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May 30, 2006



Frank who?


Darn! I wanted to hear Murtha with McDermott and forgot about it! Why didn't he have Pelosi on yesterday? I wouldn't mind missing her as much.

Thanks for the reference to the attempt to limit cable access by big corps. Serious issue . . . hope everyone pays attention and gets the word out. Didn't know the Christian Coalition was fighting it too - that's good.

Shiers has a good radio voice? Ew!


Also, Shiers is emulating a barely first-tier radio host - Monson. Some might say second tier? Too bad he's not in the Ross league. I don't think I've ever heard Ross name-call to get ratings . . .


I would have to think that Dave-bashing would create a backlash from listeners. Even Dori is begrudingly respectful of Dave....


On the immigration issue. Isn't it interesting that if the President really wanted to lead, and if the Republican's were really interested in letting every one vote, the issue would be solved quickly as there is easily a majority in both houses for the Senate plan, which is in line with the President's plan. It is only because the President is letting the GOP leadership in the house avoid a vote unless a majority of Republicans agree that is preventing the President from getting the bill he wants.

The Truth Man

... our hero, and favorite militarist Rep. John Murtha, the brave Congressman and decorated Marine who's enduring the perfervid Republican mudhoney smearing him as unpatriotic and a liar but who still speaks out against Bush's violent fool's errand and for the troops in Iraq.

John Murtha was involved in the ABSCAM bribery scandals of the 1980's and got away with it on a technicality...hero...give me a break! How soon we forget history!


"John Murtha was involved in the ABSCAM bribery scandals of the 1980's and got away with it on a technicality...hero...give me a break! How soon we forget history!"

So, then, what are your thoughts about Oliver North, there, Truth Man? How far to the right does your history filter go?


Horse's Ass Defends Marines- Brian Suits, KVI's resident bore about all things military, yesterday took on Rep. Murtha, condemning him and his charges of Marines in Iraq comititng murder. Without telling us how he knows this, but in hie typical smug, "inside baseball" manner he gets when talking military, he went on to give a benign, exculpatory version of what the Marines did on the day in question in Habitha. Unfortunately, however authoritatively he may bloviate on this matter, Suits doesn't know whether the Marines are murderers or not, and nor do I, since the matter is still being investigated. I say let the investigation run it's course before trying to either condemn the Marines or exonerate them.

The Truth Man

Oliver North left government in disgrace and he's now a know-nothing on TV. Murtha is all of a sudden considered an "expert on foreign and military affairs".

We live in a culture of corruption. Government cannot be trusted, left or right.


Truthiness Man:

You need to stop reading Freep and CNS:

In the probe of what became known as the Abscam bribery scandal, Murtha was the only congressman involved in the complex case to emerge without facing criminal charges. He declared he was innocent, saying he had "met with two men who I believed had a substantial line of credit that could provide up to 1,000 jobs for the district. I broke no law. I took no money." A grand jury and the House ethics panel cleared Murtha of any wrongdoing.

Source: http://asp.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/CandidateProfile.aspx?ci=462&oi=H


The only reason Dori doesn't insult Dave (who I think he secretly envies and resents because of Dave's superior intellect) is because he knows he could never get away with it--the villagers would show up at his eastside dwelling with torches and pitchforks.

Dori has no balls, and neither does Frank Shiers.


I heard today on "The Taters" that Brian Suits recieved a purple heart in Iraq. What happened? How did he get it?
Also I can't believe that huh, umm, that Frank Shiers dude called Dave Ross treasonous-thats outrageous! Frank is just jealous because Daves debating skills are a quantum leap further along than Shiers. Frank is nothing but a coward. Daves in China fercryinoutloud!


Thanks JDB! Truthiness abounds on the right!

A little like a military man is overstepping his bounds to suggest an alternative to war . . . LOL! (Re: lest we forget thread . . . )

Last I heard, Dori lived in Shoreline area. Did he move?


Frank you guys don,t like, but at least have a reason for your dislike other then "smug" If that is the test of likeabilty then many a poster must have few friends


Ugh...can you imagine being in a Shiers classroom and having to hear him say, "ok?" ... "right?' every 10 seconds...


If you think we started and stopped with "smug," you haven't been paying attention.

Mike Malloy is full of venom tonight! He just said we went from Rhodes Scholar to Village Idiot! I need a fix of venom every now and then. Thank god for Mike!


OK - my truthiness detector is going all wonky...

..."insinuated that Dave Ross would use the incident of Marines"...

I think I heard the same broadcast - and I very distinctly got the impression he was suggesting Baghdad Jim was the one who was going to go on the attack...

besides - isn't / wasn't Dave Ross off the air in the days following Frank Sheir's apparent insinuation?

This is all making about as much sense as Mike Webb's defense case.

What's up Mr. Blather? I can only assume someone must have hacked your computer in order to make this post...


"I'm the decider!"- A village in Texas is missing it's idiot.


