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March 02, 2006



It's absurd to compare them because conservatives have some reasons to oppose gay rights that aren't aplicable to matters of racial equality - such as the idea that a same sex family isn't natural (but a family with a father who's a convicted child molester - perfectly natural right?) (and they have no problem allowing infertile couples to marry).

But I'm glad the comparison is being made because it's makes conservatives look like bigots, and that's a good thing.


It is our responsibility as Americans to be vigilant keeping religious beliefs out of our politics or we will end up like the middle east. Our fearless leader seems to be pulling us in the opposite direction giving folks like "The Hutch" opportunities to draw us towards a theocracy

Lee tacoma

Well I have tried to give Kiro some time to get up and running , I cant remember ever seeing a radio station fall so fast , now would be a good time for a station to pick up the ball and run with it ! I cant beleve I going to say this ! but I miss Lou Pate, Erin Hart , and sad to say even MIke webb, ( did I write that?) all I can say Kiro ! is you need the LIONEL SHOW!


Right on Judy. It is an attempt at the Balkanization of America. Just scratch the surface a little in Hutch's direction and you see a whole theology based on the superiority of one religion over any other. If anyone thinks their jauggernaut of bigotry will stop with a simple "marriage" amendment...just start reading some of their stuff.

The debate stirs at the core American beliefs:

Do we value a pluralistic society?
Consenting adults, freedom of conscience, freedom of self? Or not. Their argument has nothing to do with gay or straight, they just hide it there for political gain and stirring up the sheep.

Sure wish I could be there. Oh please, someone record this...


The seperation of church and state argument is getting traction with conservatives because, again, they apose it for a few reasons which aren't specificly religious. If you try to pin them on that they will just shift over to natural precedent or historical precedent to fill out their religious motives.

The reality is that most of the people who apose equal rights for gays are too dumb to understand why they are wrong. All of their non-religious reasons fit some logical falacy which they fool themselves with on a regular basis.

Even when we debate the issue here the conservatives won't debate point/counter point, it's more like point/broad generalization, and that's if we're lucky.

Bellingham Bob

KIRO Radio RIP 1968 - 2006

Just check out ronanddon.com and you will see that this station is no longer a news station.

Bombs are blowing up in Pakistan and Iraq and Dori is talking about fucking movie theatres!


Please help all of the dumb people on this blog that don't understand what the word "apose" means.


ExDem says Please help all of the dumb people on this blog that don't understand what the word "apose" means.

Thanks for proving my point. I complained that you never respond to specific criticism and what do you do? You go on about what "apose" means, or some nonsense.


I seem not to be able to find those movie theaters....dammit


You are absolutely right Andrew. I have been increasingly aware of the same thing.

When someone has an argument that is cogent -- they distract with spelling or grammar points. BFD. I had no trouble understanding the point.


P.S. Bob in Bellingham

I agree with you 100%

Come to the light, leave KIRO and move to a better radio experience!


Reality Time
Three more years of this? Honest conservative intellectuals: your country needs

By Michael Tomasky, The American Prospect

There will be those who will ape the line put out yesterday by White House
spokesman Trent Duffy with regard to the pre-Katrina videotape obtained by the
Associated Press. They will say that the tape shows merely that George W. Bush
was “engaged,” taking charge, discussing the matter days before Katrina made

They’ll say it; they’ll know that they’re lying. What the tape and transcripts
show is obvious. Bush didn’t act on these desperate warnings, and then, by
Thursday, September 1, lied about them when he said no one “anticipated the
breach of the levees.”

I was at a dinner last night when I first heard about this. Someone had a copy
of the AP story in his jacket pocket. As I was discussing it with another
journalist, his sole response was to shake his head and say, “Three more

Good God, I thought; he’s right. We still need to endure three more years
(okay, minus seven weeks) of this.

I’m really not sure at this point that the country and the world will survive
three more years of this bumbling, deceitful, artificial, and thoroughly
mediocre man, and his bumbling, deceitful, artificial, and thoroughly mediocre
courtiers. (Liberals, let’s just start saying it insistently and
unapologetically: We were not being “elitists”; we were right in the first
place -- he is just not smart enough to be the president of the United States.)

I suppose the world has survived far worse; it did survive Hitler (and no, this
is not a “Hitler comparison”; I said Hitler was far worse, so leave that frail
and exaggerated arrow in your quiver). So, yes, I suppose we’ll “survive” in
the sense that the United States of America and the world will still be here.

