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May 31, 2006


The Truth Man

Ron and Don!

During their entire show on Tuesday they were screaming and yelling how they would broadcast from Pioneer Square on Wednesday...it sure sounds like they never made it.

Tom obviously "canned" that ridiculous idea.

The talk radio medium is ridiculous. Intellectuals like myself avoid it.


What has Bagdad done for his libs?

Has he ever produced a major piece of legislation?


Truthiman - if you avoid it so much, how did you know what they were screaming and yelling?

I'd love to hear McDermott take on the republicans as it is obviously not his first time doing so. No coward Jim McDermott! And "Baghdad Jim" deserves a whole lot more respect than "Guantanamo George." If people had listened to "Baghdad Jim," there might still be a Baghdad instead of a pile of rubble, dead children and road bombs lying around everywhere. . . No shame in being called "Baghdad Jim." He was right!

Name calling! If you're going to name-call, at least get it right!

Good commentary Michael!


What is a "good" piece of legislation, Steve?


vaginally fanged, indeed.

Stephen Schwartz

A more unfortunate term for Doc Jim is IRRELEVANT. In a congress where anumber of liberals have made effective names for themselves. Doc is a Bugs Bunny joke. NO ONE CARES WHAT HE SAYS!

What a waste.


and a vagina of fine Corinthian leather



Which is probably why nobody's likely to take him on... why bother?

Sid & Migg

"doinky past participles?" perfect, thankyou Michael for that.



Hmmm, then why the furor over the Baghdad incident? If nobody cares . . .


Oh Joanie, thats different!


Darn you people! I'm listening for the first time to Thom Hartman this morning...when Dave comes back, I'll have a hard decision to make.

Unforunately, Jim McDermott's show is a 3-hour snoozefest.


Well I decided last night to see what this Frank Shires guy was all about since there has been so much hoo hah written about him.
His topic? Whether or not the public will embrace a lesbian character in the Batman comic books.

Radio OFF!

Dana...once you go Thom, nothing else will do!


Baghdad Jim was a co-sponsor of the bill to reintroduce draft conscription in the military last year. Strangely, he voted against his own bill when it came up.


That bill has been tossed around by several Reps...the point is that the Rich Upperclass
soils their linens when faced with the idea that Jr. might have to go to war. It was used to make a point, and it didnt have to pass for that point to be made.


Did anyone listen to Dori's rant about Jim McDermott around 2 o'clock today?

First of all, he says he's not going to attack a fellow talker, then he does.

And I notice that, once again, Dori waited to trash the person until he wasn't available to defend himself.

What a gutless little turd.




Dori's an idiot.

chris shirling

Baghdad Jim has been a poor representitive for the people of Seattle.

He HAS been a great contributor for the fringe move on.org crowd.. unfortunately, that's not who pays his salary.

We would have more funding for the viaduct if he wasn't such a jerk in congress. Instead of saying, "I don't want to lead the pledge of allegiance," or introducing legislation asking the words "under god," be taken out, he weasels down on the floor of the house and like a punk stops talking during the pledge.

And then says, "well... when I learned it.. it didn't have under god in it," like he was surprised at the negative response he received.

Had he shown some class, he would have never passed those tapes of Gingrich on his cell phone and his lack of character is now going to cost him over $700K in legal fees.

He needs to resign and take a job with moveon.org and we need to elect a democrat that we can be proud of as a representative... not as a jerk.

And anyone reading this doesn't like the nickname "baghdad jim," then you should have told him not to go to Iraq and say he trusted saddam more than President Bush.

Say what you want about President Bush but HE isn't tying you and 300,000 fellow liberals up, putting a few bullets in the back of your head and dropping you in a mass grave. And for an elected official to go to Iraq and imply Bush is worse than saddam shows how warped Baghdad Jim really is...


Dori was once a guy I felt would make an excellent next-door neighbor. Now I'd be afraid that he'd organize the neighborhood to harass me for my choice of house color. I wish I knew what happened to him five or six years ago that turned his brain in such a dark direction.

And I enthusiastically second the raves about Thom Hartmann.


I wish I knew what happened to him (Dori) five or six years ago that turned his brain in such a dark direction.

Simple-he became enlightened.

Eric t

Baghdad Jim should be tried on sedition laws and executed publicly as would his friend Saddam do to his own detractors. KIRO has demonstrated their liberal/socialistic feathers by putting this treasonist fool on the air! But then what would you expect from a socialistic Seattle who allows drug dealers and users to stand, live, and openly urinate on this once proud city. Go to the ferry dock landing and look at what Ron Simms and Girlowkowski have given your city! Cops who don't have the civic balls to stop crime in the premise of "feeling" for the needy! Welcome to Amsterdam liberals! This is what you hath wrought!

Eric t

Well? Who has the liberal "balls" to debate that one?

