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April 28, 2006


gusto and poor

Have you ever met a Republican who isn't a hypocrite?


This is the most sickening smear campaign I have ever seen in my entire life. It's garbage, it's trash, it's lies, and I don't believe one word of it. This is a story concaucted by the liberal media in an effort to take down one of the greats of conservative radio. All I can say, is don't beleive it, don't listen to it. I can't wait until the left looses their microphone and the ability to destroy lives like this.


It's unfortunate that this website does not offer spellcheck....Ironic isn't it, that the one word republicans have no problem spelling is "ditto"....and yet their ditto master is performing a frog march today.

Yes sir! Family values, morality, law and order, and all that good stuff....FOR OTHERS....apparently they believe drug laws and such do not apply to them or their children.


Take your oxy, rachel. Wanna get hiiigh?

stodge charger

The republicans days are numbered...


I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

"Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy".

Next up, Rove.

It's a banner year for nice guys!

Tea Goddess

hey rachel, what does "concaucted" mean?

I say, better off dead than red!


RadRachel and Eric do soung an awful lot alike . . . nice observation, Sparky. When I meet crazies on the street, I walked to the other side. Bye, RR.

Ted Smith

Yeah, Fat Rush got a little slap on the wrist. I guess we all know that he would never be held to the same standard as some poor kid who didn't have a maid to buy his drugs for him. But as we all know, It's OK If You Are A Republican. Shameful!

Ted Smith

Here's another thought from a TPM reader:

"Don't get bamboozled. In criminal cases we don't call them "settlement agreements." They are plea bargains.

And while the prosecutor's recommendation to the court will carry great weight, the judge is not obligated to ratify the plea agreement.

Oh, and the money being paid is called a fine. Black can call it reimbursement, but that's BS."

Perhaps the Judge isn't quite as afraid of Mister Limbaugh as the prosecutor is.


I say better off cut in two than blue. And concaucted means being made up by the worthless liberal media for no other reason than being mad that they've lost the last two elections and three before that. They've lost the White House, the senate, the house, the Supreme Court, and now they're going to lose the media. Because I garantee you that before President Bush gets out of office (and dont be so sure that's going to happen) he's going to silence the liberal media. We're going to make sure that media is for coming on, reporting facts - meaning EXACTLY what has happened - with no commentary or spin, and than signing off. And that's it. No more of this garbage with forcing the entire world listen to the liberal communist views. You're going to hear what the President wants you to and none of the homosexual democratic garbage that we've been hearing for the last 100 years. It's over. Done. Let it go. Leave Rush alone. All you do when you bother him is make him bigger. More powerful. He's going to destroy you and make sure nobody ever hears from you again. Rush has brains like none of you will in a million years. Rush has more to offer the world than all of you put together. There are things about Rush that could absolutely blow all of you away. Rush will always be better than you so stop being jealous. You're all just mad that we ended up destroying Clinton. We destroyed Gore. We destroyed Kerry (remember how good we were at making him look like a spineless "flip-flopper"?). That's the difference between us and you. There's you on the left, us on the right, and the rest of America in the middle. The reason we keep winning elections is because we know how to make your side look like whimpy idiots. It also helps when most of them are. So instead of sitting here and messing with me and Rush, why don't you pull your heads out. It must absolutely drive you crazy to keep getting your tails kicked by people like me, but it's going to just keep happening. We're winners and your losers.


"The reason we keep winning elections is because we know how to make your side look like whimpy idiots. "

Truer words were never spoken.

The only thing worse than the right's policies is the ineptitude of the left.


Rachel said: "There are things about Rush that could absolutely blow all of you away."

Yeah, flatulence and his asshole.

baba booey

The word is spelled c-o-n-c-o-c-t-ed. Buy a dictionary, or keep making yourself look ignorant for free.


But you'll never stopt being inept. Your not smart enough. And your not strong enough. There's no hope. With the world like it is right now we'd probably all die the first year of a democratic president.


Rachel's a man (or a lesbian, I'm not sure yet).


go get cancer and die you stupid bitch


go get cancer and die you stupid bitch

stodge charger

I think rachel is playing a 'trouser' role here, no woman could be that disillusioned.


