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May 17, 2006



you're pathetic redrachel. Full of hate and misery with nothing but garbage to contribute.


Don't know how factual your post was but trusting that all points are accurate, I'm impressed.

I've always believed that if South American countries tried to nationalize industries and move to the left, the American government would find a way to destabilize their governments partly to support are multinationals. It seems we have a history of that. What do you suppose will keep that from happening this time?



so joanie, how do you handle the little kid who keeps acting out for attention???


I believe that the immigration issue will move latino america farther and farther away from having strong relations with the U.S.

I also believe that Chavez is building up a strong coalition to control the flow of oil and energy resources and therefore other goods throughout latino america. There are three trade agreements in the works throughout latino america: The U.S. signed the TLC with Peru and Colombia. Ecuador decided against it after protests. Last week ecuador nationalized some oil assets so the U.S. pull out of negotiations. MERCOSUR is a trade agreement Chavez is championing, it includes Brazil and argentina. There is also a EU trade agreement in the works. The U.S. signed the centro american trade agreement with Costa Rica and Mexico among others I cant recall.

I read the latino american news papers every day. We are not being look at as their friend.

You are correct about what the U.S. has done all alone to allow the multinationals to go to underdevelop countries drill, pull the resources and go away when done.

In the U.S., our political and military resources are very saturated, and our government continues to use a hammer to fix all problems. And after so many times of being hit accross the head, I believe Latino America is ready for the big leagues. There are a vast amount of natural resources all throughout South And Central america. Maybe the Chinese will invest in latino america all that money they are making while we blow ours in the middle east.


For this scenario to work, charismatic, intelligent and strong leadership is a must. It sounds like Latinos have that . . . and it sounds like there is finally some solidarity among leaders down there. I think that is just great. Hope none of them meets an early demise . . .

I think success in South America would demand changes here and in Mexico that would be good for all of us.


I know your not going to aggree with this Sparky but I still say that a firm swat is the best thing you can do. Anything else a timeout or restriction or anything like that is just a joke. My kids have grown up to be the best behaved kids have grown up to be the best behaved kids I know and I think everyone can learn something from my parenting befeifs. Let me know if you try it Sparky.



right over her head!


juan, good point about the Chinese investing in latino america while we blow ours in the middle east. In ten years, China will be arming those countries, then voting against us in the UN like they are doing now with the Middle East. Only this will be closer to home.


JENNIFER ALERT!!, In the next hour (3-4p.m.) Dori is going to play a marathon compilation of Jennifer's hate calls to him, as a "very special" Call of the Week. .Should be a scream


Thanks for the heads up!

This is a common conservative talk show tactic, the only dissenters they present are those who come off as crazy and or cowardly. The message: if you disagree with Dori Monson then you side with a crazy black lady.


Ron&Don present themselves like typical shock jocks but suprisingly their discourse is several feet above Dori Monson, with his constant gawking at people who act funny and his seriously retarded word association bit.


Ah Sparky! Over the years I've become more nurturing and less demanding with kids like that. I think first graders are often simply immature and need to sit on teacher's lap and have a little extra tactility (is there such a word?) I try to make friends rather than become an authoritarian presence in their life. That is not to say I am a pushover giving them carte blanche to act out. I just think they have a need that isn't addressed by starting a tug-of-war or power-struggle with them. I started with K and the first year had a child who was constantly colicky and fussy. I would put him on my lap almost daily. The other kids didn't mind because they felt bad for him. Years later - 4th or 5th grade - he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is doing fine now but I never forgot that. I'm sure he couldn't help his behaviour.

Sometimes they are still hard to handle when they leave me, but they always leave liking or loving their first-grade experience and I've always managed to get them engaged.

It takes more nurturing at the beginning of the year; by the end of the year, consequences are more common because they are confident it is their behaviour that precipitated the consequences and not them . . . know what I mean? I have to establish that I like them first. I guess it is all about bonding with them.

Sometimes we ask kids to be too grown up before they are really ready.

Finally, currently I teach a highly capable program. Even though the children are well-above average academically, their emotional and motor needs can be great. The disconnect between cognitive ability and emotional and physical development can be frustrating for them.

In summation (since this is turning into a treatise!), I think kids who act out have needs we need to really investigate before assuming they are just spoiled or other terms I often hear bandied about. Sometimes we hve to accept them the way they are . . . and do the best we can.

The above would not apply to older kids necessarily . . . this is what works for me as a primary teacher. (I've taught K-2)

This works for me . . . may not work for everyone so please don't think I regard myself as an expert!

Sorry, Michael, still can't seem to keep it short!


Dori hosts that word-association bit like he thinks it is the coolest, most innovative idea to hit radio since what's-his-name invented the damn thing! And it is really the most immature piece of biased garbage I've ever heard!

Ew! I start sounding like RadRa when I talk about Monson!


One more thing, Sparky: I have high SES parents and you'd be surprised the number of kids who are diagnosed bipolar by third grade. I imagine a lot of less affluent kids never get diagnosed. Also, while I'm not an advocate of diagnosing ADD when all else seems to fail, I have had several kids who have gone on to meds again by third grade. These parents have access to the best doctors and while they do not want to acknowledge ADD or resort to meds as early as first grade, those that do put their kids on meds by 3rd or 4th grade wish they had done so earlier.

I'm not talking all kids. . . but, I've gotten pretty good at knowing when a kid is acting out in a way he or she can't control, when a kid just needs to mature or one who has a lot of energy and will do fine with time.

Experience is a good teacher - even for teachers! :)


aw, joanie...you went to all that trouble to write all those wise words.....and when I said "problem child who will do anything for attention" I was making a reference to RedR...heh..sorry.


Can you imagine how many colors of red my face is blushing right now?

Oh well, I love talking teaching as well as everything else! Poor Michael! He must be having a nervous breakdown right now! MICHAEL! THE CHECK'S IN THE MAIL!


Joanie- even though Sparky question was an obvious referral to RR, the discourse was still worth the read.




Thanks guys. I think RR is a little old for my lap! :)

Bipolar? Hmm . . . my current strategy is to IGNORE HER!!!!!!

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