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March 31, 2006



Mike Webb?

The Mike Webb that whines and whines about the lack of gay rights whilst smugly laughing at the fact that I can't smoke a cigarette while I get a beer after work at the local bar? That Mike Webb?

The Mike Webb that reminds his remaining 5 or 6 listeners every day about bushs PNAC war and permanent bases we will never leave----

while completely ignoring the PNAC connection
to his master clintons illegal war on Yugoslavia?

Hey, anyone know when we're leavin Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo? With an 8 mile perimiter (built of course by Halliburton) I'm guessing it won't be for a few years, long enough probably for little Mikey to completely forget that the US bombed a foreign country based on lies during the Reign of King Clinton.

Now, back to the (D)emos new position paper, the one that endorses preemptive war...


Mike sounds like he has truly lost it..comparing himself to Bernie Ward?? oh my...


I LOVE the DNC's paper!
First: defeat bin Laden! Brilliant!
Second: Double Special Forces! (that'll make em' REAL special)
Third: Mike Webb is SecDef!!


Joe Trippi was talking blogs on C-Span and their political effectiveness. His thougts were that they were motivators: they motivated people to talk to other people. They helped get the word out. He said the bigger blogs will be taken over by mainstream media leaving the really good and effective blogs to be those zillions of small blogs comprising the tail end of blogdom - like this one.

I miss Mike. He was mean - even to me when I called him once. But, I miss him.


The curious comparisons above seem to make sense. Trashing blogs & things internet is a strange way to express his appreciation for having ANY public method to disseminate his opinions... especially having been relieved of the potential he whined away behind the microphones of a traditional media blowtorch.


Scrilla, you think finding Osama is funny? Apparently you share President Bush's disinterest in finding him..as quoted in his March 13, 2002 press conference:
"So I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him, Kelly, to be honest with you. I'm more worried about making sure that our soldiers are well-supplied; that the strategy is clear; that the coalition is strong;"

How is that stratergy werkin for ya, George?

( the entire press conference can be found at

JB..you said the comparisons made sense...perhaps Mike is more like Ray in that Ray gets pretty angry at his callers and it often leaves me shaking my head, and so I dont listen to him much.
But for Mike to compare himself to Bernie, who is very well-read and very knowledgable in many areas, seems silly to me. I felt that Mike never read much more than the headlines, or at least he never built his arguments on much more than personal feelings.


Re: Sparky's comments...

Couldn't agree with you more.


Comparing himself to Bill Gallant is ridiculous. MAYBE their politics were the same--I don't remember--but Gallant wasn't nearly as freakin' obnoxious. I could RESPECT Gallant. He was perhaps the fairest talk show host I've ever heard on the air anywhere. I was very sad when we lost him, both times.


Isn't this just laughing at a retarded kid? I don't see a point in paying any attention to Mike Webb.

The Anti KIRO

I know that it's against the current, but I enjoy Mike's show. No commercials. KIRO has way too many advertisements.

But I guess anyone would be better than Ron and Don. They're awful.


I think waving Howard Dean's Big Blue Donkey Wand and announcing "defeat al Qaeda" is HI-larious. Very visionary. It's analogous to declaring that I'll reduce cancer rates...by finding a CURE!!
nez pas?


You think defeating Al Qaeda is on par with curing cancer?


does anyone listen to mike malloy? he reminds me of mike webb. i agree with his politics, but it is hard to listen to because of the ad hominem attacks.


I do. Like me, he is a liberal


Did anyone ever call Bill Gallant? I don't remember it.

I like Malloy because I like fire and passion cause we need some!

Regarding Al Queda, I don't the public remembers Al Queda anymore. That's not going to win any votes. I think the dire domestic situation is finally starting to sink in - or maybe just with me.


83% of respondents to a CNN poll believe the government has covered up the 9/11 investigation. 83%!
The people are on the march, the empire is on the run.


link plz?


Yeah, Chris, document for us, por favor...


"I mean, here`s a CNN poll from Anderson Cooper a year and a half ago where they said is the government covering up 9/11? Could they be involved? Ninety percent when the poll closed on CNN said this."

Martin R. Howell

Sorry Mr. blatherwatch, I like Mike Webb and only hope the best for him. I also have, and frequently do, enjoy his internet program. Have you listened to it for any length of time? For nights now, he has mentioned the call letters and locations of the stations that have picked up his show. I didn't write them down as there is no need for me to since I get him over the net. However, seems one may be in San Diego if I recall correctly and maybe I heard another mentioned back east. . .like Indianapolis or Milwaukee (but I can't swear that these two are correct).

