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June 25, 2006



he does ok, kinda drifts at times.


Love everything about the show so far except he needs to improve that delivery! Too sing-songy at the beginning of segments - get's annoying! Just say the damn words, Goldy!

His guests have been good, never at a loss of interesting talk (except for the first show), and I like the fact that he listens to his callers instead of talking over them. He'll get better at the drifting in time. It is not a big deal.

He doesn't preach -hear that, Shiers? Goldy doesn't preach!

Except for Beverly from Burien. She should be screened out - seriously. Goldy said he was going to call her back last week. I wonder if he did?


Stephen Schwartz

It is fun havng Goldy there and he has great rado peronality.

My concern is content. Even the progressive junkies will get tired if the guests do not become more divers. Some ideas:

1. Guest conservatives

2. Developers .. how about Ada Healey form Vulcan?

3. Civic thinkers .. david brewster, the heads of the Pac Sci Ctr or SAM.

Sam McKinny would bring the voice of God to the show! Tony Orange?

4. Organizers for Bumbershoot or Folklife

5. Seattle's Episcopla bishop.

6. Peter Steinbhruck.

7. Some of the non-poli bloggers ... e,g, teh mystery guy form Msoft (pehaps by phone?).

8. A representatibe from Daybreak Star?


Probably in the minority, Stephen, but your list sounds boring . . . at least politics gets a little passion going. But, I do agree that a conservative on the blogging hour might liven it up a little but it has been pretty good the two shows. Molly and Pike Place man were dismal . . . they didn't have anything to say.

I wish he could get James Howard Kunstler on. That would be a coup! Fascinating speaker!


The Styblehood ! The over baked brain on the over night on kiro news 710 Its like watching a train reck! Its just some really bad radio ! Put Bobby ! on for us at late night, And keep the Styblehood in the closet so he doesnt scare the cleaning lady


Goldy's great for Fremont & Cap Hill, lousy for the region.

Reg Fessenden

You guys must be crazy. Critique of Goldy's show:

1) Boring
2) Has guests on that are obscure and discuss issues that seem to have a VERY NARROW FOCUS that I have no interest in and knowledge about
3) Lots of "insider" comments with those same guests and callers
4) Whiny, sing-songy unprofessional delivery (speech coach will help)
5) Not compelling or "appointment radio" in the least.
6) Unfocused, slow, rambling pace. It works for Garrison Keillor, but not here.

I'm on your side liberals, but you gotta put some sizzle and pizazz in it if you wanna "catapult the propaganda."


Well, I thought he was female the first time I heard him. He has one the worst radio voices I've ever heard anywhere, let alone a station like KIRO.

His whole show really sounds like some community access program - at best. I really can't figure out what KIRO was thinking. Unprofessional, under-prepared, no new ideas to share...I'll probably never spend the time to listen to him.


He'll die a quiet death on the weekends. He's just another liberal yowler who doesn't let anyone talk. He reminds me of why I'm conservative- it's respect for others points of views. It's the choir preaching to the choir. He won't dare to get guests who disagree with him. He is being used by the Democrats to spread their dangerous message that has ruined the Seattle area. There's not even callers who disagree wtih him. I'm still tuning in Drudge until someone better comes along.(wish someone would)


I think he is OK - but not great.

Too much moveon.org (left leaning blogosphere / netroots) type stuff for my taste. Maybe that's just me.

One big pet peeve is the quality of callers and the duration he lets them ramble for.

If it's apparent after the first 45 seconds that they've said everything that's in their brain worth hearing - politely cut them off and move on.

Anyone remember the pro-life / catholic democrat who went on for what seemed like 12 minutes on Sunday? That just hurt to listen to...


Joanie: I would love to hear James Howard Kunstler on Goldie's or any talk show for that matter. However that would require bringing up the concept of "Peak Oil," which for some reason is a no-go zone for the media, save for the Art Bell show and one brief mention on NPR.

Goldie did mention Jay Inslee's Apollo Energy Project after the Battle of the Blather, but, alas it's not the same as addressing Peak Oil. Will he have the stones to bring it up? Probably not, not if he likes the Entercom paycheck.


Reg: not into learning about new ideas? Shame. Sizzle and pizazz? What's that? Do you get ALL your news from the Daily Show?

Janice: you're no liberal, dear.

Spam: I agree just a teeny tiny bit. A little faster pace could help. BUT, I like that he listens to callers. Giving people a chance to finish thoughts is fine with me. Am listening to Ron Reagan and he does that very well.

I like liberal radio . . . Laura Flanders 4-7 and Goldy 7-10. I wonder what the numbers are for any weekend program: Shiers? Ryder? Also, don't like put-down experts-on-everything like Limbaugh who just do monologes. He's what I call boring. All bluster and spin. But, hey, I liked Erin. So, what do I know?

