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March 17, 2006


Stephen Schwartz

Lapin Lives Lasciviously

In a Million Dollar House??

On Mercer Island?

I am shocked? Are thre really any houses that cheap on MI? Here on Capital Hill, a million buys you a studio in a converted garage!

On MI, the far right Rabbi must be living in the cardoard box used to deliver Paul Allen's 48 ft LCD screen.

How unjust.


remember, they are God's chosen...

Michael B.

To Mark:
Re: "they are God's chosen"

What is that crack supposed to mean? I will await your reply before assuming the worst.

DC Rez

Just another case to show that once the illegal money dries up, they fall apart.

A lot like Tom DeLay.


Geez, I hope so! This country has a lot of drying out to do!


Easy enough- when some of the ultra orthodox jews tell us they are the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals - it is no wonder we laugh when guys like Lapin step on their crank.


The ultra-orthodox are saying that because they are extremists and fundamentalists. In truth, that is not what is meant by the phrase.

Check out


trying this again

the link


To Mark & Luke (no pun intended):
Re: "ultra orthodox jews tell us they are the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals"

As I suspected Mark, you are a liar and a Jew hater. I defy you (or Luke) to find one reputable quote from any reliable source, of a Jewish leader, Ultra Orthodox or otherwise, who has said or written that they are "the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals".

I am more saddened and disgusted by your comments than anything else. Here we are in 2006 and yet the oldest hatred still thrives.


That's too bad. When I can stand listening to Medved, I hear it bleed thru. You perhaps don't- but perhaps hear it in a different light.

David Tatelman

I can confirm that it is the fundamentalist Christians who keep calling us the "chosen people." No Jew that I know of would ever say that. We don't believe that way.

BTW, don't forget that Rev. Hutcherson is also a good friend of Rabbi Lapin and actually used his friendship to prove that homesteadbook.com » “I am not anti-Semitic”


I have to say that I totally disagree with pretty much all of Danny's political leanings... but I worked with him a bunch of times at KVI and he is seriously like the nicest human on the planet. That doesn't mean he's a good radio host, or ethical dude or anything... it's just that if I suffered a blow to the head and decided to convert to Judiasm and have my kid circumsized... He'd the the guy I'd call.


To Mark:
Re: "I hear it bleed thru"

Ohhh Mark, what a revealing use of words (Google the words "Blood Libel").

So YOU hear it "bleed thru" on Michael Medved's show. I guess that is enough evidence for you to make such a slanderous and inciteful statement that Jews see non-Jews as "Farm Animals".

What you "hear" bleeding on the Michael Medved show reveals a lot more about you and your sick prejudices than it does about the Jewish faith or the Jewish people.

Again, I challenge you to bring me "one reputable quote from any reliable source, of a Jewish leader, Ultra Orthodox or otherwise, who has said or written that they are "the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals".

Otherwise I will relegate your hate filled comments as a product of the stagnating cesspool of prejudice that serves you in lieu of a brain.

Michael B

To Mark J:
Re: Hate Speech

Your difficulty with the truth is evident in just the few postings you made on this topic.

First you write that "Jews tell us they are the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals"

When you are asked to back up your comments with some evidence, you say when "listening to Medved, I hear it bleed thru".

So you acknowledge that your first comment was a complete fabrication. You never heard any "ultra orthodox Jews" tell you or anyone anything resembling "they are the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals". But that's OK because you can hear it "bleeding" between the lines on the Michael Medved show.

That anyone could make such a dishonest and disgusting comment so flippantly is quite troubling.

I urge you to do some soul searching.


mirobeh, read the thread again and you'll see I never said ANYTHING about Jews being "the chosen people, and the rest of us are the equivalent of farm animals." That was Mark. I was refuting the claim.

By the way, my handle is Lukobe, not Luke, and the Luko comes from my last name, Lukoff (I don't really care about my anonymity here). I'm part Jewish myself and don't enjoy being called antisemitic. Just read more carefully before you post, please.

Michael B.

To Lukobe:

I included you in my diatribe beacuse of your statement that "The ultra-orthodox are saying that because they are extremists and fundamentalists".

