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June 15, 2006


Ted Smith

As a point of reference, KITZ-1400 occupies the frequency that once belonged to KTNT-AM in Tacoma, historically owned by the Tacoma News Tribune along with KTNT-TV (now KSTW) and KTNT-FM (now KBSG). KTNT-AM was sold and became KPMA, a spectacular failure that was soon off the air. The frequency then moved to Silverdale.

Of course, none of this makes Siegel worth listening to.


Not a muck-raking liberal . . . but the prince of radio who rallied the Seattle forces against Exxon at the time of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Give credit where credit due.

blathering michael

I hold muckraking liberals in the highest regard.


I strongly suggest that anyone interested in the topic go find David Foster Wallace's book 'Consider the Lobster.' It's a collection of essays the last of which is an autopsy on the zeitgeist and motives of the late night local conservative talker on LA's KFI.

The essay is also a good primer on radio talk terminology and practices.

Read it and apply it to Siegel who some of us have even heard on KJR-AM flopping around on the deck like a recently speared tuna.

Al Hedstrom

Thanks for the plug. I don't have the time to work my blog nowadays; it's been abandoned. But I appreciate the note.


It's good to get a plug every once in a while...


When Mike Siegel hosted "Coast To Coast AM", some of his former liberalism floated to the top. Of course, George Noory runs circles around him.


I don't always like Randi but she's hot tonight! She finished with Justin Frank (Bush on the Couch) a while ago and now has Scott Ritter as a guest.

Also, she's playing parts of the Congressional debate on financing Iraq. Why can't Kucinich campaign like he debates in front of Congress!

Brian in Lacey wa.

Well Iam still thinking, about how bad KIRO news talk 710am late night is. So how about Scary Gary from behind the glass at 710 kiro and put him and the wonder Chimp on the other side of the glass, There shows would have sevral interviews , how to make home made beer in your trailer.
and of course Girls gone wild in Yelm. ( that should be a good one)
and other interviews ,with men from shelton on how to itch your ass and smell your finger with out getting cought, These are just a few super ideas for the Scary Oh Hair Gary after midnight.
Up and Down Left and right in your FACE its the Scary Gary oh Hairy show ! and remember there planty of parking in the rear. hooty hoo ! ( P.S Stiblehead! or is it stiblehood??)


, George W. "Moose" Bush has the complex of a "little dictator" when he's in front of reporters at a rare press conference. A few years ago he dressed down a fellow for calling him Sir, not Mr. President. Today the little autocrat and narcissist, "Moose"Bush, was not amused by a reporter for the L.A. Times wearing "shades" and gave him an implied order to take off the sunglasses, saying " No, seriously, I'm not interested in the 'shades' look." The reporter politely complied, and later his newspaper infrormed the White House that the offending fellow is legally blind and must wear sunglasses because the sun hurts his eyes "Moose" Bush called him to apologize.


styblehead,styblehead, styblehead,
or could it be styblehood hahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahaha it`s really not funny its just bad radio!


Siegel probably needs to refine his style and listen to the way he sounded back in his heyday at KING and KVI. He was a disappointment on KTTH in the mornings and wonder if he has changed his delivery from then on KITZ and why did he only last a few months in Fargo ? Styblehead is a strange dude, a few good ideas and others out there in leftfield.

Glenn Beck, who is syndicated would be a big improvement for KITZ or even on a Seattle station, which is a poor 2nd in the NW to Portland in talk radio. From the few times I have seen Beck on CNN he is entertaining and seems to engage well with all political factiions.


KS, regarding Glenn Beck. I agree. The first couple of times I saw the show, I was not impressed, however, of late, I have become a fan.


The same Glenn Beck who says he doesnt care if global warming floods Shanghi because all we would miss was little umbrella's for cocktails?



Beck was trying being funny - where's your sense of humor ? He was likely taking a poke at the scare tactics of "An Inconvenient Truth" - Al Gore has become a mucho Enviro-business fund raiser. However, a goodly number of scientists take issue with a number of facts being thrown out in the movie. Granted, there is global climate change and the earth is experiencing a minor warming trend, but not to the extent that the sea level will increase 50 or even 10 feet in the next 50 years along the Atlantic Coast. The trend appears to be a little warmer and wetter in this region over the next half-century.

