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March 11, 2006


serial listener

boy that IS a cheap shot, Michael, but that old killer sure had a body back then...she could cut O'Lielly's huevos off with her tongue.


But Bill would love every minute of it...


thank God you dont have any naked pictures of Bill ...


oooooooooooooooowww! My eyes hurt!


I'm wordless . . . :)


I think "Doctor" Laura would go for the eyes - and succeed.


WRONG! The correct answer is:

Even if Bill was armed with a loofa or falafel, "talk show host" Laura would still win - able to wilt stink-cabbage w/ that rancid voice.

However, after the fight, Bill would cite the Paris Business Review to claim victory.

Note: Does this make me a "guttersnipe"? I don't know what a guttersnipe is, but it sounds appealing


Laura beats Bill like a hippie chick at a biker festival; Bill thanks her for doing it.

Then loofa boy sends Fox Security after her.


Slow news day?


wiping away tears of laughter here....


Al Franken would lose and get his a$$ kicked by either one as would Keith Olberman !


Bill O'Reilly would win, but only because he'd sucker-punch her when her back was turned. That's only if he couldn't get Fox security goons to do the job for him to begin with.



BTW, anyone keeping up with the Southern Republican straw poll today?

Isn't it amazing to see all those hardcore Repubs going all ABB?

That crunching sound you hear is from all those poor Republicans walking on the scales that fell from their eyes this past week...


Trip, I read that Bill " Hide your Cat" Frist was ahead in the first straw polls.


Billy would have the reach advantage as he came at her with a flurry of overhand thumb-in-fist punches, but in the long run, Laura would probably make short work of him with the triple row of sharklike teeth concealed inside her dry, leathery snatch.


Bill would have his "Fox Security" people (the same ones he treatens callers with) show up at Dr. Laura's house and rough her up before the contest.


I have to disagree w/bunyip- Bill would LEAD with a jab to Dr. Laura's dry, leathery snatch- he's quite the lady's man, doncha know.


A little change of pace, another conservative Christian republican in the Bush admin bites the dust: "Former Top Bush Aide Accused of Md. Thefts . . .

Allen would purchase an item, take it to his car, return to the store, select the same item, take it to the counter and get a refund based on the receipt for the merchandise in his car, Burnett said. "He would get the money back or the credit" on his credit cards. . . "

Allen is a self-described born-again Christian who got his start in politics working for Jesse Helms (R), the conservative former North Carolina senator.

Allen stirred controversy as Helms's campaign spokesman in 1984 by telling a reporter that then-Gov. James B. Hunt Jr. -- Helms's opponent -- was politically vulnerable because of his links to the "queers." He later explained that he used the word not to denigrate anyone but as a synonym for "odd and unusual."

Before that, Allen worked for the Virginia state attorney general's office and as state health and human resources secretary. In that job, he earned a reputation as a staunch conservative; once he kept Medicaid funds from an impoverished rape victim who wanted an abortion."

He became a "former" after he was arrested.


Didn't Bush's mother ever tell him that you're known by the company you keep? Or was she too busy talking about how hurricane victims were better off after they lost everything?


Her beautiful mind was too busy being a wife of a rich oil man...


One more ya all?

"SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq" ". . . He said he had witnessed "dozens of illegal acts" by US troops, claiming they viewed all Iraqis as "untermenschen" - the Nazi term for races regarded as sub-human.

This from UK paper. Sorry to interrupt the levity . . . :)


Keith Olberman on CSpan starting now . . . Q&A


OK, I'm curious now. What is the objective of posting a reference to a story about alleged illegal acts by U.S. soldiers in Iraq? I truly am interested to understand the motivation behind it and the desired outcome.


I'm interested in understanding a motivation for not posting the story.


Just trying to keep you informed ExDem. . . BTW, did you read it? If you did, were you sickened/disgusted by the allegations and action of the SAS soldier or by the alleged actions of the US soldiers?

Thanks Andrew. Sometimes truth hurts.


Joanie and Andrew: it's called staying on topic, and it's considered by many to be an essential ingredient in reasoned discourse. You might want to look into it.


You're a dork. Whoever you are.