But what kind of country and world? I say this not as an ideologue, but as a
citizen: The prospect of relying on these incompetents to protect us and manage
the world for three more years is genuinely alarming.

I live in the metropolitan area and work in the heart of the city that is
target number two (maybe three; maybe one) for a nuclear dirty bomb. What
evidence am I supposed to rely on to think that this might not happen next
year, next week, tomorrow?

The administration’s defenders will say that there hasn’t been an attack since
9-11. The rest of us, in the real world, know the truth: They could have done a
lot more, perhaps even prevented 9-11 in the first place; and while no
administration can prevent everything, this one’s policies and actions have
increased hatred of America and made the possibility of such attacks far more
likely. We know that the number of terrorist attacks worldwide has nearly
quadrupled since 9-11, in part because of this administration’s actions.

Virtually everything is inside-out; virtually every reality, the opposite of
what they say. Saddam has the weapons to harm us; Saddam had no such weapons.
The terrorists are on the run; the terrorists are increasing in number and
violence. The insurgency is in its death throes; the insurgency was just
kicking into gear when Dick Cheney said that. We will prevail in Iraq; the
soldiers themselves say that isn’t possible. Clear skies; relaxed pollution
standards. Intelligent design, something that deserves equal footing to
science; a massive case of intellectual fraud, payola to a constituency,
completely invented out of whole cloth. We won’t negotiate with rogue states;
we will instead isolate and vanquish North Korea; North Korea now has nuclear
weapons it never had before. Dubai is our ally; Dubai boycotts Israel. This
list could go on for about 5,000 words.

We’re at a danger point. When we learn that the president of the United States
was told in certain terms that one of the great cities in his country (and, if
you want to put it this way, in a state he carried twice) was in grave danger,
and his response was not to act but to engage in the simulacrum of action, to
behave as if he were playing himself in TV drama where the writers would make
sure that it all worked out well in the end -- when we learn something like
that, we should be appalled and alarmed. Anyone who doesn’t say so either knows
he or she is lying or is some sort of sociopath.

Honest conservative intellectuals: your nation needs you. Say, “Enough.” By
tradition, you believe in honorable principles. Today, you are flacking for an
administration that has betrayed many of those principles. The principles to
which it has maintained fealty, like low taxes, it has pursued at a high price
to other principles you cherish, like fiscal prudence.

The principles it has created after 9-11, like the Bush Doctrine, might have
worked in theory but have been so wantonly executed that the irresponsibility
borders on the criminal, which should offend you far more than it offends me.
And finally, I know that you have to have your limits with respect to lies and
dishonesty and Kool-Aid drinking. You’re not elected officials who need dams
built in your states; Karl Rove can’t do anything to you.

I’ll make the following promises: If a future Democratic administration takes
us into a war of volition, and we later learn that its case was bogus, I will
denounce it for lying us into war and urge every liberal writer I know to do
so. If a future Democratic administration betrays core liberal principles --
by, say, offering a large tax cut without at least working toward universal
health care -- I will deplore it and encourage other liberals to do so. If a
future Democratic administration circumvents process and leases our port
operations to a nation that boycotts Israel, I will not make hypocritical
noises about racism but will instead encourage all liberals to agree it’s a
really bad idea. And, if a future Democratic administration lets a major
American city die out of malign neglect, I shall calumniate it to the heavens --
and insist that every other liberal writer I know to do the same.

Please, folks. Join the world of facts and evidence. You have real conservatism
to save, and you have 1,051 days in which to do it.


I'm not the one who called people "dumb", and then demonstrated an obvious gaffe in using the English language.

But maybe you get my point.




Speaking of Bush not being smart enough to run the country, that thought was particularily worrisome with regard to him negotiating nuclear (nucular?) non profileration with India. I wouldn't trust George W Bush to negotiate with.. even a car salesman. If those meetings are actualy between the "leaders" themselves, you must suppose the Indian PM couldn't wipe a smirk off his face.

Conservatives had made those things they call Bushisms out to be cute and harmless but a person who can't form a complete sentance can't form a complete thought can't form a complete thought can't form a complete thought.

But then again what can be said for anyone who voted for him despite the fact.