--Martin R. Howell


here is the graphic from the poll




this one works better

baba booey

Webb is One of Us. We must stand by him, even if he is crazy.

webb ahkbar!


Yes, vg

blathering michael

Whoever gets me real info on the 5 stations Mike Webb says he's on wins a dinner with my cat, Linda Werthheimer...


If anybody is interested, Russ Feingold, Hatch, Specter, et al, discussing censure on C Span right now. "Censure Resolution" for NSA surveillance. Interesting.


Bla'M, I thought your cat's name was "Fremont". Did you ditch him for another pussy? Okay, here's Chris's LINK I got hung up reading all the 9/11 stuff....fascinating!


I'm shocked and in true disbelief that so many Americans might think there was a 9-11 cover up. There just doesn't see to be much substance behind that theory.

Almost all of the 9-11 conspiracy theories are completely crazy. Those people are actualy dead, they actualy boarded those planes and the supposed explosions below the point of collapse: it's called AIR PRESSURE!!!

I recall that there was some Jewish affiliated firm nearby who received subtle warning a few hours prior but nothing concrete or convincing ever came of that.

The only known connection between 9-11 and the Iraq war is that president Bush used them together in a sentance on a few occasions.

You are f'n nuts

I heard it was a plot by AMPM gone terribly wrong. They originally wanted the attack held on JULY 11th. Boy, did that not work out...


I like Mike but I didn't always. I did not understand him at first. God forbid, but in many ways he plays his audience like the pro,,,,,Rush,,,,,There is a certain amount of entertainment you have to weed out. He is clever. Perhaps that is his demise? On the other hand he is so full of enthusiasm for his position I envy him. As far as his legal problems,,,,,step up, cast the first stone, hum? . judy


" As far as his legal problems,,,,,step up, cast the first stone, hum?"

Most of us can, since we never commited insurance fraud.

Martin R. Howell

Thank you, Judge Dana. You have found him guilty so why not go ahead and sentence him.

Martin R. Howell

And here is another thought. Even if Mike is convicted, so what? Everybody breaks the law. Some get caught and some don't. Some that get caught end up paying and some who can afford great legal representation may not. I would say this: If you go one mile an hour over the speed limit on I-5 then you are breaking a law. If you change lanes without signaling then you are breaking a law. If Mike did commit insurance fraud then he broke the law. It is only a matter of degree. Kind of reminds me of the old joke (I won't recount the whole thing here) about the woman who wouldn't have sex with the rich man for a hundred dollars but would -- just once -- for a million dollars. She was no less the prostitute. The difference was only a matter of degree.


There's a difference between a minor infraction and commiting fraud. And degrees of difference ARE important.


I think he is guilty of stupidity more than anything else. And I'm not going to throw any stones . . . my little glass house is all I've got!

Martin R. Howell

I will tell you what ARE important, Judge Dana. What ARE important is to give the guy his day in court. Remember, he is innocent until proven guilty. That is what ARE important. What else ARE important is not to be a hater. You clearly are. I am outta here. Pseudo Archie Bunkers are not worth my effort to sit at the keyboard and respond to.

Dodge 440

Mike is helping us to rid the world of the republicans. We must not fail!

Martin R. Howell

Next. . .

scott lundquist

Mike Webb is a genius, and the kind of LIBERAL we need MORE OF!!Kiro hung themselves when they fired him, and i hope their ratings continue to plummet!
My wife and i have had issues with making insurance payments online, where they don't post our payment, can't seem to find the payment, even though we have a confirmation number, and tried to convince us to just let them post our payment LATE, which is totally unacceptable, since we did make the payment ON TIME!!!
To jump to the conclusion that Mike Webb is a fraud, is ridiculous!! You so called liberals should be ashamed of yourselves!! It seems like you are all content to stand by as America becomes a corporate run, fascist theocracy!! F that!!! Mike Webb had the balls to stand up and speak out about the hijacking of america by neo-conservative,(hypocritical)religious idealogues!!!
And, who the F drives a Lexus and doesn't have it insured!!! Give me a F'n break, you nimrods!!! Mike Webb will be fine, and hopefully his voice will continue to be heard, and he will continue to motivate and inspire true progressive liberals for years to come!!!
Peace, Mike Webb, i wish you all the best, and continued success!!!


umm..i believe the story said that his BANK had no record of any payments. Unless he paid cash, there would be a record, even if the insurance company messed up in recording it to his account.. He produced a doctored bank statement which did not match the one the bank provided. I, too, have had problems a few times with payments, but the check was lost in the mail and my bank statement matched accordingly.

scott lundquist

ummm...i'll go ahead and put the emphasis on "THE STORY SAID..."
THE STORY. Once upon a time...
The incident i referred to in my own experience didn't involve a paper check being sent through snail mail, it was an online payment, we received a confirmation number, more than a WEEK later, the funds STILL had not been taken out of our bank acct, even though we HAD a confirmation number, and all other times we made online pmts, the funds were debited usually within 24 hours-making the transaction available to view at our financial institutions website.
I have 100% faith in Mike Webb, no matter what "story" happens to get printed.


