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April 29, 2006



Exactly HOW expensive is Oxy on the street, Bla'M? I happen to have several prescriptions.... Excellent in-depth piece about the shallow Lush, BTW..



Sounds like an editorial out of the PI/times.


Excellent article, Michael!


What saints, you libs are. Lessee... how quickly we forget our own foibles...

"I did not have sex with that woman..."

Nahhh... he's a Dem... gotta be a rational justification there!



A little sex? You've never had it ?


In your screed against Rush, you need to check your facts. For instance, Rush did not defend Bush over Harriet Miers. Quite to the contrary, he was outspoken in his criticism of the appointment. This is the second time that this canard has been presented as fact on this website. Such continuing misstatements eats away at the credibility of the rest of the statement.

Sacramento Radio

Rush's ratings in Sacto still lead not just the radio station, but the market. In fact, the Rush Radio audience in Sacto is comprable to the top ranking TV stations in Sacramento for the 9-Noon day part.

On the other hand, you are right about the ratings softening there. Rush's numbers are being dragged down by an anemic morning news show. There is a new management team in place at KFBK that is floundering badbly. They have dismantled key components of the radio station, lost key people who have left in frustration and are in the process of cannibalizing KFBK in order to use its parts to shore up the other stations in the cluster. The program director previously presided over the strangulation of similar radio stations in Denver and New York.

The spring numbers for that market come out May 4 and will be followed shortly by more cuts. Rush Limbaugh will be the bright spot in their ratings day. Hate to break it to you, but the Big Ditto will be the last one standing there.

BTW.... you really gotta get a life dude. It's a show on the radio. It ain't real life.


All of you just want Rush to go down so badly that now your distorting the truth and making him seem like somebody he's not. So what if he took some painkillers. WHO HASN'T? They are pills you can get legally from a doctor. At least it's not like its extacy like the rest of the homosexual liberals take and sit around rubbing each others backs and talking about the way things used to be - you know, before you lost your power. You are all just mad because you have lost control of the governement (which by the way, you are never going to get back) and you know that soon the treasonous liberal media is going to be silenced. And that's the way things should be. None of you will be able to say one more critical word about our government. And that's the way it should be! All your able to do anymore is sit around and get under the skin of our leaders. You haven't done a darn bit of good in years. So get of our backs and quit being jealous of the fact that you've lost. It's over, so please just go away.


Yes! I am frequently known to have several hundred painkillers with me at one time, we all do, what the heck! We all send our maid to get them too! yessir! Oh and I DO have several doctors who are not aware the others are giving me the exact same painkillers, so that way I can get lots and lots. Come on, everyone does it! What is the freekin' big deal??


P.S. Red,
You need to scale back just a teeny bit..your attempts to bait the site are getting a little silly.
You can do better, I just know it!
You go, girlfriend!


Meanwhile, check out Bush's happy face while Steven Colbert roasts his fanny during the White House Press Corp Dinner speech...and Helen Thomas helps him...



Eric + Eric the Red + RedRachel = Audioslave?

Just tinkering . . . and thinkering. :)

Izzy Weird

I think I'm in love with RedRachel, ya know?


Dr. Joanie suggests a menage a trois - Yick, Izzy and Red . . . would do you a world of good, Rache!


Does anybody else think this guy is out of control?

"Bush Challenges Hundreds of Laws"

blathering michael

I've checked, kidz, Red Rachel,'s IP has never been here before with any other name. Rach: hey! you're fun and always welcome here. I love a gal with values- you should work on your grammar and spelling, though. those permissive, liberal public school teachers really failed you.

blathering michael

Jim, that is blatantly false. Big Pants was skeptical at the very first about the Miers nomination, but staunchly defended the little lady and the administration after Cheney came on the show and said, "She has a conservative judicial philosophy that you would be comfortable with." (10/03/2005). Rush even went on in the ensuing weeks to claim that religious conservatives were united behind the nomination despite the uproar to the contrary. (limbaugh transcript from Media Matters http://mediamatters.org/items/200510170001). That got him in a lot of trouble with the evangelicals, and other conservatives which was my original point.



Please check Rush's op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal in which he wrote about the conservative crack-down on the Miers' nomination when the media was calling a crack-up. He definitely was not in the pro-Miers camp.


B'Michael....joanie and I will have to short sheet your bed for that crack about teachers.....


I was considering time-out, but I like your idea better . . . :)

blathering michael

I read that Jim, and he was celebrating the debate conservatives were having, and saying it was healthy. At the time, on the air, he was doing an "our president right or wrong," and defending the nomination saying conservatives had to have "faith." I heard him say it over and over, Rush on this one...he's a pragmatic Republican- that's not so wrong, if you're a Republican...

blathering michael

Hey Sparks & Joanie: my tongue was, as you know, firmly implanted in my ample cheek. And for the record, I'm not lettin' either one of you near my bed.