Just my opinion, but I think there are some disturbing things that accompany posting a story like that on a forum like this. It makes me wonder how many of these statements are true for this audience:

1) If true, it's an embarrasing story about U.S. troops. Posting this for everyone to see will bring some enjoyment to the rest of the blog - they enjoy seeing these types of stories.

2) I hope it's true. I want America to be guilty of these types of atrocities.

3) There are plenty of stories about what's happening in Iraq. I want to make sure to find and post only the worst possible stories lest people get the idea that positive things might be happening in Iraq.

4) Those disgusting troops. This story just proves how awful our military is - and how much smarter/better/more moral people we are that frequent this blog.

5) We hate Bush. This story will be an embarrassment to the current administration. The more of these types of stories we can post, the better. And we really don't care if we trash America in the process.

6) We can post stories like these and appear like we're just trying to be "informed". That will serve as an effective shield to cover our true intent - saying negative things about our country.

It just makes me wonder what people really believe and hope for when they post things on this blog.


ex-dem, stories from Reader's Digest just don't cut it anymore, eh?


ExDem, why not post some cheerful stories about the war to rebut? I'd read them and not complain. Gee, I thought you would be interested in news from the UK. Especially a soldier's perspective.

Anonymous, I am entertained by your analysis of "discourse." Is that what we were having?

Love you all! J


There you go again, Ex Dem..assuming. You assume that we like it when soldiers do bad things. You assume we want them to fail. You assume we think we are better than the troops.

Assume Assume Assume..you know what you get.

It is possible to wish the troops well and thank them for their service, and yet not like it when a few bad apples mar the reputation of the many.

It is possible to love one's country and be horrified at the administration and where it has taken us today.

In fact, I dont understand how those who do love our country can support anything Bush and Cheney have done.

That a lot of Republicans are finally waking up to what the rest of us have been so unhappy about for so long is little comfort.


I didn't assume anything. I simply asked the questions. As an observer of what gets posted on this blog, I naturally wonder the things that I wrote. As a former soldier, I have concerns about how people view the military and to what degree they support the troops.

So I'll share my observations and opinions.

a) I can't recall seeing any of the regulars on this blog post personal statements or a story that highlights anything good about our troops or the mission they are accomplishing.

b) I have seen lots of comments that appear to dwell on the negative regarding our military and our country.

c) I love our country and support our troops too. Why am I the only one asking these questions on this blog if so many others claim they support our troops and thank them for their service? I love my wife, so I wouldn't sit by silently in a room if a group of people did nothing but criticize her. I'd defend her. But then again, people only defend the things they care about. The lack of defense for our military on this blog speaks volumes to me.

d) Plenty of people on this blog post comments that indicate they love this country, but only when someone they voted for is in power. Otherwise, they seem to feel fine trashing our country and playing up all of the negatives. In my personal opinion, that's an odd way to love something - and fairly unbalanced.

e) Regulars on this blog tend to jump pretty quickly into personal attacks and name calling. Someone states they'd prefer people to stay on the topic of the thread, and the first response is "You're a dork. Whoever you are." That type of response is par for the course and everyone appears to condone that type of behavior with their silence. In my opinion, it makes it that much harder (if not impossible) to have reasoned discussions on issues in this forum. But, maybe the focus is more on trying to be clever or witty, so perhaps this forum isn't a place for serious issues to begin with. Or perhaps the blog is populated with people that aren't serious people. I guess that's possible.

Those are my opinions. I'd love for them to be 100% incorrect. However, it also wouldn't surprise me if they are more accurate than inaccurate.


". . . In my opinion, it makes it that much harder (if not impossible) to have reasoned discussions on issues in this forum. "

A reasoned discussion relies on informed people. Not just opinionated people.


ExDem - how can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you have such an obvious lack of historical perspective?

Do you think the atrocities of My Lai or Tiger Force in Vietnam was out of the ordinary? War has always done bad things to decent people. War is a descent into mindless savagery. War is chaos. That's why war should ALWAYS be a last resort and never the agenda of a mediocre politician bent on succeeding where his own father failed. This is so obvious it borders on banality.

I want to bring the troops home now because I don't want good or halfway decent people to come home raving murderers.


