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April 14, 2006


Ted Smith

Assuming that the Weekly piece is basically accurate, we wait with bated* breath to see what defense Webb will offer. That's the only remaining mystery.

*Note to Mike: This term has nothing to do with queer bait and is not a homosexual reference. Sorry to disappoint.


Not "Old"..."Distinguished!"

Stephen Schwartz

The Weekly piece was pablum. Frankly, why should a listener care about whther Mike was silly enuff to run to the 7-11 for a soggy sandwich? Yehh ... I agree this raises serous questions about his taste buds, but there is nit much else to eat arounf Eastlake at midnight.

What I noted was that Parrish's pablum failed to address the far ore interesting issue of WHY Kiro is being run so badly? Between the bon-bon show from New Orleans, Fibber McGee and the Shadow, and the late nite I am a Genius offerings ... one hankers for a return to camous radio.


the bad news is the styblehead is on KIRO late night ( its not fare! its just bad radio) but the ball game is on komo 1000am after midnight! be there !


I agree with Stephen -- the Seattle Weekly piece would've been better if the ratio of Webb dirt to KIRO autopsy talk had been reversed.

So we have one minor crazy talk show host gone. It's much more interesting, and important to Seattle, to dissect the collapse of the entire radio station.

Webb's quirks are water-cooler gossip. KIRO's unbelievable wholesale meltdown affects the information culture of the whole region.

The mainstream press won't cover it in detail, of course, because there but for the grace of God go them. But the alt press should turn on all the burners. They should be like the NTSB poking through airliner wreckage and asking what the hell happened here. The macro issues with KIRO (remote corporate control of local programming, refusal to communicate with the listener base, the fragility of progressive talk in an allegedly progressive city) are in the long run fifty times more important than Mike Webb's sandwich runs.


" The macro issues with KIRO (remote corporate control of local programming, refusal to communicate with the listener base, the fragility of progressive talk in an allegedly progressive city) are in the long run fifty times more important..."

What makes you think a remote corporate office is going to cooperate in an interview? Clendening cant say anything or he would be out of a job. And, as pointed out earlier..its a small community and the gossip you know could very well pinpoint who leaked it, and cost them further employment in the area.
In the ensuing coverage of this debacle, perhaps more people will be forthcoming with information about the station as a whole, but I wont hold my breath!


Interesting comments. I agree the piece was more gossip than analysis. Still, it was interseting to us "radio people."

Stephen put it well. However, radio has always been hard-to-find news in Seattle which brought me to Blatherwatch. Media reporting on media, I guess.

I would have thought that some of these anonymous sources could have made further insights into the whole debacle of KIRO's real problems.

In the end, Blatherwatch wins - any publicity is better than no publicity! We should be thanking Webb. :)


It is confounding how many folks are doing post mortems for KIRO-AM. Somehow they continue to ignore the fact that KIRO is consistently the highest rated talk radio station in Seattle. The three stations ahead of KIRO are music stations.


Yeah, umo, with the Seahawks in the Superbowl and no still KIRO improvement.


I'll go on the record about Webb!!! He once spread a rumor that I was doinking Kris Olinger!!


BTW- it was false. Siegel, however....


How is Mike Webb supposed to defend himself against a print media attack that quotes nothing but anonymous sources. None of Webb's detractors have the balls to identify themselves.


Mike Webb is innocent. How do I know? Because obviously the police, Geico, Geov Parrish, Blatherwatch, Brian Maloney, several sources at KIRO, KIRO management, KVI, KTTH, the Pope, Talon News, the Mariners, Elvis and Simon Cowell are all in a major conspiracy to defame the greatest Progressive talk show host ever to have walked the face of the Earth. But I'm not worried because Sy Hersh and Joe Wilson and Pearl Jam are all on it and will expose "the truth" any day now. We also have the secret McDermott tapes to prove the conspiracy includes Newt Gingrich. It's all over for the right wing! Their lies and evil will finally be shown to all! The mainstream conservative press is finished! Long live Hugo Chavez! IMPEACH BUSH! FIRE RUMSFELD! I JUST SAVED A BUNCH OF MONEY AT GEICO!

Ted Smith

KLIF-1190 in Dallas was a legendary rock station that underwent a precipitous decline in the 70s. I asked Ron Chapman, PD of competitor KVIL, to explain. He said:

"They stopped caring."

Simple answer: KIRO has stopped caring.

baba booey

How is Mike Webb supposed to defend himself against a print media attack that quotes nothing but anonymous sources. None of Webb's detractors have the balls to identify themselves.

Posted by: umo | April 14, 2006 at 03:26 PM

I bet one of the gutless pukes qouted anonymously is that turd Erin Hart.


not possible baba booey, since there were no references to "Pedro" in any of the above postings. Erin couldn't post more than a sentence without including a "hi Pedro" disclaimer.

baba booey

Is Pedro her gardener?


Vote for Pedro!

( you had to see the movie...)


Mike Webb just can't stand the fact that there are people here who are hip to his tricks. He's used to thinking he's always the smartest guy in the room.


Its just not fare!!!!!!
the Stiblehead is just bad radio !!! the good news komo 1000
has the ball game on after midnight !HAy Tom from Kiro ! Is the stiblehead datting your sister ! thats the only way I can think you would have the stiblehead on save us at midnight ! put the test tone back on !


Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is one of the few floating holidays in the calendar year, because it's based on the cycles of the moon. Jesus was said to have risen from the dead on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. For that reason, Easter can fall as early as March 22nd and as late as April 25th.

The word "Easter" comes from an ancient pagan goddess worshipped by Anglo Saxons named Eostre. According to legend, Eostre once saved a bird whose wings had frozen during the winter by turning the bird into a rabbit. Because the rabbit had once been a bird, it could still lay eggs, and that rabbit became our Easter Bunny.


learn something new every day.


ho-hum . . . where's audioslave and exdem when you need 'em?

hope you bring on a good one tomorrow, michael . . .

I still hate George Bush. :)


And don't forget, the Last Supper was a Passover seder.


Glad that Mike Webb is no longer on KIRO, not that I am enthralled with who is on now in his place. Turns out Webb passed himself off as something he wasn't and didn't care for his demeanor on the air. He was a pompous, self-centered hypocritical jerk just like those of the right-wing who he accused of being that way. In a few cases, he was right - but when someone's rubs many the wrong way and their credibility is in the pooper - he already has two strikes against him. Also, why did he never show a photo of himself like all of the other KIRO personalities did on the station's website ? Was he ashamed of the way he looked or just being arrogant again ?


He did show a pic of himself once . . . can't remember just where . . .maybe his blog? But, it was like thirty years old and not a very clear pic either! A little vanity, wouldn't you say? (LOL)

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