For the record, Bla'M, Sparks and Joans will be the only American females who haven't been IN your bed....


Good place for your tongue to be, Michael . . .

I wish you guys were watching LA Festival of Books because panel of soldiers back from Iraq and have they got something to say to the American people. Sorry for the downer . . . but no flag raising here, rather a plea for the American people to get engaged.

Really something.


Anybody watching the Kodak falcons? Mariah is sitting on SIX eggs! I've never seen six before!
"see Mariah"


"better view"


I got pretty fucked up on pain pills in the mid 1980's. Got picked up by Auburn PD. Ended up in treatment and got the same deal as Limbaugh. I stayed clean, went to my meetings etc. Now I have no criminal record. Did all that with a public defender. Even though I frequently vote R(just a disclaimer).
Just do not see the big of deal here. Many of the poor souls I met in treatment got the same type of consideration from the courts. Anybody with severe back pain can get hooked on that crap.


How do you feel about medical marijuana?


Chucks...none of us are glad Rush has a drug problem. The part that has everyone pissed is how he spent years shouting on his program that all people who were addicted to drugs are scum and should be sent to jail,along with their suppliers, NO EXCUSES. The fact that the shoe is on the other foot and he wants to pretend it never happened is the height of hipocracy. THAT is what has people so pissed off...
I'm glad you are better now..


I feel great with medical marijuana, Jones, and thanks for the Kodak falcons (I was, at first glance, horrified to see a post from you about a football team...)


I'm all in favor of medical marijuana. I have a friend in excruciating pain and prescription meds just barely take the edge off. If marijuana, legal or not, helps, I'm for it.


Hey, joans, did you see the LA Book festival (C-Span) yesterday with the four female flavors of feminism?


Careful, Dana, Homeland Security is watching....


Careful, Dana, Homeland Security is watching....


Damn! Dittoed again!

David Allyn

This is really no different than "Drug Court". Almost every state has a drug court now, and they are far more successful with addicted offenders than just throwing them into jail for a couple of years.

I know that the general feeling of many people who can't stand him is that he should do a lot of time just because he is a hypocritical oaf. If there was an actual charge for that, I probably would concur. But this is a person who has a disease, and he is given a chance to do something about it. (unlike the man sitting in the Oval Office right now)

I cannot find one thing I can agree with Limbaugh on politically, but as a person, I can only hope he benefits from this chance.

Drug court is not a cake walk by any means. Some people have found prison to be the much easier choice.


"He was so close to me, he was spitting," Dan Buttman lisps disdainfully, in the promo for Buttman and Boze.


David...I dont think he needs jail time...but maybe if he had to do some community service as part of his counseling, he really would see it as an opportunity...but somehow, I dont share your optimism.


Fremont: started to watch it but lost interest . . . what can I say? Did you like it?

Did you see the "Biography: Great American Lives?" That was a good one! Loved Blanche Wiesen Cook who really held her own with the rest of the boys! Especially when she let Richard Reeves know what she thought of Reagan! It was one good panel!

I don't know why CSpan didn't cover more of the panels. I emailed them my disappointment. Look up LA Times Festival of Books and check out the panels they had. So many good ones! Worth flying down to check out, I think.


Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh doing community service? Somehow, I don't think I'd want him servicing me . . . well, maybe he can rake leaves or something.


I was thinking more along the lines of serving meals to people in drug rehab places or the Millionair's Club..full of men whose lives have been ruined by drugs, and never had the money Rush has to start their lives over...

On another note, I didnt think that Rush and Darryn ever got married... I thought she dumped him before that,,,something about flatulence...


Homeland Security can take my comments and shove them up Bush's flabby white ass.


I heard on the news this morning that the charges he plea bargained were for 11,000 pills over 4 months.

11,000 pills.

Also, usually when someone plea bargains, it comes with a GUILTY plea..that is why you work a deal! Rush gets to enter a NOT GUILTY plea, pay the fine and go home.


Another case of irresponsible reporting by the news media before all of the facts are in - sigh !
Here's the real story;

Newsweek: Rush Limbaugh 'Arrest' Reports Were Bogus

All weekend long news broadcasts were filled with reports that talk radio host Rush Limbaugh had been "arrested" on charges of doctor shopping as part of a plea bargain worked out with his lawyer.

But - as even the liberal newsmagazine, Newsweek, admitted - the "arrest" reports were bogus.

"LIMBAUGH ARRESTED was the immediate headline on the wires and on TV," the magazine said in Monday's edition. "But the word 'arrest' was misleading." [Editor's Note: Get NewsMax's Special Report "Rush Is Back" -- that first detailed the media's effort to torpedo America's most listened to radio host -- read more -- Go Here Now.]