ExDem supports disinformation of the American people. He's upset because we have chosen to share factual truth about reality which is unfavorable to his war loving agenda.

I'm not suprised many troops have little regard for Iraqis because psychology tells us that all humans naturaly and unconsciously discriminate against people who are different. Iraqis look different, talk different, act different and their moral code is a mystery. They probably can't tell which Iraqis want to shoot them and which ones want to thank them.

What the story proves is that the armed forces don't teach about tolerance and diversity to people who are being sent to another country for a year or more, but maybe they don't want soldiers to apreciate the culture they are bombing. Whatever the case may be, it deserves discussion.


Bashing an administration is not bashing the country. Or else all those conservatives who made it their life's work for 8 years bashing Clinton hated their country too.

I support the men and women in Iraq in as far as I recognize the supreme sacrifice they make in giving up their families and friends and jobs to be there. But I believe this war is wrong and that we have asked them to give up their lives for selfish Bush interests. It is those interests, it is the stupidity and greediness of that man and his cohorts, their extreme disregard for anyone outside their circle that I hate. I want the troops to come HOME and be here to protect US.

I defend my country verbally anytime I hear that someone is just going to leave and live abroad. To me that is like walking away from any problem in life..I think we should stay and try to make it better. Having the pre-written Plan for a New American Century and a loosely woven schedule of attacking countries around the world is, in my eyes, unAmerican, and I will always argue against it. Bush has created his own negativity with his own hands, we are merely commenting on what we see--WE are not creating it. I refuse to be a co-dependent person who constantly makes excuses for Bush and pretend that all is well. All is NOT well, and more and more Republicans are coming to realize it.

If it makes you feel better to tell yourself that things in Iraq are going great, or that the President is a great guy who is just misunderstood or needs to be shown more respect, then you are free to do so.


Excellent point, Joanie....(I watched Olbermann on C-Span, BTW. Among the plethora of fascinating tidbits about him was the story of his bizarre head injury!) XDem, you stated "The lack of defense for our military on this blog speaks volumes to me." Obviously, you have intuited that this is not a defense-of-the-military-above-all-else blog. Why do you spend time attacking our biased posts when you could be compiling those volumes into a C-Span worthy book? You are NOT preaching to the choir here...we haven't hired a preacher, yet.



Break it down for us - how many bombs have we dropped on Iraq? Is it as many as Seymour Hersh says? How many innocent people are killed with our "precision" munitions? Why does the insurgency continue to grow more widespread and deadly?

Is it also true that every re-supply convoy that barrels up at 80mph plus from Kuwait runs over anyone who's in their way, i.e. some poor slob Iraqis are killed everytime they deliver fuel, MREs and bottled water to the troops?

Is this how America builds a democracy?


Is Bush a Narcissist?

1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
3. Believes he is "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
4. Requires excessive admiration
5. Has a sense of entitlement
6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends
7. Lacks empathy
8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him
9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

Translation: They treat other people like dirt.


I think you have to be a narcissist to even run for president.

Who else thinks to themselves "ya, I didn't get the best grades in college, but I can run the country better than anyone and everyone else, and I'm going to give up 4-8 years of my life reading speaches and giving meaningless hand-shakes just so I can become the center of everyone's attention. Nobody, I repeat nobody, can run an entire country as well as I can. My country is lucky I'm doing them such a huge favor"


ExDem, my problem with all your posts above is that you bash us, the messengers, but you do not consider the message. No one has on this thread totalled bashed anything or anyone. You made it an attack by talking about your love of country as if we don't love the country.

Perhaps we love it more and want it to be that which we can be proud of. Are you a blind patriot whether your country is right or wrong? If your wife were an ax murderer, would you still support her? This line of thinking doesn't make sense to me.

Why not discuss the article and the perspective of a solder who is stating his observations. You might find evidence that his observations do not coincide with other's. Why do you think he believes what he said? His background was unassailable. He was granted his release without disgrace or harsh words. He was treated in the end like the good soldier he had proven to be. Do you think that would have happened in the US? Look at how many generals lost their position when they questioned the war?

Provide some considered, thought-provoking ideas and evidence rather than knee-jerk patriotic reactions.



