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June 29, 2006



Most of us have done something like what Dori's daughter did. Even so I think it is safe to say that if our teacher found out we would get an automatic F. Its probably too late now but if possible the little darling's grade should be changed to an F.

How about that for a YOU BE THE JURY topic?


Nice family values there, Dorki. You are a good little conservative....but a sad excuse for a little man.

Rush played golf down there? So his putter petered out? Or is it the other way around?


I was wondering why the air seemed to be smell better all around town lately- now I know. "Fill-in Boy" Lou Pate is out of here.


Pate Surfaces in Miami- Now Webb Certain to Clinch Prize (T8 News Service) Now that Lou Pate has finally made good his promise to leave Seattle, disgraced talkhost Mike Webb is now certain to win the 2006 Lying Phony Bastard Award, when it is announced by the Comittee to Name the Bastard this weekend. The Seattle comittee ( which is comprised of one person- that would be me)will announce every July 4th weekend starting this year their choice for Seattle's biggest creep in the public eye for the previous 12 months. It's only a question of how spectacularly Webb will win the award- friday's criminal hearing for Webb at the County Courthouse should give the answer.


Gutterhead would have ranted for two days if a democrat had pulled that stunt. What a hypocrit. I quit listening to him a long time ago. Let's hope his daughter gets a scholarship to Evergreen State College.

Janet S

What if the teacher had instead given extra credit for reading Ann Coulter's book?

I guess that is different, because the Coulter book is far right lies, while the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is 100% fact.

It all depends on where you are standing.


Dori's parenting in this matter is just embarrassing. Teaching values to teens is one of the hardest jobs there is today. There are so many other more complicated values to teach- lying and cheating should be a slam-dunk. This is a case of the Monson's common sense succumbing to their partisan biases, and their kid's normal proclivity to avoid homework. this is very revealing of the character of Dori and his spouse.


thank you "Moose" Monson! Your sycophantic, obsequious, and craven interview with Ann Coulter proved to all why you really are the "poltroon of the afternoon"!

Brian in Lacey  Wa.

I got a change to talk with the over baked brian of the over night , The one the only Styblehead ( its not funny its just bad radio ) It was off the air this morning , and you guest its !! He is not acting !! While he is on the air !!!! The Styble head is a wing nut !!! on the air and off the air . HAy styblehead !! dont for get the over sized white helmet and remember, the small bus will be there to pick up up at ten after ! P.s. The styblehead , hung up on me afer, telling him his BVD were on too tight !! Hooty HOO ! iTS NOT FUNNY ITS JUST REALLY BAD RADIO! The over Baker Baked Brain Of the over night ! Styblehead radio !


Wasn't that a telling little story? I'd forgotten about that.

Ånd mac, it also shows the contempt they have for learning. I wonder if they were afraid that the girls might actually find their intellect challenged and have to think instead of parrot for a change.

Janet: how can you even compare a scientific endeavor with a hate-filled book by a an opinionated, self-admitted liberal hater?


well janet, a teacher could very well choose to do that..but if you were a teacher, you would know that in order to do that, you would have to have a plan as to why you would want your students to read her book..what state standards and grade expectations would be met by reading her book? What assessment would you use? How would you know your students had learned what you wanted them to?

On the other hand, there are 98 pages of guidlines outlined by the State of Washington for environmental education for grades K-6. There are almost one hundred grade level expectations in the fields of science and social studies that could be met by watching Al Gore's film.


Correction..the environmental education state guidelines are for grades K-12


The fact that Dori even told that story on the air is a testament to his desire to please Coulter. . . that's just not something that anybody would fess up to. I bet his girls are embarrassed that their teachers now know about this. Now everybody knows just how trustworthy the Monson's are . . .


The fact that Dori even told that story on the air is a testament to how dumb he really is.


I heard about half of Dori's interview with Mr. Coulter, it was pittiful. Why some middle age men are so worshipful of him/her I have no idea. God knows, you can find better shemales up on Capitol Hill if that is what really gets you off.

