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March 24, 2006


The Anti KIRO

Does Happy visit this board?

You regularly call KIRO and I must admit that I do NOT agree with anything you say.


Anti, are you familiar with Darral420 who used to call in all the time and harrang the hosts about making pot legal?

poor and gusto

Isn't Darral Good in prison?


Indeed, vg


dunnor Poor/Gusto

do you ever go to Polgara's chat?

by the way this is the tealady speaking :-)

gusto and poor

Izzy ruined Polgara's site.

Chris, check this car out:



It would cost me that much to fill it up.. probably not a car to drive around near the police. Same exact model a friend of mine bought back then and it did go fast...

The Anti KIRO

I am familiar with Darral...everyone has a right to an opinion...but Dori is paid for his lousy uniformed opinions. That bothers me!

I was curious if Happy looks at this board.

gusto and poor

sparky would be hanging on for mercy once you got that sucker rollin'

The Anti KIRO

I am familiar with Darral...everyone has a right to an opinion...but Dori is paid for his lousy uniformed opinions. That bothers me!

I was curious if Happy looks at this board.


I liked the picture of the "Super Bee" being pulled over


I dont know Happy...I dont even know Darral except that he would use fake names to bypass the call screeners on shows and sometimes would even fool them just long enough to launch into his spiel, then they would say " Ooooooooooooooh Darrel ya got me" and hang up on him...heh


Is Stacy still a producer on KIRO???..she worked for both Erin and Mike and now that both of them are gone ( and I have not listened to KIRO for a very very long time) I was wondering if she was still there.

The best producer around was Margo MacGowan on KGO for Bernie Ward..she was great but has retired to work on the Mommy track for awhile.


There was a guy who used to call Erin and get on the hemp topic. It bothered me that she would dismiss him. I think the whole hemp thing should be talked about more. Geez, just because we can't talk about marijuane in this country doesn't mean there aren't a lot of good uses for hemp!

gusto and poor

Stacy was the bomb! Too bad she had to work with that hack Erin Hart. Hey Anti-K(r)IR(ST)-O! Why didn't you run her out of town?


Joanie, that was darral420.
The reason that they would hit the dump button was that he never talked about anything else and was sneaky about getting on the air.


Okay. I guess I missed his calls a lot. I always kind of liked hearing about the topic. Long live hemp!

The Anti KIRO

Hemp should be addressed. The right wing media runs for the hills on that issue.

Actually I enjoyed Erin Hart.

Again, I want to emphasize how hosts like Hart and Webb truly outclass Dori Monson in knowledge, insight and understanding of issues.

Does Hart ever talk about "cell phones in movie theatres"?

Does Webb ever talk about American Idol singers?

Give me a break. The information you need...the people you trust.

Monson can't talk about Iraq because he's a deer in the headlight the sames as GWB when Helen Thomas asked last week, "Why did we invade Iraq?"

No answers, no debate. If you disagee with the war shut up or leave!

Dori will probably say tomorrow that "had one of the party-goers in Capital Hill had a concealed weapon, the killer would have been stopped in his tracks." Lame idiot!



Hart gave aid and comfort to the enemy after 9/11, when she lost her cool and ran scared of Bushler. Poor/Gusto, I think I will buy that police car and pull over republicans who continue to display the W sticker and transport them to the nearest concentration camp...


Did anyone see Mark Cuban with Brian Lam on CSpan? I like that guy! He has paid for organ transplants for strangers who email him . . . he doesn't ever get to know them but he said he just feels compelled to do it. He has other people check them out and does it.

When asked why, he sort of said "why not?" I've got the money. He takes email messages himself - his email address is out there for anyone to access and he reads everyone himself. Now that's impressive.

Crown Vic

We need to exterminate all Republicans. We cannot fail.


Very simple yes/no question:

Is "The Anti-Kiro" actually someone hired by KIRO to fill this blog with such vicious bile that no one will take -anything- that's written here at all seriously?

My vote YES

I think it might even be Dori himself.


It's hard to guess what Dori will say about the tragic massacre, there are several different ways in which one could blame the victims.


Is the Anti-Kiro really Jennifer the black woman who leaves 10 minute long stream of conscious antiDori tirades on Dori's voicemail when she's not calling up other talk shows and ranting about evil , racist white men?


I love Aniti-Kiro! Anti-Kiro, Tommy, sometimes Andrew - give me my biggest laughs for the day! Stick around, people!

You do too, Sparky! Nobody is as concise in their wit as you! J


Jennifer is a hoot so the anti-KIRO couldn't possibly be one and the same. I'd say Jennifer is much more intelligent and certaining a lot less boring.


Yes, the fix is in...


Re Dori Blaming the victims,

"I heard some kids as young as 15 were in the house, that's a recipe for trouble on so many levels"

"you know these parties are rife with drugs...people who abuse drugs make poor decisions"

"there are 15 year old girls at and 31 year old guys are this party. Tell me that's not a recipe for disaster...drug lower your inhibitions"

This is a story about friendly people tragicly massacred by a crazy guy from Montana and he's attacking the validity of drug use and open invitation parties.