Since you supported Mark's premise that "The ultra-orthodox are saying that" (i.e. that non Jews are farm animals), I thought it reasonable to ask you to show me the evidence that they "are saying that" as well.

But if it's any comfort, I reserved all of my choicest vitriol for Mark.

PS: what is your evidence that "The ultra-orthodox are saying that" non Jews are the equivalent of Farm Animals?


Blood libel eh?

No, never heard the phrase till you mentioned it. And from what I gleaned from a quick Googling it has nothing to do with what I said. You seem pretty perturbed by this- is there a shame by you because of it's proximity to the truth?


Are individual Jews incapable of being bad people, or holding racist and "Superiorist" views toward other ethnicites and religions just like individual Christians or Muslims do all the time? Here comes the kneejerk, reactionary P.C. "you're A Jewhater" nonsense form ultra defensive Jews towards Mark's remarks. Bleed through? Mark was being charitable toward Medved. I'm tired of p.c. people in this town tippytoeing around the truth about a religious/ethnic Superiorist like Medved. It's true that Medved usually keeps a fairly snug lid on his " Superiorist " views but several times he's let them out in the full light of day, and it's not a pretty sight. I flat out heard him state at least once (as I posted earlier this week) that Orthodox Jews were given a superior role on this earth by God, but it was there duty and responsibility as recipients of the "Aren't We Special" gift from God, to help and enlighten all the rest of us poor, unwashed bastards on the earth, with their superior wisdom and skills. Sounds really close to "farm animals" to me. On another occaision, the hubris-filled host made a selfserving, smug, insulting little speech on how much better the Jews have done for themselves in America, as compared to the Irish, who he condescended to by portraying them as "lovable underdogs", and a cute, comical little group. Anyone with such an absolutely pathological, insulting superiotiy complex such as Medved's has to basing it in some sort of errant religious belief system such as this. It's just too extreme for it to be anything else.


To Mark Janis:

Ahhhh I get it, because I as a Jew take profound offense at being slandered, the slander must be true.

You are one sick dude.

Michael B.

To: Tommy008

You are a liar, Michael Medved never made any such comments. But more interestingly it seems that Medved's show is actually some sort of a sophisticated, electronic Rorshach test for Junior Nazi wannabes. You listen to the radio wave equivalent of an inkblot and out comes your innate prejudices.

Very interesting.


Who says I was slandering you? My point was simple- if you put yourself on a pedastal (chosen people) don't expect to have too many friends. And like tommy008 said, it comes thru loud and clear with Medved. It is on par with some of these born-again zealots: we are better than everybody else.


haha Michael B. you obviously come form the "when confronted by uncomfortable truths, deny deny deny, and call them liars" school of debate. Both instances I quoted in my last post absolutely happened and I heard them with my own ears. Your hysterical state of denial has no effect on me.


Just as a small correction, David Gold's KSFO show on the weekends is live, not a "best of" repeat.

Hey, I only know this because I listen to Bob O'Donnell's excellent computer talk show and have to listen to the live hand-off at the end...

Michael B.

To Mark Janis:

Show me the quote! Where has any Jew of any consequence or importance ever stated that "We are chosen, so we are better". You won't find it, it doesn't exist. Your entire premise is built on a lie. What you have said is a slander to every Jew everywhere. Have you been reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion again?

PS: Regarding your comment "don't expect to have too many friends". Trust me I feel no sense of loss that I can't count you amongst my friends.

PPS: Until today I thought that classic Jew hatred was mostly a thing of the past in this country, I was wrong.

Michael B.

To Tommy008:
Re: "Your hysterical state of denial has no effect on me".

Nor do your falsehoods and prejudices have any effect on me, so we're even.


I have to agree with Tommy008, Medved is very condescending. And that dear sir is the truth.

Michael B.

To Recife:

So Medved is condescending, big deal, lots of people are condescending, what does that have to do with his being Jewish or the assertions being made here that Jews think non-Jews are like farm animals.


no, Michael B. you're not getting away with your own "slander", at least as far as my own views.. I wrote that one particular Jew named Michael Medved(and I would also include his mentor Rabbi Lapin, and the rest of his little "cult", because that's all his group is) regard nonJews as being similar to farm animals. You 'll never hear me or see me in print claiming that "Jews" in general believe this.

