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April 26, 2006



You're not making any sense dude, Dave Ross is getting his old time slot back and Ron Reagan just moved in.


KIRO's short bus has found a new parking spot.


It doesn't matter if Reagan "just moved in" or has been here for a month already. Just the fact that KIRO has brought him in shows that there making a big move to the right. Bringing in the son of one of the most conservative presidents in recent history (regardless of how long ago it happened) show's that KIRO is realizing how sick and tired everyone is of liberal spin.

It's happening all over America, Andrew. And if Bush brings in a FOX News pro like Tony Snow, it's going to start right from the White House. Liberal media's days are numbered. Everybody's getting wise to the lies. Sorry to say it, but even a lefty powerhouse like 710 KIRO is backing away from extremists. They did it with the dismissal of John Prociocino. They're doing it by bringing in Ron Reagan. Liberal days are numbered. We're sick and tired of lying, trashing and bashing liberal spin.


I have to give it to you, Rachel. With the INCREDIBLY accurate view of the media, goverment and the world at large, YOU should be the new White House Press Secretary - that is, of course, if they don't give the job to Snow (I'm still holding my breath to see what happens there).


KIRO IS the number one station in Seattle!!
(with regards to umo)


Ummm... have you actually listened to Ron Reagan, Jr.? He's a centrist voice with more than occasional flashes of progressive thinking. It's completely off base to interpret his hiring as a move by KIRO toward Reagan Republicanism.

MY dad said a lot of things I didn't buy, too.


Has anyone noticed that Towlie sounds a lot like Mr. Hankey?

Worst character ever.


RedRachel is a troll, and I'm not saying RedRachel is a guy necessarily, but RedRachel definately makes for a better guy than a girl.


Nooo...Towlie is awesome! totally different than Mr. Hankie!!!

Don't forget your towel!!


Reagan's a centrist? where do you get that?


He's a self proclaimed progressive.


Maybe you never saw Ron Jr on WhiffleBall? He was very progressive in his viewpoints. He loved his Dad but disagreed on a lot of things with him...


RedRachel I think you are confusing Ron Reagan with Michael Reagan.

Only one is a right wing nutjob!

Martin R. Howell

Ron Reagan views are more liberal than conservative. Anyone who listens to him knows that.


I'm sure it would make all of you libs happy as a clam to see one of the Reagan's move over to the dark side, but I doubt very much that will be happening anytime soon. But you all saying that he's a liberal proves one big point to me: Your days are numbered.

You all have given up so much on the possibilility of controling anything more than your liberal mouths. Now your whole plan for having big names in the democratic party is stealing them from the republican party. I'll tell you right now- it doesn't work when you try to get people to be gay and it isn't going to work with this either!

Mainstream America is sick and tired of the trashing lies and your liberal spin. We're really going to be cleaning house with Tony Snow if he jumps on board and the end of liberal media will be upon us. That's why everybody's moving to the right - not because we're woried that the left is going to take all the big names. I can guarantee that much.


Hmmmm. A very angry person. You won't be happy when you hear Ron Jr. on the radio. He definitely does not share your point of view.

stodge charger

If Merle Haggard disagrees with the repukes, then it's all over for you bastards


listen and cry


Comrade Rachel says,

"I'll tell you right now- it doesn't work when you try to get people to be gay and it isn't going to work with this either!"

Ya try to add a little sunshine to someone's life and this is the thanks ya get...Rachel, I hear they're trying to get Dick Cheney's daughter to be gay..you better sound the alarm...oops, too late


"Mainstream America is sick and tired of the trashing lies and your liberal spin."

Mainstream America? Aah, that 30% who still supports Bush.

"We're really going to be cleaning house . . . "

I hope you start with your own.


Brianne, I thought Tom spent just a little too much time on the "fat" part for somneone who didn't really care about it.

I think Vinnie is a sweet guy with not much to offer intellectually. He's a nice guy to talk with over the backyard fence but that doesn't sustain a three-hour program.


Brianne, Tom makes too much of Vinnie's gerth for someone who doesn't really care about it.

Succinctly put, Vinnie would be a sweet guy to talk with over the backyard fence; but, he's not intellectually equipped to sustain a three-hour conversation over the air.


Sorry, I didn't think my first post took and tried to remember what I wrote! Darn when that happens! :)


Yes! My sister told me that Dave was back on mornings. Most excellent news. And, RR on from 12-1, almost excellent....KIRO should make it 1-4, hand Mr. Monson his walking papers, and do 1 hour of local\national news at noon.

Well, my new listening schedule will be KIRO from 5:30a-1p, then IPOD until my work day is finished. Excellent, almost there!

My dream line up would be Dave from 9-12, Prell from 12-3, and Reagan from 3-6....will that ever happen? OK, RR and Prell can switch....


