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March 23, 2006


Brian in Lacey WA

I was wondering ?? Did Tom say anything about Bryan Styble dating his sister? Because , that is the only way I can see having styble on at night ! come on Tom thats Just bad radio , can we go back to Bruce Willams replay when you have styble on . Tom Some advise , I can give you put on the head phones ( cans) when styblehead is on and you make the call Erin Hart would not be bad for late night , and fast fact frank ! works well too ! And remember Tom when you get too the bridge wave. Turn your head a cough! hooty hoo !


I would definitely listen to Ross in the morning, at least from 9-10. I really enjoy the 'Tators. I used to participate on "Talkspot.com" when John Carlson, James Golden (aka Bo Snerdley), Doug Glant and Erin Hart had shows on the "News and Politics" channel. If Erin got the 3 - 6pm slot on KIRO, I would never, never, never tune in. She beleives that if you repeat the same tripe loud enough over and over again (Bush "stole" the election), people will begin to believe it. The only talkshow host more annoying to me than Erin was Susan Powter.


Focus, Newsradio 710 KIRO...Focus...ya'll remember the phone survey that was conducted 4 years ago, right after the flamethrower lost the broadcsting rights for the M's?

Traffic, WX and Dave Ross.


I have had Kiro on for over 15 years , I work the over night shift , And do you think Kiro can find a talk show host for that time slot I think this has gone on long enough so whats up Kiro ! and Please dont tell us its going to be Bryan Styblehead ? try running a help wanted in the seatle times.


Hmm, that focus groups pretty much speaks for me as written. I've migrated to Air America and NPR mostly. Don't like Dori a whole lot more than they don't like Dori. And I found Webb listenable even though he lacked a lot of civility and that's putting it mildly!

I'm not sure I want Erin back 3-6 but liked her weekend work and think 7-9 might be a good spot. She's better in a less hectic time period, I think. I like Tony Minor 6-7. No discussion of Turi Ryder or Frank Shiers?

I'm wondering if anybody cares if KIRO gets it together again?


Focus group from the fan club? Not how you do it. Get a target demo representative sample from the public.


Listening to FS makes me want to slam my head against a wall...no wait, I'd rather slam HIS head (metaphorically speaking). He's dumb, pretentious, and boring.

If they keep him on in the overnight time slot, which I listen to occasionally, I'll say goodbye to KIRO for good. BTW I was invited to the focus group but couldn't make it.


Bob, what perks do you get being a gold club member? I've always wondered.

Totally agree about FS: smug, pretentious, know-it-all, condescending. . . you can tell I love the man!


I like the rapid fire news of Tony Miner, but it's a little dry and I kinda wonder what he's thinking about the news he's reading it over the air.

Here's a show I'd like prototyped: a cross between news and commentary. Have the host or news person bang through the news items one by one, inserting some comments in between, say what normal people must be thinking, laugh if it's funny, and maybe explain the more obscure news for the less aware people.


"Here's a show I'd like prototyped: a cross between news and commentary. Have the host or news person bang through the news items one by one, inserting some comments in between, say what normal people must be thinking, laugh if it's funny, and maybe explain the more obscure news for the less aware people."

You've just described Jon Stewart.


Greetings comrades! I think KIRO, KTTH, KVI and the other talk stations are going down the tubes by natural evolution and here's why...

Has anyone tuned into the KIRO website and noticed some of the changes, like no more 'chat room'? Just a couple years ago 'chat rooms' were the rage. Software developers made it a point to include 'server side script language' that would accommodate 'real time' chatter between homo sapiens clever enough to manipulate a keypad. Way cool, but time marches on!

Enter the world of The Blog! The hidious, real time internet device, that let's anyone with an internet connect exchange opinions with other other real or semi disguised people, without commercials or without having to wait on hold for 20 minutes. I admit that I like having the radio on in the background, but the minute a commercial comes on, I change the station, probably to KEXP, KBCS, KPLU or KING-FM.

The only other thing that will keep my attention and loyalty is the host and their ability to be both entertaining and informative. What turns me off is totally bias negative commentary which is all you hear on PBS and Air America. If your not on Prozac already, you'll need it after listening to this crap for 15 minutes.

KIRO (and other radio stations) have discoved the dynamics of the marketplace have shifted, not to the 'left' or to the 'right', but to a new techno media... the internet. Those who think "Talk Show' are going to hang around, answer this question... "Why and who needs it?" Over twenty minutes of every hour is dedicated to commercials, add to that audio segues, station IDs, traffic checks and what do you have left... 15 to 20 minutes, max.

