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June 23, 2006



Um...Bwyan hardly has an Ivory Snow Complexion himself...

In other frightening news....Bla"m did you hear that Ann Coulter will be on Dorki's show next wednesday, according to the Gold Club email......?
I think Fremont should call in!!!


"Moose Monson" yukking it up with Ann Coulter? Ewww! Guess who has the more masculine voice?


"Be still my beating heart?" ROFL

My gosh, Michael, Let's be serious! I love Goldy but he's gotta bring more to the table than last Sunday. Loved his guests but that little social talk between the bloggers and mommy isn't going to make it! Truly, they've gotta have some topics handy and say something interesting!

I still think a conservative blogger now and then could liven things up a bit. These blogger kings and queens are supposed to know their stuff.

I might have believed Ann Wog to have been a source. She surely loves a story line!

Schram's got a sense of humor, Remember Murray's pizza face on SNL? Schram's going to the bank with a smile and without any thought of Styble whatsoever!

"Be still my beating heart. . . " Remember, Michael, it would be better to be cool . . .


I think Tommy should call in . . . :)

Martin R. Howell

It is clear to me after reading this blog of haters for awhile now, that long after Mike Webb's ordeal is over, some will never get off his case. Too bad.


haha Are you a member of Seattle's "pink Mafia", Martin? Mike had no problem dishing it out, even to his own co-workers, when he was ruling the roost over at KIRO, so he's going to have to take a little critical scrutiny from us for a while. You bet I'll be following his hearing and trial(if there is one) , to see if the big phony cops a plea , after proclaiming his innocence for months. And I'm also going to blog about his fraud of an internet radio show, where he spouts America-hating, leftist koolaid bullcrap and claims to have several real radio station affiliates, that apparently don't even exist, although he currently doesn't seem to be mentioning them, now that Blatherwatch has called out his B.S.


I will acknowledge that Mike Webb and Erin Hart had their flaws, but I would take them any day over Bob Van Dyne. Even Mike's oldies!

Of course in my ideal world the KIRO evening time slot should have gone to Allan Prell.


So - robot sex aside - is any of this critcism actually based on listening to Bob?

IMHO - Van Dyne does issues better than anyone on Kiro besides perhaps Dave Ross.

From all the Goldy-shower action - I have to assume that doing "issues" is really code speak for left-handed circle-jerking.

Seriously - is spending an hour on how the 2004 election was stolen really "doing issues"?

1090 already has the "halliburton was contracted to blow up the world trade center" left - KIRO is going to win by going after them.

Brian in Lacey wa

I will take BIG BITCHEN! BOBBY over the , over sized baked brain of the over night, THE one the only The STYBLEHEAD ITs not funny its just bad radio ! So put on your white helmet with the big chin strap and get in line for the small bus, you can have the seat next to Tom From Kiro theon who hired the over baked brain Save from the StybleHead hooty hoo!


I too feel that Kiro radio needs to get better they realy have dropped the ball. and Brian your right The ( Styblehead ) is really bad radio no joke! and I would say Bitch Bobby would be better off on the late night , and as you said put the Styblehead back in western state Hosp. THe guy is a wing nut!


Last night on Mike "the fraud" Webb's little rinky dink internet radio show, which kept crapping out on the Realnetworks window, Webb said that every city had it's "goofy" talkshow host and he was going to play a clip of Seattle's own goofball. The next thing you heard was a grainy tape of - "Moose" Monson- , on his afternoon show, railing against the New York Times expose of the Bush banking espionage program. Isn't that copyrighted material?


I have to agree that young Van Dyne has a more intelligent and listenable show than Webb or Hart or anyone who has filled in that time-slot. He could stil be moved to graveyard if they get a real experienced pro, either local or syndicated to take over late evenings.


Schram apparently said some things that chapped the tender, sensitive hide of Horse's Ass Brian Suits, because I heard him call Ken a "brass-plated POS" (piece of s**t) on his show. Not to his face, of course. Apparently Suits thinks he's still back in the barracks. Suits admitted on his show last year that after he got back to the states an Army Doc told him he believed he had PTSD issues from his time in Iraq and he'd like to treat him for it. Suits blew him off like the arrogant dick he is.


). This is the kind of ad hominem attack we've come to expect from the desperate, bitter, angry, extreme far right. Says B.M. I hope you put I kid I kid after that. I often enjoy your blog but to call out B.Suits for being mean is prehaps the pot calling the kettle... Also ken looks like he went bobbing for french fries in hot grease.


