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May 15, 2006



Let me preface this by saying that I consider myself a liberal and an Ed Schultz fan. If conservative Christians are buying liberal radio stations, then oh well. Such is capitalism. This isn't an example of a phony free market. It's a real free market. Liberals would buy up conservative stations if they had the chance, so the bellyaching sounds disingenuous, IMHO. These deep pockets may spread themselves too thin, at which time these stations may well be sold back to less conservative interests. I for one am not terribly concerned.


Lars Larson is the anti-christ


Except is it really capitolisim if I'm underwriting their tax exemption? Those preachers that are buying airtime that would normaly be done through advertisement and the usual things on a mainstream station have an advantage if they don't have a tax burden so they have more money to purchase time and then keep those stations in the hands of Christians. Doesn't seem so even to me.



Remember the Reader's Digest scams where elderly people were buying, buying and buying in the hope of winning? That's what Christian programming does - appeal to the desire for a better hereafter by programming to the most vulnerable.

Yes, there is a place for government regulation. The Fourth Estate was given Constitutional protection because the Founding Fathers understood the need for an educated electorate. And by insisting on a separation of church and state, the Founding Fathers were also trying to prevent just the sort of take-over we are currently seeing.

Anybody who thinks this is just capitalism at work isn't looking very hard. Capitalism by itself will kill democracy. Regulated capitalsim is a must. I always thought that while we were a capitalist nation, we were first a democracy. I guess I was wrong.

While I guess in radio it is best to sell when profitable . . . it really is a shame.


(Spell-check, Bla'M: It IS Schultz with a c.)


Also, when did rules become wrong? We have rules of behavior in school and at home. The games we play recreationally or professionally have rules. As employees we observe rules in the workplace. Without rules, chaos, anarchy emerges and the ability to cooperate goes out the window.

So, why do people think "unbridled" capitalism will work? Regulation is key to the success of any social or economic process.

Since I'm having this fascinating conversation with myself, perhaps it is not so fascinating! But, I can't seem to let go of the notion that Anthony thinks everything will right itself if you leave it alone. I think that is a recipe for disaster . . . and god knows, that's where we seem to be heading.

BTW, the fact the "Bubba" is beating his competition shows how weak is the competition or how hungry people are for liberal talk . . .


One other error - Stephanie Miller is not one of the Air America fold...

blathering michael

As they say, a pestering sister's a festering blister- I've replaced the recalcitrant c's and corrected the Stephanie Miller error- she is, indeed, another of the Jones stable.


Isn't pure capitalism similar to nature?

Animals will breed as mush as possible, and their population will increase until their habitat is unable to sustain their numbers, at which point they die off again. The process is a bell curve and it comes and goes in waves, and sometimes animals don't rebound on the dip in the curve and they become extinct.

Those animals are only thinking about the current generation, they aren't rationing out for future generations.

Isn't the same trend in play with oil consumption? Pure capitalism values money over future concerns. We need to regulate our rate of consumption unless we want to become another biological statistic in the animal kingdom.

Animals might not go extinct if they had their own government to regulate their behavior. Aren't we as humans so lucky?


No, I don't think so. I think it takes something cataclysmic (sp?) to cause a species to go extinct . . . or the intrusion of something unnatural like humans.

That is why it is called the balance of nature. When a species gets overpopulated, food sources become scarce and the species loses population. The fittest survive, food resources increase, the population grows again. There is a natural system of checks and balances.

In capitalism, powerful labor unions checked the corruption and abuse of employers. In a market that is cornered so to speak - isolated geographically - that works. But, since we are now on a global playing field, it seems like the old rules don't apply anymore.

If anyone watched 60 minutes on Sunday, they told the story of an organizer who left the AFL-CIO and is now organizing service workers. It was a major hit for the AFL-CIO because they lost a lot of money. His union of cleaners - yes, janitors, make $53,000 a year with overtime. When asked why he doesn't do it for the manufacturing sector, he said that train had left the station. You can't get jobs back that are gone. But, he sure can try to help those that are still here and have to stay here.

He said he's putting the union dues to work rather than buying big cars and big dinners for himself and union management. God Bless him!

Since we are all going to be servants and beggers in the new economy, we'll need some strong organizers to keep us out of poverty!


RE: Big Ed / Randi Rhodes feud:
today on his program, Ed talked about "certain people who are camera hogs"..thinly veiled reference to Randi...Randi talked about "fake broadcasters" and mentioned the two conservatives, but she never even acknowledged that Ed was on the show with her...lol


Another AA Conspiracy theory - yawn. Just like if the Dems get back control of Federal power - they will pass the Fairness Doctrine to take the Conservative talkers off of the air.

