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June 08, 2006


Daniel K

Good for KIRO. Well done Goldy!


With a little work, he should do just fine. Good Luck Goldy!


Mazel tov!

Foaming Solvent

The 9 pm to 1 am weekday slot on KIRO, before Mike Webb, was occupied by Bryan Suits. So it was hardly "traditionally held by liberals."


OH--and let's all send Dori congratulatory email on the hiring of his newest colleague!!

Foaming Solvent

And before Suits it was Drake Collier.

You just WANT it to be held by liberals. Your delusions become your reality.


Not a huge fan of Goldstein's politics - but he's not a bad talker. Improvement over Turi Ryder.

Who's that other guy they've been having on in the same time slot the last few days? (the one who interviewed Tim Eyman) I keep missing his name - but he does a good show.

KIRO's definitely been moving in the right direction lately... just need to get NY Vinnie out of the picture...


Ron and Don were roasting Dori over claiming he won the battle of the talk show hosts for the last ten years in a row, they acknowledged that some said Allen Prell had one, and they said his name on the air about ten times. So Dori calls in on his cel phone and wouldn't mention Prell by name, said he wont the battle with ratings and then bitched about them defying his order not to change the temperature in the studio. He also eluded to him and Dave Ross having authority over such matters in the studio. I think Dori must have honestyl been pissed off.

Oh, how sweet it is. And here I was already having such a wonderfull day. Suck it Monson, you conceited lying turd.

Ted Smith

Goldy also deserves credit for exposing Mike "Heckuva Job" Brown's lack of qualifications to head FEMA.


Sweet, now I just need a radio.


Thank a diety! I've got something to listen to on Sundays between 7 and 10. There go the Young Turks Sparky! Won't miss 'em a bit.

BTW, did anyone hear on the news Rumsfelt describe Al-Zarqawi as someone responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people? I thought that illustrious description should have been applied to Mr. Bush as well. I wonder which of them has been responsible for the most innocent deaths?






Sorry, it should read . . .

Fremont, what have you started? Isn't this a wonderful use of your bandwidth Michael?


I may listen to him periodically, especially if he dares to have Sharkansky on - his so-called conservative blogging rival. We all know that he is a Democrat operative at heart, which is OK as long as he engages in honest debate.


And we all know how "periodically" you listen to anything other than fox and other right-wing outlets. Thanks for the admission.


I dont listen to AA at night..I switch to KGO...Karel is good sometimes, but when he isnt, I will listen to Goldy...


What do you think of Malloy? I stream him because he doesn't come on until 10 pm on KPTK.

Goldy, just reading your thank you column on HA . . . the hard part begins now. Everybody loves ya until you get the job. Now, you're going to see the other side of the business and its listeners! GOOD LUCK!

Also, as for being a "colleague" of Monsons? Yuck! I guess in radio there's no picking your ASS-ociates!


Should have said your "HORSE'S ASS-ociates!"

Eric t

Joanie, you are quite the poster girl for Savages most recent best seller, "The Political Zoo".! Your unfortunate mental illness has led you to actually believe that a beast such as Al-Zarqawi who has openly boasted of his beheadings (some of which are documented on tape) of live human beings while screaming God is great in arabic, is somehow comparable to President George W. Bushs' attack on a facist run country like Iraq was under Saddam Hussien. You need to find psychiatric help as does Michael Berg who blames Bush for Al-Zarqawi's beheading of his son, who was only in Iraq to try to help those people. You are mentally ill Joanie as is Michael Hood and many others in this liberally infested website and area! American is the most caring, giving and liberating country in the history of recorded mankind. You should be proud of this country and teach your young to respect what we have done to better the world. The USA detractors in the world are jealous of us. Jealousy breeds hatred. But don't confuse the two. They are intertwined. Good luck to you Jodie and the others on this blog. You need to reflect. Eric T


Have another drink, Eric, and go to bed.

Nightie, night;
sleep tight;
don't let the bed bugs bite. :)


These marshmallows you're throwing at Goldy - every now & then one of them has a peppercorn in it! I presume you'll bring the tabasco once he settles in. I've gotta figure out how to get my AM band to work now.

Eric t

You couldn't argue intelligently if you head was on the Islamofacists chopping block! I don't drink bitch!


