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June 16, 2006



Whoa! Great articulation, Michael! Thanks because sometimes (as you know) I get caught up in it, too! I agree and never thought Ross was anything but excellent. He gets me ticked from time to time in the same way that Caytie is describing; but, I know he's just trying to keep everybody on board. If he didn't, he'd be preaching to the choir which wouldn't be as productive. He gets people who need to think thinking . . .

You are some awesome writer!


I've never liked Dave Ross. He's one of those people Seattle tells you you're SUPPOSED to like, just to be a decent town citizen. He's a slightly arrogant, slightly passive/agressive litle fellow who's very, very well-pleased with himself and his deep voice. And I agree with Caytie that he just seems to be stuck in his smug, ironic little bubble, as he looks down upon all of us with amusement. Bubble Boy Ross. I don't have a strong feeling against Ross like I do with "Moose" Monson or Blabbber Styble, he's just too much of a milktoast for that.


I see a difference between the pre-congressional run and post-congressional run Dave.

I think the run really opened Dave's eyes to how the system really works, or doesn't work, and has come to realize it doesn't matter one damn bit who wins.

Personally, it sounds like he's realized that the voting public is a bunch of sheep that respond to non-issues and sound bites, and therefore any real candidate doesn't stand a chance.

These days he sounds a helluva lot less naive, and I don't think he really gives a flying crap about the political system. Now it's more frustration and resignation in his show than before, where there seemed to be at least some positive outlook on the whole political process.


Dave Ross never should have been picked by Berendt to run in the 8th district nor should he have run. He was an easy target for the Rep smear machine plus he swore to run a "nice campaign" and so never answered any of the daily hate mail sent out by the Repugnacians.


Maybe my criticism of his show ( not him necessarily) is that I dont learn anything. I know I am the Fan Club President for Thom Hartmann around here...but his show is appealing to me because of his vast knowledge of history, and I learn something amazing every show I listen to.
I have also said a lot of times on here that when one does not live in the Seattle/King County area, what is considered a "local issue" is much different.
If the right wing wants to call me "extreme" because I care about my country and I am very worried about what is happening to it, then so be it. While they are busy namecalling, I will be working to help progressive thinkers take back the country. We have many tools to do so and if Air America disappeared tomorrow, we could still manage.
Just sayin'.....


DailyKos scares no one. In fact, more of their OWN "diaries" need to be publicized in order to highlight the loons that populate the far/near left.


Eloquent, Bla'M! AMEN!


I think it is a republican "talking point" to sell the idea that the left has been taken over by far left libs. Some people buy it. I don't.

When push comes to shove, we still have the same needs we had during FDR's reign; but, the right has made such a mockery of our social structure - so emotionalized our social needs - that until enough people are hurting a whole lot more, we're going to be stuck with this cartoon that the right is selling. Those of us on the far left are simplly clearer thinkers, more independent thinkers, more visionary and just waiting for the rest of you to catch up.

Dave is less naive since his run and that's a good thing. I listen more often to Thom but still have great respect and high regard for Dave.


So the reason that the right is attacking Daily Kos on an hourly basis is because they are feeling "grumpy"?



Sparky, we libs can never be as calculatedly dishonest as the right. I'm resigned to the US hitting absolute bottom before it gets a conscience again.

And don't tell me, Michael, to get active. I do and I am . . . but feeling powerless in the face of a hate-filled right seems to negate all my efforts.

TOM CLENDENING: Tell Tina to put up Dave's line up earlier. Whenever I try to check his line up for the morning, it's usually not up yet - if at all. I will often listen if I know what to expect. Or keep it a mystery and lose me and maybe others as well. . . (Put it up before 9:00!) You can see Al's the day before!


Dave's an empty suit, always has been. Easily manipulated by producers and others.


"I think it is a republican "talking point" to sell the idea that the left has been taken over by far left libs."
How could my dream come true be a repug talking point? How ironic! "Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom."
Anatole France


Realizing I am taking a risk by contributing to this conversation - I'll just throw a few things out there....

I produce the Dave Ross show. Michael articulated things very well in his response to Caytie. I only have a tiny bit to add.