For the most part, not worth my listening time.


I too, was asked to go, but had a conflict. I hope they have something like this again, because I really have a lot to say to those people. One thing I wanted to mention is that after a host is fired, or let go, they never come back again on that same station. I just think that even if there was a huge upcry for Allan Prell, he wouldn't be seen again on KIRO. It seems that doing that would mean KIRO had to admit it was wrong in letting him go in the first place, which they wouldn't take kindly to doing. I really hope that those that went gave KIRO a good piece of their collective minds when it comes to the likes of Styble, Ron and Don. I am too, wondering, not just about the hosts, but about the format of the station as well - somehow straight talk about political issues and the like just isn't as interesting as it once was. There's no real hot topic right now to sink one's teeth into, and the stations seem to regurgitating old topics from the past. When talk shows hinge on the hottness of current events, it can get a bit dull when there isn't much to kick a stink up about.


Yesterday Dori was whining about being nailed by the alternative minimum tax. I guess you can work that backwards and figure out how much he makes. All that bamboo flooring and gutter helmeting musta really bit hard.


Erin at 3-6p would be interesting, especially if they give her the support to go directly at Carlson. I would enjoy being able to go back and forth between them while driving.


Dana said You've just described Jon Stewart.

Ya that would be cool. The host doesn't even have to be funny though. I just don't want tooo much opinion, and I don't want tooo much indiference either, but with the news or with the talk shows you get one extreme or the other.

Martin R. Howell

Am I the only here who truly enjoys listening to John P? He is just the person for the job, IMHO.

I perceive him as having excellent people skills. He listens well and doesn't rush to cut people off. I also like the sound of his voice.

I could say other nice things about him, but if you like him as I do, then you already acknowledge his positives. If you don't like him, then I would be wasting my time.


regarding a return of Erin Hart- what part of 0 share rating (first ever for KIRO) don't you understand? Erin Hart will never plant her ass in another Seattle radio studio chair, let alone KIRO's. She made it clear she had no use for straight white males- a real genius strategy in a town where that's your primary audience by a huge majority. Almost as genius as Lou Pate's "New York tough guy" strategy.


In Lou's case I should say Lou's "New York tough guy" persona, since trying to project that crap was obviously the real Lou.


I was invited, too, but had to work through what would have been the beginning and had plans during what would have been the end. Bad time to hold a focus group, I say. Needs to be later--like 8 pm--or on the weekends. Then I'd DEFINITELY have gone.

Anonymous because who cares?

tommmy the genius said:
Almost as genius as Lou Pate's "New York tough guy" strategy.

Lou had excellent ratings throughout his tenure, so your analysis is, as usual, completely worthless.


How 'bout a 9-12 lineup with Larry Nelson and Bill Yennd.

Did I just actually say that?

I will now wander away and await my punishment.

Please be gentle.

Left Behind by the New Democratic Party


I am just wondering: is there ANY thread being posted to here that Tommy will not try to highjack with his bizarre hatred of Lou Pate? Personally, methinks he doth protest TOO much...does he write his rants while looking at publicity stills of Lou? Perhaps a new wrinkle on the 'Madonna/whore' complex?

Just asking.



Yeend won't leave KOMO no way no how. I wrote him a letter a while back and told him how great it was to have him back on the air - he wrote back and implied his move to KOMO was the best thing that happened to him in a long time. I am supposing his departure from KIRO wasn't just retirment-dictated....


I didnt know that Bill Yeen ever worked for KIRO...guess I missed that.

Ryder, you scamp.

Larry Nelson and Bill Yeend..two of the most annoying voice timbres in radio..but that is just my opinion. If you like them..carry on.


Anonymous said: "Lou had excellent ratings throughout his tenure"

Is that why he would do 45 minute monologues?? I always thought that both of his listeners were too afraid to call in.

Anonymous because who cares?


Listeners and callers are different sets of people. Any inference made about a talk show based on the quantity or type of callers will be at best very skewed, at worst meaningless.

Pate's ratings speak for themselves.


I struck a nerve


Martin, you and I must be the only people here who really like John P. I think Ron Reagan brings out the best in him but either way I enjoy listening to him. He's smart, funny with a sly sense of humor, and comes across as an Everyman with an edge.

Kind of like Dori used to be, which only emphasizes how low he has sunk.


I like John P. He's friendly, liberal, not full of himself, modest, an actor, and has decent radio voice. He seems like a more normal guy then all the other hosts put together. He would be a good candidate to prototype my news/commentary idea.

