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May 01, 2006



Vinnie may do OK...sadly, a lot fewer people may be listening to the Mariners since they've been playing so badly the last few years.

KIRO still doesn't have anyone for the 9pm - 1am slot, either. I wonder who they'll have fill in this week?


I think I heard Turi Ryder say she's be doing that slot this week.

It cracks me up how even the on-air talkers are making fun of management but obviously management (still) isn't paying attention and/or (still) doesn't care.


Welcome back to mornings Dave! I've moved on to Hartmann but I'll stop by to see how you're doing from time to time. I may even put KIRO back on the first preset button on my radio. Nine to noon is different than when you left... There's real competation for the progressive listener now. Good Luck!


Im sure there are many people who will be relieved that Dave is back and life pretty much goes back to normal.

I have to say, I can't go back. Recenetly, I did tune in to Dave ( Al was a repeat that day) I heard him say " If you haven't done anything wrong, then you dont need to worry about phone-tapping.."

I was appalled.

It's not about innocence..it's about breaking the law!

Did he ever change his mind about that? Because I hit the station button so fast I broke a nail.

A comment above about John P. states that he never challanged a caller. I rarely heard Dave challenge a caller either, and yet I realize that there is an audience for "polite radio." I am happy for them! But for me, the stakes are just too high now. I dont like a steady dose of yelling or name calling anymore than the rest of you..but what I now demand is PASSION. Dave appears not to have passion..just a bemused interest. I liken it to Audio Cheeze Whiz.

Thom Hartmann has passion, deep knowledge, has written many books on American History and can quote something in regards to just about any subject and how it pertains to our past. Most importantly for me, he does not let a ridiculous comment go by without challenging the guest or caller. He doesn't yell, but he does hold them accountable for facts to back up what they say.


Spell check!!!



That's what happens when you type using one eye to watch the screen and one eye on kiddos taking WASL make-up tests!

The Big Guy

Turi Ryder doing the 9 pm to 1 am this week?? Oh GREAT! Did you hear her last nite between 9:30 and 10 going on and on about NOTHING, even pulling her engineer into it in a vain attempt to generate some interest. Talk about vapid! talk about insipid! "talk about anything" just to fill air time 'cause she sure ain't gettin' many calls: That's Turi Ryder. Oh Please, spare us for the 9pm to 1am slot!


Dave was gone too long. Habits change.

Ron and Don cancel him out anyway.


Perhaps its a blessing in disguise that Ron and Don will be heard only 19 minutes per hour (I believe it was said that Dave Ross only had 19 minutes of solid air time while in that time slot). Better Ron and Don, than Dave. In other words - less is more.


Dave not challenging callers? I guess you **haven't** listened to him lately because he does it all the time, and with more "edge" than he had before he ran for office.

He doesn't let callers get away with some of the nonsense others do -- if someone says something patently absurd, he challenges them on it and I've heard him often politely, but bluntly, put them in their place. I'll miss John P. because I really enjoyed him but if he had to go, I'm glad Dave's back in his place.


Ok thanks for that info, Dana. When he left, I stopped listening to KIRO, and that one time about the wire tapping was one of the only times I have listened..the other time was when I heard him say " Ok thank you" to a caller who was talking about unfair everyone is being to Bush..it implied that he sort of agreed.

That said, I will still listen to Thom instead of Dave :-)


There have been rumors that KIRO may run oldtime radio programs in the 1a-5a slot. Anyone confirm this?


Why not try some of the syndicated shows at night, like Dr. Dean, Laura, etc? they'd be better than that tori chick talking about nothin.


Old Time Radio already runs on Friday and Saturday nights. They are so bad they are fun to listen to sometimes.


Well, I listened to Dave.... Until something I had completely forgotten about happened!
The revolting sound of a Dori Monson endorsement spot… I’ll listen to DR until I hear Dori! Then I’m back to Hartmann!!!


I used to love old-time radio but like everything else, they can only take you so far. Got boring after the third, fourth or fifth airing!

I agree with both of you Sparky and Dana. Dave really did came back from his campaign with more of an edge to his hosting. I liked it. But, he's still "bemused" way too much. Gread characterization, Sparky. I called it naive but bemused is probably better. Today's program on immigration was an example. He's is so black and white about things. Do this and that will happen - not!

That is what I like about Tom. He's got the knowledge of history that supports what he says. He knows these are complex issues and there are no easy answers.