Michael B.

To Tommy:

We are going around in circles here, but again, SHOW ME THE PROOF. Find me a quote, audio or written, that backs up your wacky assertion that either Medved or Rabbi Lapin regard non Jews as being "similar to farm animals". That you find them
"condescending" is not proof.

You sir, are the one doing the slandering.


As far as Rabbi Lapin goes I say good riddance to a hateful, bad little man. Among other things the "Rabbi" is another "Kennedy hater"(along with LouPate)who once came on his Sunday night program chortling and chuckling with undisguised glee over the death that weekend of the Kennedy nephew who had killed himself in a skiing accident. This is a "cleansing of the gene pool!" he warbled merrily over the man's death.


reread my posts. The proof is there, but you don't want to see it. Yes I am going in circles, with someone who refuses to see, you're right, that's why I'm through posting with you. The words "farm animals" is Mark's and my only slightly hyperbolic interpretation of the spirit of his remarks/beliefs, since of course he would never say those exact words on air. The man is not a fool, despite his many other flaws

Michael B.

To Tommy008:

If you are asserting that Rabbi Lapin comes across as condescending, than there is no argument here. Rather it is the assertion that this condescending attitude is somehow a product of his faith system to which I take offense.


What is a Jew who is the opposite of an anti-semite? An anti-goyem? Since such people supposedly don't even exist in politically correct America, we don't even really have a term for them. Anyway, in my opinion, after listening to many hours of Medved's show, that is exactly what the man is.In my own humble opinion.

Helmut Gutter

""talk host Michael Medved (KTTH m-f, 12-3p) lives a few blocks away in a comfy cottage valued at some $1.2 million.""

How far away does Dave Ross live? How much is his house valued? Is it comfy too?

Helmut Gutter

""the KKK's David Duke has written: "...there are so few honest voices like that of Rabbi Lapin." ""

Mr Duke is also a Cindy Sheehan fan

Why Cindy Sheehan is Right!
By David Duke


I bet he would also approve of a couple posters in this thread.

I luv america

Michael Hood is a Motherfucking hypocritical piece of shit. He is no different than any other political socialist in this country that will use religion, race, sexual orientatation,income level, environmental stance, or demogography in order to create a big spoon that stirs a pot of hatred. He is typical, and representative of a small group of fanatics that have, unfortunately, gained attention of the liberal media here in the U.S. He will go to Hell, along with those who follow him.


I think Mark is a neo-nazi in disguise.


well if we go to hell at least we will be with people we like...


Mr. Gutter, they all live on Mercer Island and we stupid people pay for their houses. That is not the point.

I've often emailed Dave that he really sometimes does have a rather dilettantish point of view about some things. But, it is a stretch to accuse him of the kind of mindless verbal abuse that comes from any of the other hosts including liberals and conservatives. Michael Medved included. Ross tries to play it straight.


I will bring the beer...

The Anti KIRO

OK Dori, big guy...how are you celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of your Iraq War.

The wimpy Dori...how did he get out of Vietnam...I think he's an eage that would have been eligible.

Nonetheless that scared bastard would never sacrifice a second of his time, his money or his self for the benefit of those less fortunate.

You're off the air this year! Good riddance!


Some of you folks really do need to settle down, chill out, get laid more often.

The Anti Kiro


What is your explanation for this war? I am waiting to hear from you.

As you sit in your free Stupid Prices fake leather chair watching the "exploited players" in the NCAA on your free Stupid Prices big screen does your self-righteous arrogant self ever ponder the soldiers dying in this Stupid War because of idiots like you sent them?

Pay your taxes on that free stuff a'hole!

Shame on you! Shame on you.

You're off the air very soon.

blathering michael





Dori- You've worn out your welcome in our (yours and mine) hometown. You started out the cute local boy with the "arrested development", adolescent high school voice. Now you're just a creep. As The Anti-Kiro says, your time on the station is limited. People are on to your game, chubster. Be a man and try to get on the air in Chicago, San Diego or Baltimore, instead of taking the easy, cheap shot "local boy makes good" thing here. Very limited time before you take that "greeter" job at Stupid Prices, Dori.

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