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May 08, 2006



Please ! Save us Late night
The Styblehead is just bad radio !


From your post, I would assume you mean Bryan Styble, 0100-0500 Sundays. (And I don't understand why they don't give him the weekday shifts)

I listen to the guy, when my Canadian based radio allows, and he puts on a good show. For one thing, he doesn't stoop to juvenile name calling.

I don't always agree with his opinions or beliefs, but I have to say the guy is always polite and respectful to his callers. And I take my toque off to his approach of allowing the callers to lead the show.

As for the state of news talk radio, my local news talk leader (speaking ratings) actually fills their Saturdays with 3 hours of paid infomericals followed by 3 hours of Dr. Laura reruns. Talk about disrespecting the audience, and advertisers.


"brokered, self-serving law advice. . . "

Man, I hate that guy too. His answer to every problem, "you should talk to a lawyer about that . . . "


NPR, once again, has to be commended for its weekend line-up...there is really no choice for progressives.


I actually wish they would move Cisco to Sundays, where NPR is playing jazz or Praire Home repeats after 10a. On Saturday, there is no reason to turn off KPLU or KUOW.

And, while I hate to correct the great blathering one, the Republican party in this state had some presence into the 50s, when the wing-nut Bircher's took over. It then had another brief moment of power when Dan Evans and other moderate Republicans cleaned the party of the far right. Sadly, with the rise of the Moral Majority and the Pat Robertson brigade in the 80s, the Republican's got rid of their moderates and started their chain of losses for state wide races that rivals the Democrats at the national level.

You would think that the Republicans would learn that they only win in this state when they tame their far right wing, but if after Ellen Craswell, Linda Smith and John Carlson they haven't learned anything, I guess breaking 40% will be a victory for them for a while more.


Maybe they should take a clue from NPR and come up with some more interesting programming.

Like a show called "Bribe Talk" or maybe, "A K-street Lobbyist’s Companion," or a Republican news magazine called “All Bribes Considered.” Or, a show of quirky Wingnut stories with eerie music called “This American Debt.” Or a comedy show called, “Wait, Wait. Don’t Tax Me!” And a short philosophical filler segment called “Raiders Almanac” (read by Rummy!).


excellent titles!!!
Made me laugh out loud...

And now that Morning Sedition is not being used, they could borrow that one too!


OF COURSE LIBERALS CAN'T PUT ANYTHING TOGETHER LIKE REPUBLICAN RADIO! Nobody aggrees with there stupid lying tax-raising homo loving policies! Everybody in the mainstream is sick and tired of smoking dope and touching there homo friends ways that I can't even write here! There is going to be NO liberal radio soon and that's the way it should be! Everything that they stick out there is being shut out by the mainstream and we've already shut them out of the goverment and there not going to get back there again. And all of you idiots that vote for them shouldnt even be allowed out side your broke down houses! Nothing that ever comes out of dirty filthy lying cheating homo tax-raising communist mouths is worth listening to and you can quote me on that!


Old dog = old tricks.


Red Rachel just HAS to be Michael Savage in "online drag"...HAS to be...

Not that there's anything wrong with that....


SO TRUE! Seriously, you can read anything that RR says in your head using Savage's voice and it really sounds like something he would say.



I love to listen to these right wing rats still talking the talk and drinking the kool aid as their ship along with the super incompetent (and STUPID) captain Bush sinks!

The only conservatives left are the ones too brain dead to realize that they are being proved wrong on every belief they hold near and dear.

We dems are going to hand you your ass in November but you'll still be talking like the fools you are.

scott lundquist

The best thing we can do for RR is ignore her. Maybe morgan wants to join hands with her and sing kumbayah, but i sure don't.

scott lundquist

...I do agree with everything you said though, Exrat!


i want to have sex with Rachel- really crazy sex like Barry Bonds with a brood mare. i want to make her holler hidey-ho...i don't care if she is a man.


I second scott's suggestion


Regarding Red Rachel. When you argue with a fool there are two.


Please. Enough of this game. Red Rachel doesn't exist. She is so obvious a caricature of the psychotic hard-rightoid we all love to despise that she must be an invention.

My only question is: Which one of you lovable mutts invented her?


How will we ever be able to put a majority of votes back into our column if we refuse to also take the people who cast them?

A lot of people are going to have to come over to our side of the aisle if we are expected to take back control of our country, Scott. We must continue to be known as the party of tolerance, and that should start by allowing people with different and even obnoxious opinions to be a part of our dialogue.

