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May 23, 2006



Feet in the stirrups O'Reilly, here comes a smear! (or two)

Billdo says: "I will call for a total boycott of Mexican goods and no travel to your country"

Will we see yet another ass-picked O'Reilly journal to prove his success? Should we expect to see "The Mexico Business Review"?

But thankgod that Billdo won't have to boycott his favorite exports: Luffahs & Falafels. (Though I'm sure a boycott on Arabic goods can't be that far behind)




It sounds like Mike is sinking into the depths of some kind of mental illness....

There are lots of things Dave and John could be talking about from the national scene. Hello? Health care, education, treating our troops right after they come home, energy policies, how the constitution is being disassembled bit by bit, wiretapping the media, etc etc etc. This is my beef with "local" programming..after awhile, there is nothing left to say about the monorail and sound transit and Tim Pyeman. Apparently there are people who agree with me if DAVE isnt getting callers. Thom Hartmann does a 3 hour local show on KPOJ before broadcasting his national show, but he manages to tie local issues into what is happening nationally and locally.


Hey, the one about the conservative with the wife and kids and a boyfriend in college is right up that conservative alley - they love reformed anything! Just proves their point that it is a choice! He could be their poster boy!

I think Dave is getting his audience back slowly - there is a market for local and he's doing both.

Well, looked at his line-up today and it still shows Monday! That's the junior league Tina operates in! Sorry, but I emailed her about something else and got a "poor me-I'm overworked" email back. I wasn't impressed at all.

But, I like Dave. My radio is currently tuned to Thom, however. So what does that say? :)


Dave is a nice person. People like him.
Thom is better radio.



Love your links, Nate....
Bla'M, you're such a tease...you know we are salivating to hear the gruesome gossip with REAL NAMES! Too much journalistic integrity, s/he said....


Wow, what an intrigueing tidbit about Webb. I've heard him mention , in addition to this supposed Progressive Networks, that he was broadcasting from the "top floor of the building" as if he was in the big Progessive Networks Building downtown. Did it ever occur to anyone else that Mike Webb could be a great inspiration for a David Lynch movie? In Lost Highway the jazz musician went to prison for killing his wife.In the Webb-based movie, an angry gay talkhost goes to prison after committing insurance fraud, subsequent to a car crash incurred while he was awol from the studio for a "munchy run" DURING HIS AIRSHIFT. Even hardcore Lynch fans would have a hard time with their suspesion of disbelief over that last detail. After the accident, his arrest for fraud is revealed by an insolent, cheeky internet radio gossip blog, which is how the station suits find out about it. In between his firing and his trial, the fired host does a show from the basement studio in his house. The show is actually no more than the former host speaking over his own website, but he's now gone into a kind of fugue state and has actually convinced himself that an imaginary radio network called Progressive Networks has hired him to broadcast from their building in downtown Seattle over stations in Santa Cruz, Madison, and five other cities. In Lost Highway , one morning the guards go to the jazz musicians jail cell , only to find a completely different man inside. In the Webb-inspired film, the guards go to his cell one morning only to discover- Brian Maloney.


>>I've heard him mention , in addition to this supposed Progressive Networks, that he was broadcasting from the "top floor of the building" as if he was in the big Progessive Networks Building downtown.<<

Progressive Networks is the original name for what is now Real Networks. Perhaps Webb is using a studio in the Elliot Ave. HQ.


Brian maloney....or Lou Pate...lololol


Bryan Styble is a FREAK!!

Frank Shiers' #1 fan EVAH EVAH!

"..a board op smoking joints in a stairwell.."

When did Board Ops start getting paid enough to afford pot? Can't be all that great. Super dry shake or sumptin'. 4:19:30 prehaps?



I wonder if that is Sal smokin' the joints.....

stodge charger



RON FISH: Breakfast- the official most important meal of the day.

ROBERT BARTRAM: It shall forthwith be decreed that all Toilet Paper Dispensers will roll outward, not inward.

BILL BRASKY: The official position for all male urination in the United States shall be standing."

Some fun stuff in response to Congress making English our official language. More on Franken's site.


"Democrats shouldn't celebrate too soon
Posted by David Postman at 04:56 PM"
It is all so discouraging.


Some people will always see the glass as half empty


News flash: Mike Webb makes up crap!


no way!


Good grief you're information isn't even close to being accurate but big surprise coming from a liberal piece of garbage trash like you people. First of all and formost of all Bill Oriley isn't on the radio you idiots he has a tv show which is something that you might actually know if any if you liberal hippy piece of trash losers would actually get off of welfare and get a job and be able to afford a tv. Second of all why are you quoting media matters??? Isnt it funny that the only way a far left website can find an article that supports it's own opinion is by going to ANOTHER far left liberal website??? Give me a brake!!! Oh well at least I can sleep well tonight knowing that we have less than two years left if your far left socialist agenda with your obamacare and anchor baby bull crap ruining this once mighty nation. Get ready my liberal scumbag friends because the honest hardworking freedom loving Americans are coming for you and you're not going to see the light of day for years!!! Enough with the lame street media and all your communist ways. This is the time for REAL change and if you don't like it may I suggest you go to canada or Mexico to be with all your America hating friends and leave the god blessed USA to those who actually love it and don't want to turn it into the homo loving welfare eating discrace that all of you lecture want it to be!


Your concern is noted.

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