Joanie - you are full of yourself and don't know of what you speak - so continue to blather away on this blog.

I also challenge you to read the "Political Zoo" Warning - it will degrade many of your political icons on the left and also a goodly number on the right. Let me know if you decide to - instead of hiding behind your Fox news/Right wing talk shows are a waste of time and insult to intelligent. BTW - I listened to Stephanie Miller on AA this morning - what an intellectual lift !


Eric was being a bit harsh - eh ?. He must have had an OD of verbal jousting with the dipstick dunderheads over there at Horsesass.org.


What makes you think Michael Savage is credible about anything? I mean, who is he? What gives him any credibility at all? Just curious . . . why do you think you should listen to him? Next you'll be telling me to read Ann Coulter!

How many times do I have to tell you I get most of my information from C-Span. I watch it as it happens . . . don't let anybody do my thinkin' for me. . . we've been over this one before.

And Eric, that was quite harsh but I know you didn't mean it. So, all is forgiven. :)

Brian in Lacey wa

So I see Kiro is working on buring Miss Ryder can you beleve that ! and they keep, The Over Size baked Brain , the styblehead ( really I cant joke about it . Its just really bad radio !!!!!!) I just dont get it ?? what did we do too Tom and Kiro?? I sure The StybleHead is still dating Toms twin Sister , but some body needs to step up to the plate and ask Tom Sister for a Date to Save us Late night ! Hooty hoo !


I wonder What Bryan Stible from Kiro new talk 710 . rating are from 1:00am to 5:00 its got to be really bad did you hear the interview the other morning he did Bryan Styble talked the hole time and the guy he wa interviewing never got to talk it was all about Bryan Styble .


Joanie, they really hate it when you drag their Alvin and the Chipmunks through the dirt...metaphorically speaking, of course.


Congrats to Goldy for his job at KIRO. I think it's time for a career change for the permanently sarcastic Turi Ryder, whose particular radio schtick may have served her moderately well for a couple decades but does not now. Goldy replacing Turi is another step in a continuum of making KIRO a positive , great station once again. The firing of Erin Hart and Mike Webb, and the apparent resignation (whether under duress or not) of Lou Pate were three huge first steps in turning the good ship KIRO around. I believe all three of these hosts to be negative, nasty, and generally bad people. I hope that the upcoming fraud trial of Herr Webb, will be well covered both here and in the media. If Webb does some last minute chickenshit guilty plea in exchange for probation, after proclaiming his innocence for months, I want to know about it. Finally, enough with local boy Dori Monson. A replacement seems in order here as well, for the pimply-voiced "poltroon of the afternoon", who constantly subjects us to his prissy, judgmental rantings, which are informed by his overweaning hubris and conceit over having raised himself up to a self-proclaimed six-figure income at KIRO from an impoverished background on the mean streets of Ballard.

Soul Patrol

I thought Dori would quit his job after he won on "American Idol."


I believe that Eric was joking about Joanie about as much as I believe that Farenheit 911 was a factual movie (Hint: Michael Moore is being sued for $85 million in damages by a paraplegic, who claims he distorted what he said in the movie, which he clearly did, but the $85 million amount is over the top). I'd say Eric meant it, but that's OK thanks to the 1st amendment. By the tone of his thread, I don't think he really cares much for this blog.

Partisan hack ! You will listen to Air America with Malloy, Stephanie Miller, Garofalo and Al Franken who are all as ascerbic as Savage. You are selectively naive about Michael Savage, who has more credibility than the AA shock talkers combined and his higher ratings nationally than any of them shows it. Not to say that Savage is not a shock talker - he is tough to hear sometimes, but he has the intelligence and objectivity to bash both the right and the left and is quick-witted and creative about that in his new book - the political zoo and does it with considerably more class than Ann Coulter, However Air America typically embraces the far left regardless (including on occasion; criminals, illegal aliens, pinkos, perverts, the ACLU) because it is against their religion to objectively criticize them. That is why I don't like the far left - they are intellectually dishonest because they are so insecure about living in a lawful society because it cramps their style and would rather see totalitarianism with them in control. I expect a counter argument about the right and I'll also consider the source. With that said, I acknowledge that the far right clearly has their faults and insecurities also. I do not have cable, thus seldom do I watch Fox News.


