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May 19, 2006



Pat Robertson and the Rev. Joe would not rercognize a Christian if one came up and poked them in the eye...

Brian in Lacey

HAy you never know !


And here I've been worried about earthquakes! Silly me! What's he got to say about them?


Ol' Pat doesnt mention earthquakes as actually causing the tsunami..lol....I think what really happened is he fell asleep in front of the TV drinkin beer and eating jalapeno poppers while watching a rerun of Charleton Heston parting the Red Sea, and he confused it with God telling him Seattle will have a tsunami...heartburn while sleeping will do that to ya...


I can't believe you're not blogging about Lil' Ron's "What's the funniest name you've ever heard?" topic! That was HUGE!! Wacky and insightful. Great use of an hour. Oh well, slow news week. Makes me think Lil' Ron's showprep consists of overhearing Dori's rejected topics. That's what 6 figures pays for. (If he thinks he's got the goods for XM, he needs to re-engineer and pick up the pace)


The funniest names I have ever heard belong to acutal people in my Dad's hometown:

Ocean Beach Patton ( because that is where he was conceived)

Tassie Rejester

Baron Butts

somewhere I have a book of funny names, most from around the British Isles...

And what 5th grader does not go into spasms of
laughter when hearing the name "Lake Titicaca"???


I seriously doubt that God talks to Blithering Michael. HE doesnt aggree with you and HE isnt on your side. I think HE does talk to the Rev and I think HE does hate lesbians (EVERYBODY DOES ACCEPT FOR STUPID LIBERALS LIKE ALL YOU YOU STUPID COMMUNISTS!). God doesnt think the way you do and NEITHER DO I!


ho-hum . . .


Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. You sound so stupid Joanie. Oh wait mabey its because YOU ARE!


another unusual name I saw belonged to a student...her parents named her Rocks-Ann

why do parents do that to their kids????


didn't God post here a few times and rebuke RR?


even God has resisted a reply....

stodge charger

Our side is winning every day, watching Red Raunch whine about her side losing is worth the price of admission in here. There is nothing she can do about a failed presidency and the last throes of defeat they have snatched from the jaws of victory. We need to round up Pat Robertson and others for our concentration camps coming soon.


Rachel you silly girl, don't you know it is un-Christian to call people you don't like Communists? Everybody knows God is a liberal. Remember that business about love thy neighbor, the meek shall inherit the earth, etc? I think God would be more likely to talk to a good-hearted soul like Michael rather than to a hateful person like Pat R.


Yeah, MABEY it is . . . (LOL)

(OMG, did I really get sucked in? Don't answer that!)


Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid Apple. I"m sorry but that apple-alling! Oh, I guess in ten years it might seem ordinary. . . who knows.


Whatever happened to Moonunit Zappa?


I don't agree with a lot of the things that Pat Roberts says and I most certainly don't believe that God "speaks" to him. However, I find it to be incredibly unfair when liberal radio hosts or writers of liberal blogs irresponsibly tie President Bush to the religious right.

I realize that Pat Roberts has done just as much to create that "connection", but it is just completely baseless and unfounded. The fact that President Bush is a born again Christian does should not serve as an indicator that his policies are decided by his religious beliefs. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. Does that mean that all of his policies were set by the Vatican? I'm not sure, but I don't hear anybody on the left jumping all over his religion.

I just think it's unfair. It goes back to the fact that the media has orchestrated most of the stories that show the President as being a person other than who he really is. If the media didn't bring up the fact that he is a Christian every five minutes (and making it sound like a crime), nobody would have ever come to that conclusion. The whole theory comes from the media, not the President's policies.


"I find it to be incredibly unfair when liberal radio hosts or writers of liberal blogs irresponsibly tie President Bush to the religious right."

IRRESPONSIBLY TIE Bush to the religious right? Please. You must be joking.

The only time the man has allowed himself to be rousted out of bed for *anything* during his Presidency was to sign legislation over TERRI SCHIAVO.

A Cat-5 hurricane wiped out a major American city and the guy couldn't be bothered to come off his vacation...but he was assholes and elbows getting back to DC to please his fundamentalist masters.

Don't blame the media, blame Karl Rove.


Instead of asking his own father who had experience running a war against Iraq, Bush said: "You know he is the wrong father to appeal to in terms of strength. There is a higher father that I appeal to," Bush said.