I think Goldy would talk to Kunstler if he could get him on. Also, bet KIRO wouldn't object . . . sure wish he'd try!

"Science Lecture: KUNSTLER on a Post-Oil Future 6/11/2006"

Yeah, Goldy, on second thought you do have to pick up the pace a bit. I thought your segments with Connelly and Goldmark were the best.


One more thing . . . I'm reading a book called The Disappearing Liberal Intellectual by Eric Lott. He'd be another super guest! He agrees with me and thinks we liberals are just a little too centrist.


I think the show is going well. I listen to the streaming audio version since I can't get KIRO in the Tri-Cities. For someone who has not done alot of radio, Goldstein is doing great and is getting better. I like the subject of Eastern Washington last Sunday and Peter Goldmark was a very good guest. I would have cut the ranting pro-lifer though. She was nuts! As painful as it was to listen to her there it was kind of funny. Bring in Richard Wright next time.
Don't lose this show KIRO!

Daniel K

Here are my responses to your questions:

- Knowing him on the radio, do you like him?

Goldy comes across on radio as friendly and knowledgeable.

- Is he too timid? too much of a smart ass?

Neither are characterizations I would use to describe him.

- Would you want him as the father of your child? grand child?


- Do you like his choice of guests? his treatment of guests? Who would you like to see as a guest?

His choice of guests has been outstanding! His access to guests and their willingness to be guests is a great asset of his. People seem to really want to be on his show.

- Ever feel like calling in? How does he handle callers?

Sometimes, but I hate waiting on hold for such things. As for handling callers, perhaps he lets some talking head wannabe callers go on too long, but the callers can't be faulted for their own passion. Being able to bring that out in people is a good thing, but repeat callers that do so can be a show killer. At some point those people need to get a show of their own instead of hijacking the short time alloted to callers in each hour.

- How's his delivery and voice?

Very good. He is articulate and fluid in his delivery. He knows what he wants to say and says it.

- Does he seem comfortable in the talk medium?

Comfortable? He's like a fish in water!

- If you're a conservative, does his show engage you despite his politics?


- What talk hosts could he emulate to improve?

I'm sure there are many he could learn from, but he has his own voice. As he gets more comfortable with breaking to commercials, ending calls, and pressing buttons, I'm sure other talk show hosts will be listening in to see what they can learn from him!

Daniel K

Reg wrote: "Has guests on that are obscure and discuss issues that seem to have a VERY NARROW FOCUS that I have no interest in and knowledge about"

You must be listening to a different show. I live in Redmond, and I'd wouldn't call Ron Sims, Jay Inslee, Darcy Burner and Peter Goldmark - candidates for Congress, as obscure guests. I'd wouldn't call the Alaskan Way Viaduct, energy, election issues, Congressional campaigns as issues with a narrow focus.

As for your not having any knowledge about these people or issues, perhaps that's why you have no interest in them - but then that's what this show has the ability to do: educate you on why these people and issues should interest you.


He's just another liberal yowler who doesn't let anyone talk. He reminds me of why I'm conservative- it's respect for others points of views.

This comment can't be serious. There were several times on Saturday night (especially when Erica Barnett was on) where callers said some things that were over-the-top ridiculous (like the guy from Sumner who railed about how it wrong for public transit advocates to get him out of his car, but then complained how the transit wasn't convenient for him). Goldy didn't say anything. If anything, his ability to sit quietly when dumb callers say very dumb things is pretty good. Whether that's good for the show in general is another debate.

The bottom line, Iago, is that if you're a conservative because you believe that they have more respect for consenting opinions. Well...you're not the target audience for David Goldstein's show. His show is for people who live in reality.

Boy Named Sue

Will someone please shoot Star! OK...maybe just let him loose.

I'm sick of hearig about Dori Monson's dog!

This guy is not very smart. To criticize Gates and Buffett is plain stupid.


I think Goldy's doing a good job of getting great guests and focusing on the politics. I also think he's a natural and will grow into one of our long-time institutions here.

I'd like to see him branch out to less of the strictly politics issues and focus on other, slightly less political issues like growth management, campaign finance reform, and civic engagement. There are a lot of thoughtful folks out there who could shre their perspective on the issues under the politics.


lago writes: He reminds me of why I'm conservative- it's respect for others points of views.

I just spewed beer all over the screen...

Good one!


Love you Sparky-Dowd! I'm laughing . . . and laughing some more!

Daniel, liked your comments about guests. He really does get good ones for the most part. And I agree he'll get sharper with practice! (Geez, that's what I tell my first graders almost every day . . . )

About that guy who sits on his acreage and commutes to Kent to work who said he'd never get out of his car?