I have been listening to Bob, I think he has some talent. Give him some time.


Actually, Bla'M, it's Helen, not Janet, Halpert...she was faculty at the UW School of Law, and she is definitely not a Janet! Sparks, I'd be too awed to call Dorki's show with a question for "Godless" herself...I'd probably faint just being on the same bandwidth! Be still my heart!


Fre...just call in and ask her how often she has to shave her adams apple...


Fremont, when did Halpert move from muni to king county? She was pretty well-liked at muni as I recall . . .


You're right, Joans...Halpert is a winner! She was appointed to KCSC by Gov. Locke in Dec. 1999 to replace retiring Judge George Finkle. Maybe, I WILL give "Godless" a call...after all, it's GLBT Pride Day!


Geez, I must have known that! Thanks, Fremont!

gusto and poor

sparky, you should call in if Ann C. appears on the show.


Hi gusto!
I would except I have to be at work that day the entire time Dorki is on the air...

or else I would


well this is a super Idea , put the styblehead, the over baked brain on kiro, from 1:00 am to 5:00am change him to 9:00 pm to 1:00am I would give the styblehead about 2 hours on his first shift , and there would be no more Styblehead, the over size baked brain of the over night the heavy panting when chicks call in woould be over ! ya baby


Would the woman who calls KIRO endlessy, retelling her story about being a victim of a terrorist explosion at Germany's Rammstein Air Force Base in the 80,s please just SHUTUP. My God would you shutup, please? Quit calling. Thank you.


Would the woman who calls KIRO endlessy, retelling her story about being a victim of a terrorist explosion at Germany's Rammstein Air Force Base in the 80,s please just SHUTUP. My God would you shutup, please? Quit calling. Thank you.


You guys stay up wayyyy too late.

Stephen Schwartz

Michael .. speaking of blather ...

What anatomic part of an animal are you imitating by these comments about Mike Webb and Erin Hart?

Did Mikey's trips to the 7-11 offend you? or was it the (silly) gay-o-meter. True, unlike most of the current crew, Webb has a personality. Is that bad? as for the musical interludes, I for one found them stimulating ... imagine an intelelctual talking about Rock! on the radio yet! ... err I forget, he was proabably doing this so he would have time to microwave a pizza at the 7-11.

And the red headed Puerto-Rican ... Ms. Hart. Jeez man, you are offended by her buying a dog? While most of the current crop of KIRO talkies treat their gigs as .. a job, Erin took her role seriously, organizing community action, bringing divers folks together to debate issues she actually cared about. on her own time too! How much "good" do you do?

Oh yeh, in the white, protestant male world of Seattle talk radio she was in your face about her hispanic heritage and ... shick, shock ... interest in Judaism!

This last is not to gainsay our dear Horse's Ass cultural affiliation, but does it offend you that someone might take Jewish or Puero Rican culture seriously?

it is all a facade. like Blatherwatch.

Oh well, it is all a facade, right?


"How much "good" do you do?" Whoa, watch your rhetoric there, 'Wart, Bla'M has donated many more hours of service to non-profits (including this blog) than many of us....(he excludes Jewish and Hispanic facades, of course!)


Erin is hispanic??? Mike is an Intelelctual???

You are right about Erin doing good, though. Once, she was supposed to meet the KIRO chatters at a Mariners game and she couldn't make it, so she sent along some KIRO bookmarks to the game with an intern flunkie to make up for it.

Warmed my heart, it did.


I remember Erin going on and on about her Puerto Rican background! It got a little old with me as well! I liked her . . . honestly! But, sometimes it seemed she had roots in every state, country, political party, and religion known to man! It became laughable! Except that I was more annoyed than laughing. . .


Michael, can't you find an easier-to-read robot? Last night it took me seven times to get it right! I don't have this trouble on Postman - I swear I don't! (LOL)


Sorry, Michael, to use Bla. . . as a conveyor of bad news but . . . "'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon" and "Greenland's Ice Sheet Is Slip-Sliding Away"

The ice sheet is slipping into the ocean three times faster than expected . . . maybe we are not in time to turn things around.


Yes, Joans, that news is an inconvenient truth..


¿Niñþü2 Yeah, Bla'M....what kind of robot makes you type stuff like this?!! It's ridiculous!!