I know that Dave takes his job very seriously. I get emails from him at 5am about what he wants to talk about that day - and right now it is after 3pm and he just emailed me twice about things to do on Monday. To say he doesn't care is just plain wrong.

It is not Dave's job to save the world. Nor is it mine - I made a choice to be a talk show producer, I haven't run for office, worked for the democratic party nor have I joined the Peace Corps..and so neither Dave nor I are claiming to have some type of commitment to saving anything or anyone. We simply chose to deliver the news and encourage people to talk about it.

Dave has power - yes - a microphone and a 3 hour show everyday is very powerful. But he is not irresponsible with that power.

Our job is largely to entertain --- to keep you listening....in that context - we have a choice - do we just simply entertain (like a Jerry Springer??) or ...do we take that responsibility seriously and so start a conversation? I think on the Dave Ross show we begin conversations - or we continue them. We cover the news of the day - in a talk show format; more in depth and we include the community.

It's a delicate balance. To entertain, to support public discourse - to stay on the air - to hope we aren't boring or redundant - to pay the bills.

That's all.

Oh, and to J...thanks! Tom Clendening got on me about posting me show sheet on the website earlier. I told him what I will tell you - I put it up as soon as we decide finally what we are going to do on the show -- which is often about 8:30am - sometimes later. We talk about news that is up to the minute--so if you want to hear what's happening right now - tune in -- if you want to know what happened last week, buy a magazine.


Tina, if you want me to tune in, tell me what I'm gonna hear. If you don't want me to tune in, do it your way. Eight-thirty is fine. But you don't often do it. I've looked.

There's lots of other radio out there and as you can see, we are finding it.

If you read my posts above, you'll see that I love Dave. I'm not one of the people you should want to piss off. But, have it your way.


Okay, Michael, your points are excellent and well taken. Tina's are too!

Just so you know, for six years I listened faithfully to Dave and really enjoyed his program. It was THE show I tuned into daily. Perhaps I was imagining it, but he seemed more empathetic back then. He was cerebral for sure, but he had a little heart to go with it. I loved Dave's show.

In my opinion the heart has gone out of his program, and what is left is intellect and curious observation, plain and simple. To me the word "progressive" does not seem appropriate when describing Dave Ross. He is certainly fair and measured every step of the way. But "progressive"? No way.

In recent months I have discovered
Thom Hartman on AM 1090. Thom has a sharp mind (just like Dave's), but the difference is that Thom has some fire in his belly to go with it. He has all the facts to back up him up, and enough passion to show he cares.


Thom's historical knowledge comes and goes...like his whopper that 'no election was stolen until 2000'. I guess he forgot about Tilden/Hayes, Kennedy/Nixon, Jefferson/Adams, Adams/Jackson. All close elections with much evidence of stealing.


I agree with Caytie. Dave's show is like going to a baseball game where the game is well umpired. The ump is fair, knows the rules and calls a good game and when you go home you know the ump really had no part in the outcome of the game. Thom is that pitcher out on the mound....competing, passionate, skilled and interesting.

(Dori on the other hand is the loud mouth blowhard in the bleachers, who barely knows the game, had a few too many brews, and thinks he can play the game better then the real players on the field)


hey hippies, how did that george bush protest go for ya?

15 whole people??? I guess you were there in spirit, right?


We didnt need to be there...we already knew what he would say because his canned speech never varies:
Gays are bad
flag burning is bad
Tax cuts are good
Anything that's good for corporate America is good for America
Liberals are bad

Life is short. I have better things to do than waste my time on a has-been loser like Bush


Very nice analogy, Ron.

I agree Dave is more jaded than before and some of the spark is missing.

But, aren't all progressives/libs getting depressed about the state of this country and how many people seem to think it is okay? Dave says we get what we deserve - what we vote for. Is he wrong? So Bush's poll numbers are down, doesn't mean people aren't still drinking the right-wing koolaid. Nobody has convinced me this next election will be any different.