I thought that was kind of a stupid statement - unless, of course, he's very close to retirement.



What can I say? Goldy has done a total of, what, 2 shows of his own, 2 fill in gigs and a "special"? He is remarkabally good at it for someone with such little experience!

Contrary to Reg's bullshit comment above, Goldy is very well prepared---he has remarkable knowledge of numerous local and national political topics. He is also articulate. Even when he is surprised by the breaks, he does a good job transitioning out to a break without stammering or forgetting to announce the station call letters. Most break transitions are very smooth and filled with good information (guest's name, topic, the show's name, call letters, etc.) I don't know how he learned to do that so well, but he sounds like a seasoned pro most of the time.

I am also impressed at the guests he has lined up--twice with very short notice (for the fill-in gigs). For example, I thought the last two segments last night with Peter Goldmark and Dave Neiwert were both outstanding.

Overall, I think this show is a keeper. Goldy is exploring the limits of offering a commercial AM talk radio show that is both intelligent and entertaining. If anyone is going to pull that off on AM radio, it is Goldy!

Daniel K

I think Goldy needs to get one of these and use it when a caller drones on too long: http://www.cowdepot.com/ckclassictoy2.jpg


What are you, Michael, his agent?



"What are you, Michael, his agent?"

Yeah...sure...the KIRO folks just love Michael and are always happy to entertain suggestions he might have for a talk show host....


The Anti KIRO

I am so sick of these Ron and Don guys. Did KIRO pick these guys up at the local gym to "fill-in".

Give me a break KIRO...these guys can barely read the script. Get a respectable intellectual and forget about the failed DJ crowd.

The Anti KIRO

This Goldy crap is cronyism at is worst! Get some talent...I'm tired of all these insiders and ass kissers getting the talk show slots.

Shut up everbody!!!

Daniel K

I'm tired of all these insiders and ass kissers getting the talk show slots.

Insider? Ass kisser?

My, the reality distortion field in these comments is strong.


Rodman: "I would love to hear James Howard Kunstler on Goldie's or any talk show for that matter. However that would require bringing up the concept of "Peak Oil," which for some reason is a no-go zone for the media, save for the Art Bell show and one brief mention on NPR."

Hi Rodman, fyi you may be able to catch Kunstler on Bob Brinker of MoneyTalk. Brinker is a syndicated host with a few hundred stations to include KIRO on the weekend and has had Kunstler on a few times for interviews. Brinker also mentions his book on a regular basis whenever the subject of oil comes up. As you can imagine, over the past six months it has been a regular topic given the impact on the economy.

Well you did ask so here goes. In regards to Goldy, he does have a strong point of view and all but that didn't help Erin Hart or the loyal 'Erinistas.' Goldy probably has no production staff so it is on him and his friends to make it happen. If he would have guests in that would debate with him it could be interesting. The other night he was talking with a guest who shares the same point of view and the discussion was on changes that the blogosphere has brought about. No real mention of the Mary Mapes/Dan Rather fiasco. That was huge in the blogosphere. Imho if you want to be interesting give the other side its due and concede points the otherside has made. For example, Michael has mentioned a number of times his admiration for Carlson and what makes Carlson work. You may disagree with him but Carlson is intellectually honest and works hard to get guests on for debate. In fact, during the whole Rossi-Gregoire recount Goldy was a 'regular' on Carlson and I really admired Goldy for doing that. Goldy is very good in that environment and held his own.
Goldy has been on the inside and successfully stirred the pot to make a political difference as an advocate of his POV. It would also be interesting to hear him discuss that with other successful Bloggers -of all stripes- out there.

Daniel K

No real mention of the Mary Mapes/Dan Rather fiasco. That was huge in the blogosphere.

It was? Must have passed me by.

As for trying to turn Goldy into a mediator I don't see that as something he need do. We have enough wingnut talk show hosts. That Goldy is unabashedly liberally and provides a platform on talk radio for liberal guests and opinions, beyond the mock token liberal debates on wingnut shows is not a problem - it's a plus.


I'd like to thank everybody for the constructive criticism... as for the destructive criticism... not so much.

I expect that it will take me a little while to really find my voice and get entirely confortable with medium, so your feedback is actually very useful.

But just a reminder: this is liberal talk radio, so nobody should ever expect "objective" "fair and balanced" journalism from me. That's not my schtick. That said, I'm more than happy to have people with opposing points of view on my show, and fully expect that after I become a bit more established I'll have a little more success lining them up. Don't forget, I don't have a producer, so I've got to put my shows together myself.

My biggest challenge right now is still time management and learning the proper balance for dealing with callers. I'll get the hang of both.

