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July 08, 2006



Why do I imagine that time would be the only thing tight about Ann.


Liz!!! LOL


ya know, normally I dont really care for Adam Corolla..I dunno, I just dont find watching women jumping up and down on a trampoline in slow motion..just not a girl thang...

but THIS is hilarious...I would love to have seen the look on her face when she realized he hung up on her.

What goes around eventually comes around. This has just not been your month, has it Ann-girl???


You put it well, Michael. "Intense satisfaction indeed!' I wonder what vengeance she'll think up for Adam? A little additive for his cream brulee possibly?


you stoop to her level calling her a bitch, Michael.


If I hear one more person use the expression "drop to her/his level" or anything close to it I am going to explode. Which might cause quite a mess in whatever area I am inhabitting at the moment. This expression is nothing more than an old Hollywood line that keeps getting used whenever some do-gooder wants to stop justice being carried out.

Am I saying "hit (insert name of anyone who disagrees with you here) with an ugly stick? YES!

You'll feel better about yourself in the long run.

Trust me.


You're right, a bitch is a bitch. My favorite was: "Now, why the long face?"


Thanks, Mr. Hood!

I've always been a huge Adam Carolla fan, from Loveline to his new show. He doesn't really take shit from anyone, and if anyone is going to hang up on Horseface, it's going to be Carolla.


HELL YEAH! That was one of the best clips I've heard in ages.



That totally rocked!


But damn! What brilliant thoughts were lost in the airwaves? She might have been acknowledging, even APOLOGIZING, for her plagiarisitc existence! We will never know what pearls of wisdom were silenced by Carolla's impatience....alas! The road not taken....


Nice try, Fremont! I wouldn't give back that few seconds of satisfaction for all the warm, fuzzy and apologetic words in her head . . . for we all know she has no heart!


All mammals have hearts, but so do reptiles...


"a video of Donny Deutsch, a rightie, interviewing Coulter the right way. Take heed Dori Monson."

Mr Boondock

I hope people say his last name over and over...

stodge charger

Cedar Rapids Paper pulls Coulter


Opinion Page Editor Doug Neumann told E&P, “Our decision was made before the plagiarism allegations. It did come after the publication of [Coulter’s] book, but I would say it didn’t directly play any role on our decision.”

However, Neumann surmised that Coulter’s incendiary book may have played an “indirect” role in the final decision. “I think it was the book that began to unwind support among her readers,” Neumann explained.

“Liberals have never liked her, and we’ve always gotten complaints [from them]. But the complaints that mattered the most were from the conservative readers,” who felt that their views were being misrepresented.


Ann Coulter is sexy. She is a rich, smart, tall, slender, pretty, willowy blond bombshell. Such a woman is intimidating to weak men.

The Anti KIRO

Ann Coulter is a man.


So, you watched the video, UMO, and Donny is weak? Hmmm, wonder at your mental and physical prowess?


The Colorado governor asked Ann Coulter to be at a fundraiser last night to help draw big money to the event. And how much did they pull in?

Z E R O $$$$$$

The only people who showed up were the Governor's wife, and a handful of volunteers. None of the monied Republican elite darkened the door. They raised zip, nada, NOTHING!!!!

She is like typhoid Mary now.


Ah, but a rich typhoid Mary! They still secretly buy her books. Such hypocrisy!


Sparky, I keep thinking about the guv and Ann waiting, waiting, waiting . . . Gives me a chuckle.


Ann Coulter is cool- I'd like to fuck her in the head, give her some brains


joanie, I read somewhere that a couple of corporations buy the bulk of her books to make sure it gets to the top of the best-sellers lists, and then they give her books away at churches and republican gatherings.

stodge charger



All those nice little church ladies reading Ann Coulter and talking about her at bridge? It must provide scintillating entertainment for them.


Donny Deutsch was an embarassment in his exchange with Ann Coulter. Coulter came across as a calm, rational male while Donny devolved into a shrieking, hysterical ranting female waving his arms and interrupting Ann every two seconds to make one emotional plea after another. If this conversation had continued much longer, Donny would end up wearing Ann's high heel pumps while cooking her eggs for breakfast.


Umo, she wasn't cool. . . her comment at the end betrayed her surprise and lack of preparedness for his relentless questioning. She was taken aback. You are so smitten!

But, I might believe you wouldn't mind wearing her red heels and poaching her eggs for breakfast. (LOL)


I don't think Corolla will make a big deal out of it, like lefties over here are. That's his style - she messed up and he called her on it. He is apolitical -
I am rather puzzled that he would have her on his show in the first place - don't think his audience would be that stoked about hearing her - except for the South Park conservative crowd...


KS you have an interesting perspective of what a "big deal" is..


I just have a question in today's litigious society. If I say that "in my opinion, I hope someone kills Ann Counter and kills her soon", am I advocating or facilitating, or just stating "IN MY OPIMION". I would really like YOUR opinion on this (not for attribution). Thanks. CM


my opinion is that you need to keep up with the topics.


Agree, he does need to catch up!

However, is "hoping" the same as "opinionating?"

Seems to me you either hope for something or have an opinion about something.

Clarify your question, please, if you want the intellectual left to reply.

Of course, you could always wait for a reply from chucks. The right would probably respond to such a question since they pull their answers out of their asses.


why did you have to bring chucks into the equation? can't get your mind off him? you are being unduly unfair to chucks, all he's ever done is try to school you and offer good advice to you and you continue to 'slam' him? what gives.


He gets too many passes here. He's a danger to soldiers and America.

Nuff' said.

Why are you pretending to be andrew?

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