I guess not everyone is as smart as the people on this blog. Once again, the idea represented on this blog is that the majority in America is populated by idiots. Given that position, it must amaze the rest of the world that America is the lone super power in the world. I know I'd be amazed if I believed in the overall stupidity of Americans. And I'd probably be upset too, since all of those idiots are somehow doing better than everyone else. Hmmm, must be difficult to reconcile those concepts if you fall into the camp of people that despise the current administration and the people that elected them.


I challenge anyone to substantiate any of the claims made in the article that Sparky posted. Substantiate with unidisputed evidence. Good luck. Start with the AP transcripts before Katrina hit.


File EsDem's last response under broad generalization. What it has to do with anything? I do not know.


Audio..you didnt see the video of Bush being told that they were very worried about the damage Katrina would cause..Bush said " dont worry, we're on it!" then he left for vacation, Condi went to New York to buy shoes, Cheney was in Wyoming on vacation and Chertoff went to a bird flu symposium. A thousand dead people later, Bush tells America, " Well golly! Who knew the levees would break."

All the other points in the article can be found on the internet. I am not going to look them up for you. Facts dont cease to be facts just because you dont like them. Sometimes the truth hurts a lot.


In the words of that great Canadian Dan Akryod “Sparky you ignorant slut!”

Tell me Sparky, where were you when the troops in Somalia were ill equipped?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when the very people who give their entire lifetime to protect you, begged not slash the military, and then increase the National Guard numbers, knowing this was disaster waiting to happen?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when bombs were falling on the innocent peoples of Kosovo?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when Americans were bleeding, and the response was to bomb baby food factories?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when jack booted storm troopers killed 86 men, women and children in Waco?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when federal agents lied and tricked a family man then killed his wife in cold blood in Idaho?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when an arrogant, spoiled rich kid (who couldn’t even carry his own state in an election) brokered the deal to sell our strategic petroleum reserves to the Chinese?

Tell me Sparky, where were you when Brazil was past over for most favored nation trading status, on the grounds of human rights violations, while much to their chagrin China was?

I could go on and on too Sparky, but alas you will still be an ignorant slut!


Recife: A city of northeast Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean south of Natal. First settled in 1535, it was occupied by the Dutch from 1630 to 1654. It is the chief urban center of northeast Brazil and an important transportation hub. Population: 1,296,995.


Very good Sparky, but where were you for all those terrible things? Crying to the Heavens that your party let you down?


What is 'recife' crying about Sparky? Clinton's penis is not running the country anymore. He obviously feels backed into a corner when he calls someone a 'slut'. This must be what is was like in say, 1974... boy, if that ever happens again, I bet cynide pills will be handed out en masse at the oval office.


Chris, apparently that little article hit a nerve!
The mighty Clenis still strikes fear in the hearts of a few..lol

What Cons dont comprehend is that a lot of Dems were mad at Clinton for a lot of things, and are not afraid to say so. We don't put Party before Country.

But, I dont respond to name callers on here...that's my day job fer cryin' out loud.


Recife, why do you assume that Sparky or any one of us supported Clinton? Unlike you idealogues, we look at issues and people. I always thought that politically Clinton was one of your's. You are just plain ignorant.

"nuf said?


Thanks for the treatise on our current state of affairs Sparky. I'm depressed again. :(


Sparky, Joanie and Chris, I just thought that a little name calling was sarcastic. Unlike you I spent time in East Africa ( I still think it was the right thing to do), The Balkans (Tuzla to be exact, look that up Sparky), where we were under manned, and ill equipped.. Not to mention a little side trip to Basra, wood chippers , who woulda thunk they would make such great motivators? The mistakes go all the way back, pick an administration. I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I just feel fair is fair. Sparky wrote that any FUTURE Democratic admin that fucked up would bear her wrath. Why stop there? Why don’t you answer the question at hand? Where were you Sparky when miss deeds were done in the past? I know where I was, I and my brothers bled for you. I would do it again, in a heart beat. I could be totally wrong, and tell me if I am, but I get the feeling that you guys support all the constitutional amendments BUT the 2nd, and the first amendment only when it suits your cause. Silly rabbits, governments should fear their people! Not people fearing their governments! So Sparky answer the question, where the FUCK were you!

Barkless in Seattle

>>>where were you when jack booted storm troopers killed 86 men, women and children in Waco?>>>

They drew first blood, I wont let the glorification of maniacs go unchallenged.