Oh my god! get a life. is that all you do is think about Mike Webb? you are so obsessed. What is going on with you that all you can think about day and night is Mike Webb? Is there anything else in the news? Im amazed at how much you know about him. What does that say about you? Do you dream about him at night? You're closet Webb-Lovers! You know what they say "I think he doth protest too much."

scott lundquist

hahahahaha spidermonkey!
You obviously never listened to his show, so your comment carries no weight. nice try though.
It was a tremendous loss to us ALL when kiro foolishly let their bread and butter go.
Plus, i would shout out loud i love mike webb. you would too, if you had a spine and could appreciate a powerful voice of dissent that MUST BE HEARD.


Hey, I liked Webb but he did a naughty - or is alleged to have done a naughty - and naughties aren't any more right on the left. We have to be credible if we are going to claim the high ground. So, shape up Scott! You're giving us liberals/lefties/progressives a bad name!

scott lundquist

Thanks Joanie, but, a few points of contention:
you even say it yourself "...alleged naughty..." key word ALLEGED! Why convict him without a trial? I'll continue to support a strong soldier on OUR SIDE, before, during, AND AFTER any legal proceedings, no matter what the outcome!
You go ahead and have fun talking about some artificial "high ground" you aspire to attain. Its an empty slogan with no substance. it almost sounds like religious fanaticism.
I am ready for a NEW MOVEMENT with people who are willing to FIGHT for what we believe in, can get ANGRY, and channel that anger in a positve way. Just like Mike Webb does. I would consider it more of righteous indignation, than just unbridled anger, as so many of you so-called liberal/lefty/progressives accuse him of. Its JUSTIFIED ANGER and i'm convinced he represented the views of MILLIONS of americans!!
I am sick of sissy democrats(not saying you are one joanie)that are too AFRAID to stand up, too weak to make a difference, and to complacent to be effective.
We NEED Mike Webb, and MORE liberals like him!


No, we don't need more corruption. That's what we are fighting. Support before and during because one is supposed to be considered innocent till proven guilty . . . yes. But, we don't win anything by showing ourselves to be as corrupt and irresponsible as the the other side. Sorry.

That's not to say Mike can't come back and still fight for the left. I don't hate him or anything. He's going to have to pay the price of any misdeeds and then move on. But, don't ask anybody to condone or tolerate illegal behavior in the name of the left. We are much better than that.


I see Webb no differently than I do Medved, in the sense that both have huge arrogance/superiority complex problems. As far as I know Medved's complex doesn't make him commit fraud. It just turns him into an insufferable ass who talks down and condescends to everyone. It's not really shocking that Webb the Punk is accused of committing this crime. If you paid attention, he's left clues about his lack of character for years.


Does anyone else get the feeling that "Scott Lundquist" is in fact, *gasp* MIKE WEBB? I mean, honestly, who the hell is that much of a Mike Webb fan (besides, of course, Mike Webb)?

And did anyone elce notice that the only comment "Scott" posted during the highly-rated Mike Webb Internet Show was actually posted during his break? I smell a conspiracy (unless that's the smell of Mike Webb not leaving his house or bathing for the last 4 months).


Here are the real reasons Mike Webb was fired:

5% Insurance Fraud
18% Homosexual
90% Liberal Mouthpiece

KIRO didn't fire Mike Webb because of some stupid insurance scheme (which, by the way, just proves that all liberals are crooks). They fired him because there starting to figure out that mainstream America is sick and tired of the left's lies. We're not listening to them anymore and if we're not listening, why put them on the air??? I would expect to see more of the same in the coming days - INCLUDING the firing of Ron (formerly known as Reagan). I must say, I was SHOCKED to hear him on the air yesterday after all the ridiculus liberal garbage he said on Monday. I was actually excited to listen to him on Monday and spent the rest of the day wanting to vomit all over myself. His days are numbered. America doesn't want to hear liberal trash!


Who will sub for Webb the Punk on his "big network show" during his prison stint in the cell with Big Leroy? One of his little whiny regular guests like Norman Solomon or Steven Zunis? hahahahahaaahahahaahahahahah

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