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April 04, 2006



How quaint of those blue-haired old ladies to hand Sandeep a flag.
He's probably mystified to this day why it didn't end in a group hug (like a Sims job interview).

I dunno...I just might drop by incognito tonight. Never mind that, I might be in flagrante delicto.


Oh yeah! I almost let you off Mikey! Why, again, isn't KUOW listed on the right margin as a Pacific NW TALK station?


Did management from Entercom threaten to shut you down, if you continued to post messages about their stations. Come on sound off like you've got a pair!

Van Cise replacing KING-5's Marriott was worse than not matching KOMO'S offer to buy the rights to broadcast M's games.

Come on 710 KIRO management, do you think there was really so much confusion, when you used NBC affiliate for weather, that it was dragging your ratings down?

Cheese & Rice!

Van Cise has the personality of paint drying in the hot sun.

Plus there's no banter.

Don't piss of Greg and Jane by taking away the fun things to do between 3:30 and 10 a.m. or you may have to go with Bosch and Valley in the morning...which would be just fine.


And another thing...pound for pound KJR banter, sports related topics is far more intereting and entertaing than any a.m. show in Seattle.

When you want a news update quickie push you pre-set button to the flamethrower at the top of the hour, then att 00:08:00 go back to Mitch, Softie or the Groz.

Come on, let's critique radio again and sound off like you've got a pair.

blathering michael

yeah, Entercom castrated us. We don't write enough about KIRO around here. Mac: What are you talking about- who's Mitch, Softie, Groz? Van Cise replacing KING-5's Marriott? Cheese & Rice? Bosch and Valley? Morning? Is this English? are you in the Seattle market?


1. Rick VanCise: http://www.kirotv.com/weather/2824696/detail.html

2. KJR pulls about a 2.2 consistantly in the Seattle market.

3. Jim Valley and Heather Bosch are seasoned reporters, that can handle on air anchor positions at 710 KIRO.

4. CHEESE AND RICE is a politically correct way of using the Lords son in vain.


Jeez, Michael, even I know the Gros, Softie and Mitch. I quit listening cause of Mitch - he's a dirty old man and you might like him!

But, what about Gas - is Gas no more, Mac? I always liked Gros best alone and thought Softie was very easy to listen to. Mitch? - arrogant and nasty. Gas? - works to hard to be good.


I listened to the clip and heard Dori for the first time! Finally, after all these years.......! HE'S A FUCKING IDIOT!


Thanks for the info, Mac. Who's the Lord's son?


Cheese and Rice, Fremont. Cheese and Rice!


Lemme guess BlahMike: Sports talk is for uber-macho knuckledraggers and not worthy of your time and consideration.

Goddam right wing athletes!

p.s. What about KUOW on the right margin!!??

blathering michael

I don't make judgments about people who like sports- and I'd never say it's a liberal-conservative thing, because it's not. I know way too many liberal people who are crazy about sports. If you can stereotype it, you could say it's a gender thing, and you know what a girly-man I am. I played football in school, am a fine in-shape specimen of a man, but I've never understood the fascination with spectator sports and think that if as many followed the affairs of state as closely as they follow sports, things would be better.
As for KUOW, I'm too busy/lazy- it'll get over there eventually, what's the big deal?


First we had Don and Ron.
Then Ron and John
Now John and John? (Carlson and McCain 2 times in 2 weeks).

I don't git the Van Cise/Marriott thang either.


Delay - on to bigger and better things. I hear he's going to become a lobbyist in WA DC. And, by resigning now, the repug replacement will have a leg up at election time.

Somehow they always come out on top. Hope he goes to jail but . . .

We could talk about KIXI?


Justin Berry and Kurt Eichenwald testifying before Congress. I wonder how many of those "awash in money" gentlemen have a pipeline to child porn? Anybody following that story has got to wonder . . . Esp. considering the lack of legislation by Congress re the Mariana Islands.



Well, I seem to be talking to myself but so be it. This article finally puts words to the truth about Bush. It is worth the read if, like me, ou are angry and a little bitter.

"A Hole in Which Hopes Are Buried"


Great article, joanie; I sent it to everyone I know.


Joanie: "We could talk about KIXI?"

Sure thing!

Where else are you going to hear "Tiny Bubbles"?


And Frankie whom I actually like a lot! We are kindred spirits! :)


My main deal is: KUOW is consistently held (by you/many) as a paragon of what radio SHOULD be. No gutter helmets, no Kiel-spiel, etc. Just "fair-minded, in-depth" local talk. Well, KUOW doesn't have to show a profit. It isn't different rules, it's a different game altogether.
Do they make an effort to attract ONE more listener than they had yesterday? No. They don't have to.
Is public radio a good product? Yes.
Do they reflect the public (ALL of them) interest?
Are they compelling? Topical?
For instance, this morning at 9am they're interviewing some kayakers about paddling tips in the Puget Sound. No kidding.
Now...if KIRO, KVI et al played by these rules, they'd be in the shitcan. But then again, if they were partly subsidized, maybe Kayaking Today With Ron Reagan would the 9a-noon show.
If "they do well in the ratings" is an excuse for tolerating mediocrity, I'll accept it. But from know on, those are the rules. Right?

Short version: They are talk radio. They are (locally)biased. They are (locally) boring. We pay for it. I would think that an astute watchdog would at least be agitating for some MAJOR market public radio CONTENT like KOPB (PDX), KQED (SF/Oak) and KCRW (Santa Monica) provide.
Of all the west coast markets I've lived in, this one has the worst local NPR. At least KPLU knows what they are when the national switch is turned off.
Is anyone subsidizing Seattle magazine?

sparky in Wine Land

KIXI? oh gawd...fine if you like Jerry Vale and the Ray Coniff singers singing " Crazy Hazy Lazy Days of summ-MER".....ick

Scrilla, "boring" is subjective. You find KUOW boring..fine. I find KIRO the very definition of boring. We all have different tastes and a tuning knob on our radios. I use mine a lot.