The later is more believable, because the far left leadership only believes in the 1st Amendment/free speech when its their speech and there are numerous examples - Google it if you have doubts. However, there are some signs that Rove and neo-Cons operate under that premise too - in all "fairness".

Helmut Gutter

""Air America Phoenix, (KXXT) went from an unrated, unprofitable AM radio station to tying for 3rd place out of 25 AM stations in Phoenix,""

radioandrecords.com has KXXTs highest rating in '05 as a 1.5 nowhere near 3rd place.


Google what, Klueless?

Rove and neo-Cons operate under what premise?

What are you talking about?

And just what is unfair about a Fairness Doctrine? Are you afraid you might be forced to hear both sides for a change?

Helmut Gutter

""Allan Prell recently made a market-by-market study and found that Salem's audience is minuscule to negligible.""

Good to see Allan has a new hobby. Is the NYC Air America station beating the caribbean music station it replaced yet?


Sparky, I'm listening to Randi now and she's driving me crazy . . . but some of it is funny, too. I'm one of those who thinks she would make more points if she'd take a breath now and then. I know she means well, but I find it hard to stick with her for long. She barely listens to her own callers and can't wait to cut them off.


Having said all that, she's got a great show going right now with Greg Palast!


"Google what, Klueless? The First amendment

Rove and neo-Cons operate under what premise?"

Ignoring the first amendment, when the opposition engages them in debate - by trying to shout them down or have them evicted from the premises by their thugs. Apply that to the far left and the Neo-Cons. The Fairness doctrine is not necessary now as long as Air America stays on the air- but if you go back & read the fine print about the Fairness doctrine, it would cause some - not all conservative talkers to go off of the air. Now, connect the dots & don't pretend to be clueless. Whatever... As for, Randi Rhodes she has at least one oar out of the water ! She would have more credibility is she were less hysterical and didn't convolute the facts so much.


convoluting facts...lol
kind of like ..oh lets see...Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Anyone On Fox...you mean like that?


I don't know if she cuts them off intentionally, Stephanie Miller only has them on long enough to make their point and then move on. I called Hartmann's show once and was on hold for an hour so any national show worth their salt has lines jammed and has to process them quickly. I thought Randi handled her own, quite well on Larry King and because of the format with 2 creepy cons, she had to engage them the way she did. Ed did ok, but Randi mopped the floor with Prager and the 24 yr old Bob Ferguson. I guess if a smart, I'm mad as hell woman engages two lackys, shes considered "hysterical" and O Lielly is just 'funnin' when he says San Francisco should be destroyed in the next earthquake.


"San Francisco should be destroyed in the next earthquake."

Posted by: chris | May 15, 2006 at 09:02 PM

I love how all you liberals jump all over any off color statement made by a conservative but when one of your own makes one about a liberal city like San Fransisco no less none of you SAY A WORD. The hipocracy of all of you is so discusting that I can hardly even read this garbage. Personally, I think the city should be destroyed by the next big one and the entire city of sin can be sucked up into the deps from which it sprang but if I say it your all going to be all over me so fast its so hipocritical, thats what it is.


Totally agree that Randi can hold her own with anybody . . . but, when she has the microphone to herself 80-90% of the time, I wish she'd let her callers finish their points before she jumps in.

I heard on her show tonight some clips from the Prager/Ferguson show and she did very well for herself. She said that when Prager was talking off-air, he was going on with the host about how drunk everyone gets on Air Force One!

Geez, on NPR right now a guest is demonstrating how George Bush is actually doing things legally every step of the way - he is describing it as being a "conservative" way of doing business. He is debating with another attorney. Both of them sound reasonable - which is par for the course for NPR. It is a good debate even though the thought that Bush could be on the legal side of the Constitution is a little scary to me.


" 'Open Source' with Chris Lydon - can podcast here if interested. Makes a case that Pres is working inside the law. Uncertain how much of it is just talking points but a well-monitored debate nevertheless."


Surely Lou Pate has moved out of Seattle by now for San Diego. He told us that our despicable "suckhole" of a city was so loathsome that he couldn't stand one more day here.Don't tell me he's still coming into KIRO studios to do his fillin work for other stations. Maybe his little group of fawning sycophants who tried unsuccessfully to convince us Pate was a nice guy some months back can fill us in on his status. If he's still here, we've got one of the world's biggest phonies on our hands.


What was that hair style Ferguson had? 1971? I didn't hear what Prager had to say off the air, but I don't doubt it. They are all that's left of Bush' kool-aid supporters. Most of the conservatives are mad at Bush over sending unarmed troops to do what at the border. Bush keeps stepping in the bucket of paint,it is like he wants his side to fail...