And poor Dave saw it first-hand. He thought a candidate who was truthful and reasonable could win the day. He knows better now. Hard to be passionate when you know sound bites and swift-boat lies have more impact than reason and truth. Too many of us are that dumbed-down propagandized electorate.


joanie:"And poor Dave saw it first-hand. He thought a candidate who was truthful and reasonable could win the day. He knows better now."

Bulllllloooney. Sorry, but Dave ran a crappy campaign that ignored whole swaths of the 8th. He seemed to never leave the bubble of Mercer Island/Bellevue. Reichert, for his faults, was out there pounding the pavement in places in the 8th where he didn't need to worry about. Where was Dave????


I think he has gotten bland. He'll skewer some mope with a very subtle question that undercuts the bs entirely, but then doesn't make any effort to give it bite or make it clear in follow up.

I have enjoyed Dave's show, but he always starts with the assumption that people have all the information,but just don't care. He downplays media manipulation of the public, believing that the vast majority are knowledgable but driven purely by economic motives.

He predicted that the public would throw Bush out if there were no WMDs found. Instead of admitting he doesn't really understand what motivates people, he keeps dragging out the same old reasoning, for the most part delegating media control to the fringe bin in his discussions.

Also, I think he may have always lacked empathetic compassion for the confused and ignorant. Like, fuck em if they cant take the time to look critically at their news sources!

On the other hand, elitists can sometimes do great work in DC. Once in I think he would have been hard to dislodge.


Mr. B. Michael: "Caytie: They are not extreme; you are not extreme; opposing the Republican party is not extreme. The framing of this- and pushing wedges between us and the candidates, activists, and voices who can win in November is their goal."

Excuse me, but it isn't Karl Rove who is dictating Caytie's thoughts. The hard left is eating its own because the rest of the Democratic Party isn't on board with their program. Who has been hardest on folks like Hillary Clinton, Joe Liberman, anyone connected with the DLC, and Maria Cantwell? Not Republicans! Kevin Drum said it best in regards to Iraq and the Democrats:

"The problem isn't that Democrats are unwilling to craft a compelling message, the problem is that there are deep and genuine divisions among Democrats that are simply not going to go away. Even if there were a compelling message just waiting to be crafted — about which I have my doubts — what possible message would satisfy Joe Biden, John Murtha, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, and Joe Lieberman? It doesn't exist. At the very top levels, senior Democrats disagree strongly and deeply about what we should do in Iraq...There's no question that Democrats ought to get their act together and put up a united front on Iraq. But how can they do that when no one agrees on what that front should be?"

The Republicans don't need to 'paint' you as anything, when the Democrats seem hellbent on self-destructing.


KB, I don't really disagree with you. Perhaps that is part of our depression. As Goldy said on his show tonight, the left is composed of people on the fringes . . . we are a much more eclectic group of people typically than are republicans.

I would go one step further, however. I think both parties are so corporate-beholden that neither party functions for the benefit of the people. Hard to have a message or authentic values when that's the situation. Republican voters don't seem to care much about that. We progressive dems are pretty mad about it.


Also, KB, I don't live in the 8th and perhaps you are right that Dave just didn't give it enough shoe leather or shake enough hands. Makes a difference.


joanie: "I think both parties are so corporate-beholden that neither party functions for the benefit of the people."

Well, can't disagree with you there. At least the Republicans are 'open' about where their interests lie.


Dave and the Dems had no answer for the daily mailings that portrayed him as a Socialist Son of Satan. Bad news for Darcy, Riechart's already starting the mail flood and the Dems have sent nothing.


Glad you brought that up, Rosco. Cause there was nothing interesting on radio or TV so I listened on line to Open Source, last weeks show:"America's Dirty Elections" & "Democrats: a Message Problem"

Lydon's guest for Americas Dirty Elections was Andrew Gumbel who wrote "Steal this vote" and it is an awesome look at our system in general. I learned things I never knew before like why such a large percentage of lower class people don't vote . . . very interesting.

If anyone does go to this link (LOL), click on the podcast and you'll get a menu of all the shows including the two I'm recommending. Really worth the listen.

The Anti KIRO

Van Dyne said in closing that each night his show gets a little bit better and better...

better than what? When radio was...

He needs to apply at that oldies station where Shiers works and start spinning the CD's aagin.

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