He's not so subtely implying that the adults at the party must be child rapists, and that an open invitation party is an invitation to get shot by a lunatic.

For the love of god, whatever you do don't talk about the fact that a guy shot a bunch of innocent people.

I realy do think Dori should be fired. His shock jock antics are disrespectful to the victims of that tragedy.

This is all the more outrageous because those victims were probably very nice people. Most people I've met at those types of house parties tend to be much more accepting and openly friendly than the average suburban dweller who mocks them from afar. They are much more community minded than self righteous and indifferent capitalists.

The Anti KIRO


A MAD MAN shot 6 people DEAD!

Enough with "it's the decisions you make in life" philosophy.

Maybe people did not want to drive under the influence.

Maybe some of the people were asleep.

This man is outrageously offensive to the victims' families.

Shame on you Dori! Does he ever consider that his daughter one day might attend a partylike that. Oh, I forgot....they'll be in church.

He is one mis-step away from being fired.


Dori says

"when you have a party with 15 year old girls hanging out with 31 year old guys, don't be surprised when bad things happen"

Oh, that's why the lunatic shot those people, it was the age disparity!

The Anti KIRO

Yeah Andrew,

Maybe we'll find out that Kyle Huff wasn't into Raves but instead was a MAD MONTANA EVANGELICAL ready to kill the immoral infidels of Capitol Hill.

I would love to see Dori's face with that news.

That would be something!


Listening to Dori discuss this issue, he sounds positively voyeuristic. Maybe he's just wishing he could be there....or maybe he's just projecting.


"They invited this person into their life"

- Dori Monson

Ya, they say this guy and thought, wow that guy looks like he's going to kill us all! Pass him a doobie!

The Anti KIRO

Did you hear him....

"(In high school) I don't approve of seniors dating freshmen..."

OK Dori....send the cops to every Puget Sound high school.

What an idiot!


Blame the victims.
Blame the victims.
Blame the victims.

You bastard!


Ya, not once. He's specificly avoiding the shooter. He hasn't mentioned his name, what he did, or where he was from.


Caller :"we don't know if the shooter was on somthing at the time"

Dori: "but we do know a lot the victims were on drugs"


Ya, Dori is blaming the victim for "choosing" to be there.


Dori dumped a call from 16 year old girl who was defeating his arguments.

The first thing she said was "drugs had nothing to do with it, this could have happened at a church, and they don't know that the shooter was on drugs"

So he replies, in similar words, "but let me try to get across the point I'm making...the victims chose to make themselves vulnerable"

She says "but nothing like this has ever happened before in the scene"

And that point he repeats the earlier statement about choosing to be in a vulnerable situation and then suddenly he has to "take a break", and I'm sure that much is true.

Dori was intelectualy defeated by a 16 year old.


"Dori was intelectualy defeated by a 16 year old."

So that's a big accomplishment?

He's got the mentality of a dirty, drooling old man staring at beautiful young girls that he can't have.

And this man is allowed to coach minor females?

The Anti KIRO

Does anyone know the girls' basketball program that Dori coaches?

It is important that his comments are brought to the organization's attention.

It is amazing that he can make these comments with impunity.


I'm sure you can narrow it down to a couple possibilities.


Not only was Dori intellectually defeated by a 16 year-old girl , it was hard to keep a straight face as he attempted to deliver a fatherly lecture to her in a voice that was more high-pitched and adolescent then her 16 year-old boyfriend. hahahaahaa

The Anti KIRO

I think an apology by Dori Monson is in order for his Tuesday show. In fact listeners should demand it.

I am troubled that the families of dead young people are going to bed tonight hearing his ugly voice repeat over and over that it was the choices they made that caused their deaths.

You are a bastard.



antikiro, you crack me up.


I have this ability to see into the future. It comes to me in sudden flashes of "second sight" which bring me to my knees in front of the computer. Today I saw a vision of certain things one year from today. Dori Monson had been fired from KIRO after a Blatherwatch campaign to show him the door led by the AntiKiro, and was working as a "greeter" at Smart and Final. Lou Pate was still living in Seattle, thus proving what a phony he is, but his lifestyle had undergone "reduced circumstances", as they say, due to his chronic underewmployment. He was living in with the Mexicans and crackheads down in South Park in a small clapboard house with bars on the windows and doors. His girlfriend had left him. Mike Webb had stubbornly refused to listen to the pleas of his attorney to take a pleabargain deal and was promptly found guilty. He was seving a three year sentence and sharing a cell up in Monroe with Big JoeBob "Bubba" Rodman, 387 pounds of "true Tecas Republican patriotism", who had big American flag pics and and a framed photo of President Bush on the walls of their cozy home.

The Anti KIRO

Dreams do come true...

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