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March 14, 2006



Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

I'd tell this guy to go F himself on the street, but he wouldn't be able to hear me from his THIRTY OXYCONTIN PILLS A DAY habit.

Oh how the mighty fall, and this guy's about to lay down a crater that would put Dennis Miller's talk show to shame.


actually - Rush was not impressed with Harriet Miers:


In general though - Rush seems more of a "ditto-head" with Bush 2 as opposed to Bush 1.

Back in the day he was actually quite critical of Bush 1. Bush 2 seems mostly incapable of fault in his eyes - even though he's not remotely a small-government conservative.

These days the only time where there's any difference between Rush, Sean Hannity or Tony Snow is when they can't decide to side with the republicans in the executive branch or the republicans in the legislative branch.


My chihuahuas have better taste than that lard ass.

Ted Smith

It will be interesting to see if Rush is finally prosecuted once he is no longer useful to the Republican Party.



I wouldn't count on it. Big Pants got deep pockets.


It sure takes a lot to open the eyes of people. I wish I could be more optimistic that this is really a sign of changing political times. He's been a blowhard since the start - even if he was more "entertaining" at first.

Ted Smith

Seabeck, I am so dumb that I keep thinking that the criminal laws apply to everyone. But you are probably right.


Joanie, the article i read yesterday said he is a victim of his own success..that there are so many copycats out there that the audience became scattered among them. He may have started the trend, but he is no longer on top, plus his personal problems have lost him some listeners as well...

I just want to know if the flatulence stories are true...


O'Rielly ran with a non-sourced article on Air America by Brian Maloney, so do you think he will give you some air time?

Heck, Blathering Mike and Michelle Malkin can duke it out on O'Rielly over which radio host will tank first. I'd buy that for a dollar.


I agree, Sparky. I posted on the other thread that I believe the copy-cat syndrome eats away at audiences. And other things creep into the mix as well.

Whatever caused it, I'm glad it is happening! Remember those thousand points of light Bush One talked about? I feel like we are living amongst a thousand pricks of dissention and adversity. Time to move to Walden's Pond. Of course, there's probably a parking lot there now. :(


Well, you have the Thousand Pricks right, anyway.


Al Gore was right when he called Rush a hatemonger.He's still stuck in that dreary old liberal-baiting, Rupublican bullyboy shtick. Smarter than everyone else,superior to everyone else.I was grateful to hear even a conservative like Walter Wiliams fill in for him, because at least you feltlike an actual,real person was hosting,not some grotesque, armorplated, human edifice of ego.


I hope that fat fuck dies.


The Only Redeeming quality the guy may have, (not sure) is that he may have had a crack at Daryn Kagen.


Daryn apparently didnt like his crack and she left.


funny how there is not facts stated to take down RUSH only insults from those closed minded people who cannot think for themselves...

stodge charger

RUSH is a band...


No, John, its because we DO think for ourselves that we recognize what a silly man Rush is.

sarah bellum

CLEARLY, No one posting here has ever spent one minute listening to Limbaugh and couldn't handle the truth if they did. He is not an ass wipe for W by any stretch and is very often critical of W re: spending, SC nominations, the Dubia port deal, etc.etc.(Rush was for it) Bush pussyed out with the Libs who were attempting to look tough of terrorism. Infact, many TERMINALS are and have been owned/run by the Chi-Coms and other nafarious countries for quite a number of years, so Dubai was a joke. They would not have "owned" any of the various PORTS,just taken over management of the SOME of the TERMINALS, which wouldn't have superceded any US soverienty there. The overall ports come under the authority of the US Coast Guard. You must all be products of the public school system as you have no facts about you at all....


Sarah, we know that. Geez . . . I personally didn't care. But, you know, fifteen (I think) of the hijackers were Saudis which borders the UAE and it just wasn't very good pr. Use some common sense.

Having said that, there was a pretty good case against it posed by "Joseph King of the Treasure Dept" at Daily Kos which was only link I could find but I remember when it was argued mainstream. So, maybe there's two sides to the discussion after all.


Sara..Rush is single... and has a big jar of Viagra...


Then there's Rush. Mr. Limbaugh. Is that the best you can do Rush? sniping at a
guy with a progressive neurological disease? I guess he's a "disease-parazzi"
in Rush's book? But really, no one expects anything less, or should I say
"more" from Mr. sensitivity. I'm just surprised he hasnt advocated throwing
all disease-oids in a leper colony. Kind of like the time he said all drug
addicts should be taken out and shot........what's that?........he didnt really
mean that literally?..........Oh, that's right because he would've been on the
recieving end of that firing squad too. Yea, that would've been a "real shame"
Imagine a world without Rush Limbaugh...........just imagine it..........sigh.

Not Conservative by 40?  You have no brain

I love people who don't even listen to the show who comment on what Limbaugh says. He did not snipe at Michael J. Fox as you describe. And Fox put himself into the political arena with his ads. Please provide actual quotes rather than your wishful fantasies of what is said. I'd say the fact that people have this much vitriol against Limbaugh indicates that he still has a major impact.


Um.....you need to watch something other than Fox news. Not only were his words recorded, there is videotape of him, during that broadcast, mocking Michael J Fox's uncontrolled movements because of Parkinson's.
"Snipe" is not the word I would use...I would use
"MOCK' 'BERATE" "SARCASM" "DERIDE" "SCOFF" and about a hundred other words that describes what Rush did. Ah yes...Family Values.
A lot of the Loyal Dittoheads called him up after that to tell him how disappointed they were that he did that.
Rush admitted on the air that he has been 'carrying water" for republicans who did not deserve his support. Rush has such an "impact" that 70% of the population voted for the Dems to take over Congress.
So much for 'wishful fantasies.'
The wahhhhhbulance is on its way!


he does have an impact, Rush blew the election for the republicant's by association.


"he does have an impact, Rush blew the election" I would insert a flatulence reference here, but I refuse to stoop to Rush's stool level...


Indeed, pilodinal cysts and all


"I'd say the fact that people have this much vitriol against Limbaugh indicates that he still has a major impact"

No, we just wish he'd pick on someone his own size. Remember when he picked on Chelsea Clinton when she was a little girl?


Please god, let me forget....


Rush might show up for dinner at the WH:
“Let Them Eat Cake:”
Bush Returns From War Summit... First Lady Unveils Holiday Menus...

Colossal Shrimp Cocktail And Jonah Crab Claws (Served With Ramsey’s Cocktail Sauce And Spiced Remoulade)…Sugar Cured Virginia Ham With Hot Pepper Mustard (Served With Warm Blue Corn Muffins)…Herb Roasted Lollipop Lamb Chops Served With Warm Yeast Rolls…Asparagus Tier With Lemon-Garlic Aioli… Red Hat Box Mascarpone Cake…Coconut Chiffon Cake, Coconut Pastry Cream Filling And 7 Minute Meringue Frosting….


Weeks before the election, Rush even had his uglyass brother out flogging his phony book that trashed the Democratic Party (not "Democrat" Party Frank - please learn how to say the name of the party of F.D.R. Frank Shiers, you ignoramus- (nice homespun touch on the Stormwatch show last night by the way (yechh))


Over 40 Conservative Have-no-brain

I love people who don't even listen to the show who comment on what Limbaugh says. He did not snipe at Michael J. Fox as you describe... Please provide actual quotes rather than your wishful fantasies of what is said.

I'll do one better. Behold: Actual quotes WITH live video of the Drug-adled gas-bag SHAKING and QUAKING in mockery of Michael J Fox:


Ouch. Don't you hate it when live video cuts through all that spin?

Some salt & garnish with that crow?

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