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July 06, 2006



I wonder which one of his little outfits he will be wearing?

Apparently Tom will do anything to get people to tune in.

You listen for me, Bla'M.


TEACHER TEACHER! I have a question. Is Tim Eyman gay?

Well, he dresses kinda fruity, ya know? Has that femmie laugh.

stodge charger

KTTH should be refered to as the "spare parts station"


i was referring to his costumes he wore to Oly when presenting his petitions....dunno if he is gay...it would give gay people a bad name if he is..

stodge charger

BTW, speaking of other blowhards, Rush is saying he was "set up" but the only mileage he is getting is on newsmax

Even reading this paplum is funnier then hell when he claims he had his 'penis pills' in his suitcase since Dec.


I like that they are giving the mic to public figures because since they have a reputation to maintain I think we can hold them more accountable for the things that come out of their mouths. When they make bold statements they are puting their necks on the line, unlike Dori Monson, who talks about problems but has no desire to fix them, and isn't accountable for anything except ad revenue like the total whore that he is.

Sometimes it works out, like with that Horse's Ass guy and sometimes they crash and burn, like Jim McDermott.


Does this make the show "Dumb and Insanely Stupid?"

Question: How do you know Tim Eyman is lying?

Answer: The mike is on.


I'm listening to Frank today and he was talking recess. He had a good guest and did well until he got one caller that he cut off and then put words in her mouth. It is like listening to Dori 'cause there's a "Dori" commercial every five minutes.

Tim Eyman on the radio? I think he might be kinda good at it. He's so good at BS. Will he be co-hosting? I can see that being an interesting try out . . . I don't listen to KTTH so won't be listening but who knows . . .


Well, now that Frank has heard his "ultra-conservative" Oregon climatologist on saying global warming is nothing to worry about, he's suddenly an expert of computer modeling and weather. So typical!

Phil Mote who is Wa State's climatologist was a parent of mine. He believes in computer modeling and he supports the science of global warming. Phil has impeccable credentials.

Leave it to Frank to find that needle in the haystack climatologist who is dissed by his own colleagues at OSU. "George is very tied into the conservative bent. He gets all his information from the conservative-type think tanks. George picks it up and regurgitates it."

Now people are complimenting Frank for find such a neutral scienctist who is not political. Frank is such a fraud.


Sorry for the poor editing. My incredulity got the best of me! :)

The Anti KIRO

Cronyism at its best!!!

As a wrote about Goldy a week ago...talk show host slots seem to only go to ass kissers and insiders and not to qualified intellectuals...

And BTW, as I also mentioned yesterday, what are the credentials for being a talk show host... PLEASE ADD TO THE LIST:

Failed salesman turned corrupt lobbyist trying a new career in radio...Tm Eyman

Give me a break people!

The Anti KIRO

Cronyism at its best!!!

As a wrote about Goldy a week ago...talk show host slots seem to only go to ass kissers and insiders and not to qualified intellectuals...

And BTW, as I also mentioned yesterday, what are the credentials for being a talk show host... PLEASE ADD TO THE LIST:

Failed salesman turned corrupt lobbyist trying a new career in radio...Tm Eyman

Give me a break people!


Talk show hosts are on KTTH for one reason - to gather listeners in order to sell roof jobs, kitchen remodels, and some wacky vitamins from New Zealand. The person behind the mic doesn't need to be believable or even tell the truth - just entertaining.

Eyman will initially get some traffic, especially if some of you Goldy fans call in to get him riled up.

The Sytman-Boze thing is getting pretty silly. I actually liked to listen to these guys when they were doing their own individual shows, but putting the two together was a mistake.
Lately the show seems to have regressed to some sort of "Hans & Franz" skit with both of them calling various democrats the equivalent of "girly men". The problem is that these two don't have the "muscle" to back it up.

Daniel K

We, for one, will be listening.

Good, because I for one won't!


Thank Gawd for BlatherWatch!!!!

I wont have to SEE no EVIL, HEAR no EVIL, but I will SPEAK of EVIL when it comes to Tim WhinenEyman!!!

Geov Parrish

When Seattle Weekly had Eyman write a cover story on "How I'd Run Seattle" a few years ago, I got to edit Eyman. It took weeks -- not because he was too busy or didn't care, but because he was so excited at trying something new that he'd call me with new ideas every five minutes. He was actually quite receptive to what did and didn't work. I think working with Sytman on the radio will be similar. Sure, he'll talk a lot (he can't help it), but I'll bet he's good at it.

And remember, plenty of conservatives (and, presumably, KTTH listeners) find Eyman to be an embarrassment; there are a lot of R's who don't like him, even when they vote for his initiativss. So don't expect it to be totally an amen chorus.

stodge charger

I agree Geov, especially his lame-o excuse of taking intitative money to line his own pockets and then having a bawl fest at the post office when caught on camera. He lost a lot of traction when people saw his greed.


It is funny 'cause I'm not an Eyman kind of person. But, when he did that the first time, I was pretty easy on him. I figured he had spent a lot of time and probably a fair amount of his own money running an initiative campaign in which he believed. And I thought he had probably neglected his business. So, I gave him a pass. I was understanding. I still don't use that incident against him.

But, his latest antics and his automaton initiatives rankle me.

Paul Fraser

I can't believe what I'm hearing! There are hardly enough Tim Eyman's out there to take government to task. http://battlesoftim.com/btrep.htm

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