He seems to be making all the wrong moves but I'll believe he's in trouble only when I see a democratic Congress . . . he's a bully and sometimes bullies are hard to get rid of!


Fergusons hairstyle was pre 1971. I think he does it that way to hide the horns coming out of his forehead.


If the Democrats win the House, they will attempt to first censure, then impeach Bush - while in the process, the wheels of Government grinds to a standstill. The real underlying reason that the Dems would be out to impeach him is REVENGE, for how the Republicans embarrassed Clinton when he was president. I didn't think what the Republicans did to Clinton was right, so if the Dems win the House and go forward with the plan - two wrongs don't make a right. Actually, in the long run - it would probably be better that they didn't try it - because they will look as pathetic as the Republicans did in 1998 with Clinton and that will work against them in 2008 - but hey, this is America - so knock your socks off Democrats - the party of double standards !


Randi Rhodes is such friggin whiner - she has diarrhea of the mouth - she gets on a roll, but blathers the same old partisan crap that liberals love to eat up, although I am no fan of Bush - she's a kool aid drinker on the left and spews a good line of bullcrap. Dennis Prager has more class and is somewhat of a kool aid drinker on the right/I don't agree with his admiration of the President - he does use more salient facts in his debate and unlike her displayed manners on the air & off the air- who gives a rat's butt ?


Well, another mural painted by Klueless!


Where does Prager use "salient" facts?

Kevin Hayden

On our progressive KOPT in Eugene, of the national talkers, Schulz and Miller are the best imo. Franken's good, but talks too slow for radio (a friend made the point and after listening again, I hafta agree.

Rachel Maddow and Mark O'Reilly are okay.O'Reilly was better paired with Marc Maron, though.

Rhodes sells well in NY so will last for that mkt alone. But Mike Malloy? Bleah! Janeane Garofalo/Sam Seder? I like Janeane, but she's just not right for radio.

I just wish Miller was on the early evening slot, as I bet she'd compete better in the ratings if everyone wasn't watching TV.

Thom Hartmann's good, but we don't get him down here. Jerry Springer barely passes.


Joanie - your attempt to dialogue is underwhelming. Clueless is in the eye of the beholder is profound in someone else's eye - your smugness is showing. Have a nice day..


Agreed, Kevin!
I love stephanie miller's snarky humor...


I think Stephanie is just right where she is - she has that early-morning cheerfulness that helps start the day on a positive note.

Love Malloy and like Sam Seder a lot. When he filled in for Franken, I got hooked on him. But, don't care for Garafalo so don't listen much.

Regarding slow-talkin' Al, I love that! Thom Hartmann satisfies my need for fast talkers . . .

Hey, Klueless, hard to dialogue with guys who don't have the facts. . . and don't want to know them. So, keep on blathering . . .

rob wrinkle

The Chatham Hill Foundation just bought KXEB, the Air America outlet in Dallas, from Border Media Partners. The Station goes ALL CATHOLIC ALL THE TIME OCT 1. AIR AMERICA GAGGED 1 MONTH BEFORE THE ALL IMPORTANT MID TERM ELECTION.

This foundation is the one which funded the movie Hollywood vs Relgion. There are ties to Dr. James Dobson.

Oh the other side, there is Border Media Partners. They are headed up by Thomas Castro, an hispanic radio entrapeneur who says he is a Democrat. His company is funded by, among others, a special minority investment fund offered by Goldman Sachs. They are not Democrats.

It appears to me that the station sold for way over market value, and BMP made a hefty profit on the deal.

The bottom line, big money trumps conscience.

It is a God Damn shame.

It really is class warfare here. The wealthy are using the naive religious, to maintain their stranglehold on the US Government. They will do whatever it takes to hang on to power, especially on this election. Rove knows that if there is a shift of power in congress, there will be consequences for the current administration beyond just losing the election. The protection they have enjoyed by controlling the House and Senate will be gone, and the pursuit of Impeachment and Prosecution will follow. This is what is at stake.


You know, Rob Wrinkle, I'm beginning to think that even if the Dems win a place in government - and that's not certain - they won't have what it takes to undo all that the right has done. Esp. since they, too, are in the pockets of big money . . . except for McDermott and Kucinich.

I'm waiting for democracy to rear its head in the streets and violence may be on the menu.

I'm quite hopeless . . .

Jane Black

Joanie, do you know the purchase price that they bought KXEB for? Some stations go for more than $50 mil in a Dallas-sized market. I haven't seen any figures named & am VERY CURIOUS how much these people paid.

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