Further, You can bring up all the Clinton bullshit you want and it wont negate the fact the Bush pulled the trigger on Iraq. Iraq being the snake pit that it is today is thanks to Bush. He has nobody to blame but himself since he now controls all branches of US Government.

I am content to just sit back and watch our country get sold off, Iraq go down the tube, pensions go tits-up. BECAUSE after this bullshit, I know it means eventually the republicans will be out of power for a good 100 years.


Sparky says, concerning Bush and Katrina:

"Facts dont cease to be facts just because you dont like them. Sometimes the truth hurts a lot."

Here are the facts, and yes they do hurt.

On a conference call, which President Bush participated in as Katrina approached, the director of the National Hurricane Center, Max Mayfield, said: “I don’t think any model can tell you with any confidence right now whether the levees will be TOPPED or not, but that's obviously a very, very grave concern.”

Mayfield told NBC News that he warned only that the levees might be TOPPED, not BREACHED, and that on the many conference calls he monitored, “Nobody talked about the possibility of a levee BREACH or FAILURE until after it happened.”

President Bush advised of a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans on August 27. Mayor Nagin responds with a voluntary evacuation and waits until the next day to order mandatory evacuations.

The 2000 edition of the southeast Louisiana evacuation plan on page 13, paragraph 5 states:

5. The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating.

In the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of buses were sitting in bus yards, some less than a mile from the Superdome. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco commented, "The buses could have saved an estimated 20,000 people if they had been used for emergency evacuations which President Bush had declared two days before Katrina hit.", However the evacuation was ordered by Mayor Nagin, President Bush having no direct authority to order evacuations. I will never forget the pictures of buses, over 200 of them underwater, and another 60 or more that didn't get flooded, but still sat idle. The mayor says in response to why they weren't used: "we didn't have drivers" INCREDIBLE

In a radio interview on WWL-AM shortly after the hurricane, Mayor Nagin said, " I need 500 buses, man.

No one can say for sure how many lives were lost due to the overwhelming incompetence of Mayor Nagin, and the response of the local and state government, who are the FIRST RESPONDERS in a state of emergency, but it is significant. Why doesn't this get reported in the major media????


When everything is blown or washed away..what do you "respond" with? When the majority of your police and fire staff leave to go attend to their own families, WHO do you respond with?


Fine Sparky, Bush caused Katrina, he conspired to breach the levees, and he deliberately kept aid from coming in a timely manner because, afterall they're just poor black folk down there, aren't they? Pay no attention to the fact that the pre-planning was basically ignored and mishandled.

You know, I think that most of the American people can figure things out, and see through all politicized B.S. and piling on.

But on the other hand, if your side is right, then the midterms are going to be landslide for the Dems, right? I can't wait.


Åudioslave, Bush has made govt bigger and homeland security - which is supposed to make us safer - couldn't handle and isn't handling the consequences of a hurricane - got a lot of money to do both. How can you possibly justify this administation's handling of this situation?

Most analists suggest Bush is winning on the "keeping us safe" slogan. Where's the beef?


Also, I don't know who was right or wrong in Waco - I know I didn't like the whole thing.

But, in Ruby Ridge I'm absolutely the harshest critic out here. I've deplored that criminal event since the first minute I heard of it. I think government officials should have been criminally indicted. I'm still angry over that one.

Neither side is ever perfect it seems. But I've always been an independent voter and I've never been so disgusted with an administration and the amount of negligence, recklessness, lack of conscience, and corruption of this one.

Make all your generalizations and laundry lists of they did this and we do that; the fact remains that this administration has botched it all.

And Audioslave, if I need to make a list of negligence (outfitting the troops for their mission, planning ahead after "mission accomplished",): recklessness (Dubai decision, cronyism); lack of conscience - reducing veterans programs while masses of veterans are coming home injured physically and psychologicallly, needing a DVD to know about Katrina; corruption - his constant lying, the massive numbers of Republican Congressional scandals.

I'm sorry, citing history doesn't solve the immeidiate problem.

It just blows me away how some of you think citing the transgressions of the past justify the failures of the current administration. Let's fix what we can when we can.

Puget Sound

Joannie says

"I'm sorry, citing history doesn't solve the immeidiate problem."

You made progress. So I assume your no longer planning to fight the 2004 election results in Ohio?

Hopefully we can next work on not yelling 'talkin points, talking points, talking points.' as a reflexive response in a debate.