Martin R. Howell

You are right. . .he does come across as an Everyman with an edge.

I suspect he will be around much longer than some would suppose. It is HIS show and everyday he solidifies that claim.

I emailed KIRO right after John appeared and told them what I liked about him and that if they wanted to make the right move for a change to give the spot to John.

I doubt that I was the only one. John got the gig.


John P hangs around Seattle until he gets a gig in NY or LA and then he leaves..he has quite a resume' of both stage and screen. I dont think his gig on KIRO is permanent beyond the next opportunity he has to act again. At least that is what happened when he did movie reviews for KIRO TV......


That's cool.


When you're the only live and local programming overnight, it's not too difficult for Pate to clean up.

As for Erin, the "Gold Club" group I suspect are primarily chat room regulars, and Erin's focus on the chat room during her broadcast would naturally make her a favorite. That said, Erin has potential if she learned to stop going into rapid speaking mode and going all "NO WIRE HANGARS!" on callers who disagree with her... In addition to her fire & brimstone "you will never.... NEVER! ... EVER!!!" attacks on pro-lifers, making uncomfortable listening for even pro choicers like myself.


Not everyone in the KIRO chat room thought Erin was a treat to listen to....


OT, I'm surprised blatherWatch didn't tell us about this.



"John P hangs around Seattle until he gets a gig in NY or LA and then he leaves."

So what? that's what they all do. there's no loyalty in the entertainment business; everyone knows that.


Well I'm down to 45 minutes of KIRO per day....from the time I wake up until I get to the office, and that's only to monitor traffic.

My 30gig iPod and Mariner baseball, are truly gifts from God Almighty.

KIRO still continues to annoy however, even in the brief span that I subject myself to them.

Can they not sell advertising? Why is it, that within the span of 45 minutes listeners are subjected to the same Appleby's commercial no fewer than 3 times? Jeez.

Seems like 7-11, Appleby's, and that mortgage outfit are the only ones paying the bills. Oh yeah, and that "we'll cut your scalp to shreds to replace hair" place. Ugh.


I liked the programme of Alain Prell, because we could gain prizes.


I would like to see schedule of news, DaveRoss, FrankShiers, DoryMonson. Perhaps bring in some new talent for the evenings. During the night is the programme I call AudioDrome. To listen to this man for too long can cause tumors of brain, I think.


KIRO manager!

Choose a programme, and always remain with him! Not more changes all the time!


It was just an observation, Dana.


It's about time that people realize that KIRO is long since no longer the sacred cow of Seattle. It may have been when it was mainly a news station in the '80's and early '90's. The ratings bear that out. It is the only non-conservative local talk station, but ratings seem to show - even in progressive Seattle that conservative talk radio does better than liberal talk - although political talk radio has been losing steam this year- namely Hush Limbo. Sports talk or money talk or Dr. (Dean Edell or Joy Browne) appears to be catching up.


Abalone - Sam Seder played the Carlson clip on Air America this evening. I'm not a McCain fan since the Republican convention and so enjoyed hearing him stumble a bit. :)


Sparky, does it feel like the aggression and anger meter have risen slightly on this blog?


I'm listening to the U.S. Army Director of Reconstruction in Iraq right now on KTTH, and this reminds me of Erin "no wire hangers!" Hart. Hart would rant hystericaly about Iraq and talk about how we weren't rebuilding the electrical power there , wihtout mentioning the fact that we've been restoring electricity only to have the power lines "interdicted" by the insurgents, thus setting the whole project back. The same thing has been happening to the water and sewer restoration, another favorite rant of Hart's. She was intellectually dishonest. "NEVER!EVER!"Hart only told half the story, the half that supported her agenda and prejudices.


If Bush and con talk radio in general is looking stupid these days, hence the anger meter rising. It's something the cons will never take responsiblity for. The tide is turning...


Speaking of "intellectually dishonest"...whatever happened to those Weapons of Mass Destruction? Didn't we like, invade an entire country over those or something?

And that the locals would welcome our troops with rose petals a la Normandy 1944? And that the whole exercise would be a three-week "cakewalk"?

No, really, it's liberal talk show hosts who are the dishonest ones.


Anonymous because who cares?


So, are you rooting for U.S. military victory or defeat in Iraq?


That is a manipulative and disrespectful question?

Anonymous because who cares?

No it's not, it's a straightforward question. The only reason anyone would object to being asked is if they were ashamed to reveal the answer.

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