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June 27, 2006



But Black tried to quash those suspicions, saying said Limbaugh went to the Caribbean for "prayer, meditation and self-help."

God, how terrible, to need viagra for self-help.


Having the whole planet know that you can't "get it up" anymore is enough pnishment for anyone. Imagine the jokes for late night night tv and the Comedy Central news programs. HEEEEEE


obviously the Viagra was for his limp ratings...


I haven't heard anything about the culpability of the doctor who wrote a bogus prescription, intentionally falsifying the name, nor anything about whether a pharmacist filled the bogus prescription, also in violation of the law.....


haha a smartass told Rush that Bush has expanded the war on terror to include drugs and antiwar student organizations. Then he asked the gasbag "What are you going to do when they expand the war on terror to say sex tourism in the Dominican Republic?" His call was immediately dumped and gasbag chortled and harrumphed away as if the caller was stll there, without acknowledging the comment.


Tommy, are you a professional radio listener?
Sparky, I heard on the news that the prescription was made out to another doctor . . . maybe he borrowed them. I don't know about these things! (LOL)


Gasbag is trying to play the Viagra thing off like Henny Youngman, with snappy oneliners, forced laughter- everything but rimshots. In reality this is a major humiliation job for the pompous posturer.


I had to drive around this morning. Rush on his show stated he was down in the Dom. Rep. for a "Boys Weekend."



i listened to a man call in this morning who is also on felony probation for drug abuse. He said one of the first things they did was to take away his passport because felons on probation are forbidden to leave the country, so he was wondering how Rush was allowed to go anywhere.

Rush will never beat his addiction until he first admits he is an addict, and then finds a treatment center that does not discharge him as "cured" in 5 weeks. He needs to quit working the system by having others enable his addictions by either covering for him or aiding his illegal behavior by performing illegal acts themselves.

sarah greaves

Actually, Rush was a guest of a very rich person who lives in DR. Since you didn't know, poeple like Oscar de la Renta, Julio Iglesias and sugar baron Papa Fanjul have fabulous huge estates there and there are also several very exclusive resorts there as well. Seems you aren't very informed. FYI tons of guys younger and fitter that the Big L like the V for long term pleasure! As for leaving the country, The Big L was Never Even Convicted of doctor shopping with a felony. He is merely on probation and has passed regular random drug screening. PBC can't wait to try and drag him through the mud any chance they get. Instead of sitting here making shit up why don't you try and win back your sorry party in "The Arena of Ideas" instead of silly little smears :)


So Ms. Greaves, you are saying that Rush needed the viagra for a weekend with Julio Iglesias?


David Tatelman

Actually Sarah, I tend to agree that people are making a mountain out of a molehill here, or a puptent perhaps. But as far as making up shit, you must be kidding me. Aren't you in the Swiftboat party and the party that thinks flag-burning and gay marriage are the big issues? And what constructive things did you guys do while Clinton was President anyway?


I'm pretty much with you, David. So he went down to get some action and needed a little help . . .

you gotta admit, he dishes it out pretty good so he probably deserves every wink, nod, and late night joke that he gets. And I think he knows it.

And it totally bewilders me that the right doesn't get that their behavior with Clinton was a hundred times more devastating to the business of running government than anything the left has done or will do.

The Boxer Dog

Hmmm Sarah, that group of people that Pills Limbaugh visited sounds like the "Super Adventure Club" that was featured on South Park.

Rush Worshipper

God bless Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush.

Can you only imagine what this country would look like if we hadn't run Clinton out of the White House?

God bless our troops.

The Boxer Dog

Clinton completed his two terms...

Rush Worshipper

run Clinton out in disgrace...

The Anti KIRO

It's prime time and KIRO has two shock jocks talking about pets.

What a shame!

Intellectual talk please! I can't believe Ron and Don are getting any sort of ratings. I have to believe they're on there way out.

The Boxer Dog

I can't help you Rush Worshipper if you have to pimp yourself for a pill popping liar--it's your life

Rush Worshipper

Sorry Boxer...but the scoreboard doesn't lie:

PAST 40 YEARS: Red:28 Blue:12

Republican 28
(GWB-8, GB-4, RR-8, GF/RN-8)

Democrats 12
(BC-8, JC-4)

The Anti KIRO

Ron and Don

Champions of the fake laugh and the "everyone's buddy complex"

'F this show...intellectual talk please...Savage is better than thi rubbish.


Sarah..so sorry your honey needs Viagra...mine doesnt! woof!


Rush Worshipper:

Like your hero, you are a bit fact challenged:

In fact, polls show that Clinton's job approval rating as he left office was as high or higher than Reagan's when he left office. Clinton's final Gallup job approval rating was 66 percent, compared with 63 percent (subscription required) for Reagan. A January 17, 2004, ABC News online article cited an ABC News/Washington Post poll showing a 65 percent job approval rating for Clinton at the end of his presidency, compared with a 64 percent rating for Reagan at the end of his. CBS News polls showed a 68 percent approval rating for both Clinton and Reagan at the end of their respective presidencies.


If having twice the approval of the current occupant of the White House is being run out in disgrace, what do you call Bush?