But nice to see that Dori believes you can past judgment on something without even seeing it. It does explain a lot of his positions. It is easy to be conservative if you avoid the truth. Heck, Sean Hannity has made an entire career out of avoiding the truth.

By the by, Bill Virgin is reporting that Siegel is back on the air in Olympia and Kitsap:

Sister stations KITZ-AM (1400) in Silverdale and KGTK-AM (920) in Olympia have added a one-hour call-in show hosted by Siegel at 6 p.m. weekdays.

Big question, will he still the General back from Kirby?

Janet S

The only way An inconvenient truth would be supportive of K-12 education is if the lesson were to find all the errors in the movie. As it is, it is nothing more than propaganda.


According to......you? Do you have a degree in environmental sciences? Or is this just your opinion?

Or did you decide this after you went to the OSPI website and read the guidelines for environmental education so you know as a fact that its propaganda and cant be supported? Have you spoken with scientists?

I have.

They can give you a long list of proof...but...that would interfere, I suppose, with your beliefs.

Even President Bush admitted yesterday that Global Warming is a problem.


Sean Hannity took a "vacation" after embarrassing himself by going balistic on his program over those "found" WMD, only to have the Pentagon correct him, saying they were not anything of value or danger.
Sean is still on vacation...lol


Also, here's the best link I could find that wasn't a left or right blog/opinion piece supporting the movie "
Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" Movie: Fact or Hype?"

I didn't look real hard but did try the first page of google . . .

Janet, what link can you give me that isn't opinion only to show that the film is mostly inaccurate?

David Tatelman

I have never been shy in pointing out all the outrageous things that Dori has said on the air. homesteadbook.com

This one really tops the cake, however. He is actually bragging about teaching his daughter how to cheat, and he is so afraid of her being exposed to an inconvenient truth that he would do something like that.

This from a man who claims to have actually voted for Gore. I really wonder if Dori has gone over the edge this time.

Please all of you, let the execs at KIRO know how you feel about this.

Ted Smith

JDB said Why some middle age men are so worshipful of him/her I have no idea.

It's a guy thing. And by that, I mean that Ann Coulter is really a guy.


Another thought I had . . . this one from a teacher's perspective:

All documentaries have a point of view. What a great opportunity for Dori to teach his girls how to look critically at films, books, documentaries, etc. . Oliver Stone and our age of fictionalized nonfiction presents a challenge for many of us in the area of truth-seeking.

Perhaps if it ain't writ in the Good Book, it ain't gonna happen at all.

coochie mama

Obviously Dori doesn't want to expose his little darling to anything other than "his" viewpoint.

To the extent he'll teach her to cheat and lie.

The whole thing is very telling about his character.

Or lack thereof.


Dori is truly a (to use his own adjective to describe people with similar behavior) whack job!


Oh, you guys! I just listened to the beginning cause I missed the very first part yesterday. His first story to Coulter is one where a Marine is uprighting her books at Costo - somebody had turned them all upside down.

His daughter tells the Marine that "some people are just afraid of thoughts different from their own."



And some pearls of wisdom amidst the godless swine....my hero! Deep Thoughts with Bill Moyers here.

coochie mama

His daughter tells the Marine that "some people are just afraid of thoughts different from their own."


Ironic, eh?


I guess she gets an A in hypocrisy. :)


Ted Smith said "...Ann Coulter is really a guy."

I'm quite sure you intended that as an insult toward Ann Coulter. Apparently you don't realize that you are also insulting trans-sexuals and/or cross dressers by stating that Ann Coulter is one of them.

Mike Barer

I would have been impressed if Dori's daughter stood up and said, "I will not watch this movie because I am convinced that Gore is not correct."
It's like Bush going into the National Guard, rather than be a conscientious objector.


Mine, too, Fremont. Thanks for the notice.