I don't question the passion Rachel exudes for what she believes in. Neither do I think she's a "troll" as others have stated. I think she's a woman who is, while definitely misguided, trying to be a part of a discussion even though her views are much different from our own. There is a certain respect that I have for someone who will be the sole dissenting opinion in any one place, even if most of that respect has been eroded by her language and behavior.

I'm not a touchy-feely person. Really, I'm not. I just think that if someone has the balls to keep coming back, getting verbally thrashed repeatedly by a group that outnumbers her by at least 15-1, she deserves to at least be responded to - regardless of what we say to her.


Does anyone know if Ron & Don are live right now??? I have dedicated my entire day to listening to KIRO, and I swear that this is the exact same conversation they had at 4. Am I the only one hearing this?!?


apparently so..most of us have given up on KIRO...


Oly, I'm on your side . . . Morgan, you are one gullible guy! But, I love innocence so I welcome your gullibility.

My concern is that since Reagan, people really feel that government is bad - it is in their gut. What used to be nice normal people drank the Reagan koolaid so thoroughly because he sold it so well . . . are now convinced that government is the problem. They don't have any real evidence but they sure do believe it.

I don't know how we get them back. I'm not so sure as some of you . . . the dems haven't done much to earn them back. Look at KS, he isn't really a Bush supporter anymore but I bet he continues to vote repug . . . no matter what.


HA HA HA! OH NO! IM NOT REAL!!! My whole world is falling apart. I have a bunch of comunist dopes taking sides and debating the world that is me. On the left I have Morgan and his/her (Morgan is a boys and girls name so I don't know) who wants everybody to be nice and almost talked me into it because it sounded like such a good idea and YES I DID want to be part of the discussion. Then on the FAR left I have Joanie, Sparky, Oly and Scott who all say "ignore Rachel because she's not real". You all need to get a life. Thats whats so funny about the ultra liberals in this world. You cant all get passed you vegetarian animal loving anti-hairspray way of life to realize that YES THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU! How do you think that in the last 20 years we have elected not one but 2 Bushes as president? How do you think that the "repugs" as you put it Joanie control all three branches of the government? So go ahead. Tell your kids that Rachel isn't real. What should that matter? You all ready tell them Christ isn't. What a laughable bunch you are. Morgan: Thanks for trying. Your a decent guy/girl. But I don't really care to talk to this lot anyway. There not changing.


I never said you were not real...
just that there doesnt seem to be a point to your tomes, other than to call us names. I get paid to be called names during the day...Im off the clock this time of night, and Im a union gal, so if Im not being paid to be called a name, well, Im just not into you, Rache.... If others on here get a kick from it, so be it.


I see Rachel is taking advantage of psychiatric help, for free. That is socialism! It will only get worse in Nov. when more neo-cons start going into re-hab.


I'll vote for Adam Smith again, because he has integrity and even though I don't always agree on his positions, he is articulate and thinks through his positions and may be the best House member this state has. As for other Dems or Rats, I don't hold them in as high esteem - they are too partisan and alot of blather.

I don't see myself voting for Cantwell, but wonder what her opponent is trying to say ? She'll probably win again though, because it is 2006. The Democrat control at the State level is unhealthy and akin to the Totalitarian Left in King County and not much better in Olympia. Just as DC needs a change in party control in Congress, Olympia needs it every bit as bad. I know that it is against your religion of liberalism to vote anything other than Democrat, but do you call that being open-minded ? Hardly.

I challenge you and you know who you are to check out sources with more conservative points of view and certainly just as valid - like the NY Post, Washington Times or the Wall Street Journal or even the Tacoma News Tribune and South & East King County Journal are more moderate. I see the NY Times, Washington Post, sometimes the Seattle Times and Portland Oregonian to go along with the other sources I mentioned.

joanie for KS

KS - check out the vetoes article. I really want to know what you think . . .

I've voted repub in my time but not often. I voted for Slade Gorton against Mike Lowry cause I thought MIke too liberal . . . but wouldn't do it again. I would have voted Dan Evans had I been old enough cause he is the best repub I've every seen. I liked Eisenhower a lot but again wasn't even close to voting age . . . a babe in arms.

I would have, at one time, voted for McCain till he became the addled, artificial Bush panderer that he's become.

Guess that is not many repubs but I bet more than you have voted or liked dems. . .