"In fact, Limbaugh had pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer had worked out a deal that would cause the single charge to be dropped after 18 months as long as Limbaugh stayed out of trouble and continued to see a doctor who has helped him with an addiction to painkillers."

Still, the rest of the press did its level best to portray Limbaugh's voluntary trip to the Palm Beach County jail for a mugshot as if John Dillinger had just been apprehended.

ABC's "World News Tonight" began its coverage of the Limbaugh case dismissal with Elizabeth Vargas announcing: "Rush Limbaugh, one of the most popular and influential radio talk show hosts in America, was arrested in West Palm Beach today. The charges involve allegations of prescription drug fraud."

The actual mugshot belied the "arrest," reports, showing a beaming Limbaugh clearly delighted over finally winning his case.

Other reporters went out of their way to paint the talk host as a common street drug user, noting a 1995 statement where Limbaugh said he favored jail for illegal drug users.

Newsweek was one of the few to note that the top talker's addiction had nothing to do with recreational drug use - but was instead prompted by intense back pain.
"Limbaugh's drug problems began after he made a medical choice to try to preserve his radio voice . . . . The doctors wanted to go in through the back of his mouth, but Limbaugh was worried about his vocal cords. A different procedure was performed, and Limbaugh's suffering did not go away. He began to take pain pills in ever-larger numbers."

The prosecutor's office leaked claims to the press that Limbaugh took thousands of pills -- suggesting not only a severe addiction but that Rush was manipulating his doctors -- "doctor shopping" -- to abuse his medications.

But Rush's medical records, ones turned over to state prosecutors, showed that the doctor shopping claim was a sham.

In July of 2005, Black detailed Rush's use of prescription drugs as detailed in his medical records:

"The prescription records that are in the search warrant affidavits should be put in perspective. Of the 2,130 pills prescribed, only 1,863 were painkillers, and of those only 1,733 were for hydrocodone. These were to be taken over a period of 217 days, from the date of the first prescription until 30 days from the date of the last prescription. The dose averages out to a little over eight pills a day, which is not excessive and is in fact a lawful dose.

"Ninety-two percent of the pain medication was prescribed by two doctors who were treating Mr. Limbaugh for back pain. They work in the same office from the same medical file, and there could be no doctor shopping between them. One of these doctors also prescribed 117 pills of a drug used to treat high blood pressure or to help wean patients off of painkillers.

"The other two doctors are the California surgeon who implanted the cochlear implant to restore Mr. Limbaugh's hearing and a Florida doctor he was seeing for follow up on the surgery. Of the 180 pills prescribed by the surgeon, 100 were vitamin pills. Of the 110 pills prescribed by the fourth doctor, 50 were non-painkillers prescribed for tinnitus, ringing in the ears.

"The bottom line is that these prescription records might tell a story, but it is not a story of doctor shopping. We continue to believe that Mr. Limbaugh is being pursued by overzealous prosecutors and that he should not be charged with any crime."

In fact, when news of the conservative talker's pain pill addiction first hit the National Enquirer in Oct. 2003, Palm Beach County prosecutor James Martz said going after low-level prescription drug users like Limbaugh was a waste of time.

Still, his office pursued the case as if they were prosecuting the Cali cartel.

Friday's dismissal showed that Martz had it right the first time.


I am not a supporter of Rush's. I like seeing fair and accurate reporting though which was not the case here. That's all I have to say about that...


"clearly delighted over finally winning his case."

If he won it, why the mandatory drug testing, mandatory treatment, and admission to getting 40 pills illegally?

Sounds a little like the "I never had sexual relations with that woman" to me. . . .

I guess truth and honesty are in the eye of the beholder.


Rush put on the typical front that he won, but he really lost and he knows it/ he gives conservatives a bad name - he's just an entertainer who says he is a conservative.

Someone also ought run a drug test on Keith Olberman, a TV entertainer who comes across as royal wack job !

Eric t

Talk about "missing the point"! 4th bestseller in a row, " The Political Zoo', preceded by "Liberalism is a Mental Disorded", "The enemy Within", and "The Savage Nation". All done without the liberal media (Oprah Winfrey) type promotion. It means that you libs are naieve to the heartbeat of America which has had enough of you! By the way blather mike, what are Savages true ratings in the 3-6PM slot? Ross moved for a reason. Oh I suspect they are lower than the national average given the foolish tree huggers in this area. However, nationwide they would stomp Dori/Ron and Don or baritone Ross in love with his own voice! Can you debate any point that Savage makes? I can but not many. I doubt that you fools on this site even know what his visions are. Just know that he is "angy" and "ranting". Couldn't hold your own against him with facts though. Facts are a liberals worst enemy. They destroy their preconcieved ideas of the world. Hillary '08? May as well be since the Bushes are in lock step with her. We have no Republic. Only one party. The two are fooling you! Good luck! Eric

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