Its good to see that so many people see dori monson as i do; a real douche. I cant stand the man's show. But somehow i always end up lisening to it. How come more people dont call in and take it to him? I really wish more people would, because instead all i hear is the same conversative bootlickers that call up and praise every right wing show on the airwaves.

thats my two cents.


"I cant stand the man's show. But somehow i always end up lisening to it ."

Ask 'loyal listeners' like Joanie and Sparky. They say how they can't stand it and yet they line Dori's rating book and enable Star to live the good life. Dori must get a laugh and a half when he schleps over here to see the comments from those that hate his show yet always seem to be able to quote from it. (Carl Jeffers would kill for such loyal listeners)


Honest, madmike, I don't usually listen . . . generally I turn over to The Beat and The Conversation after Reagan . . . I check to see what Dave's going to talk about and then move over (it's always Malloy at night) or leave it on Thom Hartmann. Whether I'm listening to KIRO or KPTK, I do go to Reagan at noon and KUOW after that.

Dori is glib. I don't know how one can make points when he controls the conversation and the terminate button. Did you know Schultz is apparently getting higher ratings than Monson? That says it all to me.


I dont listen to Dori. I dont listen to Kiro....you get an F in reading comprehension because I have said that at least a dozen times.

Michael is the one who provides the quotes in his articles that start the threads.....other people on here who DO listen to Dorki, for some reason, ( masochists? just bored?) also post what he says.

Jeebus, PutS, Sylvan Learning Center could be of help to you, I think....


Don't pay any attention to PS. He was taken to the woodshed a week or so ago and is still smarting.


It is a happy moment in my day when I turn off KIRO after Ron Reagan, just before Dori. I refuse to listen to Dori or D&R, and after dark I listen to KGO. I have no interest in hearing Dori, when every other word is "I", "me", or "my". Don & Ron are juvenile. I would listen to my man Vinnie, but the Mariners are on a different station.

stodge charger

KGO is good after dark, their two nighttime hosts are helping up to exterminate the conservatives...


Re: An Inconvenient Truth - how would you know that Mr. Steig doesn't have a dog in this fight ?

But how accurate are some of the scientific claims made in the documentary?

In an attempt to clear the air, National Geographic News checked in with Eric Steig, an earth scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle, who saw An Inconvenient Truth at a preview screening.

He says the documentary handles the science well.

"I was looking for errors," he said.

"But nothing much struck me as overblown or wrong."

First off, he is an earth scientist, but not a Climatologist or Atmospheric Scientist, as they should have asked. I plan to see this movie, but to pass off this magazine as apolitical in this specific case is doubtful. To see the reality of the debate on Global warming, read "The State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. He does well at framing the debate - such as follow the money.
Of course, I don't expect the leftwingers to swallow all of this - but you would be wise to understand that junk science is being used in many instances, as some environmentalists are trying to sell this like used cars - just follow the money. Of course, if that type of money is feathering your nest, you have a dog in this fight.

There has been slight warming over the last 30 years and global climate change and a similar trend anticipated for the rest of this century - noone can accurately predict how much.
Does the article mention the fact that water vapor has 16 X as much heat capacity as Carbon Dioxide ? Also, I understand that the movie incorrectly states that 2005 was the warmest year on earth in recent history - it was 1998.

The Anti KIRO

It's time this arrogant, selfish man gets fired. To be allowed to pollute the airways with this sort of garbage is shameful.

It's that simple. Dori you will be fired.


So typically lame-brained right of you.

First of all, you neglected to respond to the challenge you gave me and which I took you up on. Typical of the right.

In the second plance, instead of offering peer research that shows something different (after attacking Eric Steig for being an EARTH scientist), YOU GIVE ME NOVELIST AND MEDICAL DOCTOR MICHAEL CRICHTON AS YOUR WEATHER EXPERT? That speaks for itself.

And third, you nitwit, atmospheric science is an earth science which some people see as part of physical science. A DOCTOR STUDIES LIFE SCIENCE - YOU KNOW, LIVING THINGS.