Are you giving us the usual right-wing blather, or just doing a brilliant Spinal Tapesque parody of said blather.

Sometimes its just hard to tell the difference - but I'll freely laugh at either.

On that note, am I the only one who thinks World Net Daily, and the onion read the same? Again, spot the difference - but both funny

PS, ExDem, if I said I hated the troops, would it give you a boner? I thought so


"As a former soldier, I have concerns about how people view the military and to what degree they support the troops."

Does that extend to how the adminastration views the troops and how they 'support' them here?


I wouldn't become a soldier at this point in time because I think the government and the populace treat soldiers with disrespect - most especialy people who are for the war.

After they join to protect our country, bound by contract with low pay and required to pay for much of their own gear, after having various freedoms taken from them, they are willfully sent, by the people who claim to support them, to be attack dogs in an elective pre-emptive war.

Isn't joining the army in this atmosphere like volunteering to be locked up in a state pen so you can make license plates all day?


good point, Chris...how can Bush say we should support the troops when he has had so much of their stateside benefits cut? Soldiers waiting long periods of time to get medical help at home?

Mark D

Wow ExDem, you have proved your point by just letting the responses flow. Looks like reasons 1 through 6 are all valid reasons why people in this blog like that type of story.

I find it interesting that not even one person mentioned that maybe the SAS soldier claiming he saw illegal actions by U.S. troops has an axe to grind. Also no question as to the validity of the news source. Just because it's out of the UK doesn't make it reliable. If fact, it makes me more suspect. Remember the problems the BBC has been having with facts coming out of Iraq?

Jonie, I think ExDem comes across as very informed. Looking for, hoping for, and believing only reports that cast a negative light on the US Military does not make you informed. It makes you even more ignorant.

That said, reason #5 is the obvious answer as to why Joanie posted this story. The first story she posted was purely to degrade Bush. The second story about the SAS soldier she pointed out was "one more for ya." So she has two stories that she feels casts the Bush admin. in a negative light.

Mark D

Sparky, can you cite a reliable source for the "stateside benefits" Bush has cut?


MarkD says I find it interesting that not even one person mentioned that maybe the SAS soldier claiming he saw illegal actions by U.S. troops has an axe to grind

ExDem questioned the fact that the story was posted AT ALL. The validity is beside the point.

I think ExDem comes across as very informed

ExDem and Dumber? In order to come across as informed don't you need to provide information once in a while?

So she has two stories that she feels casts the Bush admin. in a negative light.

God forbid we cast Bush in a negative light, right?


ExDem says states they'd prefer people to stay on the topic of the thread, and the first response is "You're a dork. Whoever you are."

Let me remind you the topic was "OPEN THREAD (and cheapest of cheap shots): who'd win in a fist fight- bill o'reilly or dr. laura?"


Sure why not..

Let's start with way back in 2003 from the ArmyTimes

Then there is this from Jan 2006 on MSNBC

The Union Recorder (Georgia)

The Vanguard

This from the Boston Globe-I will spare you having to register by pasting the first part of the article: Boston Globe
Frustrated Veterans Accuse Bush of Breaking Promise
by Wayne Washington

WASHINGTON - The leaders of America's most prominent veterans organizations say that President Bush is failing to honor past commitments to military men and women even as he prepares to send a new generation of soldiers and sailors into combat.

The administration's support for rescinding lifetime health benefits for World War II and Korean War veterans and continuing problems at veterans hospitals stand as proof, veteran leaders say, that America is more than willing to lean on its soldiers during times of war but tolerates them serving as political props in peacetime.

Coming after President Clinton, who avoided service in Vietnam and had a strained relationship with the military, veterans leaders say they had high expectations for Bush, who served in the National Guard and whose father was a fighter pilot during World War Two.

''I'm terribly frustrated and extremely angry,'' said retired Air Force Colonel George ''Bud'' Day, a Republican who won the Medal of Honor and was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam with Senator John McCain of Arizona.

Day said Bush is violating his oft-repeated campaign pledge to veterans: ''A promise made is a promise kept.''

And there are others in major newspapers from across the country, and it was on all three of the network news shows....

The kicker, of course, is if you consider these sources as credible. I will not be surprised if you don't.

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