I actually sometimes consider myself to be an "Hisenhower" conservative. They used to be known as republicans but that was in another lifetime. They were for smaller government,personal responsibility, a shared commitment to they greater good of all people, not just the top 2% of wage earners in the country.Your faith was your own business and "Ike" really did tell us to be aware of the rising power and influence of the military industrial complex. Its worth the time to listen to his speeches! Back in 1952 he got elected by promoting peace for crying out loud-what a concept! Today, Dwight Eisenhower would be drummed out of the repuke party.How times have changed, and for the worse I'm afraid..


"Anti-hairspray"? Wow. (scratching my bald head in extreme puzzlement)

Well, if our delightful, spelling-challenged RR actually WERE real, I would tell her that I am actually a libertarian who has no more use for the far left than I do for the far right. (And that my own feelings about government are, accordingly, a bit darker than Joanie's.)

But she isn't so I won't.

scott lundquist

Morgan,although your willingness to embrace Rachel with open arms, appears, on the surface, to be admirable and noble, dig a little deeper and its absurd and ridiculous!
She has made it clear that we are all stupid, commie, homo, drug loving, abortion having hippies! That IS NOT discussion, and i don't recall anyone calling her a litany of names the same way she did, at every given opportunity!
Being a voice of dissent and opposition is great, i'm all for it, but i definitely think she his doing her side a terrible disservice! I don't find her ability to "keep comin back" impressive at all. She obviously loves the attention.
Political views, much like religious views, are deeply personal and usually impervious to negotiation, or contrary beliefs. I think YOU have about as much of a chance at changing rachels political stance, as she does at changing mine.


Joanie, you voted for Skeletor??

oh my


My, oh my, Joans....

joanie for KS

I'm sorry! So sorry! Please accept my apology . . . but, I was afraid, afraid of Lowry . . .

uh,uh, oh oh oh oh oh

Truly guys, i wouldn't do it again!

joanie for KS

I left off an oh!

Mike Malloy is hot tonight. :)


"Veto? Who Needs a Veto?"

Don't get annoyed, Michael. I'm posting once more cause I want everyone to read . . . I'll put myself in time out now. (also, I want to get rid of the KS in my name)


There is more to Rachel's story than she has said in a open post, Scott. She has sent a couple of emails directly to me which have really changed my view of her. A lot of what she says is indeed an act, but it's not intended for us...


I'm beginning to feel like I'm living "Six Characters in Search of a Play." Is this for real?

Now I'm questioning Morgan's authenticity! I'm losing it!


In what sense, Joanie?


Are you doubting my sincerity or are you saying I'm not a real person?


Oh, no! I'm not getting pulled into this new little melodrama. Sorry.

I'm sure you're for real . . . let's leave it at that! :)


Sei personaggi in cerca d'AUTORE (Six Characters in Search of an AUTHOR).


Thanks, Tory! So much for the top of my head . . . Remembered Pirandello (I think?) but forgot the title!!!
That is even better.

Now, how do you know the Italian - if it is Italiano . . . I'm impressed!


Ci sono delle cose che ho imparato che non siamo stato fuori fumati della mia comprensione.
(Translation: There are things that I have learned that were not smoked out of my comprehension.)

Actually, I studied 4 years of Spanish when I was younger, which translates easily to Italian. My favorite grandfather grew up just outside Florence, so he and I would have conversations that lasted for hours and hours- he would speak Italian and I would speak Spanish. Eventually I just picked it up from him. I started buying books in Italian rather than English (the language is so much more vibrant and descriptive than English). And there you have it...


And yes, it is Pirandello.


(P.S. The "smoked out of my comprehension" statement was a tongue-in-cheek reference to all of those "dope smoking liberal" comments. Not to be taken seriously.)

(I used to be fairly funny, if you can believe that.)


The main indictment against the Democrat party is the direction that the leadership has been going - Before Bill Clinton, I voted for as many or more Dems than Republicans. Then unsavory characters like Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, John Conyers, Gore and the Clintons - not to mention Ron Sims and the King County cabal have hijacked the Democrat party to embrace trial lawyers, the politics of personal destruction, socialism, open borders... Can anyone demonstrate this not to be the case ?

It seems to be about voting for the lesser of two evils, but when neither side can be trusted and are showing evil - one side more than the other. Neither party really gives a s**t about how they affect people. I say that because of the lack of response about the borders - The White House is even telling the Mexican Consulate where the Minutemen are - smells like treason to me. Would the Democrats have done any different if they were in the White House ? Very doubtful - Never trust a Clinton !


You're an idiot! The dems were in the white house and not one refused to obey over 700 laws . . .

Klueless and now an idiot! Sorry, KS, your ignorance just brings out the worst in me!

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