Stephen Schwartz

1. Blather and good deeds, My point was NOT that Michael is not doing good deeds but that the current crop of Kironites are superficial enough to be type models for an Altmann movie on talk radio.

2. As for Erin, I know from other sources, that she had (has?) a major involvement in the community esp in efforts to reconcile Jews and Arabs and stimulating a liberal alternative to conservative churchism. Imagine the Robbie-Donnies in such a role?

All this said, it seems to me that Michael does two very different things here:

1. he shares an insider's knowledge of how radio works and why KIRO esp does not work.

2. This is ****

2. At the same time, his opinions about individuals, from Prell to Webb are given as dogma.

blathering michael

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen: as a self-appointed critic on the self-propelled medium of my own blog, expressing my opinions is what this is about, and people, even those who disagree with me, like to read 'em. Pretty standard for critics of all kinds, self-appointed or not.

Please don't take it as dogma- unlike you religionists, I don't believe in dogma. I just have me views and state them in a way that make people come back for more and spend a bunch of time, as you have, decrying them.

It's kind of sick, I know. I take comfort, however and have gratitude knowing so many folks like you drop in to share my sickness.

Is this **** as you imply? Or is it just a big ****-*** to the ******** who **** in the ***** of the world?

I believe the latter is true.

How ever good her heart, noble her cause, and numerous her community good works- Erin, by the end of her time at KIRO, was a ratings non-entity. The job of talk radio host is not to reconcile anything, but rather to bring and keep a measurable number of listeners and callers to her show. Erin failed at that.

Stephen, we've talked and I know you come to this with a religious point of view that mirrors and champions Erin's own. Your's and her passions are admirable and understandable, but that wasn't enough, apparently, to make Erin's shows listenable to enough people to make her viable on commercial radio.

Mike Webb? his personality defects finally caught up with him professionally. Don't know if they'd been denied, were unexamined or if he's just plain dishonest- and frankly, I don't care.

You're right though, he was a true intelelctual! Our mission here at BlatherWatch is to drive out intelelctualism wherever we see it.


Gee that Bryan Suits is almost as bad as Al Franken, Garofolo, Malloy and Randi Rhodes and those mean spirited leftwingers. Only thing is that they have a higher frequency of ad hominem attacks against the right. That must mean that Suits doesn't run out of legitimate arguments as often as the AA talkers have.

How come someone doesn't use bad breath or condor breath as a ad-hominem attack ? That is at least as bad as pock-marked, acneed - correct ?


Aw, come on, Klueless. You know you don't listen to anything but fOX. Why do you try to pretend so much? It just makes you look silly.


Jumpin Joanie, dear - you've worn out the Fox thing- try a new schtick. Not pretending half as much as you do - you don't really believe half of the leftwing talking points that you throw out there - do you ? If so, you are very silly and need to find a BS detector. (I think you are one of the N.O.W. gang and just like to get a rise out of others). In your mind fair and balanced sucks...ta ta.


Gettin' to you, huh? Hope so. The way you talk about Franken tells me you don't listen to him. It is so obvious, Klueless.


My bad - disregard that comment about Goldy - wrong post and while you are at it - also disregard Joanie's last thread which is meaningless, as my thread had nothing to do with Al Franken.


Tell ya what - I'll listen to Al Franken if you'll listen to Ann Coulter.


Klueless: "ee that Bryan Suits is almost as bad as Al Franken, Garofolo, Malloy and Randi Rhodes and those mean spirited leftwingers. "

It didn't huh? You're funny.


You owe me, KS. I listened to A******Coulter today on Dori. It was like watching an accident happen. I couldn't believe I was listening . . . but you have to know the enemy to destroy the enemy.

Now, when are you going to listen to Franken? Wish it had been today. . .


so joanie,.,.,was dorki sucking up to her big time???


Yeah, he was. To be fair, he asked her a couple of good questions that she had to think about. But, he almost apologized for asking them by accepting shallow answers and exhibiting so much boyish pleasure to be talking to her that I found myself transfixed more be his desire to be liked by her than by anything she had to say.

Again, like watching an accident; pulled in and repelled at the same time.


Webb is hoping for jail time with a bunk mate named bubba. SHould suit him real well.


"Cut and Run" Bryan Suits?

Your fuckers are idiots aren't you. Oh, but the left really does support the military right?


Did you want one of us to answer ? Or were those rhetorical questions?


Go ahead, Sparkler, rip him/her to shreds...unless you have more imperative challenges to meet....

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