" couldn't handle and isn't handling the consequences of a hurricane - got a lot of money to do both. How can you possibly justify this administation's handling of this situation? "

Joanie, I'm not trying to justify the handling of the FEMA and DHS on Katrina. There were problems, but why don't we go to the root problem first???

Take this scenario: You get your car tuned up. A couple days later your driving, the car conks out. You call for a tow truck, it takes them 6 hours to come and get your car. It pisses you off. So your first and only course of action for your broken down car is to call the tow company and complain why it took so long.

Sparky says:

"When everything is blown or washed away..what do you "respond" with?"

You make my point for me.....the established plan for the city was not implemented or executed until it was too late.


and because of that, they deserved what they got?
Is this what "compassionate" conservatism is about??


That's not what I said Sparky, come on. For goodness sakes, their going to have congressional hearings on how FEMA and DHS screwed up. Why not take a scrutinized look at the state and local problems just as close? I think we all know why, don't we.

Compassionate conservatism is about helping people help themselves, so they don't have to go through the rest of their lives being a victim of society.


you left yourself wide open for that snarky comment...

yes yes I know all about helping people help themselves, but Bush even fails at that....like cutting the funding for work that could have been done years ago to make those levys be in better shape. All the programs that have been cut that allow people to step out of the vicious circle of poverty..we have all had this discussion before on this blog. We disagree on how to help.
A thorough investigation and owning up to screwing up on all parts needs to happen. The tape from yesterday did not give me confidence that Bush knows the first thing about preparing for, or reacting to, a disaster of any kind.

Puget Sound

"We disagree on how to help.
A thorough investigation and owning up to screwing up on all parts needs to happen. The tape from yesterday did not give me confidence that Bush knows the first thing about preparing for, or reacting to, a disaster of any kind."

Sparky, your right about performing an investigation in order to learn better practices.
Hopefully it will be without politics but we both know that it is difficult at best.

Demagogery (sic) is going to be the rule of the day.
Blame Bush-State and Local Officials will get a pass.


"you left yourself wide open for that snarky comment..."

"yes yes I know all about helping people help themselves, but Bush even fails at that....like cutting the funding for work that could have been done years ago to make those levys be in better shape."

Sparky, what does snarky mean anyway? I'm sure it's not good, but just because you think Bush has failed at that (no surprise) it doesn't reflect on the concept itself. At least for me it doesn't.

And for the comment about funding for the levees that Bush cut....you might want to research that a little bit, and follow where money earmarked for levee reconstruction actually went. Crooks and Liars isn't the only site on the web to check your facts by.

I also asked if you had read or seen the whole transcript of the AP story. Context, context.


"You made progress. So I assume your no longer planning to fight the 2004 election results in Ohio?

Hopefully we can next work on not yelling 'talkin points, talking points, talking points.' as a reflexive response in a debate."

So there you go, right back to history again. You are the proof of what I said.


"Take this scenario: You get your car tuned up. A couple days later your driving, the car conks out. You call for a tow truck, it takes them 6 hours to come and get your car. It pisses you off. So your first and only course of action for your broken down car is to call the tow company and complain why it took so long."

You compare a hurricane that was predicted and from which the devastation was also predicted (as it is turning out more and more) to a car break-down and the six-hour response from a tow truck?

Well, you've made my point haven't you? This competency of all these highly paid, highly educated, and highly competent administrators is commensurate to that of a tow-truck driver.

Point well made, Audioslave. Thank you.


The 6 hour delay shit is AAA, you need Triple A Plus, it will tow you anywhere. Regular AAA will only tow you a few miles and therefore each AAA assigned towing company haggles with the AAA dispatcher over who is going to come out and tell you the bad news if you have the shitball coverage plan. Audioslave, if you had bothered to read Harper's and the short essay about AAA Plus, it is all explained there. I think the people of new Orleans paid for the Plus plan , like we all do, but when Bush was dispatching that day he looked at his map of the US and saw the red line around N.O and said no way am I paying for that kinda help and wrongly enacted the basic plan in which the FEMA towtrucks showed up and said "sorry folks" your plan only allows me to do so much"

Puget Sound

For the Hate W no matter what crowd, if you can appreciate a little self parody please do yourself a favor and take a look at how you come across at
It is put together by someone-on the right- with a rather snarky sense of humor.
If there is an equivalent website from the other point of view please-please post it. I know I would love to see it.