"go get cancer and die you stupid bitch"

Not funny. No matter how much you disagree with her, you should never, ever wish something as horrible as cancer on anybody. That's what Michael did a couple of days ago and I think he learned his lesson. That's half of the problem with the country right now. We've taken such a terrible turn that the entire discussion has become all too hateful.


I hope you get cancer, Norm. The world would certainly be better off with one less spinelss liberal.


What's a "trouser role"? Is that another homo phrase you all use?

stodge charger

It proves my point of those who embrace Bob Jones U.

stodge charger

I don't read it as wishing cancer on Tony Snow as their hearts are so dark to begin with, that's what B' Mike was alluding to.


everybody was talking the other day, rachel, and we aggreed to get together for a big party as soon as you die. we all heard you have cancer of the vagina that has ravaged your vagina so greatly that now you have a penis, and your not too sure what to do with it. so you go over to kvi and john carlson pets it and tells you how its different and special, and that makes you feel good, doesn't it bitch?


Take it easy Rachel. Getting so hot-headed like that and calling the other side names like you do just gives the rest of us conservatives a bad name. It's okay to disagree with the left. It's okay to complain that they're weak on defense, or that they create big government (which we're just as guilty of lately), but you're just attacking their personal characters. We can see things in different ways with out having to "destroy" each other.
And Rus really did have a problem with prescription drugs. He admitted it. The media didn't make that up. So, take it easy, you're just making things difficult for those of us who really want to make a change. Plus you're kink of homophobic.



Someone's been listening to too many of Ws speeches!


Point taken, Stodge.


I assume that Rush still has to go to court...so jail might still be a possibility. I wonder if Darynn will testify on his behalf or against him...

Dont be so hard on Rachel..she is merely demonstrating the superior educashun one gets in private school. She should be commended.


Does anyone know if Alan Prell is going to be on in Seattle?

blathering michael

easy on the vaginas, there norm...


See Norm? Not even Michael can stomach your liberal filth.


shouldn't that be "minge"?


"rush limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges" - is not exactly the most accurate description of what's going on.

it sounds like this is part of a plea-bargain to get the original charges dismissed after 18 months.


Fred Murray

Well, now I REALLY know I have to take this blog with a block of salt. I'd already figured that the real story could be had by comparing this to other blogs, but it's pretty blatant now.

First, there's the Tony Snow cancer comments... totally unnecessary, pointless and mean.

Now, to state as fact that Limbaugh was arrested. You can rationalize your comments as "humor" all you want, but this doesn't do your credibility any good at all. Whether you like him or not, Rush was NOT arrested, and you know it.

Too bad, really... I had a lot more faith in the balance of earlier posts. There's enough to disagree about without resorting to this sort of nonsense.


Well let's see what the AP says:
"Limbaugh turned himself in to police in Florida on Friday and was charged with prescription drug fraud as part of a probe that began more than two years ago, authorities said. Limbaugh was released on $3,000 bail after being held for about one hour at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office."

CHARGED = Arrested
BAIL = What people pay to get out of JAIL after they have been ARRESTED.

Now, did a bevy of gun-totin' swat team members show up at his door and drag him kicking and screaming ,in handcuffs, to the wagon?

No. He turned himeself in, was arrested, booked, fingerprinted, a mug shot was taken ( smiling just like Tom DeLay) and his lawyer paid the bail bucks and he went home to await trial.

It was apparently part of a plea bargain arranged by his lawyer, which is often the case with a rich person who has been caught breaking the law.

His money will allow him to smooth much of this all over like it never happened. However, a judge may have different ideas.


Did Flatulent Fat Pants make any mention of all this on his show yesterday?

HAHAHAHAHAHA! like he would


oh my bad...

Rush will not only go to jail, he will not have any criminal record, and the prosecutors have agreed not to do anymore investigations.

Ah, justice for the wealthy is sweet...


correction: he will NOT go to jail, and will NOT have a crimial record....

that's the "rich person" part of the deal...


