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March 28, 2006



Here's a good Fisher laugh. Useless empty suit Rob Dunlop was finally banished to management Siberia. About 5 years too late.

Ted Smith

KOMO doesn't fuck up nearly as often as KIRO, so who makes the better target?


Val Stouffer has landed at KPTK doing early morning news breaks.

Not a very smart accusation considering all those people who have been canned...KOMO didnt help with that , nor did Blatherwatch. If it were possible, Dori would be out of a job by now..heh


People in the business must be embarrassed by having the fine details of their mistakes and failures put on public display, in a place where their peers would know where to find it. Afterall, isn't this blog powered by leaked information? However it doesn't seem likely that any of it hurts anyone's ratings. But, hey, there's always hope for a brighter tomorrow!


Entercom doesn't seem to be paying attention . . .

Good for Val! I always liked her.


"interesting site for bird lovers and falcon watchers"


Don't you people have jobs or something?

The Anti KIRO

I have one job:

Hold Dori Monson accountable for all the crap that come from his mouth because very soon



I'm bankrolled by George Soros.


My job is exterminating republicans, for which I refuse payment, only the satisfaction of a job well done.


antikiro, you crack me up.


I've decided Dori is going insane. His rants make less and less sense and are becoming more illogical all the time.

His take on the CH murders has me scratching my head.


Wow! Thanks for the bird site, Joanie....I just returned from spotting sandhill cranes and burrowing owls in the tiny town of Othello....nice to know there are falcons in my own back yard!


Bla'M, are you telling us the chihuahua works at KOMO?


They're at the Kodak Tower in Rochester, NY! "Check WAMU's falcon status here"

Dave Ross is talking immigration. Good program today. Better than Franken. Wish Dave would publish his topic lineup on line. I might visit him more often.


Note to self: never click on a link titled "oddly shaped butt.."....at work.


I did it and it was filtered out! Thanks SSD! :)


Curious . . . I haven't listened to Dave much lately but it seemed today's show had less interruptions than I remember. Has anyone noticed the number declining or was it my imagination?


Warning- a cowardly, vile impostor is skulking around the electronic halls of Blatherwatch. The post at 12:45 p.m. today signed Tommy008 and reading "What a dumbass! Joanie fell for it, hook , line and sinker..." was not from me, the real Tommy008.

The Anti KIRO

Dave and Dori are going in opposite directions in more way than one.

Dave's arguments and positions are becoming even more lucid, and poignant.

Dori's comments are sensationalized, hyperbole, emotional and not thought out. It appers Dori does his show on the fly with maybe a 10 minute check of the Drudge Report. This will certainly bite him in the ass.

What the hell is this "Big Show" label he continues to scream. Is the show a complete act?

I've been noticing more and more subtle stabs at Dori without Dave naming names. "I heard on talk shows while driving in..."

A midday show should be intelligent and spark thought and debate. Dori really needs to go. It will happen.

Webb's Bigboy

ok i see anyone can put my name ontheir post and pose as me Tommy 008


Tommy, I'm sure that was Joey, aka everybody else. It makes me wonder now if he really does know Pate. I know, who really cares.

Somebody used my name once and I emailed Michael. He deleted it and knew who it was. He knows all . . .

I noticed that Dave seemed to change after his real-life brush with politics. There was a difference - a little less naive - a bit more realistic.

If you haven't been listening to Randi Rhodes tonight, you should. She's hard for me to listen to, but she sure has done her homework tonight. Information I haven't heard before.


Thanks again, Joanie...unlike migrating birds, I obviously didn't recognize my own back yard!

The Anti KIRO

The sports format for KIRO from 7-9pm is not working.

Please leave that to KJR.

Big Thom

What about all the Entercom BS surrounding the Buzz (With Robin Ericson's sexual harrassment suit) and the sudden format change? Not to mention the re-working at KISW?

Entercom is making mistakes all over the place....


Randi is awesome..at least if she is yelling, she is yelling the truth....

The Anti KIRO

Mike Webb is talking as if his broadcast is streaming on the internet and on some radio stations.

Can someone substantiate that?

I do like his show. I miss intelligent radio. It is truly disappearing from KIRO.

The Anti KIRO

Mike Webb is talking as if his broadcast is streaming on the internet and on some radio stations.