You have managed to exceed my expectations of your ignorance, I'm sure that next time, the National Geographic will go to the local gynacologist for its expertise on global warming. Maybe we'll all be lucky and they'll put a thermometer up your rectum! YOU IDIOT!

As for books on the subject, I can give you two published recently that will put Crichton's book to shame if you have the gray matter to read them. But, we know you don't.



Becareful Klueless, there is actual science in these books. You may not have room for all that information in your unused brain.

Oh, how silly of me to think you would even be interested in REAL SCIENCE. . .


Where does his daughter go to school? Someone should rat her out to the teacher.


Dana: I was thinking the same thing

Joanie: have some chocolate and a glass of wine...you're doing it again....

KS: Dick Cheney said that if there was even a 1% chance that terrorists would attack the US, we should not sit back and wait for the worst to happen. So, if there is even a 1% chance that we are screwing up the environment with all the pollution we create as human beans...then why sit back and wait for the worst to happen? Is it more important for the CEOs of the energy companies to get their multi-billion dollar bonuses, or for us to leave a clean place to live for our descendents?


It feels good to spew it out sometimes, Sparky. But, I'll certainly take you up on the chocolate and wine . . .mmmm!

Today on Franken, Sirota? (not sure) said that CEO's today earn in the first half day of work an amount equal to a years wages for minimum wage workers.

Also, the pensions of workers are being abandoned to increase the pensions of the executives. He gave some numbers you'd have to hear to believe. Wish I had them.

It is really scandalous.

Ted Smith

oreally said Apparently you don't realize that you are also insulting trans-sexuals and/or cross dressers by stating that Ann Coulter is one of them.

You are right! And I hereby apologize to all of the fine people who enjoy these forms of self-expression. They certainly don't deserve such an insult.


Jumpin Joanie - You doth protest too much - your PMS is showing and are seem to be ignorantly arguing just to view (hear) yourself. You are throwing out grandiose arguments and adhominem right and left, but no substance that refutes what I was saying. I happen to know that Steig is not an Atmospheric Scientist. Earth science FYI - encompasses Geology, Geography, Oceanography and other sciences of the earth's surface. Atmospheric Science is a different department from Earth Sciences and I have a Bachelors Science degree in Atmospheric Science from another Pac-10 school, where Earth Sciences are a different department, just like UW. (say never mind)

I should have known that you are too much of a leftwing ideologue to be objective about views other than yours - Crichton's book is a novel based on reality - yes a novel can be that, but just because it goes counter to your theoretical world - it has no credibility - have you even read it ? The other two books are like comparing apples and oranges to Crichton's book. Go back and reread what I wrote - I am not calling out the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" - I am calling attention to the fact that alerting the masses about Global warming is an Envirobusiness and that there are differing opinions by the scientific community about the magnitude of global temperature change.


" Is it more important for the CEOs of the energy companies to get their multi-billion dollar bonuses, or for us to leave a clean place to live for our descendents?"

No argument there - does that surprise you ?

Assume - making an ass out of you and me

Ted Smith

His first story to Coulter is one where a Marine is uprighting her books at Costo - somebody had turned them all upside down.

Stacking more worthy books on top of books like Coulter's is a lot easier.

I went to Borders-Alderwood Mall last week and they had an entire display devoted to Coulter's book. And by doing this, they helped Barnes & Noble sell me the books that I wanted.


KS: "Atmospheric Science is a different department from Earth Sciences and I have a Bachelors Science degree in Atmospheric Science from another Pac-10 school, where Earth Sciences are a different department, just like UW. (say never mind)"

You're a fibber . . . of course atmospheric sciences is a different department but it is still an earth science. So, I will "never mind" your claim.

The best you can do is Crichton and you wonder why I give you so little respect.

At least you are a good sport about it.

I must care abou† you to try so hard. You really should do just a tad more research. Honest, Fox and Dori really aren't the experts .


Ted, the rest of the story (if you listen to Michael's link) is that later they went back and this time Dean Koontz''s book was piled on top of Coulter's books.

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