I did listen to Dave (when I could) but will stick with Hartmann most of the time because of his informed and analytical understanding of hard issues.


For your reading enjoyment - a poem by Red Rachel:

There was a time when KIRO was number one.
If there was filth to spin, KIRO would make sure it was spun.
But one day America changed from blue to red.
All of the liberal philosophies that KIRO had been spewing are now dead.
Their ratings have long since fallen through the floor.
Their communisist hosts have been found to be liars and whores.
Now, no matter what they do, they'll continue to be bashed...
Because nobody wants to listen to the liberal media's spin and liberal trash.



I thought Ron Reagan was quite good in his debut, but one hour is a funny amount of time. Too much to just skate through, too little to get any real momentum going.


RedR, you will NOT be nominated for a Pulitzer, a PEN/Faulkner, or a Nobel award, nor will you appear on Oprah...


I tuned in to Turi Ryder last night for a couple minutes and she and someone were talking about movies. I guess that was her producer, I'm not sure.

I listen to old time radio, but I have lots of CD's with all kinds of old stuff on it. I don't bother with the ones KIRO airs anymore (though that was my first exposure to these kinds of shows). They repeat stuff a lot, for one thing. Plus I'd rather put a huge bunch of old time MP3's in an iTunes playlist and listen to what comes up, just like music. I'll probably do that tonight instead of listening to Turi....


I feel Turi Ryder doesn't move the conversation along fast enough. She presents an idea but then rambles about that idea long after it's worn and established.

Maybe it's partly girl behavior. Men seem more likely to see the world as a collection of problems, and after we solve one problem we move right along to the next problem, where as woman don't seem to be as in a hurry to come to conclusions and move on, they like to talk things out, but I wish, for the sake of the men listening, that she wouldn't rest on a single point of conversation for such a long period.


RedRachel is a guy and a troll. Please stop biting on his obvious and unsophisticated bait.


RR, how do people like you become people like you? Did nothing good ever happen to you in life?



The off switch would be a blessing. Is there any worse host in the Sound area than that babbling, mush mouthed, Loon Carl "the Spoon" Jeffers?


Andrew, its the Venus/Mars thing. We cant change anymore than you can :-)


Jeffers knows what he's talking about; he just needs to do a better job talking about it!


Two words: Erin Hart. Bring her back! I love Dave, Dori I can stomach, but boy, did KIRO ever screw up when they let her go. She was the best thing that station had going.


Did anyone try to listen to Turi Ryder last night? It was AWFUL! She spent an hour talking about garbage - what would we do if there were no garbage pickup. She was so gross and annoying - far more so than Dori's ever been. And then she goes on to talk about how she could never get naked to save someone who has hypothermia. She's being paid to do this????


The difference between Turi and Dori is that one is a dangerous racist who seems fixated on underage girls; the other is not.


The difference between Turi and Dori is that one is a dangerous racist who seems fixated on underage girls; the other is not.


Why not put that "Money Talk" show on the 1-5am slot? That show is like watching paint dry. I mean, why not have a good show to sleep by? That one does it for me.


Dori is denouncing pedophelia...how ironic.

Barbara Blake

Baiting our breath? Give me a break. The expression "bated breath" has nothing to do with baiting of any kind. Think "abate" and you might get a clue.


yeah, Bob Brinker is human NoDoze. He's a fullofhimself pompous ass, who I've heard mockingly dismiss individual stock traders who trade for a living and aren't in his "professional" little clique and club. Sorry Bob, maybe 90% of people can't trade stock, but the ones who can make more money than you ever will, arrogant ass.


On another subject, I finally have a solution to "the dead hour", Seattle talkradio between 8 and 9 p.m. Until recently, since I only listen to kvi, kiro or ktth I had achoice between "the witch", "the puke", or, well, Vinnie, with the mindless sports crap. Now I've got Brian and the Judge on KVI. Sorry, kneejerk McDermott type koolaid liberals, these guys are good and fun to listen to, although I may not agree with them on eveything.


Tommy, you sound like RedRachel, only calmer.

Speaking of excitable people--where is Jennifer (I think that's her name) who used to leave long, incoherent messages on Dori's voicemail and posted here? She didn't make much sense but she was always entertaining.


The Dead Hour is a perfect time to turn on the Comedy Channel and watch The Daily Show and then the Colbert Report...

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