Eric t

The marines are being tried publicly without "due process" and the main evidence against them comes from our Sunni enemies who lost power in Iraq when we deposed their leader Saddam. Time magazine and all other liberal media outlets are brainwashing our people into thinking this is fact when it is only alledged. In fact, they have had no trial or due process as liberals would cry for and insist upon! In fact the bullett holes in the supposed victums may or may not have occured when our brave soldiers were there. They may have been done after the fact by the filthy sub-human Sunni Islamists who know how to manipulate our willing liberal media. So, college educated liberal critical thinkers, go beyond your fool professors and consider the possibility that what I just told you is fact! The enemy has broken through the gates. They are the media!


Uh-oh! The dark side has taken over this thread . . .

Michael, did you notice David Postman linked Blatherwatch and The Radio Equalizer?


Oly, you must have some redeeming qualities if you like Hartmann :)


C'mon...I really can't believe people are defending this guy. He's been there nearly 20 years, and still isn't taken seriously by his own party. There are a number of liberal reps who haven't sold their principles out AND are effective & respected.

When you have your own minority leader telling you, in effect, you're crazy (the 'Bush had Saddam on ice, and probably has Bin Laden, too' bit) doesn't that cause anyone in the 7th to question this guy?


I don't hang out at the ferry dock Eric. Perhaps your teste-ness is brought about from years of republican guilt and shame. Try rubbing some Icy Hotâ„¢ on your gonads next time. Jim is one of us who is helping rid the planet from the scourge that is the GOP. Even Merle Haggard is on our side now. We cannot fail...


I guess I don't know everybody's priorities, but I did look up some items on his voting record and he has one of the highest ratings for his stand on the reform of marijuana laws and that makes him okay in my book . . .

"2005 Based on a point system, with points assigned for actions in support of or in opposition to National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws's position, Representative McDermott received a rating of 19."

He doesn't have to be a Tom Delay or a Duke Cunningham to be a good representative. He just has to vote the way most of his constituents want him to vote. Get it?


"Final link . . . this is too good to miss. Bill O'Reilly getting a well-deserved whack on the wrist by Olberman. KS, are you paying attention?" You have to scroll down just a bit and click on Quicktime or WMP. Worth it!


I do think McDerm is too over the top to be an effective politician..his constits vote him in in large numbers, so they must be satisfied..that's the way the system is supposed to work...I thought he used poor judgement when he "dissed" Bush in Baghdad..Sedition? That's just silly....Speaking of over the top, Eric the Barbaric, Huh?
Red Rachel redux


Joanie, there are probably at least as many issues on which we agree as there are issues on which we don't. It just happens that one area of disagreement brought out a little more spitefulness in both of us than was really necessary. (And that may have been more a matter of mutual misinterpretation than anything else.)

We agree not only on Hartmann but on that bizarre, disturbing force of nature known as Bill O'Reilly. Few people in this world creep me out as much as that guy does.


sorry, Republicans are too busy working to call McD


good...that McDonald's stuff will eventually kill ya.
Subway sammiches are much better.


Say what you will about O'Reilly from the websites that are often half-truths that play to the dislike of him by internet surfers (BTW Michael Savage referred to him as the Leprechaun - now he refers to him as the pervert). However, in spite of that - I laud his efforts to champion Jessica's Bill, which has now passed in 25 states (including Oregon recently and soon to be a referendum in California), but not here yet,

So, what is the problem with this State ? For one, it is the Democrat-controlled legislature and with a Gov. who curries favor with the trial lawyers who don't want this bill passed because it takes money out of their pockets. To the chagrin of the public - who has seen child molestation increase and in some instances go out of control, Jessica's bill offers a solution for the children and wasn't that always Hillary Clinton's theme as first lady ? Do it for the children..


Again, KS, everything is the democrats fault. That's your mantra.

It's all the democrats fault. It's all the democrats fault. It's all the democrats fault . . .


For your mantra - O'Reilly is the bad guy...O'Reilly is the bad guy, O'Reilly is the bad guy, O'Reilly is the bad guy, O'Reilly is the bad guy

I am in partial agreement - In this case, the Democrats of this state don't look like the good guys.. (however, in other states they have been shown to be good guys).

BTW - has anyone heard John Rothman on KGO on weekend nights ? I don't agree with his positions, almost half of the time, but am agreeing more often now than before & he shows alot of integrity and believe he is an exemplary talk show host - a good guy..


Cheap shot, low blow, and entirely untrue. You must be desperate . . . perhaps one day you'll actually experience the world beyond Fox and thank me . . . I'm patient. :)


another mantra - Fox is bull$$it..CNN is the unfettered truth, Fox is bull$$it,CNN is the unfettered truth..Fox is bull$$it..CNN is the unfettered truth, Fox is bull$$it..CNN is the unfettered truth.

Fox is alternative media and also shows liberal viewpoints. Granted it is more conservative than the others, so they must be blatant liars by definition - right ?

BTW - I read the WorldPress.com to view other viewpoints in this complex world and agree that the Canadian media usually gets it closer to the complete story/truth about Iraq than our MSM does.


Joanie - what was entirely untrue ?


Your comment that my mantra would have anything to do with O'Reilly. Do you read my posts? I don't get O'Reilly or CNN. . . I don't think I've referenced him more than five or six times.

Klueless, you even blame the democrats when you post on Postman! You blame the democrats almost every time you post something . . . You're so funny!

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