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April 03, 2006



Deomcrats will retake power when they stop bitching about how evil everyone who disagrees with them is. Then present some solutions that don't involve voters being taxed even more than they are now. Find a way to stop the growth of government. Present ideas that will work.

Unfortunately none of that will ever happen. Instead what you are going to get is this: Come november the lowest turnout in voter history. No one is the real world beleaves anything politicians say anymore. They are firmly disgusted with both parties. And for good reason. Those of you who think that the nation is waiting to throw the rascals out have been thinking that for decades. All you get is new rascals.

Oops, gotta get to work now. But I might like to know if any of you feel that the Democrats are offering anything to inspire people to vote for them. Or is all they have to offer nothing more than commenting how evil and awful the current crop of leaders is.


KIRO wants you to provide them with lots of personal private information in order to listen to their live audio stream, yes, the one with all the stupid McGruff the Crime Dog ads.

It just so happens you can skip this step by simply clicking here:



Power words are common knowledge to any professional persuader. I've heard these words used in commercials for both D's and R's.

They always show the oponent in black and white to make it look like a criminal mug shot.

They show the candidate in bright colors on a warm sunny day, shaking hands with old people and talking to children, to make us subconsiously believe that if we vote for them the weather will improve and they will take care of our children and elderly so we don't have to.

That happens on both side. The real reason people vote for R's is because they believe Jesus would vote Republican.


So true, Bla'M! When I came across "hard work", I had one of those gag reflexes...it's one of those bushit phrases like "harm's way" that makes me puke whenever he says it. Andrew, thanks SO much for the effortless KIRO stream. I'm also taking your previous advice in "Payment due at KUOW" and not responding to Ryder.


I don't think Ryder is a troll like that other guy was, I can't remember his name, but Ryder's paint brush is as wide as his paint bucket rendering conversation useless.


"paint brush is as wide as his paint bucket rendering conversation useless."LOL!
Andrew, are you creating these hilarious lines yourself or do you have a book called "Metaphors No One Has Met" or "Similes to Make You Smile?"?




With all due respect . . .

The conservative take-over of our country started a long time ago with "Justice Powell's memo" which started the game rolling. I think Gingrich created the galvanizing force to turn the tide dramatically with his "REPUBLICAN CONTRACT WITH AMERICA" a promise made but never fulfilled. Maybe that is what democrats should do. Throw that damn contract back in the faces of the conservatives and ask what happened.

Finally, Powell supplied the seed, Lee Atwater and his disciples including Rove supplied the fertilizer, and Gingrich kicked in the miracle gro which finally allowed it to flower.

I think between the C for A and the insidious marketing job by Atwell and Co., the deed was done well. That little list of words? A natural outgrowth of everything else. JMO.


PS: The "strategy" started decades ago. Gingrich supplied a tactic.

At 8:52 pm Anthony Zinni on CSpan Wash Journal live call- in. If anyone saw Meet the Press yesterday, Zinni was great! Dave Ross played a short sound bite this evening on his show.


First, the "contract with america" was only a promise to vote on certain issues, not to impliment them.

Second, not one of you has put forth a reason to vote for your issues except that what we have now is awful. That is why you continue to fail. You are afraid to put forth your issues honestly because you arre afraid that they will be rejected.

For crying out loud you dingbats, Bush could easily have been beaten in 2004. The Republicans can easily be knocked off this year. But first someone must have the courage to stand for something besides hatred for Bush.

Too broad of a brush stroke? Nope. Just the truth. Deal with it.


So, tell me oh wise one, what do the conservatives stand for? Just curious?


They stand for Big Goverment, ya know?


BTW, Ryder, I guess you are saying that the repubs enticed the American people to vote for them by promising a vote on the C for A. Then, in true form, these newly elected Delay-i-cans voted against it. Isn't that typically conservative. (LOL)


For the Political Junkies here:

Delay Stepping Down!

Time had it first:



Mike Malloy's been talking about it for half an hour and he credited Time. I hope Delay goes to jail for a long, long time!



Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

I'm raising my glass tonight and toasting the beginning of the end of conservative corruption.

Ahhhhhhhhh....that's good stuff.


Of course, there will never be an end to conservative corruption in general.

I just like me some booze upon learning wonderful, wonderful news.


I find the practice of stations like KIRO and KVI hiring "homies" like Suits and Monson smalltime and annoying. It's much more interesting to hear someone who's been raised and worked in the midwest or on the East coast, like Alan Prell, than smug, provinvcial, local yokels like Suits and Monson. I can't believe a horse's ass like Suits has been around here for this long, just based on his rude, boorish treatment of his callers if nothing else.


Not all peole who have been born and raised here are what I cal "homies" or provincials. If they've both travelled AND expanded their thinking, soul an dspirit out of the Norhtwest box, they can be great radio hosts. I don't care if Suits and Monson have travelled, which they have, they're still boring local yokels and provincial types.


Ryder, we're not political strategists and there's simply no way in hell you are either.


"It's much more interesting to hear someone who's been raised and worked in the midwest or on the East coast, like Alan Prell, than smug, provinvcial, local yokels like Suits and Monson."

If Suits and Monson are horses' asses, it's not because they are local. Personally, I'm sick and tired of hearing Eastern voices on local radio, as if we're not good enough. I want to hear more locals, people who know the local in-jokes and cultural references, and who don't say "the 405" and "the 5" when talking about the freeways.

FWIW, I liked Suits when he was on KIRO, even though I clearly disagreed with him politically. I liked the sense of humor he displayed then. And mid-1990s Dori -- same thing, really. It's not that they are local that has made me dislike them now; it's that they have gone so far in the wingnut direction while, frankly, losing much of the humor.


Delay probably will not go to jail - I'd be surprised if he does. However, I am not sorry to see him go - he has a fair amount to do with our huge deficit - he who didn't believe Congress wasn't wasting any money. The Republicans do not have the corner on corruption - they are just more noticeable now because they are in power. In the '90's with the Clintonistas in power, the Dems were more visibly corrupt. Let's hear hear 3 cheers about Campaign Finance reform by McCain and Feingold - NOT !

Both parties are disgusting nowdays - with their attitude about securing the borders. They'd rather see our country go to hell (which it will do) unless something is done to effectively stem the flow of undocumented illegals across the border, while acknowledging we need some of them labor-wise.

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