Off your meds again, Rachel?


hmmmm i hear a voice that sounds like two parts that guy who liked the Waldo school, and one part Eric.

Only B'Michael knows for sure..


Joannie, just a slight correction - Vinnie only has a 2-hour show. Yes, Tom did make a big deal about Vinnie's weight but I think it was concern, rather than criticism.


Oh Sparky! You might be right! And I've made a promise I will never, ever respond to Eric!

Hmmm, Radical Rachel is enough like him to merit the same avoidance! Thanks for the hint!

Brianne, you're right - 2 hours, just seems like 3, I guess. Thanks.

Still disagree about the fat thing.


KIRO is too much blather. I am tired of listening toall of them now, except Bob Brinker on the weekends.

They would probably have higher ratings if they put on more syndicated shows, because it seems as though they have grown thin in local talk show talent. Ron Reagan will be an improvement, but that's only one. Clark Howard in the later afternoon - move Ron and Don to late nights, Dr. Joy Browne in the evenings, Dr. Dean Edell and a few shows that don't dwell on politics might serve them well, but by past actions - I doubt if they will get a clue.


Bring back Dave Dolacky!


Improvement - but still needs work.

Ron and Don are only half as bad as they could be - but still not good. I do not look forward to sharing my drive time with them. Keep them in the late evenings were they'll do less damage (for better or worse - I suspect they're rating better than Mike Webb ever did).

Give the evening drive time to Ron Reagan instead.

NY Vinnie - I have problems believing anyone stays tuned in for sports talk with Stammering Man (or anyone else).

The "he seems nice" defense of Vinnie doesn't fly. Tony Ventrella was nice. All sorts of people are nice - but lame at radio.

My suggestion for Vinnie's slot? (now everyone will hate me). If KTTH really goes sports (a convenient place to move Vinnie) Michael Medved will be out of a slot.

Medved actually makes for good radio - and might make a nice conservative balance for Kiro.


KJR let Vinnie go. I don't think he's that good at sports either. I used to listen to a lot of sports talk - just liked it. Vinnie was kind of boring.

Also, I didn't think Ventrella was all bad. . . he kind of grew on me a bit but was just a little too "everybody be nice-ish" for me. He didn't have any passion about anything. He was a nice guy that with just a bit more bite could have been good. Also, he laughed too much - nervous laughter. I didn't like that.


I employed NY Vinnie to do "on-the-spot" broadcasts from the Union Gospel Mission ministry sites. There were 12 of them in the broadcast year of 1999-2000. Vinnie did a great job of ad libing. He was given talking points and from there he described inner-city kids at the UGM Youth Center, help given to "throw-away" youth on Broadway,treatment programs for the homeless addicted to heroin and crack. Not easy subjects. He did a terrific job. Vinnie has a heart of gold. I do believe he can give the best live spots in broadcast, if he is given just a hint of what the client wants.

As far as Dorrie is concerned, I have also hired him to do the same at UGM. The mission had a real challange. They needed 20 apartments for the homeless furnished with new stoves, refers, dishwashers and carpet. Before that for a year and a half, the mission had received 12,000 volunteer hours to rehab a former den of prostitutes and drug users. It was a mess. 14 dumptrucks and 24 dumspters of materials were taken out of the apartments! But funds had run out for completeing the project. Dorri came and did a broadcast from the scene from 7am to 10am, with 3 spots per hours. In that time 75 contractors called the mission and volunteered to donate all the appliances and carpet needed! The value of that broadcast by Dorri to the mission was estimated at $50,000! Say all you want about these two in a negative way. There are 2 sides to every story.


Does Union Gospel Mission know that Dori considers people like their clients "human garbage"?


and don't forget- human garbage that have made "poor choices".


ok Dave Ross, is better than Lou Pate, Styble, Vinnie, the High School Voiced Poltroon, Mike Webb, and more, but he's not all that great., He's still the quintessential Seattle wimp liberal. I don't appreciate his "bend over and enjoy it" approach to the current extortion attempt by the disrespectful, haughty illegals and the insulting,offensive excrement that is this "Spanish national anthem". Sorry folks, this May 1st crap will backfire- we know you don't respect us or our country.


dave belongs in the morning, glad they undid that mistake. but why are they bunching up all the good talkers in one part of the day, it's to hectic. this is my suggestion i proposed to KIRO.
12- 3pm dori
3 - 4pm ron reagan
4 - 6pm afternoon news
6 - 8pm vinnie
8 - 12am ron and don

ron and don where relaxing and interesting to listen to in the evening, they have undone mistakes but made others, wish ron and don were back in the evening.


I turn my radio on only for Dori. I am retired so do not travel in the Seattle mess you call traffic. Because I do not care for Ross I am not missing much.

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