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May 01, 2006



I hate to say it to all of you - but I TOLD YOU SO!

It was obvious to me that Rush had committed no crime, but all of you just jumped on the liberal band wagon, accusing Rush of things he would never do, since he isn't a liberal lying piece of human excremint like the rest of you. Rush has brains, he doesn't need to go on some homosexual mind bender to come up with terriffic and breathtaking ideas. Looks like you lost this battle. Try again another day.

Darth Vader

If the idiot didn't commit a crime, why didn't he demand his day in court to prove the charges to be false?

We will destroy your kind in November.


"Rush Limbaugh is a sexual role model" OMFG!!!! That is so disgusting!


A little gamesmanship here . . . mandatory treatment, mandatory drug tests and 40 illegal pills "admitted to" - doesn't sound like "innocence" to me. Granted, not a major crime and I am for much reduced drug penalties.

Still, as the conservative voice on the hill that indicts all drugs offenders and would give them the maximum penalty the law allows you'd think he'd be a little more penitent.


I guess it goes to show that you have to be a drug user to be a conservative.
Rush Limbaugh the Drug User


I don't know what Gotlieb's problem is. Drug addicts are not allowed to own firearms.

Form 4473 which is filled out when purchasing a firearm says as much.


Foo Bar

"If the idiot didn't commit a crime, why didn't he demand his day in court to prove the charges to be false?"

Rush plead "not guilty". The government has elected not to contest that. I know you moonbats want a Stalinist state where anyone you don't like goes to the Gulug, but here in the U.S. individuals don't have to "prove the charges to be false". The government has to prove them to be true.

In this case the government can't prove the charges, and Rush has been totally exonerated.

Oh, and BTW, Rush has been in a voluntary random urine testing testing program for over two years now.

Moonbats are pathetic hate-crazed wackos.

Foo bar's houseboy

Foo,come back to bed,honey.


"but here in the U.S. individuals don't have to "prove the charges to be false". The government has to prove them to be true."


"Random urine" is what my dog does...


The mainstream media likes to jab Rush every chance it can get - there are some times that he has it coming. This story will go away on its own.

Beware of November - if the Dems take the House there will be an investigation for an attempt to draft articles of impeachment on Bush. Lord knows how far it will go, but if that happens, the government will grind to a standstill. There are some planks in their platform that are OK - such as for every spending increase there will be a spending cut, something that was abandoned big time since Bush took office - big mistake and a costly one ! One party in control of power is rarely a good thing - too bad there isn't a third party - because both parties are mainly SICK !


President Bush HAD to increase spending because of 9/11, KS. I think that he's still just about as physcally conservative as you can get. Its just a tought time to not spend some money. I don't think that the libs would have done any better underr the circumstances.


No way that Bush is fiscally conservative and he has never vetoed anything, which is disturbing. Tax cuts were a good thing -, but its spending that shows whether a President is fiscally conservative or not. In time of war, it is tough and congress is supposed to be part of the check & balance, but when one party is in control, the check and balance is impaired.

It would be a tossup if the libs would have done as well or better. If we believe the left, there would have only been the war in Afghanistan - so that is all hypothetical.


"Veto? Who Needs a Veto?. . . President Bush doesn't bother with vetoes; he simply declares his intention not to enforce anything he dislikes. Charlie Savage at The Globe reported recently that Mr. Bush had issued more than 750 "presidential signing statements" declaring he wouldn't do what the laws required."

For guess who? Someone who doesn't do his homework . . . or care abou† minutiae (facts).


For a number of readers here who are not NYTimes.com members, therefore do not have access to it - you'll need to cut and paste it or it will end up as minuita in cyberspace.


you dont have to be a member to read the Times...but you do have to pay extra to read some of the columnists and feature stories...


I don't like registering for stuff either and don't do it much anymore. But, the NY Times is worth it. There are conservative columnists just as there are liberal. . . Remember Judith Miller?

It is easy to register and they don't bug you after you do. I have paid for the archival access and for the columnists who are no longer public. This editorial is open to the public at large.


KS, I thought about cutting and pasting because it isn't very long as long goes . . . but thought I'd get scolded for using bandwidth so thought better of it!


Although, if RedRachel is our new standard, I could probably get away with posting the NY Times Magazine! :)


RedCrossdresser said President Bush HAD to increase spending because of 9/11

You mean Iraq?

If you think Iraq is good fiscal policy then you should consider purchasing meteor-collision insurance given you are willingness to SPEND a lot of money to protect against remote and unlikely threats.

You tax and spend conservatives, tax and spend, tax and spend on stupid shit like overthrowing inert governments sitting on pools of oil.


We're in luck! I found it on Truthout!

"Veto? Who Needs a Veto?"

Don't you just love Truthout.org?????


Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11
Even Bush admits that now...


Truthout is one of my all-time fave sources...the photos are an added bonus. Crooks and Liars usually has clips of the Sunday news shows, so if you miss Press the Meat, Joans, you can catch it there.


Just curious because I don't know the answer to this:

Can one infect one's computer by clicking on links? Anybody know?


it is possible if someone has gone to the trouble to embed a website with a spy program that will then latch on to your web viewing..its not a virus as such, but your information is compromised. Cookies are nasty things..I stopped visiting Yahoo Chat-Politics because right after I logged off, my yahoo mailbox would be full of several hundred porn messages. You have to learn by default, though, as to which websites will do that.


It is spyware about which I am concerned. I've heard an awful lot of horror stories lately and I do a lot transacting business over the net. So, I'm starting to be more cautious.

BTW, I, too, have been getting a lot of porn stuff and I'm wondering what triggered it. . . How did you rid yourself of it?

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