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June 15, 2006



Ok, no more "Styblehead"...I will, from now on, call him "The Sty." Appropriate, methinks.

I have deep respect for Dave's reputation, but he just doesnt do it for me anymore. Desperate times call for passion and the middle of the road stuff makes me think that centrists must LIKE things that Bush does..and I dont understand that at all. But I respect the choices that you all make, so if Dave makes you happy, then so be it.


Jane? I thought she was ordinary, out of breath in the beginning. Those smile lines are more likely wrinkle lines because I hear she smokes like a chimney.

Brian In Lacey wash

Hay I found a super station , in the morning from 8:00 am to 10:00am . its the Scott Coxs Show . 1410am Its a bakersfield am station you can get him on the web the web address is http://www.kernradio.com/ Super show ! Ps Help us late night ! what did we do to KIRO from 1:00am to 5:00am Save us from the Over baked brain on the over night the styblehead


HA ha ha ha styblehead , styblehead, styblehead , styblehead , styblehead , styblehead It is really bad radio ! Ok one more time Styblehead , or is it Styblehood !


Dave Ross and his great reputation are so over-rated. He doesn't have a backbone or a conviction on anything when it counts. While our country is going to hell in a handbasket, and struggling Americans are paying the price (soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq, loss of healthcare, cuts to education programs and college financial aid etc.), Dave chooses to just step back and curiously observe, without one ounce of care, heartbreak or outrage.

He doesn't give a rat's ass what happens to people in this country. With his cushy vacations and $50,000 hybrid car, he's set. What happens to the rest of us, well that's not for him to worry about.

He said it so well last night- "I just sit back and watch." That's Dave's position in a nut shell. But Dave's stance is morally wrong and indefensible. Everyone of us has a moral obligation to care about other people and to work to improve the lives of our fellow man. It's not enough just to sit back and watch this country go down the toilet.


More information, please, on Jane Shannon, for "those os us who don't have to listen to talk radio". Who is she....what's her sun sign?


Geez, MIchael. See what happens when journalists get too cozy with the media? You're sounding a bit like all those Washington press/White House beat reporters. We libs are so easy . . .

Not sure I agree Dori's a strict libertarian - esp. a "non-nonsense" one. I find a lot of what he says to be nonsense. Like you said, it seemed quite comfortable for everyone last night and no one raised any shackles. Too bad.

Oh well, Here's to another four years of Dave and Ron R. winning talk show battles while the neo-cons, conservatons, and nonsensatons continue to keep power in government.


Fremont, Jane is the morning co-anchor along with Gregg Hersholt. He's the lead guy, she reads a few stories and introduces traffic. Even though she's been there a long, long time her personality doesn't really come through, not sure why.


Ultimately, Hood admits to being a FAN of talk radio, so I think there's no question of objectivity to debate.
p.s. You should hear him name drop at DrinkingLiberally. Though, in all fairness, he's in his cups. I also have it from a close source that he's quite galled and jealous of Goldy. One time, his name came up as a Schram substitute on The Commentators....chirp....chirp....chirp.


Bla'M in his cups is horrifying! Don't be allured by Cledening, Bla'M.....he has the heart of a beaked vagina and hates your guts!

The Return of Lukobe

"Dori Monson...[is] a strict no-bullshit libertarian..."

Dori Monson is no strict libertarian. I've heard him espouse PLENTY of non-libertarian viewpoints on his show before. The only real libertarian ever on KIRO was Fred Ebert.


Welcome back, Lukobe!


The real motto for Everett is "Where the Debris Meets the Sea."

And to Joanie, perhaps you meant nobody raised any "hackles," though the raising of some shackles may have added some kinky fun to what sounds like an otherwise humdrum evening.


I wasn't at the EEC, but listened on the radio. I thought for all the "talent" there it should have been a more exciting show. Is that the best KIRO can do? Maybe they needed a better moderator to keep things lively. I thought Jane was a little plain.


Thanks Gregory! Maybe "shackles" exposed my wishful thinking . . .


FYI Hood, Ross read your description of him on the air today...pretty funny listening.


Dori "Moose" Monso was talking about that "Haji Girl" song, a piece of sick, stomach-turning garbage written by an active duty Jarhead to the melody of a Guns and Roses song. The moronic Marine who was videotaped singing his creation in front of a bunch of hooting hollering and ape-grunting fellow Marines, has been identified and forced to apologize by the Marines Corps, although I noticed that he gave one of those chickenshit "non-apology" aplogies ("I apologize to anyone who was offended"...blah blah) instead of a real apology. Anyway there's a part in the song where the sicko crooner sings about holding a little Iraqi girl in front of him as a human shield, and the family of the girl than puts a bullet between her eyes. an astute csller said that since songwriters are known to draw from hteir own experiences to write their songs the Marines should investigate this fellow to see if he's used civilians as human shileds. "Moose" Monson, who isn't bothered by the song whatsoever, immediately blurted out-"well, yeah, I'm sure he would if his life was in danger." The caller pointed out to him that that would be wrong and against the Geneva Conventions. "Moose" Monson seemed to realize his terrible blunder and immediately blurted "The song was just a joke! It wasn't about a real little girl", thus changing the subject and neatly dodging the caller's questioning of his sense of morality.


So I was at the other battles at the glass museum in Tacoma, and at the one in Renton. Both were standing room only. Since I ( an Everett resident and self admitted talk show junkie, no longer listen to Kiro I was not there, and did not listen on the air. Kiro has committed suicide and it is painful to watch. The faithful 250 are probably the entire vast listening audience,. (plays taps, while sun sets in the background. )


Kiro is DEAD. Dave is skating out his contract and Dori has given the management his kool-aid to drink. It is their loss.

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