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May 21, 2006



Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen...an alternative to Dorki in the afternoons.


>>Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen...an alternative to Dorki in the afternoons.<<

And after KRKO completes its 50kw power upgrade - Cashman will once again rule the Seattle airwaves. Uh-huh.


Well, someone woke up a little snarky this morning...

Pat said he just wants to have some fun.

A lot of people live in the area KRKO serves.


I would rather listen to Pat on his worst day than Dorki on his best.


Pat's a good enough guy...when he turns "it" down a bit. But his son Chris is the real talent. Will he replace the banal Kent Phillips on "NW Afternoon?"
The answer: who cares because no one watches that fecund hen party.

Bob in Auburn

welcome back Pat


You mean you dont like Cindi Rineharts squint?

Justin Atheropinion

Welcome back, Pat!

Still the funniest guy in town (and criminally under-utilized).

I'll be turning over a box of Pineapple Upside-Down Cake in your honor today at my local grocery(although, usually I find someone's beat me to it--behold the power of Cashman)


I've always liked Pat but I've never listened to him consistently. I thought he was perfect for the KOMO gig and have always wondered what went wrong. He seems like the perfect nice guy with just the right amount of edge for that format. . .

So, I wish him well also.


I always listened to Cashman when he had morning drive on the late KIRO-FM (with then-somewhat-tolerable Dori Monson, Dustin Hornby and his "upper body musculature," and Lisa Foster freshly escaped from her third-party traffic gig.) Not only is he a riot, he practically defines the term "unflappable."


That may be the best thing that happened to local radio for quite a while, except I can't pick up KRKO that well in the South County, so I'll have to stream it. He was on KJR-FM in the mornings for a few years recently and not sure what happened there & besides Almost Live, I liked him on the Buzz - probably the most entertaining radio he has done, with his interviews & Lisa Foster and Dustin Hornby. It seems like it just wasn't the same when he was on KOMO though.

Hope that he rekindles success on KRKO and. His son, Chris Cashman has noticeable talent in Movies on the Run.


The pineapple-upside down cake was the reign of terror I laughed at - he was on the Buzz (100.7 FM) when he perfected that one. Next time I go to a store, I'll flip one over for Pat also.


Pat Cashman to KRKO? Why not. The radio business is filled with hacks...Cashman is just one more.


Frank "talk to me" Shires said last night that if there was any way that he could legally go after us bloggers who have been attacking him and just being meanies regarding him he would. He's very upset. He says we hurt his feelings. Sorry Frankie- check your law books. I've yet to see any post on here about you that went beyond saying that you,re an arrogant, patronizing butthead , or some variation thereof. In my case, in addition to such sentiments, I also expressed my disdain for your misuse of the English language, especially as someone who proudly boasts of being a teacher all the time. Such comments are merely exercises of the same freedom of speech that allows you to blast people on the air that you don't respect or like. If you can't stand the heat, "talk to me Frankie", go back to the Bremerton station, which is where a lot of us think you belong, anyway.


Frank Shiers doesn't like people saying unkind things about him? He flatters himself...he's not significant enough to blog about.

He IS, however, pretentious, pedantic, and boring. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Pedantic- perfect description of "talk to me Franky"! LOL


We haven't talked about him for a long time . . . he must have been hard up for a topic! Guess he misses being the center of attention even when it is negative . . . or perhaps trying to up his numbers by creating "controversy?"

How funny that would be!


Let him gripe..perhaps he will even mention Blatherwatch by name and send some more posters our way :-)


I am very dissapointed to hear that Pat Cashman is back. I was very happy when he got fired from Seattle radio. The last thing any of us want to hear on our radios in the northwest is another New Yorker/Jew type. His particurlar brand of comedy is not funny, not enjoyable, and not welcome here. GO BACK TO WHEREEVER YOUVE BEEN HIDING PAT! Your not welcome in Seattle or anywhere else in the northwest you idiot!


I'm starting to get the feeling that ReRa's (be ReRa male or female or a combination thereof) brand if "christianity" may be of the aryan-type...


Er, edit :p

not "if" but "of"


Uh TJ you idiot? Im latino so Im probabaly not ayran now am I? You should probabaly check your facts before you start running your mouth shouldnt you? You liberal idiots all think your so smart but guess what? YOUR NOT!!!


I apologize, ReRa - I had no idea that your hatred and bigotry was primarily based upon Religion...

Though, there were more than a few folks considered "inferior" by the Nazis that still lined-up to join their cause, weren't there?

You, ReRa, apparently wish to be in that good company.

stodge charger

Yes, the Nazis would gladly call her a "collaborator "


Uh, ReRa, Pat was born in Bend, OR and to my knowledge has never lived further east than Boise.

Hardly a New Yawka, and I don't think he's Jewish either, (and it shouldn't matter).

Best of luck to Pat! I won't be able to listen since I work Wednesdays at that time. :(

Justin Atheropinion

I can confirm that Pat is a native Oregonian, and a gentile. But I'm sure that won't stop "RedRacist's" little stream of bile. Why let facts get in the way, huh, Red?

By the way, I have it on good authority that Rabbi Daniel Lapin IS Jewish. Conflicting, innit?

J. Wilshire

RedRachel, obviously you know nothing about Pat Cashman. Everything you stated about him was wrong. Pat is indeed a northwest native and is not Jewish. It almost makes you think you have the wrong guy. Pat Cashman was on KIRO, KOMO and KJR. Is this who you're talking about? What happened in your life to make you so spiteful and hateful. Obviously, something terrible has happened. I hope you find the peace you are seeking and can forgive the world for what it has done to you.

On a different note, I always tune in to Frank to see if things have improved and they never do. He is simply unlistenable, boring and just uninteresting. I can take about 30 seconds before I have to change the dial. I must say that Steve Miller song he uses as an intro is perfect. A bland, old, dated song for a bland radio show. I'm sure Frank's a nice guy but should not be working as a radio host. Sometimes, I feel like I'm listening to somebody who won a contest to host a radio show for a night.


Hey watch who you're calling old...

John Beverly

"Uh TJ you idiot? Im latino so Im probabaly not ayran now am I? You should probabaly check your facts before you start running your mouth shouldnt you? You liberal idiots all think your so smart but guess what? YOUR NOT!!!"

Hey She-Bevis,

Judging by your grammar, you're not so smart yourself. In fact, you come across as pretty dumb. Missing one word here and there is fine, but you really need to go back to school. Say what you want about being a spelling Nazi, but 8/10 times it reflects accurately on the intelligence of a person.

"you're"...not "your" (twice)
"Aryan"...not "ayran"
"probably"...not "probabaly" (twice)
"I'm"...not "Im"
"shouldn't"...not "shouldnt"

We're glad you're not a Cashman fan because we would be embarassed to have somebody as dumb as you in our midst.


I think the reason Pat lost his traction in the Seattle drive-time market was the demographic of the target audience - 30-ish males. There's no middle ground between there and NPR, so Pat falls into the black hole.

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