I'm nothing but congruent" Monson. It didn't matter that we didn't come from the same political stripe. Over time, I came to see that "The Big Show" really is a big show. I am no longer surprised or disappointed to read about Dori's most recent ethical slip because it is all very congruent with doing whatever it takes to provoke and entertain. Dori has chosen to insert his family and his daughters into his on-air entertainment show and then wonders why people question him and his values. Such questioning is not "hating" Dori as much as he loves to characterize it as "hate". Liberals are not all "wing nuts". Dori has shown his true colors and values through his own choices and disclosures about his own family. I feel sorry for his children.

I still listen to Dave because I find him more genuine than most. That said, I don't listen as much as I used to. I find Ron and Don more tolerable simply because I don't hear the rude and mocking tone from them that I hear in Dori and others. But in the long run, Ron and Don don't hold my interest and the Tourettes-like yelling episodes get old real fast.

I will continue to search out different sources for news and entertainment. I don't believe I am alone in looking for news and entertainment that is genuine and has some depth.


So, Michael, this person that signs himself "Geov Parrish" really is the one and only esteemed Seattle Weekly personality who wrote the best column on Mike Webb I read? Can one ass-u-me it is always he when he posts?


I know exactly where Tim belongs . . . in Dori's spot. I'd rather listen to Tim's juvenile ego because at least he's an authentic frat boy, and I don't think I'd ever take him seriously enough to get pissed off.

Dori, on the other hand, is a wannabe macho who caters in put-downs, unethical and hateful radio and who teaches-his-kids-to-lie jerk. He gets under my skin in a creepy way.

At least Tim's got a playful side, and he's authentic. He doesn't have this pseudo-moral view of the world.


he doesnt???????????????????????? what about the initiative to repeal the gay rights amendment????????????


I said he was equal parts conservative and showman. I think that is the carny barker in him. I don't really think he cares one whit if gays get married or not. I honestly think he likes the mantle of conservative king. I also I think he's gettin' a little tired of it. But, it is hard to abdicate.

I don't know the guy! Chalk it up to my feminine intuition - ha! I've never been particularly intuitive but I keep trying. (LOL)

Sparky, I'm no Tim analyst! He just doesn't have that anal persona that burdens Dori constantly.


maybe not....but maybe its just that we have not been subjected to him on a daily basis as some are with Dori!


That's definitely a possibility! Somehow I can't see Tim sucking up to Coulter the way Dori did but I sure could be wrong. :)


You know, Sparky, I just think anybody would be better than Dori. I remember when he was a weekend sports guy on KING 1090 and I liked him. He should have stuck with sports.

Brian in Lacey

An elderly couple, Margaret and Bert, are in California. Bert always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots. So seeing some on sale one day, he buys them, wears them home, walking proudly. He walks into the house and says to his wife: 'Notice anything different about me?'

Margaret looks him over, 'Nope.'

Frustrated Bert storms off into the bathroom, undresses, and walks back into the room completely naked except for the boots. Again, he asks, a little louder this time, 'Notice anything different NOW?'

Margaret looks up and says, 'Bert, what's different? It's hanging down today, it was hanging down yesterday, and it'll be hanging down again tomorrow.'


'Nope', she replies.


To which Margaret replies...

"Shoulda bought a hat, Bert.”


just. spewed. coffee. all. over. the. screen...

The Truth

Has Blatherwatch now become Kirowatch or Doriwatch? You are not "subjected" to Dori. Change the station when he's on. This isn't North Korea. There isn't just one radio station.

I hated Mike Webb. I thought he was a hate-filled, narrow-minded hypocritical bully. But I didn't think he should have been fired because I didn't like him. I think he had a place on KIRO. He wasn't my taste, but he was someone else's. When he was on I changed the station, and that's how it should be.

It's called diversity, and this is what diveristy looks like. One thing I've noticed liberals like to do is to claim they are all for diveristy, but then label someone who doesn't agree with them as commiting "hate-speech," and say THAT'S the reason they want someone off the air, and not because they don't like diversity.

I suspect my post will be deleted because it's painful when you hold up a mirror to someone and they know you've just spoken the truth.


"my post will be deleted"- give me a freaking break! Mike Webb wasn't fired because people didn't like his views. He was fired because he left his studio while he was working an onair shift to drive down Eastlake to buy "munchies", got into a car wreck there, was arrested for committing insurance fraud over that wreck six months later, and tried to hide ALL this information from Entercom up until the time that Blatherwatch(Hood) exposed the whole mess on the internet. That's how managemant found out- from Blatherwatch.


Actually "liberals" listen to Dory simply because he is such a typical conservative. Hate filled and full of conflicting views and ideas. If we wanted to just have our views renforced we'd move up the dial to big Eddie. Yep, Dori is the perfect example of a con. Your comment on Webb was so telling. "I HATED Mike Webb" Any why did you hate him? Beacuse you disagreed with him! Conservitaves, as a whole, are fearful of any new ideas!

blathering michael

The Truth: don't believe you can find anywhere on this blog I've used the term "hate speech." (the term has been co-opted by the right, it's a senseless cliche anyway and now meaningless). Don't believe you'll find anywhere I 've deleted any opinion on this blog. We listen to and critique political AM talk radio. KIRO takes up a large percentage of the available bandwidth, therefore we devote a lot of bandwidth to it. True, we could change the station, but then there'd be nothing to write about in this so-called 'watch blog'. We've been critical of liberals- Mike Webb would certainly attest to that; and friendly to conservatives, John Carlson would attest to that. Your arrogant and pretentious use of the sobriquet, 'The Truth' and your clicheed conclusions as per what's on this blog, leads me to believe you haven't read it much. Your mirror, as it turns out, is just a piece of glass through which I can see you, you pompous ass.



David Williams

Yeah! Right on, Michael.


Just had to chime in, Michael. Your aim is sure, steady and always reaches its target!

just bad radio

We have some news on the over baked brain of the over night the one the only Styblehead radio its not funny its just really bad !
We Will start calling it Monday night Styble head sting! Its time to stand up, and call in after 4:00am and start using the word Crap, The over baked Brain said something about his boss ( Tom that will not return emails ) has the radio on with the over baked brian talk show on , We think Tom HAs the radio on his walk man , standing in line at the end of his street waiting for the Styble small bus , LETS GETTER DONE!!!!


Glad to learn how to pronounce Geov's name....Jawv! What kind of name is Dori, anyway? Is it short for Doris or Dorithenes? Dori is a city in Burkina Faso...probably his namesake.


Your "pompous ass" remark will be legendary, Bla'M!


Goldy's getting it. Good show so far.


Goldy's show was excellent tonight.

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