""You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
Abraham Lincoln

A quote to ponder, ExDem. Is George Bush fooling the people because according to "Honest Abe" it is possible. If he is, it seems "some of the time" is ending. More and more people are getting off the bandwagon. Even some conservatives.

Were the majority of people right under Hitler?

"And I'd probably be upset too, since all of those idiots are somehow doing better than everyone else."

Oh, really. Is it okay that we are somewhere around 38th in infant mortality?

Is it okay that more of our people are uninsured and have less access to medical care than in most other industrialized countries? (I think in all . . . )

I have quite a few prosperous parents who travel a lot. They are coming back and saying that the standard of living in America is becoming increasingly lower compared to Europe. That is, of course, anecdotal evidence. But, I take what they say as part of my overall assessment.

Perhaps your window to the world looks out upon upper-middle class-well-to-do households. Try another window.


Oh Chris, I love your post. But, you give Bush way more credit than I do! He didn't look at any map - remember, it took a DVD to get him interested at all. That fact alone should tell the tale. Unbelievable! (Becoming my favorite word! I think it should go into Wikipedia as the word "most associated with the Bush Presidency. . . ")

Wouldn't that be fun? To write a Wikipedia entry for this president?

BTW, I love AAA. Yes, the super coverage is definitely necessary. But, they do take care of you.


snarky means " not seriously"

I have never looked at Crooks and Liars..only a passing knowledge of what it is.

AP is who threatened to release the video about El Bushco, forcing the White House to do it first.
Old news stories from AP are not in keeping with what we know now.


Bush wants to increase outsourcing: (I left the site which was an English Indian newsite - sorry!)

"Bush has also sent a powerful message that IT is not only it that interests the US in India but also other sectors like agri-biotech.

“Bush responded very positively to the talk on emerging industries in India like bio-degradable plastics and other agri-biotech products,” said Shakar Prasad Madiraju, managing director, SPC Biotech.

What really surprised the participants in the interactive session was Bush’s insistence that he would meet only young industrialists. “This itself is very encouraging,” felt Srinivasa Ventraparagada, chief executive officer, Clintox Bio Services."

Note that he would meet only with young industrialists. As a failed entrepreneur, I imagine he didn't want any tough questions but just adoring eyes.

Here's another one:
US gives India assurance on outsourcing

"But the controversial issue of outsourcing was clearly on top of the pile and Jaitley said he had explained that the public and political opinion in India regards the move by some US states as "completely contrary to the spirit of market access and creates an adverse environment when negotiations were on in various other sectors."
Zoellick, he said, was alert to the brouhaha the issue had caused in India and conveyed to him that the Bush Administration opposes the states’ move and is persuading them not to go ahead with it.
In at least half a dozen states, state legislators are considering legislation to put a crimp on outsourcing claiming it is taking away local jobs. Outsourcing to India is projected to be a $ 20 billion business in the next five years, mostly from the United States. "

So much for states' rights, hmmm, ExDem?


Audioslave - this goes back to Feb. 12 and clearly places responsibility on the feds:

The 600-plus-page report lays primary fault with the passive reaction and misjudgments of top Bush aides, singling out Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Operations Center and the White House Homeland Security Council, according to a 60-page summary of the document obtained by The Washington Post. Regarding Bush, the report found that "earlier presidential involvement could have speeded the response" because he alone could have cut through all bureaucratic resistance. . .

Duffy objected to a leaked draft of an unpublished report, and said the White House is completing its own study. "The president is less interested in yesterday, and more interested with today and tomorrow," he said, "so that we can be better prepared for next time.". . .

Gee, Audioslave, do you think he'll have it right by the next disaster?



Are you comparing the majority in America to the majority in Nazi Germany? Do you believe that we have a population of people that will perpetrate great evil upon the world? I don't, but it sounds like you do since you raise the comparison.

I believe in states' rights. From the quote you provided, it appears the current administration believes the same thing.

"...the Bush Administration opposes the states’ move and is persuading them not to go ahead with it.
In at least half a dozen states, state legislators are considering legislation to put a crimp on outsourcing claiming it is taking away local jobs."

States are proposing legislation to limit outsourcing of jobs.

The Bush administration opposes that legislation.

The administration is persuading states not to pass that legislation.

I don't see any encroachment on states' rights anywhere in that sequence. Maybe if the article said the federal government was passing a law mandating outsourcing for all states, then there would be reason to fear for states' rights.

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