Earlier he is quoted: "The president described praying as he walked outside the Oval Office after giving the order to begin combat operations against Iraq, and the powerful role his religious beliefs played throughout that time."

I don't recall Kennedy making statements like this. Or anybody else in government for that matter. Do you?


So why does Bush jump everytime James Dobson yells FROG

Why does Bush perpetuate the idea that God told him to invade Iraq?

I dont believe he is particularly religious, away from the lights and the cameras and his handlers. But they have learned how to play this particular audience, as noted in the above posts. Its the hijacking of Christianity to serve no good that irritates me. As I posted above, most of the Fundegelicals would not recognize Jesus if he walked up to them as a homeless person ( remember the parable of the Good Samaritan?) or a black person, or a homosexual.


Reich talking with Franken about cable companies and pending legislation. Reich says it is hugely important that people pay attention and yet most people don't have clue it is even happening.

This will affect the entire power structure in America if it goes through. . . very big deal! It will make a difference on what you can get via cable and how informed you will be. And who will control it all.


To badly paraphrase Voltaire:

"If Pat Robertson didn't exist, we would have to invent him."

If there is a dictionary definition of "the gift that keeps on giving", it is the Reverend Pat.


I am very uncomfortable with the statement that Sparky made suggesting that Jesus may come back as a homosexual. You are all entitled to believe what you want, but please, have enough respect for those who actually have faith to never say something as wrong as that is.


AMEN CURTIS! I hate homos as most of America does. Everybody might try to be politically correct but you all know what you say when nobody else is around. I say if your going to live in sin, get the h-e-double-hocky-sticks out of my eyesite! Homos are communists and communists are homos. All of them with there "free spirit" bee-ess. Regular Americans are sick and tired of all the gay stuff and the touching and petting involed with it. And the rest of you communist idiots need to wise up to it! I dont know when the homo lifestyle became such a trendy desirable thing. Homos have been frowned on for hundreds of years AND THATS THE WAY IT SOULD BE! When I was young it wasnt cool to see a couple of guys kissing on the side of the street. Now its just the thing to do and were corupting our youth. If all of you want to spend a eturnity in hell- FINE BY ME! MAINSTREAM AMERICA IS SICK SICK SICK OF SEEING ALL OF THE HOLLYWOOD TOUCHY FEELY GARBAGE AND THE LYING FILTH THAT COMES OUT OF THE LEFT WING. I SAY THE ONLY ANSWER IS THROWING THEM ALL IN PRISON. THEN AT LEAST THEY CAN DO ALL OF THERE HOMO STUFF WITHOUT NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE US WATCHING THEM. Keep up the good work Curtis! The rest of these dipspits will make fun of you and call you a Nazi but you should know that your right and THERE WRONG. Theyll try to call you stupid but THERE stupid and me and you are the smart ones!

stodge charger

Hey Curtis, you're only confronting your lame-ass fears brought upon by years of watching fantansy shows Davy and Goliath and Little House on the Prairie.


Curtis, apparently you are not up on your Bible Literature as much as you think you are.
I did not say that Jesus WOULD come back as a homosexual.
I was referring to the Biblical parable of the Good Samaritan...where God disquised himself as a poor beggar along the road. Many men with riches passed him by and even called him names. It was not until a simple man with no wealth stopped to offer to share what little he had that the beggar revealed himself to be God.

What if God tested you in the same manner? What if AIDS was something God thought of to guage the compassion of the world? Im not saying that is what has happened but what if God appears to us in the form of something or someone we dont approve of, just to see if we can follow his commandment of loving one another?
This is why I know Bush is, at the very best, not a good Christian..he never got that part about " What you do to the least of my creations, you also do to me..."

Sunday school is over..collection will be taken at the door..


Dipspit...what a fun little word


Very well said, Sparky.


God has told me that there will will be death and blood in the middle east.and if that is not good enough for you hippies he also said SAND would also be involved...debunk that!


I'm sorry, but lesbians are to blame for everything. Katrina was a lesbian, a Negro lesbian. As Nietzsche said "God is dead." Nietzsche was a lesbian, too! (Moonunit Zappa is directing, acting, producing films....lesbian films.)


Compare the following maps:

tornado alley

Bush/Kerry country

Notice how they swerve to miss the blue. Hmmmmm... perhaps Pat's logic actually does work!




Very cool!


Would someone please tell Pat I was just kidding?! He just has no sense of humor.

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