Tonight Frank Shiers did a marathon performance of pretending to be laughing and talking at the same time, as he spewed ridicule on those who believe the raid on a Congressman's office by the Executive Branch was an Uncnstitutional outrage. The mirthless, faux laughter irritated and annoyed thousands of listeners each minute and extended his already unbeatable lead in the running for title of Seattle's Most Asinine Radio Personality- Ever. OK Frank- now, sue me! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahah


You're correct is saying that you only THINK you heard the same broadcast because you've got it wrong--you must not have been paying attention.

I DID hear it and Shiers did directly impugn Dave's patriotism and insinuated that he would say something treasonous.

Calling Jim McDermott "Bogdad Jim" -- Jim's been called worse than that by people better than Shiers (which isn't saying much); I'm sure that in Jim McDermott's world, people like Shiers are no more significant than buzzing little flies to be brushed off.

In Shiers world, however, Dave Ross is a fellow-employee (certainly not a colleague, since he doesn't have a fraction of Dave's mental equipment)and the talk-show hosts won't even allow callers to criticize their fellow talk-show hosts, much less do it to each other on-air.

Shiers violated a BIG taboo and I hope his punishment is that he remains a 2nd-tier talker at KIRO and is forced to daily have his nose rubbed in how superior in intellect, wit, and wisdom Dave Ross is.


Uh-oh Mike, looks like you've incurred the wrath of wingnut wide-load (I know, that doesn't narrow it down) Fat-ass Maloney

Sure enough, McDermott- supporters, such as liberal talk radio blogger Blatherwatch, are busy eating up this exercise in political kookdom

Yeah thanks for that. Now lets rewind the tapes & remember who you supported in '88:

Rumsfeld /Saddam Human Rights fest '88


Oh, and by the way Maloney... The reason McDermott keeps winning is because he serves our district well (gasp!), and because the last opponent the GOP set-up against him had an abortion meter on her website. Yeah, that'll win you votes - a whole 20%


One of the smartest things KIRO ever did was to remove the incessant whining of Brian Baloney, the Radio Fertilizer from the airwaves. His high pitched voice would grow higher and higher with each whine and it was unlistenable.


Tommy, he rehearsed the "Jefferson-freezer" laughing routine a couple of nights ago. Didn't get a lot of calls so must have thought it needed a replay . . . glad to hear it sounded just as stupid the second time.


Sparky, tell Stodge the new Dodge police car comes with a Hemi and 340 horsepower.



Hey, Sunday would be Bleithe's 53 birthday :(


Another point about Shiers- I suspect his neocon views are manufactured because he knows that is where the market for talk hosts is (or was). I knew Shiers at WSU and he was no conservative then in politics or morals. But he was entreprenurial even then.


> ...Shiers did directly impugn Dave's patriotism and insinuated that he would say something treasonous.

If I recall, Frank repeatedly suggested "someone" would be doing something like that on KIRO in the coming days.

Dave Ross hasn't been on the air this week, and Frank presumably knew the upcoming schedule as well as anyone.

why the heck would Frank suggest Dave was going to do something knowning he wouldn't be on the air in the immediate future?

Wouldn't it make far more sense he was referring to Jim Mcdermot? Did he ever mention Dave by name?


I like Tommy008's description of Frank
Shiers's "mirthless, faux laughter." It is what drives me and my husband crazy. We turn off the radio or go over and listen to Laura Ingraham. he is truly the most obnoxious voice on the radio and we are conservatives and usually agree with him. We don't love Laura- she laughs too much too.


"Wouldn't it make far more sense he was referring to Jim Mcdermot? Did he ever mention Dave by name?"

Yes he did. (He impugned Jim McDermott by name too but Jim isn't a fellow talk-show host.)

He kind of tossed it off, possibly hoping no one would notice (because he IS a chickenshit little turd with no testicles at all) but I did.

Listen to the tape; it was between 9:15 and 9:30 on Saturday night.

The Truth Man

There's no accountability in talk radio that's why hacks like Monson, Hannity, Shiers, Ron and Bomb, Webb and others can just speak nonsense all the time.

They inflame thier listeners to get them to stay tuned. It's a ridiculous medium. Intellectuals like myself avoid it.

The Truth Man

Ron and Bomb!

Nothing is more irritating than listening to 2 shock jocks trying to be smart and intellectual. "We read the papers so you don't have to..." I doubt these guys could get passed the cartoons.

Talk radio is a ridiculous medium. Intellectuals like myself avoid it.


No you don't. You must be listening or you wouldn't be here...Mr. Psuedo Intellectual.

Frank, have some testicles and post under your REAL name.

The Truth Man

As an intellectual, this is how I break it down:

Dave Ross...intelligent cohesive arguments about the issues

Ron Reagan...solid assessment of the critical stories of the day

Dori Monson...a dangerous man that truly believes he understands the issues...a guy with a degree in business, a background as a sports announcer that is suddenly a expert on public policy and foreign affairs.

Ron and Don...an embarassment of failed DJ's trying to be serious

NY Vinnie...sports talk does not belong on a news station

Frank Shiers...another DJ trying to find a new career

Bryan Styble...an intersting, demented guy that actually has some level of intelligence, albeit trivial.


so glad you are avoiding KIRO :-)


so glad you are avoiding KIRO :-)


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