Ok back to my wine tasting...ta!
( it is monsooning here...oh well..)


Since the blathermaster is on vacation or First Amendment Rights have been trampled on by Entercom, Fisher or Clear Channel, I've chosen to at least list the following talk/radio formats in the Seattle market.

KRKO 1380 KHz Everett [5 KW day/night U2]

KKOL 1300 KHz Seattle (Salem) [5KW day/night U2]

KKNW 1150 KHz Seattle (Orca Radio) [10 KW day/6 KW night U2]

KPTK 1090 KHz. Seattle (Infinity Broadcasting) [50 KW U4]

1000KHz Seattle. (Fisher Broadcasting) [50 KW U2] Traffic every 45 seconds, even in the middle of the night...cha-right!

KJR 950 KHz Seattle. (New Century Media) [50 KW, U1]

KIRO 710 KHz Seattle. (Entercom) [50 KW U2]

KTTH 770 KHz Seattle (Entercom) [50 KW U4]

KVI 570 KHz Seattle (Fisher Broadcasting) [5 KW, U1]

KPLU 88.5 MHz Tacoma.

KUOW 94.9 MHz Seattle. (University of Washington) Also operates at 90.9 MHz from Bellingham.

Now, back to mac-daddies comment for the day. I was scanning the am dial yesterday and heard:

KVI, KTTH, KIRO, KKNW AND KPTK talk show host talking about:

Immigration and boarder security, health care, should the troops stay or go now....dah dah dah dah dah dah dah DAH! And of course AM KJR speaking with a baseball analyst.

So, why do we want to critique our local talk radio stations?

Call it a checks and balance procedure. Public opinion if you will. If we don't do it, the employees at the stated radio stations will only wish they could say the things we get to write.

What we do, is what talk/radio, tv, newspaper and the Internet is based on...having the right to say what we want, without fear of retribution.

So, who wants to sound off...Dammit!


The thing about KUOW is that their delivery is ultra bland. Of the ten stories they might report I only realy care, or have a naturual interest in two or three of them. For the other seven or eight stories that vocal inflection and a trace of personality realy helps me pay attention.

The guys on KIRO report most of the news with kind of an upbeat voice, that is unless they're reporting about a dead kid. KUOW and NPR hosts and reporters sound robotic, lobotomized, indifferent, and a little smug, as if they're too enlightened and informed to have any kind of emotional reaction about anything.


ATTENTION LOYAL BLATHERITES! For current info to and re: Bla'M, click here For info re: The End of the World, click here


Again: For current info to and re: Bla'M, click here


As you said, Sparky, "subjective" applies to boring and all judgments. I don't listen much to KIXI But sometimes I do. I have a really broad array of tastes.

Sometimes I find KUOW boring as well. I agree with Andrew that a little infusion of energy (my word) would help.

Yesterday, Morning Edition had one of the first if not the first interview with Tom Delay. Interesting.

Never cottoned on to KPLU. Didn't it start out as a jazz station? Can't compare KUOW with other PBS stations cause I don't hear them. Everything is in the ear of the listener.

Don't quite get this thread, I guess. People listen to and write what they want to share. I don't need a run down of radio stations - I just like to hear what people think about things. Sometimes I have a gripe but mostly I just want to share my misery when a station I like yanks the rug out from under me!

What do I like about KUOW? I often get information from the newsmakers themselves. Or the people close to the newsmakers. Not hour after hour of half-informed people telling everybody what they think. So, when I need to know about an issue, I choose them. When i want to rant or hear somebody else rant, I choose the station that does that the best (Webb and Hart were good examples). Sometimes ranting is good for the soul!

The rest of the time I listen to Franken and Ross. Still love them the best!


Nina Totenberg does EXCELLENT legal reporting and analyses on KUOW...she and Daniel Schorr are voices to heed amidst the blather....


(How's the pinot gris down there, Sparkles?)


Hopefully you heard Nina's report on Sandra Day O'Conner's "slide toward dictatorship" speech. It was great. The transcript of her speech is online but I don't have the link currently.


No blah, blah, blay today! Dave's topics and guests: should farm workers unionize? Marc Grossman, UFW spokesman; The Celestine Prophecy - guest author James Redfield; Healthcare for all in Massachusetts, guest Alan Sager dir. of Health Reform Prog. in Boston.

Al Franken: Kerry (who cares?); Alastair Macdonald, head of Reuters Baghdad bureau; George Packer "Assassin's Gate" - excellent!; DAvid Brtock, pres of Media Matters and author of "Rep Noise Machine" - really good book and esp. topical considering what you all have been talking about re talk radio; Doris Meissner - former comm. of US Immigration and Naturalization service under Clinton.

I consider these two programs to be as good or better than NPR.


Franken ties with NPR, and AA runs a close second.


Speaking for today only! AA is in the rant category except for Franken and Hartmann.

sparky in the cold desert

the Pino gris tasted like 7-up but I am bringing home a couple of really nice reds and a basalmic vinegar to die for....

Joanie, for kicks and giggles try listening to CBC radio online...go to yahoo canada and you should be able to find it there...

The biggest reason I love NPR is NO COMMERCIALS...i like it quiet sometimes :-)

Mike Barer

I'd like to know if there could be an Eastside chapter of drinking Liberally. Until then, I may do my drinking liberally at home.

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