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March 31, 2006



Tory - I thought of that, too. It does sound a little like Webb himself!

RR - spoken just like the little lady you are - not! (LOL!)


Did anyone catch Stephanie Miller on Lou Dobbs last night? She managed to sneak in her impersonation of Rush Limbaugh and Lou laughed...

scott lundquist

Although i am honored that some of you think i am mike or sound like mike, i assure you, i am just a big fan, a loyal fan, who is not so quick to jump on the bandwagon of accusations, turning my back on him based on ALLEGATIONS.
NO,i don't condone corruption, or any criminal behavior, nor do i expect or ask anyone else to. But i BELIEVE in mike webb, respect what he has to say, and appreciate his ability to kick some neo-con ass!!
You're glad he's gone, rachael, simply because he SCARES you. He is a threat to your comfort zone. you don't want him motivating and inspiring like-minded people to stand up and DO SOMETHING, not just sit around lulled into inaction by complacency! and by the way, nice math RR! I highly doubt you speak for too many people, as you go about your day contemplating vomiting on yourself. "tired of the lefts lies" hahahaha. unbelievable, i won't even go there, why waste my time.


Doesn't it seem that way, Joanie? Who would not only know so much and care so much about Mike Webb but also have enough time to sit around all day talking about Mike Webb other than *gasp (again)* MIKE WEBB.

I would imagine that Mike Webb definitely has quite a bit of first hand knowledge about Mike Webb and a fair amount of free time on his hands.


Women, girls, thosed birthed with feminine essentials don't go around vomiting on themselves. Now transgenders . . . hmmmmm, that might be another story . . .


Why don't you go take a long walk off a short cliff Joanie.

P.S. It looks like YOUR the one who needs to learn how to spell, you liberal idiot.


I didn't take you to task for your spelling . . . although you might look up "you're" since you've misused it twice.

Don't you think you should spend some time on your wifely and motherly duties and a little less time on-line, dear?

scott lundquist

All i know about mike webb is what he has revealed of himself on his show, and at the 2 separate battle of the talk show hosts i went to.
First you say i'm mike because i coincidentally posted during his show, and now i'm mike, because i'm posting during the day!!!
Great argument!You are brilliant!!

scott lundquist

Jeez, red rachel, thats not a very christian attitude is it? don't tell me you're another hypocritical evangelical!??!
plus, i thought republicans could afford a decent education, what happened?? Are you Red because you are embarrassed??


Oh go take a long walk off a short cliff Scott. Why don't you get a life and mind your own business you worthless piece of pitiful trash.

scott lundquist

Hahaha rachel, you're really overflowing with christs love,arent you??!!How can i become a christian like you??
Way to re-use your "long walk off a short cliff" line. Very creative. And what YOU POST, instantly becomes everyone's business, so don't freak out if someone happens to comment on your rantings!! GOD BLESS YOU!


laffin my butt off here.....


Just so ALL of you know, I actually got out of bed just now because I feel like I have to tell you all how terrible you all are. Congragualtions, you have officially ruined my night. I have never been as insulted as I have been tonight. I can't believe I have actually let all of you liberal nobody moronidiots get to me like this. So I just have to tell you, before I go back to bed, that you are all the biggest group of pitiful trash that I have ever come across in my entire life. And for your information, I showed my husband (YES I HAVE A HUSBAND!!! SHUT UP!!!) everything that all of you wrote today and he told me that I'm not even supposed to use the internet anymore. THAT'S HOW BAD ALL OF YOU ARE! Unbelievable. It just drives me crazy because I litteraley can't sleep right now. I just don't know what I did to all of you communist idiots to deserve this. All of you just flew off the handle completely unprovoked. What did I do to deserve to be talked to like this? Absolutely nothing. Even my husband said so. So I hope all of you know that he's going to work tomorrow and he told me that he's going to make sure the everybody he works with knows to STAY AWAY FROM BLATHERWATCH. Nobody agrees with your liberal garbage point of view anyway. Mainstream America is sick and tired of all of your liberal lies. So, to tell you the truth, I'm kind of glad that I'm not allowed on here anymore because I don't need to have anyone treat me like this anyway. I am to smart and to busy for this garbage. I hope all of you have fun with your childish games. While your doing that, I'm going to be making a difference in the world. Goodbye. FOREVER.

scott lundquist

Hahahahaha! I don't even know what to say to all that!! Thats the problem with religious, neo-con extremists: they don't even realize how rude, condescending, judgmental, and hateful they are. Rach sounded genuinely bewildered! Are you sure you don't live in a womens correctional facility rach? i will miss your over the top, self inflated, religion infused, barrages of nonsensical rubbish!!
Good luck making a difference, try not to puke on yourself!


right on scott! just checkin out this site, your entries are hilarious!!

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