Oh my, what should we do, sign the Kyoto Treaty tomorrow ? I don't think so - as long as China and India are not being penalized for their carbon emissions - that sucker is way flawed..


Tell that to the goddamned polar bears, you uninformed jerk! Grow up!


"Tell that to the goddamned polar bears, you uninformed jerk! Grow up!"

Now, KS may be many things but he isn't Dr. Doolittle. :)

Also, when it was brought up for a vote -during the Clinton Administration- the Senate voted 95-0 not to ratify.


ah yes, the famous Republican sense of humor...often exhibited by Ann Coulter as she throws out those hilarious zingers about poisoning the Supremes she doesnt like and that Jack Murtha should be fragged by the military.


"Teach a Liberal a talking point, he'll repeat it endlessly, Teach a Liberal to think and he'll vote Republican"
See Sparks, not so hard to play your game. But it just ends up in flames. Is that what you want, to drive away constructive discussion?
You have never heard me utter an opinion citing Ann Coulter. Yet, you had to go there.
Try something new, attack the argument and not the person. Really, it can be liberating!


You have said nothing constructive and you accuse her of driving constructive discussion away? You and your Dr. Doolittle tee-hee?

PS, just go away again.


I was citing Sparks not 'her'
Just another misreading of posts.


That's what I said. You asked Sparky if she wants to drive constructive discussion away. Nothing misread . . . but you did the same thing you accused her of doing. You don't get it, do you?


anyway, your past record of misreading posts and then having to come back on point is fairly well established to any regular reader of this blog.
finally, i was -of course- using sparks technique to point out what she was doing. which i mentioned in that post. fairly self evident.


Oh horsepuckey, PS. You always attack when backed into a corner. Get over it.


It gets so tiresome to follow the conservative rule of " If we say it, its fine, If a liberal says it, its a personal attack-talking point-sign of weakness-antiAmerican-absurd-whatever. " What Coulter and her buddies seem to forget is that we have these fabulous recording devices these days--both video and audio--and what she and others say is easily replayed and is on record. So what you term as "namecalling" is merely a recalling of a proveable statement she made. Period. I cant help it if the words look particularly ugly in print.
What is "constructive" about her words? Did someone in the audience laugh when she said them? This is a frequent maneuver of these folks...when there is public outrage over a comment, the excuse is always " oh it was a joke!"
Approximately 73% of the American public is no longer laughing.

You and everyone else can say anything you want on here PS. Go for it. It's Michael's blog, not mine. But I leave it to Joanie to argue with you because it is important to her teacher's heart to try to convince you that you're misguided.


I believe that Ann Coulter is The Antichrist.


I've been reading all your posts for many eons, and I have always supported the positions of Sparks and Joans....HOWEVER, the provocative, elucidating and well-documented opinions of PS an KS have turned me around! I now hate polar bears and John Murtha and have ordered all Coulter's books, to further enlighten my neo-republican soul! Thanks K&P S; I am truly grateful for your remarkable wisdom!


Also, surely KissasS practices zen meditation in his mountain retreat....he's Dala'i Lama-esque, in my newly-enlightened mind....


i never mentioned ann coulter. i never quoted her or even referenced her.
but its an interesting playground tactic.
can't deal with an argument or a point of view so you throw in somebody else and attribute her thoughts to me. you must win every argument you ever get in.


Joanie is right....


[quote]KITZ-1400 occupies the frequency that once belonged to KTNT-AM in Tacoma...[/quote]

KITZ IS the old KTNT/KPMA. After the News/Trib sold the station, it went bankrupt. The owner kept the license by having his son play automation tapes at the transmitter site from an old remote van. The station, and the bankrupt owner, was moved to Silverdale by a group of businessmen who were successful in their own professions, but knew nothing about broadcasting. The station went belly-up again and went through several management and 2 more ownership changes. Studios currently reside in a small strip mall in Port Orchard, where it operates on automatic pilot. With nearly zero staff, a cheap (county-owned) tower and a traded-out studio, it manages to stay on the air with nearly zero local advertising support.

(Of course, like Ted's expose', none of this means anything, either)...

hugh jass'e aka irven lorance

hey I was mike siegels board op for 2 days until I quit by mutual agreement with mike. WHAT AN ARROGANT PRICK he is.....but I've survived a lot of interesting air- personalities over the years at mega-talk ,life goes on even after mike ha-ha-ha hugh

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