Can someone substantiate that?

I do like his show. I miss intelligent radio. It is truly disappearing from KIRO.

The Anti KIRO

Ron and Don it is time to go.

These guys keep saying that they're from Chicago, then Texas, then New Mexico, then Colorado, then New Orleans...they consider themselves "locals" and "experts" for hundreds of locations...come on! When the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl, they behaved like they were fans for the past 30 years!

Ron and Don are like those guys you meet in a bar that chew your ear off with nonsensical chit chat.

It's time to go. Sorry guys. Go get some gumbo in New Orleans and send us a post card.

It's time for some intelligent talk at this time if the day.

The Anti KIRO

Finally Ron and Don are finished. They actually claimed that they would be interviewing Lou Pate on their show in the future!

You wish guys.

Who's next? Oh shucks...Frank Shiers.

The Anti KIRO

Lou Pate is STILL the face on the "streaming radio" pop-up during the overnight show!

Who's piloting this ship called KIRO.

The Anti KIRO

Frank Shiers is repeating the same lousy Dori Monson argument.

Blame the victim.


Frank Shiers wants to be Dori Monson.

He copies Dori's predictable gimic, "Now, I know my take on this is going to offend some people... and I'll tell you what I'm thinking after we take a break." Complete with dramatic pause and feigned reluctance.

Shiers had also stolen the "welcome back to the big show" slogan but maybe he stopped saying that. I wouldn't know, I don't listen. I think management told Shiers and Proco to stop saying that because Proco now has the gigantic show, saying another host had already reserved "the big show".

Also please let me take this oppurtunity to express my utmost gratitude to KIRO for not having Shiers fill in for any day time hosts recently. That's one more ray shining down from the sun.

The Anti KIRO

Well if Frank Shiers wants to be Dori Monson, we can all shout this together...



Hay let me quess???? Stock yard Vinne going to talk about ??????????????????? AU dat wiff, dis, and seahawk football Stock yard footballs has been over with for what NOw ??? 3 month but then it could be worse they could put the stiblehead on

The Anti KIRO

Well another night wrapping up with Shiers.

Talking about the Viaduct at 430am...oh god.

Frank, I do like you more than Dori. You do research on issues. However you have moments where you are rude to callers at times...remember Shiers 101.

Please put the CH Massacre to bed. If you are talking about the victims and the decisions they made...then you are blaming the victims. Those poor families need a break.

You are a little bit more delicate on this issue than that unapologetic bastard Dori Monson who WILL BE FIRED!


Shiers should put himself in time out.


Why why why do you listen to them???????


Does Robert Jamieson know that Dori states as fact, not opinion, that the columnist is unethical? I happened to have the radio tuned to KIRO on Monday and heard Dori say this,

What's wrong with that man? Why would he allege that Jamieson is unethical? Because he wrote a column about the CH shootings that didn't blame the victims?

I notice Dori didn't have any kind of comeback to the girl who called in and said of the families of the victims, I sure hope they're not listenting to your show.


Just for the record, I don't listen to Shiers at all. I sent him so many emails (he doesn't take instant messages) and he started emailing me back defenses for his stupid program. One day I quit opening his emails - just deleted them and finally just deleted him!

Old habits die hard.


I guess...but to me its like poking yourself with a sharp stick..it hurts while you do it and feels so good when you stop!!!

The Anti KIRO

Frank Shiers is filling in for Dori Monson on Friday...more reasons to take a 3-day weekend.

Anonymous because who cares?

Anti KIRO:

I know this isn't going to do any good, but I'll ask anyway:

Could you please stop with the tedious "YOU WILL BE FIRED!" tag line in every thread? You sound like the announcer for the Weakest Link--except coming from you, it's pretentious and half-witted in addition to annoying. You are not remotely important enough to have your own tag line.

It also reeks of an inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy (after all, Dori MAY NOT BE FIRED!), which undermines everything else you say.

(I understand you've made it your life's ambition to remove conservative talkers from KIRO--a sad comment in its own right--but this inanity does nothing to further that goal.)

Please: give it up.

Mike Barer

I can compliment Entercom on 2 stations. The Mountain and KBSG.


anon, your dorkiness knows no limits.


AntiKiro: keep it up! I love it!


Dori Monson...you are going to be fired!!!


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