Why is it the conservatives, who claim to be the defenders of freedom and the American ideal, are so often the first ones to tell those who disagree with them to shut up?

Does "first amendment" ring any bells?

RedRachel (whomever it is) speaks with words misspelled and misspoken of how the liberal press must be silenced.

Excuse me Red. Even although your misantropic yammerings run counter to free speech I defend your right to say them.
And yet I can't help but wonder why free speech makes you feel so threatened.


You're writing to "her" as if "she" is a reasonable poster. . .


Well, we all know that if Ms Red and Limpaugh were around when this country was in a revolutionary fight for freedom and independence, these fighting Conservatives (Tories)would be spewing out conservative talk to keep King George III, (no not the current King GW, as he would like to refer to himself) in power. It was Liberals, progressives and open minded colonists that fought for all the liberties that we enjoy today.

Freedom of speech, press, religon, to bare arms, ect. :O)

Liberals fought and won freedom from oppression, and taxation without representation. Ms Red and Mr Limpaugh believe in CONstriction, CONserving. Liberals are PROgressive and PRO choice in thought and DEMOcracy.

Limpaugh had a choice, yes, to use drugs illegally, just like when he had a choice to avoid the draft, (reported cyst on tailbone) but played football with no problem. To bad the judge doesnt treat him like the rest of us, Blacks, Hispanics,Asians White folks when it comes to pleading for their defense...but when you have Roy Black and lots of money, different story. Maybe Limpaugh should do some community service, work in some prisons.....sorry I digress.

Limpaugh has done wonders for this country for the last 18 years spewing hate talk and helping to divide this nation. It is very sad to see, even three years or maybe six years later that CONservatives have been the worst thing for this country since the Hoover/Republican Depression? Some people will go to their graves before they will admit that they were wrong in supporting Hate talk and the current administration:Bush,Cheney,Rove,
Rumsfeld, neo cons, rightwing evangelicals.....need I say more?

When you give up your liberties and independence for protection and security then you deserve neither...BF

Its great to PROgressive and LIBeral...that's how these United States came about. Freedom of speech, isn't great? Oh, yes I know it's Limbaugh, but I like to call him that, along with INNsannity and SNOWED....a lot of hot air blown out by the CONservatives, unfortunately many have lost lives from all these lies...

PS Pardon my grammar and spelling! This is a disclaimer!


Just had to had to your passionate plea for intelligence and sanity that CSpan has a panel going right now on various historical figures including presidents and I just learned a couple of things:

Eisenhower build more housing than any other president (prob. due to post WW2 factors); a case can be made that homelessness almost didn't exist prior to Reagan (his policies initiated mass homelessness); that Reagan "dumbed down" American society by selling so well his "government is bad" belief and his mixing "facts with feelings" so that people continue to this day to "feel" rather than "think" about issues.

Also, the current Bush has reclassified and made secret more documents than any other president in history and even done so illegally because when families of past presidents want the paperwork made public, it is supposed to be done. He has illegally demanded that such paperwork remain classified and it has.

Very interesting panel.


Damn, Sparks! shouldn't that be "minge"? That flew right past me...I didn't get it....(I'd hate to miss out on any of your bon mots!) Please ejukate me.


"minge" is the british term for
hoo, vagina, etc.

If you watched South Park, your edjoocashun would be more well-rounded :-)


hoo hoo...never heard it called just "hoo," ya know?


Thanks, Sparkler, I became a South Park fan just recently...now, what's a vagina?


Gee, Martha gets time for doing what it is acknowledged most wall streeters do routinely and Rush gets a slap on the wrist and a teeny fine for a drug charge. I wonder what the drug czar would say about that?

Sexism anybody?


"Sexism anybody?" If money had a gender, the answer would be simple. The portraits on my bills are ALL males, however, (DSM-IV's "gender identity disorders" being unrevealed)...


I thought convential wisdom was that Martha went to the Big House because of her susbstantial contributions to the Democratic party,,,and Rush, well, we all know Karl Rove kisses him to sleep every night now dont we???

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