For years Rush has arrogantly proclaimed that anyone who abuses drugs deserves to be sent straight to jail, no questions asked. When Jerry Garcia died, Rush feigned outrage at the idea that Jerry's fans could still support him...so its more than "probably" that he has brought this on himself. Now that HE is the one brought down by drugs, he wants special treatment. He has spent the last few months scolding the American public about how they should support spying by the government...until it is HIS medical records the government wants to see. Then he wants special treatment.
His hipocracy is breathtaking...and he has brought all this joke telling wink-wink-nudge-nudge, as well as all his legal problems on himself.

The Anti KIRO

This Ron and Don schtick is old and tired.

"We read the papers so you don't have to..." What the hell does that mean? These guys might use a newspaper to swat a fly. I truly doubt these guys read anything...

It's time to go back to the gym guys. There's no substanc to their arguments. I doubt these guys study any further tahn high school.

Sorry good bye.

The Anti KIRO

Ron and Don...

Everyone wants to be a talk show host!

Time to find a new career guys!


"Dr. Edgar "Choch" Manaña of Stanford Medical Center." That name is SO familiar...didn't he invent polio vaccine or was it RU-284? Help me out here, Bla'M!


BTW, Bla'M: If your viagra has three a's in it, it's probably a counterfeit from Pfeizer-a!

The Anti KIRO

OK Van Dyne...it's time you also find a new career.

When you talk about Star (on the View) are you referring to that fat chick on the ABC show or to Dori Monson's lousy dog???

The Anti KIRO

There you go...Van Dyne is so desparate for callers that he gets Ron from the Ron and Don show to call in!!!

The phone bank must be EMPTY at KIRO...no flasing red lights.

The Anti KIRO

Van Dyne just got eaten up by the caller regarding calling the mother of the baby a "criminal"

What an IDIOT!

Brian in Lacey

I still say Put Bithen !! BOBBY! on late night, and put the over baked brain of the over night, the one the Only STYBLEHEAD Its just really bad radio, back on the small bus to western state Hosp! This time Styblehead!! keep on the white helmet with the big chin strap! and leave the cleaning lady alone ! hooty hoo !

The Anti KIRO

Styble, Styble, Styble...

I will call into your show but only if you allow me to use my true name:



I don't understand why people aren't liking Van Dyne - he's good. Maybe not Dave Ross - but a better host than Goldy is.

Styble on the other hand -is- bad. Vividly bad.

Was listening to him about 20 minutes ago, for a duration of about 90 seconds.

He was, as always, talking about what might be interesting to talk about on talk radio ("here on the Bryan Styble show...")

Totally impossible to listen to.

Had to pull over and recite the "serenity prayer" twice before being able to continue my drive home.


The Styblehead! Its not Funny! Its Just REALLY BAD radio ! Put Bobby on from 1:00am to 5:00am! Save us From the Over Baked brain of the over night ! the styblehood !


In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also call Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen.

The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin. Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin.

Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of "cocktails", "highballs" and just a good old-fashioned "stiff drink". Pepsi will market the new concoction by the name of: MOUNT & DO.

Thought for the day: There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.


Ok i just spewed my coffee all over!!
Thanks for the ROFL of the day!!


haha Styble said some guy sent him an email inviting him to a radio enthusiasts convention down at the Seattle Center. Styble's huge ego bloated up thinking the guy was a fan and as he walked into the convention and shook the promoter's hand he said in his big cheesy voice "Thank you for inviting me, and thank you fro listening to THE BRyAn STYBLE SHOW- 'OPEN LINES FOR OPEN MINDS'! the guy looked at him and went"huh? i don't listen to that show. .You were just on some email list i got to send out invites to.


Bryan Styble the rain man of the over night ! heavy panting ! it is really really bad radio , makes me want to go out and buy XM


Gawd, Brain, that is freakin' ingenious! Hysterical! ROFLMAO! Thanks!


Yeah, Brian. Good one!

Tommy: Styble actually told that story? Riveting radio.


Heard Andrew on Dave Ross this morning. Ya did good, Andrew. This estate tax is going to be a tough fight. Callers making the point that a house on Queen Anne Hill or a couple of houses in high-value areas get you to two million rather quickly. I can't refute that. . . wish the estate value were raised.

Two million sounds like a lot but really it isn't today . . . even though I 'd like to have it! Anybody who has some property knows the term "property poor." Wealth is passed on via assets and I don't think one should have to sell the bulk of assets to pay the tax.

I'm for estate taxes, but set the wealth meter a little higher . . .

coochie mama

Dori aspires to be Ann Coulter.

I can hear it in his voice.


oh tell all! how did that go??


Does this mean he is going to be an even bigger dick than he already is?

Well, at least he should be able to stand up straight.


I am sure he will rise to the occasion


ROFLMFAO, Sparklerina, et. al.!

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william F

yes, Rush was in the DR having fun at an escorts resort like many other men do each year (3+ million visitors the island )mostly Americans. Was he having an erotic adult vacation illegally? hardly so. The place mentioned has no minors as escorts (www.charlisangels.com ) and the women are from Ukraine, in Eastern Europe. Anyone can travel freely to have an adult vacation anywhere, as long as the escorts are over 18 years old, it should be no problem. Case Closed!


Yes..so thank you for reminding us about it.

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