So, Klueless, where'd you find this information on the veteran's suit against Michael Moore? Just curious . . . where did you hear it?


See this link;

as for your post commentary - talk to the hand...



You sound like a kid who lives on a farm in a rural area (maybe Eastern Oregon?), probably still live with your Mom and Dad - Does your Momma know you have been listening to Michael Savage? I'm sure still a virgin...which is a good thing. You also sound like a bright young man who will probably figure things out on his own once you get some life experiences. I would suggest joining the service, but that has been a terrible waste of youth of late. Get out of your room son, there is a great big world out there. Don't just rely on talk radio and the internet.

Good Luck...do your chores first. Oh, and stay away from loose women...or men, whatever your druthers...I'm not here to judge you son.


yeah, KS, let go of your cock, and grab a sock...


Ah, Klueless! There you go - proving my point! FOX, FOX, FOX! See, I keep tellin' you!


Sparky, I finally listened to Gene Burns. He's pretty good . . . I listened to his discussion about Prop 82 failing 60% to 40%. That is the California universal preschool initiative. Did you hear him? What d'ya think?


No I missed that one. The religious right twisted that pre-school thing into being something where teachers wanted to get an early start ( preschool ) on the indoctrination of children into becoming homosexuals.


Really? That didn't come up during the parts of the show to which I listented. I was sort of in and out . . . but somehow I would have thought that Californians would be a little more progressive than that!

I did hear something about Reiner (whom I like) mishandling something financial and also something about Montesorri teachers/schools complaining that it would put them out of business. . .

I wish I'd tuned in earlier and listened better! It was an interesting show and Burns kept it going at a good pace.


That was featured a few weeks ago --the effort was led by James Dobson, who was telling his flock to withdraw their kids from public schools if this thing passed.

Luigi Giovanni

Michael, Entercom and KIRO still suck.

Eric t

Well Joanie, I'm sure your not a virgin as you asked KS! I wouldn't touch your privates without a fumigation kit first! In fact
Joanie, I believe that a mind as infected as yours should be interred and saved for research in the event that we sane individuals win the cultural war. If you ever become as intellectually superior as you think you are, I could let you into my inner circle. However, little mind, you have not exhibited that ability up to this point! Peace and Love Jodie!

Eric t

Would you queers like to indoctrinate children into thinking that queers are normal?


"Well Joanie, I'm sure your not a virgin as you asked KS! I wouldn't touch your privates without a fumigation kit first! "

Eric, get yourself some glasses, get back on the meds, and reread the above posts.


Here, joanie, a news organization more your style... or this one for the Michael Moore story.

As for Goldy's new job, I think it's great as long as he doesn't go into Mike Webb style. I don't think he will, as he's commented about the graciousness of Carlson and Wilbur at KVI in treating him and that seems to have made an impression.

Is this part of some grooming plan if Dave Ross leaves next year, as rumored?


Off topic, Mr. Blathering Michael, but a good follow-up to your lovefest of Maureen Dowd last Saturday:

Kos: “Maureen Dowd is an Insecure, Catty Bitch


Thanks KB. I'd already found it on a local site in Suffolk County - little closer to its home.

I just wanted to know where KS got it and I found out, didn't I.

Better be careful, Michael. I might sue you! i"m sure you have deep pockets and afterall, it doesn't matter if you're guilty or not. All I have to do is file the paperwork and you're toast! (Remember when you told me there was no shutting me up? Well, I've suffered from post-traumatic stress ever since . . . and I'll be laughing all the way to bank!)


Eric T is soberly sane and Joanie, you are clearly demented with your air of empty superiority and you might convince us that you are suffering from PTS, but a closer look would reveal that it is PMS.

The CBS story says the same as the Fox News story about Michael Moore, the fraud... Guess it doesn't matter who did the story. Aw, did we expose one of your media heroes - get back on your meds and have a nice day ! Oh Geez ! I have lowered myself down to close to Joanie's level, which is even with Ann Coulter - so I am going to take a hiatus from here.

Back to the topic at hand; If Goldstein cleans up his act and starts acting more objective and less like Democrat party operative hack, he might last longer than 9 months. He has the talent to do that, but believe that he is too infected..


Now what would you know about PMS? Come clean, Klueless. . . might be a book in this! :)

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