And in case you're wondering, I look to both John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur as role models of sorts. They've both been very successful in their format, and I see no reason why a similar format coming from a partisan liberal perspective shouldn't be successful in this market.


Oh... and as for me being an insider? Get real.

It took six months of relentless badgering just to get a face-to-face at KIRO. The fact that I was given a regular slot after one show, I can only assume was based on merit. Whether I live up to that promise is up to me.

Dori Monson

I will also use Wilbur and Carlson as my role model!

Goldy doesn't post here you idiot!

The Anti KIRO

"The fact that I was given a regular slot after one show, I can only assume was based on merit."

Sell me a bridge you jerk...one show does not give a guy a talk show! You'll go the way of Prell, Pate, Webb, Hart....

KIRO needs to do some due diligence and get some talent. This isn't a high school radio station. Give Reagan the show...find a true intellect...not some failed DJ or a guy that started a blog in his basement.


Antie KIRO... whatever.

All I'm saying is that they heard enough to give me an extended shot at proving myself. It's Sunday night for chrisakes... it's not like they gave me afternoon drive. I got my foot in the door, and that's all I could have asked for. The rest is up to me.

And keep in mind that neither Kirby Wilbur nor John Carlson came to their shows with prior talk radio experience, so KIRO taking a gamble on me is not so unprecedented. If I suck, I suck. It's not like my slot is the lynchpin of their schedule, and if they made a mistake they'll learn soon enough.


Goldy, you rock.

Auntie...what time is YOUR radio show on?


C'mon Auntie K, we all had to start somewhere . . . even you. Darn, are you a KIRO wannabe? I think you got something there, Sparky!

The Anti KIRO

Maybe I've been listening to too much Styble and Shiers. I think I'm going crazy.

KIRO SHOULD give me a show. Hell I'll work for free instead of that god-damn When Radio Was crap that makes me want to shoot myself.


Stephen Schwartz

Back in the same tack ...

if this si a guests and phone show, you need to try for more diversity.

One great place to start is with the linds of folks who do not show up at Drinkin lib'ls. .. black, hispanic, activists.


You know, Anti-K, anybody who loves radio as much as you do, probably would be good at it! Life isn't so fair sometimes.

Goldy, you need an unpaid intern producer?


goldy's doing great! at last, i can listen to something of substance instead of the usual crap polluting the airwaves (or pipes...however you listen).

the guest lineup has been good. other than being a bit abrupt with callers, i think goldy's been very good....very entertaining...and he seems to get plenty of callers, too.

i like the fact his show exists. what's there to complain about?


Goldy is doing great! And yes, Carlson and Wilbur are perfect models for what Goldy does with the big exception that Goldy will tell the truth!

And James Howard Kunstler would be a good guest only restrict the conversation to writing and his observations on suburbia.

Peak Oil, like y2k which he also went nuts over, is way over overblown.


Peak Oil is a geological fact, not an overblown speculation like Y2K was. The question is sooner? or later?

That's still no excuse for not discussing it at all. Let's get Kunstler (or Richard Heinberg, Michael Ruppert, Matt Simmons, congressmen Bartlett and Udall, etc.) on Goldy's show to debate that issue with Inslee and his Apollo project. Maybe congressman Inslee will convince me. But since Inslee ignored my letter asking him to at least consider joining the congressional Peak Oil Caucus, I highly doubt it.


How's Goldy doin ? Everyone he can and the dumb ones twice...


He sounds totally gay. That's not good radio. Mike Webb, gay as he is, didn't actually sound gay at all.


How does one sound gay? I thought Webb sounded like a bully most of the time - but, I still listened. :)


Hey, if anybody is still up at 2:30 am (our time), Kirby Wilbur is being featured on CSpan. I"m not going to watch . . . but it might be better than Styble.

The Anti KIRO

Joanie, I am always up. Ross to Styble is my title.

I prefer not to watch Mr. Chubby Kirby Wilbur. He reminds me of that science teacher we all had in junior high school. The perky one in the morning that could never shut up and rambled on and on about nothing...

Oh God...Kirby Wilbur on C-SPAN...the end is near!


The real reason the right-wing loonies hate Goldy is because he's a smart Jew.

They don't dare expose their deep-down anti-Semitism, which makes them hate him even more. It's not because he's got more brains in 5 minutes than most of them will have in a lifetime; it's because he's Jewish.

The Jewish community looks askanse (I hope I spelled that right) at the neo-cons because despite their lip-service to supporting Israel, they secretly hate Jews and the only reason they give them the time of day is because the state of Israel plays a part in their apocolyptic visions of the last days, before Jesus comes back and forces the Jews to become Christians.

Which is their secret agenda.


askance....and I agree with your post, Dana.

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